The Most Original, Funniest and Best FIFA 17 Club Names

The Most Original, Funniest and Best FIFA 17 Club Names for FUT


FUT is a game mode that allows you to create your own club. You can choose a name, two kits and a badge to make it unique. But not always is easy to choose among so many alternatives. We make your job easier, suggesting our favourite FIFA 17 Club Names. Find out the most original, funniest and best name for your FUT 17 club.


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Best FIFA 17 Club Names


A club’s visual identity during the season is made of three elements: name, badge and kit. You can also assign a ball and a stadium to your club but that’s not how your team will be known by your opponents. We are decided to help you taking these decisions, providing you articles with the best kits, best badges and now best FIFA 17 club names.

Every club must have a name. It is the one that will be shown to your opponents on the pre-match screen. If it is your first Ultimate Team experience, you have here the chance to find a good name for your club. In the other hand, if you are a returning player and you are not happy with the name you assigned to your club, maybe you should rename it when you start FUT 17. If you are reading this too late, you can always give a new name to your club, through the manager tasks or buying an item on the EAS FC catalogue. In both ways, you can only change the name once.


FIFA 17 Badges - The Best Badges for FIFA 17 Ultimate TeamXP level 20 is required to buy the ‘FUT Change Club Name’ item from the EAS FC Catalogue


We asked to our community about the most original and funniest names and also made a research into other several communities. Here is the shortlist of our favourite FIFA 17 club names:


    2 Girls 1 Schlupp
    50 Shades of O’Shea 
    Adam Johnsons U16
    Alice in Hangeland
    Arda Than You
    Ayew Serious ? 
    Bad Kompany
    Benteke Fried Chicken
    Boca Seniors ?
    Borussia Teeth 
    Cereal Killers
    Cesc and the City
    Chicken Tiki Taka
    Chiellini Con Carne
    Ctrl Alt De Laet 
    Dyslexia Untied ? 
    Egg-fried Reus ? 
    For Fuchs Sake
    Fun Lovren Criminals 
    Game of Stones
    Game of Throw Ins
    Goal of Duty 
    Happy Birthday Yaya
    How I met your Mata 
    I don’t Drinkwater
    Ibe Gotta Feeling
    It doesn’t Mata ?
    Ivory Toast 
    Kant Be Stopped
    Kroos Control 
    Lady Yaya
    Lallanas in Pyjamas
    Lord of the Ings 
    Man ChestHair Utd
    Martial Law
    Michu at De Gea bar
    My Little Bony ? 
    Netsix and Chill
    Ninja Skrtles
    No Weimann No Cry 
    Pjanic at the Isco
    Queens Park Strangers 
    Robben Banks 
    Show me da Mané
    Slumdog Mignolet 
    Tea & Busquets
    The Big Blaszczykowski’s
    The Big Lewandowski
    The Neville Wears Prada
    The Walking Dede
    TyranoSuarez Rex 
    Unreal Madrid
    Victorious Secret ? 
    Who Ate All Depays
    Wii Not Fit
    Willian Dollar Baby 


Feel free to share with us in the comments your favourite FIFA 17 Club Names, even if they are not in this list.


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  1. Since FIFA 12 I have always named my club Waste Of Money. Cuz who are we foolin’? It is true!.

  2. Dyslexia Nipples
    … first I tried FC Diarrhea but it was restricted :O
    in FIFA 16 my Club name was Netflix and Chill (very simmiliar to yours)

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