Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira: For A Better FIFA 15!



Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira is a new addition to our website.

These weekly chronicles have been published in FIFAUTeam for a full year on our Portuguese website, gathering many thousands of fans in the process.

We are sure that, after two or three chronicles, you will join the large group of people who believe that ‘Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira’ is one of the best spots about FIFA.

It has everything: it talks about up to date subjects, it helps people with smart tips and suggestions. It is written by someone with a huge knowledge and experience about the game. Its a great read with a few funny moments along the way.


Welcome to Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira: a very special opinionated area that we are proud to include on our website.

Follow the wise, intelligent, humorous and insightful comments from Silvio. At the end of the article you may know him a bit better too.

In this new insertion, “For A Better FIFA 15 !”, the author shares with us his wish list for the new game and how, in his opinion, it could get better.


Silvio Teixeira


For A Better FIFA 15!


I understand how complex FIFA is, although I also know that many of the things that could be changed aren’t that complex, the things that have been annoying us for quite a while because EA thinks it’s better just to leave it that way. In fact, there are so many improvement possibilities that it feels like it’s almost impossible for the game to get any worse.

Basically, the developers have been working really hard on the graphics, which are already very good and, for myself, they should leave it like this and focus on what’s been bothering us, players, but they’d rather spend millions to just keep improving the graphics unnecessarily instead of investing on what would really make a difference. It’s not that I don’t enjoy good graphics, but it’s already there, it’s pretty nice, they could stop graphics improvement for a year and no one would be upset as long as they started using the time and money to work on the weak spots, and trust me, there are lots of them…

Recently we’ve been talking about the leagues we’d like to have but if we could stop and make a list giving priority to all the things we’d like to be improved, for it is what bothers us the most, what would they be? Of course each one has their preferences, and the list wouldn’t have the same priorities for everyone, but since we’re talking about problems it’s very likely that there is going to be an overwhelming majority of players agreeing that the things we’ll be pointing below are complete turn offs. So, EA, how about giving these cases some extra careful attention?


Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira: For A Better FIFA 15!


– That the defenders would be able to strike the ball with those amazing volleys according to their ability, this way they would miss 90% of the times.

– Improving the commentating that insists on calling your goalkeepers the wrong names.

– Fixing the players’ stupidity on throw-ins, I mean, no one misses a simple throw when there isn’t any ball pressing. On FIFA they miss way too much, the players don’t keep up with the ball. This happens even when someone passes the ball, this player is right beside his teammate but still he can’t get the ball on possession.

– Put an end to the ridiculously easy header goals.

– You’re trying to get out of the replay screen then you accidently pass the ball to the opponent that’s right there waiting for it to happen… This has to stop.

– Stop replaying the goals on 16 different angles, if he wants to see it on other angles then he can do it after the match ends. There’s no need to keep staring at the screen over and over for the same goal, there should be only one replay, or else who conceded the goal should be able to stop it too.

– Allowing us the option to “disable replay” for offsides, after all they’re determined by the computer, there’s no error, so it’s a bit stupid to see the replay. Unfortunately this won’t only stay for FIFA 15 but also there’s going to be the replay to see if the ball entered the goal or not, the new technology style, but really it’s just padding, of course, the system never lies… After all it’s just going to be another thing to piss people off when they’re losing.


Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira: For A Better FIFA 15!


– The keeper is way outside of reality, he can’t hold the ball from shots that are usually weak so corners are pretty frequent, and also for any slow shot he’ll fall to the ground and delay counter attacks even when his team is losing.

– Holding the opponent has become sort of interesting but the referee sometimes doesn’t know when to stop that, there should be harsher referees and more flexible ones, then it would be up to you not to mess up when you see the referee is a harsh one.

– Allowing you to create your own tactic and save it, after all you’re the coach and you should be able to make up your formation without following any pre-defined ones.

– Improving the offside logic. If the long pass was supposed to be for the guy on the right and the guy on the left isn’t participating, there shouldn’t be an offside.

– Stop this easier last-minute goals rubbish, if there’s an emotional component then it should be according to whom is controlling the players, that he should change for an offensive tactic, he use substitutes, turn on team pressure, but please, don’t let this make Bernard win a header against Vidic.

– Adding a filter that allows searching for cards according to their rarity, if it’s rare or not, this would help trading a lot.

– A serious and responsible posture from EA towards the players. We wouldn’t care as much about knowing that the Web App won’t work anymore as if EA keeps telling us there is a server maintenance or something like that, it would be convenient for them to be honest to the people that pay their salaries.

– For a FIFA 15 Web App that works all year and not just two months.


Anyway, it’s an endless list of problems, I’ve pointed just a few of them that annoys me. And besides all that, we can’t complain about the network since it’s Sony’s and Microsoft’s problem, or even sometimes it’s your connection, but who’s never gotten disconnected at least once for no apparent reason and still got a DNF loss even though they were winning? This shouldn’t happen, this is tragic… What about you? What problems annoy you the most in this version? What would you like to see fixed for FIFA 15? Is there anything else?

We’ll be holding on for more FIFA 15 news, but that’s all for today, good gaming for everyone and that’s it!

See you later!


Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira: For A Better FIFA 15!


11 thoughts on “Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira: For A Better FIFA 15!”

  1. Thank you, I guess I do not know what a guest account is either haha. So the only people who have more than 1 origin account have created more than one xbox live account correct? Therefore, they are able to trade between accounts? To me it would at least seem like there would be a incentive to have another account believing something is screwball on my original account. I ask you these questions because would I not experience different game play on a brand new origin account that does not view me as a experienced player?

    I could start fifa 15 on my original account and take advantage of my coin boosts and right before it expires A create a second or new xbox account and transfer over what i want from my first. I am trying to sort out my options if I am going to be buying fifa 15. This is really why I want to know.

    My other option is I contact advisor before the release of fifa 15 and force them to close my account, if they refuse I will mind boggled. After it closes I assume I could switch the email associated with my gamertag and when I go into Fifa 15 bam 0 EXP and it thinks i have never been a fifa player before and i create a fresh new origin account? Any opinions/ suggestions lol? They both seem like that would work to get me a fresh account not connected to my original which EA tampers with.

    1. Hi.
      No, it works the same way on both accounts.
      Yes, you can create a second account and you don’t need to wait for it. It is not allowed. But you can. It is esier to do it in that way.

  2. Do you think you could explain to me what would happen if I changed the email associated with my xbox live account? Wouldn’t this possibly effect my origin account and have problems syncing it to my profile and force me to contact a advisor? would simply nothing happen? PS man i swear i have only ever had 1 origin account Im not trying to be disrespectful or spam your website I just think you may be knowledgeable, that is all.

  3. Sorry to do this to you but is it possible for guest accounts to play online or access the trading market? People seem to say you cannot play online with a guest account? You say you can create a new origin account for the guest account. Wouldnt that mean you could trade between accounts? Or do you mean you would have to buy gold for the guest account and make it a real account and be paying for both? I am not going to do it but I just want to know so I can cross out certain ideas. What is the whole idea with having a guest account? simply that you would receive free promotional packs and then be able to transfer the coin value or card back in the day? Now there is no incentive for a free guest account? I am pretty sure I have to close my one and only origin account loose all my EXP and change the email associated with my xbox account in order to get where i want to be.

    1. Hi.
      I really don’t know what do you mean by a ‘guest account’. I suppose that you are talking about a second (third, …) account. There are no incentives to create one because the cards of starting packs and gifts are now untradeable. However, people use it to have more slots available on their transfer market and transfer targets list.

  4. You see PES’s advertising campaign? I think they really making their move this year, as they rightfully should. “The pitch is ours,” “you can keep the easy goals were striving for the perfect one.” Dedicated 11 v 11 lobbies, Microtransaction mode (like fut) called My Club. Mario Gotze on the cover and not Messi. Looks like somebody was listening to the complaints of the fifa community haha.

  5. Yeah, my bad thank you though u can remove that last comment if you want lol, im honestly gonna wait a couple months after launch before considering the game just based on my experience over the last 2 years “but you shouldn’t do it. It is not allowed. But you can” EA logic haha? yeah forgot it, if i own fifa 15 and had to transfer coins or cards i could just have a friend hold onto them by trading.

  6. Its like to see a magnetic momentum easter egg that makes the game illogical and removes all satisfaction from users playing the game online and call it unintentional lag or corrupt files.

  7. I’ve got a few questions for you guys. Some seem strange with out direction. Regardless here we go, I think I finally realize where there is the option to delete your fut club from in game on the menu.

    Is there any negative outcome or effect in anyway from generating a guest account on my 360 to use for trading? It could only be used for trading as I would not be able to play on it correct? How many other origin accounts can one create?

    Would there be any difference if I created a second account now as opposed to when fifa 15 comes out?

    Why does EA like to say I have “corrupted files” and that they did not intentionally but them there lol? Truthfully the more I comprehend about this game the less incentive I have to play it.

    1. Hi.
      First time you comment on our website you need to wait for a prior approval before you can see your comment on line. That’s what happened.
      You can create how many origin accounts you want if you use different emails but you shouldn’t do it. It is not allowed. But you can.
      You can play with all your accounts if you create more users in your console.
      To get early access you have to create your new account before August 1st. It will be exactly the same thing to create now or when the game comes out.

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