To buy coins is the most efficient way to improve your team in FC 24.
FC 24 Buy Coins

What are Coins?

Ultimate Team is a Football Club game mode where you’re challenged to build your dream team, buying what you need and selling what you don’t. To do this, you’ll require in-game currency, referred to as ‘coins’ The more coins you have, the more items and packs you can purchase.

In general, FC 24 coins are a virtual currency used for buying packs in the Store, trading items in the Transfer Market, and entering paid Evolutions and Draft mode. You can earn coins by playing matches, trading items in the transfer market, discarding items, or receiving rewards and gifts. It’s important to note that your UT progress, including your FC 24 coins, will not carry over to the next FC version.

Terms of Service

Buying FC coins is a convenient but prohibited way to acquire them, and doing so could result in serious repercussions, such as losing your in-game club and facing potential bans from EA Sports FC.

While buying coins may not necessarily violate your local laws, it does breach the game’s terms of service. When you initially started playing FC 24, you accepted these terms, which explicitly state that EA Virtual Currency holds no real-world value and cannot be sold, traded, or exchanged for cash.

Furthermore, engaging in coin trading is considered unethical and provides an unfair advantage over other players, undermining the integrity of the game.

Penalty Code

EA has implemented penalties to deter coin buying and selling in Football Club. Sellers caught in the act face permanent bans from all EA games.

Buyers, on the other hand, receive milder punishments. If identified, they will get an email notifying them that their club and FC Points will be reset, causing them to lose their in-game assets. However, they can restart and continue playing. Repeated buying of coins can result in a permanent ban.

Buying Methods

Several online stores sell Ultimate Team coins, specific players, and accounts. Any of these options are much cheaper than buying FC Points if your goal is to build a strong team.

These stores use different methods to sell without being caught by EA. The most popular are:

  • Player Auction
    You sell one of your players for the maximum price range;
  • Comfort Trade
    You give your credentials, and they do the rest;
  • Mule Account
    A third account is used to transfer the coins;
  • FC Auction House
    You list a worthless player, and the seller buys him.

Tips to Buy Coins

For a smooth experience when buying coins, remember these key tips

  • Avoid Strangers
    Only buy from trusted sources with positive feedback to minimize risks.
  • Secure Transactions
    Use safe payment methods, like PayPal, and avoid sharing personal information.
  • Know Your Coin Needs
    Decide how many coins you need to avoid overspending or missing out on discounts.
  • Check for Tax Coverage
    Verify if the seller covers the 5% tax applied by EA.
  • Hunt for the Best Deal
    Shop around for the best coin prices, considering factors like platform, delivery method, quantity, and timing. Be cautious when dealing with individual sellers.
Always prioritize both safety and affordability in your coin purchases.
FC 24 Buy Coins

Step by Step Tutorial

Now that we’ve warned you about the importance of buying coins from a reputable seller, we’ll show you how to do it at the lowest market price.

How To Buy Coins Safely and Cheap
  1. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and type ‘futholics.net’ in the address bar. Alternatively, you can simply click here;
  2. Select ‘Buy Coins’;
  3. Choose the quantity you want to buy and click on the corresponding ‘Add to Cart’ button;
  4. Click ‘View Cart’;
  5. Fill the form with your credentials and contacts;
  6. Enter the promo code ‘FIFAUTEAM’ that will give you an additional discount;
  7. Select the payment method: PayPal or Revolut/Credit Card;
  8. Complete the payment and wait until the order is completed.
Frequently Asked Questions
Buying FC coins online can be risky. While some sellers are legitimate and deliver coins as promised, there are also many scammers and fraudulent websites. We suggest you buy on the store identified in our step by step tutorial.
Yes, there can be consequences for buying FC coins, as it goes against the game’s terms of service. EA Sports may punish buyers by resetting their club, removing coins, or even issuing permanent bans. It’s essential to be aware of the risks before purchasing coins.
To ensure a safe and reliable purchase of FC coins, research and choose well-established, reputable sellers. Look for user reviews and ratings, use secure payment methods, and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. To avoid any risks just follow our step by step tutorial.