FUT 13 Cards Duplicators and Coins Generators


There are many offers of cards duplicators, coins generators and other exciting cheats for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Discover all the truth about them …


The Truth About Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff


This article was written to give you the greatest advice that anyone can ever give you about FIFA Ultimate Team: cards duplicators, coins generators and other similar stuff DO NOT exist. They are scam tactics. If you venture to go that way, you will almost certainly lose your coins and your best cards. Always follow the safety recommendations of EA Sports.

Every day we meet new stories of people who have been cheated. They searched an easy solution to their FUT financial problems  in the wrong place. They find gamers with huge amounts of coins and they think that they can also get it using these programs. They think wrong. These players have many FUT coins because they know how to win them honestly in the market, because they use some cheats that work or … because they are scammers which enriched thanks of those who falls into the trap of cards duplicators, coins generators and other stuff.

In most cases, they request your account information. Once transmitted, the scammer goes into your account and transfer everything that has value. When you come back, which sometimes is only possible using the security question, you see that they stole all your coins and that your squad was replaced by bronze players without value. In that case, there is not much to do. You can always complain to EA Sports (learn how to do it here), but the surest answer is that it’s your fault because you did not follow the safety recommendations. And they are right…


There is no such thing as Cards Duplicators and Coins Generators!


The Scam Tactics


The scammers do everything to convince you to give your account details. They volunteer to help you using software with fancy names such as cards duplicators, coins generators, fifa ultimate team hack, etc …

The first one is supposed to duplicate the cards that you have. Typically, they require access to your account and ask you to choose the FIFA Ultimate Team cards that you want to duplicate. It’s a clever tactic because just want to duplicate those who already have valuable cards. And the scammers want exactly that: to cheat who has an account well stuffed.

The Coins Generators  are a bit simpler: they ask for your account information so that they can transfer an amount of coins in it. There are scammers that, to make the thing more credible, request a payment for this service. They earn double.

But the scam tactics do not end here. Not all who are cheated were looking to get rich quick. Some just wanted to see a squad that was supposed to be shared or to obtain technical support. But they made ​​the mistake of inserting their login and their password. This is indeed the number one rule if you do not want to be cheated: never give your information to anyone, even to EA Sports.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generations and Other Stuff
The scammers imagination has no limits when it comes to cheating gamers


Searching for Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff


What we’re doing now may cost us some retaliation but it’s important to show you how creative are the scammers. Let’s search for easy FUT coins.

We’ll start by looking for results well positioned in the search engines. One of the first we have obtained is a good example of what is done. The author begins by describing his unsuccessful experiences in trying to find a cards duplicator but continues saying that he finally found one that works. Typical. He asks a few coins in exchange to make the thing more reliable and he requests the user account information, essential to be able to duplicate. In order to win the trust of the user, he puts a picture of a super team that he built thanks to the cards duplicators. It does not prove anything.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of a fake Players Duplicator


Also well positioned in the search engines is a popular website that “offers” the service of Coins Generators. Everything worth to convince the player to enter all his account information: fake positive feedback, promises that they are reliable, references to EA and lots of exclamation marks.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of a fake Coins Generator with a huge form


The fraud is not always made ​​through a website. Another very common method is to use software created for this purpose. The player downloads the program (inclusive distributed via torrents), enter  his account information and then it sends to the scammer.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of a program called 'Player Duplicator' built to collect accounts informations


But there are two platforms where this deal seems to thrive: Facebook and YouTube.

It is not difficult to find Facebook pages that offer cards duplicators, coins generators and other similar stuff. They fill the pages of ‘likes’ and fake feedback to convince the users to follow the method they recommend. They also use giveaways to attract more followers and make the page more attractive.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of Facebook Paga that was supposed to create coins


In Youtube the method is similar. Most of the videos, like the image below, refers to the description or to a website where the account information is subtly requested. Some of them struggle a bit more and share squads that supposedly have been build thanks to these cheats.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of YouTuve video that sends the user to a trap


It is obvious that the scammers try to use all available platforms and therefore also frequently attack in forums and blogs. As in this case there are moderators, the most common strategy involves making themselves pass as EA Sports employees. In the case of the image below, the scammer posted an article on a website apparently trustworthy. He promises thousands of coins, presents himself as an EA employee and uses an email address with the word ‘ea’.


Cards Duplicators, Coins Generators and Other Stuff
Example of an article that seems to be credible


There are hundreds of examples that we could continue to explore: cards duplicators, programs with names as suggestive as “FUT Hack”, websites that are authentic replicas of the official EA website, squad sharing links that redirect to other sites, etc …
It seems to be a lucrative business. Part of the stores that legitimately sells FUT Coins, are provided by scammers who use the methods explained here.


As you can see, you have to be very careful. In general, you can avoid all these schemes follow the five basic safety rules:

  1. Always double check the sign-in URL starts with: https://www.ea.com;
  2. Always make sure the URL does not redirect to another site;
  3. Never click links in emails asking for account information or claiming your account has been compromised;
  4. Never give out your account information ;
  5. Do not look for cards duplicators, coins generators and other similar stuff.


If you want to know how to earn coins legitimately, read our article about it.


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  1. There are coin hacks that are one time use. Search YouTube for hacks that don’t require password. Use a secondary account as precaution, then transfer the coins. It’s called the kingx hack.

  2. I am only doing it because they claim to be partnered with ea and google approved and I am sick of scammers spoiling the game yes fair enough people are stupid enough to give out their personnel info so it is technically there fault for being idiotic but by claiming their ea partners and google approved people will feel a lot more safe entering this info But if they are legit then I will get what I asked for and if they are scammers then I will get nothing so really that’s your proof there nothing but scammers so…..

  3. I have found a website that is a generator but it claims to be partnered by ea and can only be used once per game I.e once for fifa 13 once for 14 it’s google approved so I’ve entered an old empty account and will wait the 48 hours and see if there is the players coins and points arrive on my account I doubt they will but here’s hoping because if it works I’ll share it with you all

      1. If you mean me I won’t it’s just a secondary account that only has 1 tradable player and that’s evra I’m not that stupid I have a separate account that I use as my main account to play and that were my real team is I’m not crazy I just want to no if it works or not and if not I will just report it to ea to make sure no one else ends up losing everything because I have been hacked before and no how frustrating it can be especially since I didn’t give out any of my details at all so it can only be someone I no

  4. I have gave my details to a website that looks legit (i know its not) but anyway i have traded all my good players to my brothers team to keep them for me.. (its a fut that has nothing on it) plus i have software that can track who last logged into the account, so now its a waiting game… 😀

  5. It depends on what you mean by “coin generator”. I wrote my own program that handles buying and selling cards for profit. It is super simple. Sure, it won’t make me rich in a heart beat, but that’s not why I wrote it. That I did because I like programming.

    1. Hi.
      What you wrote is what we call a autobuyer. A ‘coin generator’ is usually used to talked about a program in which you insert your account details and it credits coins there. It doesn’t exist.
      If you think to create a FUT database, talk to us.

      1. I see. I have thought about storing the data I get from all the bids I make and how those auctions end, but I haven’t implemented anything like that yet.

        Also I’m going to write a program that utilizes some of the methods from this site so I can make more coins faster. Should be fun to try.

  6. I envy all of you that lost cards and money same happened to me I tried and failed a mistake i never make again the only way to make money is patients
    and a good trading mind buy low – sell high works better than so called generators. Regards to you all
    Rodrigo good page man

  7. Actually there are some coin generators for PC, but hackers don’t share it with other people 🙂

  8. To tell if its a scam, just tell ask the person if they can still give you coins or duplicate players or whatever even if you dont have players, coins or fifa points and if they dont respond, you know theyre a scam.

  9. Hi all,
    Yesterday I was playing a game and this guy said if I trade my facoa 4 his Suarez and TOTS Elbert he said that I needed to give him Vsldes I was fine with that then said he never got Falcoa I had to give him Puyol and I looked on his team after there was Falcoa I asked him and he deleted me and blocked me.
    Scammer his name was FifaSkillzHD786 Let’s Report Him Now (I lost 35k)

  10. i played a person on fut 13 seasons and after the match he sent a message to me saying that he posted one of the goals i scored on the fut website and it got 200 votes. he said that if i claimed it i would get 250k. This is a scam right?

  11. ok then if it works offer us 5 mil on ps3 my name is supercadester and even if it does work do people like alex fergison or brian clough use coin generators to buy van persie and rooney etc

  12. You know it’s not just websites that hack you, I was hacked, I lost Rooney, Xavi and Team of the Season Benteke! So I contacted FUT help to get them back, I got no help. So because of FUT’s unreliability I had to buy coins, and I’m still waiting for the players to come back to me and FUT to reply!

  13. I knew it, there could be no possible thing such as a coin generator because people who worked there never made a generator. To test this theory I made a fake EA account, used one of the generators it didn’t work obviously and instead everything was gone, i tested it with almost every generator sometimes nothing happened, sometimes FIFA points were added ( weird ) But now I know there is no generator and people who claim to be EX-Workers are just scammers.

  14. Hello. My account got hacked even though i had no friends and didn’t know about coin generators etc. i emailed ea but they said that i never had a gold player . Now i’ve got a gold team but again got hacked. No using of card dublicators etc. cause i use my iphone for everything. Plz someone help me

  15. Have you got a contact I can report this to to wither EA or Sony?
    I got a message from a player during a FUT match offering to duplicate my team, obv I didn’t take him on the offer as it sounds like a scam as you have listed above, but now I have his PSN login details

  16. this guy said to me if i give him dani alves he will give me 1 million coins hack and i said to him ok i’ll do it but first i want to see if it works. i’ll put up bruno alves up instead and you do the hack to him after he said the person that it has to be a player 86+ rated or 75k+ value i said but still i want to see if it works he replied bye!! i’ll find someone else i said bye have fun trying to con someone else you sad person with no live he said f*ck you!! and deleted me he is called X-VIPER-POISON-X he is on ps3

      1. Lasse Thomsen

        I just got hacked, and they took all my good players. I’m quiet shocked, but i have a question. Do they get my creditcard information? Do I have to get a new credit card?
        Btw. it was a coin generator.

        1. We are sorry for what happened to you. Probably you only filled your login and password and in that case your credit card is not committed. But just to be sure you can change your credit card. Don’t forget that the first thing you should do is to change your password. And by the way, never try a card duplicator or coin generator again. They are all scams.

  17. Can u please give me coins because I have no players and I need to make a video tomorrow for YouTube . I’m o ps3 my name is rys02003 .please can u give me coins please

  18. i just got scammed by Simoon128 on the ps3
    i lost an if Marchisio that i got from a pack this morning

  19. What an excellent article!! I myself got hacked after two months of playing and falling for these scams. Lost all my players and my coins and left gutted!! I only have myself to blame. So guys the best way is to play, win, and trade the best way you can. Fair play is the best policy.

  20. I got scanmed today. Not goin to complain was my own fault but for some reason when the guy went to swap, the player they were offering(which they claimed was ronaldo) doesnt appear so u have no idea what ur really trading. Maybe somethin ea can look at for future entries in the series

  21. Hey Admistror . i got hack and rob i problaly have one of the best serie A squad . Yesterday i was playing fut suddenly got log off and could not get back into the game . one of my friends list name CHARLIE-2626 i know is him because he play only fifa FUT – during the time of 18.00 – 20.30 i could not log into my account i dont know why . when i try to log into my FUT app it says its allready log into another system .

    after a while i came back on . i lost My IF Balotelli and IF Cavani

    i then log off and on the FUT app and it says i trade away IF Mario and IF Cavani for FREE!!! WTF why will i do such thing

    Now i know is that Dude CHARLIE-2626

    because i texted all my friends list ask them if they hack me .
    when i ask this dude CHARLIE-2626 ,he first said You can have them back if u give me IF Marchisio ,then i ask him to give back my players please , he deleted me

    i also had 106 000 coins

    After some searching i found out he spent my money on gold packs because suddenly i had alot of new players on my Trade pile that i never had before .

    I have now complain this case to FIFA support and they send the case to FIFA studio . i hope they can check out how this dude CHARLIE-2626 did it because i lost players and coins . im a hardcore FUT player , beeing playing this game since day 1 when i preorderd the ULTIMATE EDITION and spent lots of real money for Points and packs . i spoke with the customer support 2 daysin a row now and got two diffrente answers . 1 that it will take between 10-15 days . the other 20 days to a month .
    been searching on the web these past days and came cross over that some people dont even get any answer from EA and others have waited more then 30 days

    This is really annoying , im mad sad and pist at the same time why people do this kind of stuff .

    i spent over 2 month of game play to afford those two players

    Mario IF i bought for 307 000 coins and IF CAVANI 147 000 coins plus 106 000 coins gone spent .

    My PSN ID is ThrillSkill , my Team is Eddie Murphy FC / Division Alpha

    I dont know where else to go or contact or get intouch with people who work with FUT . now i dont even know if i ever gonna see those players again or get my coins back .

    30 days waiting its a long time to wait .

    If FiFa studio check my gamelog and my account they can see im not lying cheat or try to get a free ticket here .

    Please any thing that can make this progress go faster

    1. Hi.
      It’s a shame to happen things like this.
      You did the right thing: contact EA support center. You can contact them anytime to know what they are doing. Just give them your reference number case.
      We can’t do nothing about you except publish your comment. We have no connection with EA.
      We hope you get your players and money fast. Don’t give up.

      1. Hi I’ve been scammed by this prick ‘charlie-2626’ too reported this to EA/Origin and minimum 20 days.. utter joke

  22. Silent Scoper 8

    What I do is find free Xbox live gold trials and use them to make a crappy account with nobody, so far no luck, but I file complaint for system tampering if it is fake. Should I keep doing this or just play the game like I should? If one person actually does it, I transfer them to my main account. Thanks for all the information by the way.

  23. Today I Got cheated by two xbox players – one of Them have this gametag xXSAUND2RSXx – they cheated my Pique 3-4-3 CB overall 92 from me – and promised me 3 times of the same Pique. Don’t Fall for this trick and if you now the person I’ll pay very good for information about the person.


    Mr. Pepzi

  24. i lost roony silva nasri and hazard i got scamed in a trade for messi i dont know is there a way i can get the guy banned or even get my players back

    please someone im only 12 and i lost my best players who took me forever to get
    please i’m sooo depressed

    1. You got scammed by another player and EA has nothing to do with it. We know that it is hard to listen this but….it is only your fault.
      You can try to complain to EA but it will not be easy. Learn here how to do it.

  25. Hey,
    I wanted to play UT yesterday, but when I started it, there was no team any more. It just told me to type in the name of the Team, I wanted to create. But I didnt delete my team! So now all my players are gone. What should I do?

  26. Hey there! Im not going to use this, because its cheating and everything like that, but I found a coin/FIFA point generator that doesnt request your password, only your username. you have to go through a bunch of surveys (on fileice, i believe.) is it posssible that there is a real generator now?

  27. i got scammed i went one of thoes webs n got scammed n lost my hole team and 21000 coins what do i do?

  28. Hi , i was hacked to and i was very stupid and i give my accont information and after 30 minutes i lost ALL my players Main team and substitutes and my 10000 coins but what pisses me off is that I send like 5 emails to Ea sports and they didn t even aswer me This is like WTF? and i paid 69 € to This game and now i m thinking if a sell him or not?

    1. Bruno, we understand your frustation. But we also understand EA, except the fact that they didn’t answer you.
      They have no fault if you didn’t follow the safety rules.
      You can contact them by chat. It’s easier. Find here how to do it.

  29. This is a great post , i nearly fell for it via a Youtube Video. I did actially fill out my details and send it off but then i remembered i used the wrong password! THANK GOD ! lol , Just another reminder that nothing is FREE in this world.

  30. i know what you said is true but people go on to them websites because lets face it it is near impossible to afford great players unless you are addicted or have a season pass. you should offer bigger daily rewards or more coins at the end of the game and then people wont be tempted. BTW thanks for putting this up it helped alot
    if you do enter your details will ea punnish you as well

  31. I did, support.ea.com or something i live chatted them. But EA is the slowest company… and they probably wont get me my players back. What do you think i should do, sell my Fifa game?

  32. I’m pissed. I had a full out Barca squad, only i had inform Rooney, instead of Messi (i was close to buying Messi) and i hot hacked. I logged on and it said i bought a bronze shit player for 700k. Idk if EA will refund me. I so pissed i can’t even talk, i don’t know what to do. I have never given out my info. Im 13 and spent $50 on this game, although i shouldn’t have. Any advice?

  33. yeah this article is so true. I had just traded my way up to 300,000 coins and i wanted to duplicate them. and then i got hacked. i asked ea to give me my coins back but they told me that it had nothing to do with them

  34. I always avoid theres folks, i get alot of messages when playing team play but suprised how many there are. I got a question, are you allowed to make money through trading? Also is it possible to transfer coins to friends?, I play on a fifa gaming website, and would be awsome to host events and giveaways etc

    1. Yes, there are so many people trying to scam us! It just proof one thing: it is a profitable job.
      Making money through trading? Are you talking about real money ? Sorry, we didn’t understand.
      There is none direct way to transfer coins to friends. You can do it asking them to place a card on auction with a BIN of the value that you want to transfer.

      1. meant making ultimate team coins , cause one can be rich just by trading, without playing fifa game at all, it defeats the purpose of playing the game itself then. Just dont want to get banned by ea. So would trading coins to friends wont annoy fifa? Thanks

  35. Just read all,ur comments and I,liked it and Robert we re stil waiting.
    What cab I do I was biding on pirlo and my conteoller number put the price to 67000 I deleted my fut cuz I thought ea hated me I gave someone happy yesterday.

  36. is there anyway you’ll can track these hackers n ban them from the servers cause gamers wish to have good teams n if you all can get some more protection to the interest of gamers???

  37. I almost got scammed by a douche bag using Twitter. He claimed that he would send me 500k coins by me sending my best players, Pato, Pirlo, Bale and Silva as a trade offer for a contract card! Obviously I didn’t do it but just to make you all aware.

  38. I was just recently hacked on FUT and lost about 500,000 coins. It took me forever to get my coins and luckily no players were stolen. Is there anyway I could get them refunded?

    1. EA are continually taking action against phishing sites as we are made aware of them. They are also taking strong, prompt action against any users attempting to scam others using these sites or any other scams.
      Please let them know about phishing sites by visiting https://support.ea.com. Login on the right and click Contact Us.

  39. Thanks for the info, I must confess that I was almost lured a couple of times trying to build the best squad; but glad I didn’t and just played and traded my way. I just wish that EA would allow you to sell your previous teams from the older UT versions.

    1. Hi. You did it right. Trading is the best way to get rich. It takes time but it is possible. About your previous teams from the older UT versions, what you can do is to sell them from real money and then, with that money, buy few coins of the newer FUT version.

  40. I used a coin generator and it worked, never got scammed and still haven’t to this day? people that bitch and moan and make sites like these are jealous they don’t have the brain power to do the digging like we do

    1. Hi Roberts. There’s no such thing as Coin Generators and you know it. If you insist that you have one then you can make all coins that you want. In that case, prove it and offer us 5 million coins. We’ll put a card up for auction and you buy it. OK?

      1. Just to give some advice, that if you have given your details to these sites. Make sure you change your password, so they can’t keep going into your account.

          1. Hey,i recently got hacked for no reason.i wasnt taking part in any coin generator crap and now everything is gone including a team worth about 80k and also 58k is gone

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