The Best and the Worst of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Now that FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is already being played for some time, it is time to analyse the game. Let’s see what, in our opinion, FUT 13 changed for better, changed for worse or simply not changed and should have changed.


The Best of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – TOP 10


Here’s what we believe to have been the major improvements in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:


  • 1. FIFA 13 Gameplay

Obviously, gameplay for FUT 13 is the same of FIFA 13. And about it, the general opinion is unanimous: FIFA 13 is a better game than FIFA 12 was. If the gameplay did not change, surely many of us would continue to play FUT 12.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Review - GamePlay


  • 2. New Layout

The new FIFA 13 Ultimate Team layout is now cleaner. The white colour that predominates helped a lot. Navigation is simpler and faster. The FUT Web App has been redesigned so that it is consistent with the interface on the console. All very well done.


  • 3. Seasons

Seasons is probably the major update of FUT 13. We can continue to play tournaments, but now we can also try to achieve fame through five divisions. The problem of lack of competitiveness is outdated.


  • 4. FIFA Points

We know that many people have experienced problems with FIFA Points. Still, we think that time will vindicate the EA Sports. The introduction of the FIFA Points was a good bet that aims mainly the safety. Problems such as those that happened with the MSP in FUT 12 appear to be definitely overcome. Learn more here.


  • 5. EASFC Catalogue Items

The EASFC Catalogue for FIFA 13 provides some items for FUT 13 players. Thus, our progress in the game experience becomes rewarded with coins, with the possibility of increase the consumable pile, the watch list and the trade pile size or with the chance of adding more squads to our club. A very good integration. Learn more here.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Review - EASFC Items


  • 6. Moral and Fitness

Moral and Fitness have been redesigned. Now it’s more difficult to have players with very high moral and fitness to 99%. The development cards market has become more important and now everyone should try to build good squads and not only good teams of eleven players. Rotation is now very important.


  • 7. Cheats

EA has failed to eliminate all the cheats for FUT 13 but the truth is that achieved great improvements in this chapter. The autobuyers, for example, now seem obsolete. Keep up the good work! Learn more here.


  • 8. Players’ Ratings

This was one of our struggles. Players with very high ratings, as happened in FUT 12, was a mistake. Were created unrealistic super players like Messi 99 and some IF’s that almost crashed the scale. For FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, EA has revised the ratings downward. They are also to be congratulated for being able to evaluate so many players with great precision. A good job.


  • 9. Player Bio

Many did not realize. But we did. The player bio screen has been slightly modified. It’s better now: we have the ability to see players weak foot and skill rating, and statistics are split into pre and post signing for bought players. Thanks!

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Review - Bio


  • 10. TOTW Challenge and Manager Tasks

Sometimes players lose interest because they have no more goals to achieve. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team created two more: the TOTW challenge and Tasks Manager. Both offer a reward. The second also help those who are starting in this world. Learn more here.


The Worst of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – TOP 5


Here’s what we believe to have been the major flaws of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team:


  • 1. Servers

It is a very common complaint: the EA servers are insufficient for the number of players in FIFA 13. The improvement of the servers should have been a priority but apparently was not. Too bad …

  • 2. Cheaters

The beginning of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team was too bad to be true. Some people have found a way to get rich with cheats and the market began to collapse. EA has banned cheaters (?) and the problem was apparently solved. They should have reset the game but the anxiety of the players to start playing meant that they quickly forget this unfortunate episode.

  • 3. Update

It seems a common practice. A new FIFA is released and a few days later comes the first update. It seems that the product that we pay and that came to our hands is unfinished. Some of the errors that are seen before the update are unacceptable but others, such as cards stuck in the trade pile persist even after the update. It should not be so.

  • 4. New Quick Sell Values

We understand almost all EA decisions regarding FUT 13. However, the reformulation of quick sell values of some cards have no explanation for us. Some of them had very low values​​. Now they are almost zero. It makes no sense to us…

  • 5. Other Minor Changes

So cool the short cuts that appear in the game menu. But what are they for if we can not customize them ? We understand that keeping things simple is one of the rules of FUT 13 but there are things that should have been changed. An option to automatically re-list all items in our trade pile would save hours of life to many traders. And if the goal is to simplify, so why to change formations to introduce two new positions, RF and LF?


Our suggestions and what really changed


Before the release of FUT 13, we published an article with our wishlist to the new game. Let see which suggestions were implemented and which were rejected:

  • Cheaters Removal
  • Refurbishment of Tournaments
  • Players’ Ratings Review
  • Improvement of Search Filters
  • Improvement of Player Statistics
  • Handicap Removal
  • Improvement of Squad Menu

  • Improvement of Servers
  • Allow Bets
  • Allow Drop outs by Mutual Agreement
  • Better Management of Players’ Training Cards
  • Refurbishment of Happy Hour
  • More Club Customization

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Review

We can say that almost nothing has changed in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Were performed cosmetic operations and minor adjustments. The only major change was the introduction of Seasons. Fans have requested several changes, but EA played it safe. After all, a team that wins does not move. Generally, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is better. FUT remains… an amazing game!


7 thoughts on “The Best and the Worst of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team”

  1. does the fifa ultimate team millioniare coin guide that you advertise in the top right hand corner of your site actually work or isn’t it worth the 20 pounds?

  2. Lately almost every online game crashes.
    My screen freezes in the first half itself.
    It is really frustrating, I fell asleep trying to make game work.
    I am losing my DNF for nothing.
    I am sure it is not the internet connection problem, I have contacted EA support several times and they always say they will escalate this matter and it never gets solved
    I keep getting a blank screen after I start the PS3 or start the game. Does anyone else is experiencing similar situation.

    What a loss. It is a good game but you cannot enjoy peacefully.

      1. OK I found the problem, MY PS3’s file system was corrupted. It was an old heavy device.
        Yesterday, I bought a new PS3 500GB.
        Now it is working.


  3. not really, THE WORST thing about FUT is the biased gameplay, if they only fix that FUT would be the best game, its so frustrating and no one likes a frustrating game, bcuz of this, i havent played FIFA in two weeks

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