Black Friday for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Quick Guide

Black Friday for FIFA 16 - Quick Guide


Everybody is asking us about the Black Friday for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. They want to know, for example, when it will happen and what we can expect. Keep reading to find the answer..


Cyber Monday Program


Monday 5am UK
Sunday 9pm PT
Mega Pack

Monday 6am UK
Sunday 10pm PT
Premium Gold Players Pack

Monday 7am UK
Sunday 11pm PT
Rare Gold Pack

Monday 8am UK
Sunday 12pm PT
New single player tournament

Monday 9am UK
Monday 1am PT
Premium Gold Players Pack

Monday 10am UK
Monday 2am PT
Premium Silver Players Pack

Monday 11am UK
Monday 3am PT
Mega Pack

Monday 12am UK
Monday 4am PT
Rare Gold Pack

Monday 1pm UK
Monday 5am PT
Rare Players Pack

Monday 2pm UK
Monday 6am PT
New on line tournament

Monday 3pm UK
Monday 7am PT
Premium Bronze Players Pack

Monday 4pm UK
Monday 8am PT
Mega Pack

Monday 5pm UK
Monday 9am PT
New single player tournament

Monday 6pm UK
Monday 10am PT
Rare Players Pack

Monday 7pm UK
Monday 11am PT
Premium Gold Players Pack

Monday 8pm UK
Monday 12am PT
Increased chance on all TOTW 11 players
Mega Pack

Monday 9pm UK
Monday 1pm PT
New on line tournament

Monday 10pm UK
Monday 2pm PT
Rare Gold Pack

Monday 11pm UK
Monday 3pm PT
Jumbo Rare Player Pack

Monday 12pm UK
Monday 4pm PT
Premium Gold Players Pack

Tuesday 1am UK
Monday 5pm PT
New single player tournament

Tuesday 2am UK
Monday 6pm PT
Mega Pack

Tuesday 3am UK
Monday 7pm PT
Rare Gold Pack

Tuesday 4am UK
Monday 6pm PT
Rare Player Pack


Black Friday Program


Friday 5am UK
Thursday 9pm PT
Rare Player Pack

Friday 6am UK
Thursday 10pm PT
Rare Gold Pack

Friday 7am UK
Thursday 11pm PT
Increased Chance on the whole TOTW 11

Friday 8am UK
Thursday 12pm PT
Premium Gold Players Packs

Friday 9am UK
Friday 1am PT
New Offline Tournament

Friday 10am UK
Friday 2am PT
Free Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack

Friday 11am UK
Friday 3am PT
Rare Gold Pack

Friday 12am UK
Friday 4am PT
Premium Gold Players Packs

Friday 1pm UK
Friday 5am PT
Mega Packs

Friday 2pm UK
Friday 6am PT
Rare Players Packs

Friday 3pm UK
Friday 7am PT
New online tournament

Friday 4pm UK
Friday 8am PT
Increased Chance on 87+ rated Forwards

Friday 5pm UK
Friday 9am PT
Jumbo Rare Players Packs

Friday 6pm UK
Friday 10am PT
Increased Chance on 85+ rated Defenders

Friday 7pm UK
Friday 11am PT
Mega Packs

Friday 8pm UK
Friday 12am PT
New Online Tournament

Friday 9pm UK
Friday 1pm PT
Increased Chance on the whole TOTW 11

Friday 10pm UK
Friday 2pm PT
Rare Player Packs

Friday 11pm UK
Friday 3pm PT
Increased Chance on 84+ rated Goalkeepers
Mega Packs

Friday 12pm UK
Friday 4pm PT
New Offline Tournament

Saturday 1am UK
Friday 5pm PT
Free Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack

Saturday 2am UK
Friday 6pm PT
Increased Chance on 87+ rated Midfielders

Saturday 3am UK
Friday 7pm PT
Premium Gold Players Packs

Saturday 4am UK
Friday 6pm PT
Jumbo Rare Player Packs


Black Friday for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Quick Guide


Q: What is Black Friday ?
A: Black Friday is the day regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In this day, the prices are lower making it the one with more sales in the year.

Q: What can I expect from Black Friday for FIFA 16 ?
A: Many Happy Hours, increased chances and new tournaments.

Q: When is Black Friday for FIFA 16 ?
A: This year, Black Friday is at November 27.

Q: Black Friday for FIFA 16 is only a day, right ?
A: Wrong. It extends until Cyber Monday, at November 30.

Q: When was Black Friday for FIFA 15 ?
A: Between November 28 and December 1, 2015.

Q: Which Happy Hours can we expect on these days ?
A: By the experience of previous years, 25k or 35k packs will be permanently available on the store all day on Friday and Monday. Additionally, Lightning Rounds should be available on both days.

Q: What are Lightning Rounds ?
A: Lightning Rounds are new rounds of happy hours every three hours hour in which promo packs are available on the store until they run out.

Q: How Lightning Rounds work ?
A: On Lightning Rounds there are a global limited amount of packs to be sold. The first to come are the first to be served. On other hand, without a limit of packs for each user, you are free to buy how many promo packs you want as long as they are not sold out.



Q: When Lightning Rounds will take place ?
A: According to EA Sports, every hour between Friday 5am and Saturday 5am (UK time).

Q: In which days happy hours will be released ?
A: Everyday during the Black Friday.

Q: Which Happy Hours takes place during the Black Friday for FIFA 16 ?
A: Check here please.

Q: Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs ?
A: Yes. They should be the last packs to be released in each one of the two days.

Q: Can we expect a featured tournament related with the Black Friday ?
A: Yes. In previous years, there was no tournament but this year there is.

Q: What will happen to the market due to Black Friday for FIFA 16 ?
A: During FUT United, most of the prices have fallen. As soon as it ended, prices were up again but not to the levels before FUT United. As Black Friday approach, the trend is prices begin to gradually fall again. The lower prices should be reached during the 100k Happy Hours packs. After the Cyber Monday, prices will go up again but not to the levels between Fut United and Black Friday.

Q: When should I sell my cards ?
A: If you really want to sell your cards, do it as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more they will be devalued. Don’t sell them on Black Friday.

Q: When should I buy them back ?
A: On November 27 and 30, if possible during 100k Happy Hours packs.

Q: Which one is more important: FUT United or Black Friday ?
A: Usually it is Black Friday which can be partial explained with the debut of 100k packs in the game. However, this year these packs made their first appearance during FUT United, balancing the importance of FUT United and Black Friday.


Black Friday for FIFA 15 Overview


53 thoughts on “Black Friday for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Quick Guide”

  1. Vijay Lohitsa

    But what about January and February. I dont mind holding on to them. If I look at prices for Benzema on Futbin as much as 22nd or 24th of November it was 50k+. Wont the prices go back as much.

    I remember in Fut 15 Benzema was as high as 60k in April when I got Fifa 15. What do you think.

  2. Hi Rodrigo,

    Is this the best time to invest in players and stock them. That is buy players as the prices are low. I understand that after the holiday season that is in January prices will go up when one can sell them for a profit.


  3. Hi Rodrigo
    I got Aubameyang in Black Friday in PS4. Since i got him his price has been going up and now he sells in 40k, so my question is if should i sell him now or wait? Will prices go up or down and if they are, when?

      1. I will sell him. As always, you helped me a lot. Thank you very much Rodrigo.

        1. Hi Rodrigo, I am looking forward to buy some players in PS4. i need your help, i want to now when will prices go down ?
          Thank you

  4. Rodrigo, no packs at all are available on FIFA 15 New Season, except for 7.5k etc. packs. Why have EA Sports done this ?

  5. Marvin Torres

    hi rodrigo can you help me to make a team with silva ozil and william and diego costa thanks rodrigo for you help

  6. When do you recommend me to invest in players? Friday or Monday? (Because obviously on the other days there will be no lightning rounds)

  7. So Rodrigo, I am confused now – what is special about BF if the packs are the same? I just packed Song – seriously? It is similar to anytime I got a pack. What s all special about it then? If players prices are going down but I only have 50k what can that do to me? Shall I keep getting packs by my 2,000 FIFA points or it is just a waste of time and points/money?

    Please tell me what is the best way to make use of this so called BF?

      1. Didn’t get any good player at packs Cz it was a rip off and o couldn’t even find the (50 or 100k ) lightening rounds they were talking about. Shall I wait until Monday or go for the 25 K which got me no good players yesterday?

        Also, I bought a couple of great players that came cheap yesterday and I built a team that I like a lot even though those players aren t my favorite in real life but this is why FUT is such a great game that actually synchronizes with real life soccer

        I got Candreva, AZp, Witsel, Firmino, Vidal (loan), Thiago, Basta, Alex Sandro and Manolas all within my 50 K range which was a blast and I also still have 25k as of today.

        Muller is such a bargain at CF (4-4-1-1) alex Sandro, Thiago are such a beautiful pair. Candreva – my god, I know both of us (you and I) like Cuadrado a lot but this FUT, Candreva is such a great buy! He is amazing!! And also his work rates work better for me than Juan.

        My squad below for any thoughts

        I also have to mention that I replaced Koulibaly with Manolas and I get Tevez as a 1st sub if Dybala isn’t performing. I absolutely love this squad.

        Any thoughts?

        1. Hi.
          As I already told you: forget packs. Don’t waste your coins with them.
          “this is why FUT is such a great game” Totally agree with you.
          If you love your squad, my personal opinion is not important. Play and have fun!

  8. Hi Rodrigo

    Are prices lower today or on Monday? And 100k happy hours expected at 9pm today and Monday?

  9. What is the point of black friday for FUT when all the promo packs are the exact same price as they always are? Most of the promo packs (like Premium Gold players pack and rare gold packs) are complete rip offs anyway. This whole lightning round promotion is a complete sham by EA sports to make even more money from fifa points off dumb little kids spending their rich parent’s money. In my opinion.

  10. i packed ronaldo in september when he was going for 1.9 mil but i was to stubborn to sell him. now hes going for 900k and i got nervous he was going to keep dropping so i sold him for 950k last night. hes currently going for 1 mil. i just got nervous black friday was going to send him down to 700k so i wanted to make a profit. was that a bad decision on my part?

  11. Hello Rodi,
    Please I have Griezmann & Lukaku as they are the most expensive players I have and I got them from playing draft lol. Am poor guy and I want to save coins for these big packs. What do you suggest me to do with them or other players if I get them from draft or somehow. What prices I should put them on the market. I play on Xbox One.
    Please reply asap with kind regards,

  12. Priyanshu Goyal

    Will the prices go back up after BF? When will be the best time to sell players? I won’t be able to play/trade much right now since i am busy till Dec. 5. So When in Dec or Jan are the prices expected to go up/down?

  13. Hey Rodrigo,

    Between Black Friday and FUTMAS, which day will have lower prices on players? I’m thinking of building a team, but I am not in any rush.

  14. Hello Rodrigo ,

    I lost a lot with FUT united . From your experience , there will be a big drop again for Black Friday ? Most players lost 40-50% of their value with FUT untied and they’re not going up so i can hardly imagine how far the prices can fall again . A pre-FUT United player worth 50k is now 25k if not less , so it means he will reach 15k by BF ?
    What EA is doing is very bad for the game , so many happy hours and promotions ruins the market . They are making most players accessible to everybody which is not good and demotivating , soon we will all be facing the same teams . I think the price level Pre-United were the best . EA is using this strategy to kill the coin sellers i’m sure and we players are paying the price . I like to deserve my team and not get it after a few hours of casual gaming

    1. We agree with you.
      Last year the biggest drop was during Black Friday and not on FUT United. However, this year the 100k packs were released earlier and for that reason the crash on Black Friday will not be as bigger as FUT United. But prices will fall, we think.

  15. Got Tevez for 20,000 just now and put him back on sale for 30000 or 40000. Please let me know if I am thinking right or not? I am thinking of buying him back at BF and James or Hazard or KDB. Don’t think that Hazard price will go down that much but let s see!

          1. So now I have my core team (didn’t sell them prior to BF) and I also have 30 k prior to BF wth 2200 FIFA points and I need or at least try to get any of KDB, Aguero or Hazard. Is that possible at BF? Will there be many packs with a great probability of landing a top player as mentioned above? Or what?

            Please advise

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