How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style


To choose the right FUT 14 chemistry style to apply in your players is not an easy task. But we will help you. Learn how to do it in the right way. Follow our tips and suggestions


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Introduction to FUT 14 Chemistry Styles


If you are reading this article, it is because you probably already know what a FUT 14 chemistry style is and how it works. However, if you have any question about that, take a look HERE.

A FUT 14 chemistry style card is a consumable that allows players to choose which attributes will be affected by the chemistry. In the following table, you can check all the styles and which attributes are affected:

BASIC 1 1 1 1 1 1
CAT 2 2 2
GLOVE 2 2 2
SHIELD 2 2 2
WALL 2 2 2
BASIC 1 1 1 1 1 1
ANCHOR 2 2 2
ENGINE 2 2 2
HAWK 2 2 2



How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style


There are many things you should look at before picking a FUT 14 chemistry style. It is a difficult choice but is ultimately your decision. Pay attention to the following points:


  • This is probably the most overlooked factor when choosing the right FUT 14 chemistry style to apply in the players. Teams with low budgets should pay attention to this point because the prices of these cards may range between 150 coins and 10k coins. You never should quit buying the player you want just to be able to apply the chemistry styles to your players. Look to this cards as adjustment.

    It is also important to note that a more expensive chemistry style doesn’t mean that it is a better style. Hunter, Shadow and Hawk are the most expensive cards. However, the Basic style, the cheapest one, is some times the best choice.

  • The position is an important factor when choosing a FUT 14 chemistry style. While not mandatory, most of the time defensive styles are applied to defenders (Sentinel, Guardian, Gladiator, Backbone and Anchor), attacking styles are applied to forwards (Sniper, Deadeye, Hawk, Marksman and Finisher) and the other styles to the midfielders (Artist, Architect, Powerhouse, Maestro e Engine). The five goalkeepers styles may only be applied to these players.
    Generally speaking, it is a good practice to apply chemistry styles according to the player’s position, if it is in line with the other factors.

  • The formation has an important role when choosing a FUT 14 chemistry style. Players which play in the same position but in different formations may have different needs. Let’s take the example of the central backs. If they play in a 4xx formation, they should be fast. However, to the central CB of a 5xx formation, the defending and the heading is something much more important.
    When choosing a FUT 14 chemistry style, you should carefully analyse the roles of each player in the team.

  • There are no two people alike. So, no one plays FIFA in the same way. There are better players and worse players. There are players that like to use the wings to attack and there are players that like to do it by the middle. There are players that prefer to play in counter attacks and there are players that prefer to keep the ball. Not all of these preferences are reflected in the formations we choose. Ie, two people with the same formations and the same players can make use of them in a different manner.
    When choosing a FUT 14 chemistry style, you should carefully analyse the roles of each player according to our play style.

  • There are no two players alike. So, it is impossible to apply a chemistry style without knowing the players’ attributes and work rates.
    One of the most common questions has to do with the approach that should be done: it is better to boost the lower stats in order to get a more balanced player or it is better to boost the higher stats to make the player even better than their opponents ? The answer is not easy. In a general way, players tend to follow the second option because most of the times the higher attributes are also the most important ones according to the player’s position. For example: Messi has a low defending stat because he doesn’t need it to play well on his position. It is natural that players try to improve his attacking attributes.
    But some times it can be different. When a player plays in a position and in a formation in which the importance of the various attributes is not so uneven, it may be better to try to balance the player. Let’s look to the example of Diego Alves. He is a wonderful goalkeeper but there are many people that doesn’t like to play with him because his positioning is poor. In these cases, it makes all the sense to apply a style to improve his positioning instead of his reflexes and diving that already are incredibly good.
    To choose a chemistry style according to the players’ attributes is something very personal. It depends of who is choosing.



    FUT 14 Chemistry Style – Our Suggestions


    We are pretty sure that, even before all the explanations, there are many people that still need help to choose the right chemistry style to their players. That’s why we added this chapter to help people to take that decision.

    We made our suggestions only according to the positioning, because price is not something very important to most of the players, because it is impossible to show the right style for every players and because the play style is something very personal. Don’t forget that our suggestions are only suggestions. You can have a different opinion.



    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    In our opinion, the importance of the goalkeeper’s attributes follow this order: reflexes, diving, handling, positioning, speed and kicking. In that way, and since there are no chemistry style card that boosts both reflexes and diving, our choice goes to ‘Glove’. It improves the diving, handling and positioning.

    All the other cards boost at least speed or kicking, attributes of less importance to us. That’s why we think that the ‘Basic’ card could be a good choice many times.



    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    Every one should know that defending and heading are crucial to every CB. Some times, pace is also very important. That’s why we think that ‘Sentinel’ and ‘Anchor’are two best cards to apply in a CB.

    The first one should be used on the central CBs playing in 5xx formations or in defenders with high defensive work rate and low attacking work rate. The second one should be applied to the other players.


    RB, LB, RWB, LWB

    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    The fullbacks are defenders that can attack by the wings. They should have good defending, pace and passing stats in order to be able to do it well.

    The style ‘Shadow’ is the most recommended card to these players. However, if you a crossing abuser, you may prefer applying the ‘PowerHouse’ style.



    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    It is not easy to choose which chemistry style to apply to a defensive midfielder because it depends of his role on the team and which formation you are using.

    One of the most common problems of the CDMs are their pace. Most of them are are too slow. In that cases, the card ‘Shadow’ my be very useful. However, we still believe that ‘Backbone’ and ‘Powerhouse’ are the best cards to the players playing in this position.


    CM, CAM

    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    Also to this position, the choice of the style depends of many factors.

    To most of the players, ‘Artist’ and ‘Maestro’ styles would be perfect. If you love long shots, ‘Deadeye’ is a good card.



    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    The ‘Engine’ style is our favourite to apply in a winger.

    However, depending of other factors, they could be better with the ‘Catalyst’.


    CF, ST

    How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

    Depending of your play style, there are five chemistry styles that can be applied to a forward:
    – ‘Finisher’ to who plays as a reference in the opposite box;
    – ‘Hawk’ to who also wants mobility;
    – ‘Hunter’ to who plays in counter and doesn’t like to cross to the box;
    – ‘Marksman’ to the skiller;
    – and ‘Sniper’ to who apply in very fast forwards and in a play style without many crossings.


    Remember that our suggestions were based only in the players’ positions. When choosing a FUT 14 chemistry style, you should look to the formation, attributes and style’s prices.


91 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style”

  1. Hi, great article and thanks for making it!
    I want to know what chemistry styles to apply to my strikers.
    My team is:
    GK: Hart
    RB: Walker
    CB’S: Mangala, Mathieu
    LB: Alba
    RM: Sanchez
    LM: Griezman
    CM’S: Fabregas, Rakitic
    ST’S: Benzema, Remy
    Formation is 4-4-2
    I like to play through the middle, quick passing and cutting inside with my wingers.

  2. Theeti Suwanasart

    This is a good article which can help me to comprehend what chemistry style is, thank you.
    But I have a one question. Can I put two or more snipers in one player?

  3. my team is
    walker mangala luiz baines
    navas willian
    eto’o or sturridge rvp
    can you help me choose the chemistry styles plz
    thx in advance

  4. Can multiple chemistry styles be applied simultaneously ?
    And how to increase a player statistics permanently?

    1. No. When you apply a chemistry style to a player he loses the previous one.
      It is impossible to improve stats permanently. The best you can do is to apply training cards but its effect only last for a single match.

    1. You always have different options, you can either make his strong abilities more stronger (Pace, Dribbling, Crossing) or soften out his weak spots (defending, heading). I personal would go for Engine or Artist.

  5. Hi there,
    I am looking at getting a cdm. I have pogbs at the moment but he is a bit slow for me. I am running a Bpl squad, a 4-1-2-1-2 formation and only want to spend 1k – 8k. Please help me. There are so many options – Fellaini, jovetic, etc I already have Ramires as a cm. please help me. Thanks

  6. Hey man!
    Just started playing fut 14 and your guids really helped me out. Kinda late arrival for me to exploit trasfer market so your bundesliga setup with cheap good players was awesome!
    Thanks a lot!☺

  7. Hey Rodrigo!
    I would like to hear your sugg for the chem styles to apply on my team, its a 4-1-2-2-1
    IF Diego Alves
    TOTS Maicon
    TOTY Thiago Silva
    TOTS Felipe Luis
    TOTS Matuidi
    TOTS Griezzman
    TOTS Cuadrado
    2xCAM TOTS JAmes Rogrigues and Dayro Morneo or Muriel
    TOTS Jackson MArtinez

    Hope you can take a look, thanks in advance!

  8. Hey man, Nice guide. I bookmarked it 🙂

    However I play FIFA14 for the first time since a week ago and I have made this squad. Its based on a sweat team(runners?)

    Could you help me out which chemistry styles i put on every player please? I would really appreciate that. Would eventually donate you for that. Because I really dont know which style is the best on this squad as my english is really poor 🙁

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi.
      Your teams seems OK, but maybe using Thiago Silva instead of Marquinhos could be a good choice.
      Suggestion: Anchor for your CB’s; Powerhouse to Digne; Shadow to Maicon; Backbone to Matuidi; Engine to your wingers; Maestro to James; sniper for both ST.

      1. Hey Dude,

        Really appreciate your help and for your quick respond. Could you help me with my main team too? I use only 2 teams atm and i’m still learning the game mechanics. This is the main team i created and am using:

        Would you mind help me out what styles I put on them? And what are your thoughts about this team i made ? 🙂


          1. any recommendations for which chemistry styles i use on those players/setup? I’m not sure about this. so sorry 🙁 it would be my last question. please help me 🙂

  9. First off excellent guide…second off any advice on what chemistry would be most beneficial for Iniesta? I play a 4-3-3 and I like to use short passes to move the ball quickly and control it to my front line scorers. I would like to get a little more scoring from my midfield though. I have him playing along Xavi and Gotze as CM.
    Also is Neymar worth saving up for? Or should I just keep saving up one for one of the higher attribute dudes?

    1. Hi.
      Neymar is not strong but he is a good player. It depends of your play style. If you need someone skilly, he is your man.
      According to your description, Maestro seems to be the best style to Iniesta.

  10. omar sanchez

    hey bro
    i have A 4-3-3(2) formation.
    what Chemistry type would you best recommend for a left and right winger. im looking for good control.

  11. Hey rodrigo, awesome guide, wat chem style shld I apply to IF hulk lw 343 formation with a brazil sqaud? Thnx

  12. Isnt Cat a better chemistry style than Basic? It gets reflexes, positioning, and speed, the most important stats on 1v1s and very important in other cases. Besides that, I also think engine could be good on CM/CAM if you need a fast player for the position (i.e. 433 formation on LCM and RCM, or other wide CM/CAMs)

  13. Hello, Rodrigo. I play a 433 (4) and like to keep possession. My cm is modric.
    Is it okay if I put the gladiator style on him? (Nice guide btw.)

  14. Hey thanks for the guide. Im playing a 5-2-2-1 with mainly a counter attacking play style. What chem style should I use on TOTS Drmic. His stats show that his shooting is good, but his strength, agility and pace could use an improvement.

  15. Hey, good guide. I want to know which chemistry style to apply to Negredo. My formation is 4-2-2-2 and chemistry is 100.
    My team is:
    GK: Joe Hart
    LB: Clichy
    CB: Demichelis
    CB: Lescott
    RB: Zabletela
    CDM: Busquets
    CDM: Khedira
    CAM: Isco
    CAM: Nasri
    ST: Negredo
    ST: Jovetic
    I want you to suggest a chemistry style to apply to Negredo. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi, I don’t want to be a bother, but I just really wanted to know, which chemistry styles would best suit my bbva team which is a 41212 formation, and goes like this:

    GK: Courtois:
    LB: Jordi Alba
    CB: Pepe
    CB: Miranda
    RB: Juanfran:
    CDM: Xabi Alonso:
    RM: Pedro
    CAM: Isco
    LM: Arda Turan
    ST: Diego Costa
    ST: Benzema

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi.
      As we said on this guide it is impossible to choose the chemistry style without knowing the formation, the play style, the team mates, etc…
      Without this knowledge, the best thing to do is to apply the chemistry styles we have suggested in the last chapter.

  17. First of all, amazing webstie!
    I’ve a question. I’m playing in a 4-3-3(4) position right now, with a CAM and two CM’s. When I use my wingers I usually cut inside. Which style i’ve to use on them?

  18. What Can I give Modric that he defense good and are the Key player for my CAM ? Which Chemiestyle are the best ?

      1. Iam in the Defense very bad and get goal against !
        I lose the Ball by passing and dont have open man ?

  19. Hey Rodrigo whitch Player are good for my formation ?
    I want to play very fast Counter and need many Open man ?
    I have the Formation 4-1-2-1-2
    I want to Play with the League BBVA Player and which Chemiestyle are the best for the Players ?
    TW: Valdes
    CB R: Pepe
    CB L: Miranda
    LB: Jordi Alba
    CDM: Song
    LM: Guardado
    RM: Sanchez
    CAM: Modric
    ST R: Rodrigo(Benzema,Vagas) Which Player are the best for my formation
    ST L: Diego Costa

    1. Hi!
      Benzema is the best ST for your formation. About your team, and since you don’t want to spend much money, we suggest Courtois. The other players are OK.
      Take a look to BBVA Guide to pick your players and to this guide to choose their chemistry styles.

      1. Its good when i buy the Anchor Chemistry for Modric ?
        I am bad in the defense and my attacker dont come back to my box !
        Which ST are the Best for my formation Benzema and Costa ?
        Can i give a mittlefieldplayer the Defense Chemiestyle ?

        1. Hi.
          Anchor is fine but it may be a good idea to find a chemistry style that improves passing.
          Diego Costa has high defensive work rate, so he will help you more in the defence.
          Yes, you can give a defensive chemistry style to a midfielder or to a forward.

          1. What Can I give Modric that he defense good and are the Key player for my CAM ? Which Chemiestyle are the best ?

  20. I am thinking of buying the team below and i was wondering if this is a good idea and what chemistry styles i should go with:
    Formation: 4-3-2-1
    GK: Weidenfeller
    RB: Juanfran
    CB: Ramos and Boateng
    LB: Alaba
    CM: Fabregas, Xabi Alonso and Gundogan
    LF: Reus
    RF: Di Maria
    ST: Lewandowski

    If you can improve the team at all my budget is 250k

  21. Terry Easdon (Tez)

    I would like you to recommend what PS3 PAD SETTINGS TO PLAY FIFA WITH PLEASE CHEERS

  22. Dear Rodrigo,

    it is very nice guide.
    Could you help me?

    I have 2 different teams:

    the 1st team 4-4-2 (2)

    Weidenfeller – Lahm, Boateng, Dante, Alaba – Robben, Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Reus – Mandzukic, Lewandowski

    the 2nd team 4-2-2-2
    Helton – Danilo, Mangala, IF Rojo, Alex Sandro – Matic, Enzo Perez – Lucho Gonzalez (Montero), Lima – Jackson Martinez – Eder

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Best Regards,

  23. Hi,
    I play 4-3-3(4) formation squad

    rafael – alex – miranda – marcelo
    felipe melo – paulinho
    lucas – Pato – Hulk

    i like to play high pressing and retain possession
    thinking of back bone to both CMs and artist to cam
    wingers – catalyst striker – hawk not sure of defenders
    please suggest

  24. Hey there, my team is the 20k budget one you recommended in the squads/players posts.

    Could you please tell me the best chemistry styles for each player? Oh and now that my squad is complete I’d love to know which new players I should aim to first.

    Regards, Vester.

  25. hi mate, first of all a brill guide but i need some help for the perfect chem styles. I play a 4-3-3(4)
    My team is:
    walker, luiz, vertonghen, clichy
    ramires, fellaini
    mirallas, benteke, willian
    I like to close down the ball and play fast on the break after pulling the oponents players out of position, I’d just like to know what chem styles to put on what players so my game style can be as effective as possible

      1. Luke Fargher

        thanks, i was wondering if you be able to recommend any players to strengthen the team, i have a budget of 45k

  26. Again thanks for your guide it is so hard picking them to beat fit the players and posisition sometimes. My question is following your guide is it best to put the chemistry style you have or is it best to boost there stats in which they will make it to the next level like a 78 pace going into 80 . example Leighton baines card I leave basic on. A use all his stats are 79 mostly and nani I have maestro to boost his pass to 81 and his dribble to 90 for schurrle I have hawk applied cause it boost his pace shooting and heading to next bracket, cazorla I have hunter on him . So in doing this do I take them out of there position or is it alright to do so.

    1. Hi Andrew.
      When you apply a chemistry style to a player that boosts +1, +2 or +3, those numbers are not the stats points that they get improved.
      It is right to do what you did.

  27. Hi, which chemistry style should I apply to Rene Adler, for I want to improve his reflexes or diving. Furthermore Mandzukic can run all one length of the field to finish off his shot. Should I apply hawk to him?

    1. Hi.
      It depends of many factors as we have published on this article, but to most of cases Hunter should be OK on Mandzukic.
      You can not improve the two most important GK’s attributes: reflexes and diving. We will need to choose which one is more important or use the Basic Style.

  28. Dear Rodrigo…none of my comments seem to be appearing on the website. I dont put any questionable comments up. If you can read this, why are my comments not showing up?

      1. Twice in chem guide and once in MyFUT 14. Chem guide i was asking if it was possible to switch players to other positions without damaging chemistry. I want Reus on the right and Farfan on left so i switch them at the start of the game. In MyFUT 14 i dont quite remember what i asked.

  29. Catalyst fits perfect for CAMS in 4-2-2-2, I don’t think dribbling is a extremely necessary attribute in the game.

    1. formation 4-3-2-1, the play style passing, the team mates its spain national team.

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