FUT 14 Trading Guide – How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FUT 14 Trading Guide - How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


There are two ways to answer to the most frequently asked question about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: how to make coins ? Trading is the first one. Other methods besides trading are the alternative answer.

In this trading guide we will explain every detail you need. This subject is very lengthy but, if you really want to be rich in FUT 14, you should read it until the end. You will not find any other place with so well organized and detailed content about this matter.

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The best way to become rich in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


You finally found the article that will explain to you how to become rich in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. As your excitement builds to start building your dream FUT team we know and you know how there are so many incredible teams with unbelievable players. This leaves us all thinking “It’s not possible to buy so many great players. There has to be a trick or big secret?”.

If this is much or less what you’re thinking, you’ll be very disappointed with us. We won’t bring you any big secret on how to become rich fast. So don’t delude yourself. You won’t find it here, neither in any other place. Every time someone says you can instantly get all the coins you want, just know that you’re about to be fooled.

The sad truth is this: you won’t get rich in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team without lots of work. Forget the coins generators, card duplicators or other cheating methods people tell you about. They are no more than scam tactics that will make you even poorer.

But in the end what do you need to be rich in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team? This is an important question because if you can’t perform the basic requirements you’ll never be able to build your dream team.
Here is what is really indispensable:

  • Time
  • Time is money everywhere. And in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team it’s not different. You’ll need free time to apply some coin-earning tactics. The more time you have, then potentially the more chances you’ll have to earn lots of coins.

  • Work
  • It’s a fact: 90% of the players that read this kind of article are looking for a magical solution for their financial problems. The large majority won’t get past this phase because they’re not disposed to work.

  • Patience
  • Stay calm, you need to have patience. You won’t get rich tomorrow or even on the following day. Many of the methods that are used to earn coins require that you have a lot of patience. Everyone who is rich in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team also started for having almost nothing.

  • Market Knowledge
  • Knowing the market in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is very important. Use the database or add your targets to your transfer target list and monitor the behaviour of these cards and watch the market. Knowledge is power.


If you meet these conditions, you may be ready to become rich. And the best way to do it is with … trading.



Introduction to Trading in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Trading is the best way to become rich in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. But no one said it’s easy. It’s necessary to know exactly how everything works.

You can find everything you need in this guide. We are experts in this area. We have done rigorous investigating and tests in order to bring you the best information possible.

Trading is a word that means buying and selling a property or service. The most basic idea you should have is that in order to earn coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team you will have to sell a card for a price that is higher to the one you paid to have it. And it will have to be at least 5% higher in order to cover the taxes that EA retains over all the sales.

Most of players cannot buy and sell cards with enough profit to build great teams because they do not understand the market and the way how the deals are done. Many don’t even know the basic rules of economy. And that doesn’t help at all. The fact is that the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Market is so massive in a way that its behaviour is similar to a real and global market.

If you want to become a real trader in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team we advise that you try to learn some basic notions about microeconomics. If you are a curious you can extend your research into the applied math called Game Theory and you will see how it also applies itself to the FUT 14 market. Since we want to keep the article simple, we will restrict ourselves on what is essential to know in order to have success as a trader.

One of these fundamental concepts is all about the law of supply and demand. This law stabilizes the relation between the demand of a product and its quantity that is offered. In other words, with that law it’s possible to describe the consumers’ behaviour on the acquisition of products in determined periods, according to quantity and prices.
During the periods when the offer of a determined product exceeds the demand, its price tends to fall. In periods when the demand starts to exceed the offer, the tendency is a price increase.
The stabilization of the relation between the offer and the demand normally defines the price a product will be transacted for, once the buyer and the seller are conformed with it. It’s called market balance.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Market Rules

Supply and demand curve


The offer is the relation between a product’s price and the quantity sellers put for sale. The higher is the price a product can be sold for, more sellers will be disposed to provide it.
The law of supply says that the price and the quantity offered in a determined market are inversely proportional. In other words, the higher is the price of a product, less people will be disposed or will be able to buy it. When the price of a product rises, its sale power decreases and the consumers go for cheaper products.

The price of a product can be a positive incentive or negative so that the consumers acquire what they need, but this is not the only one. Just like it happens in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, the decision may depend on the person’s buying power, desires and needs, the concurrence and the existence of complementary alternatives or substitutes. In the same way the offer exercises an influence on the consumers’ demand, the frequency people look for determined products can also increase and decrease the prices.

In a perfect market structure, of monopolistic or oligopolistic competition, the consumers are the ones who determine the prices. In a cartel or monopoly situation, the opposite happens.

If you comprehend these ideas, you ill have a wider perception about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market’s behaviour.



The FUT 14 Trading Rules


As we already said, the best way to earn coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is buying cheap and selling expensive. But how do you know when, where and what to buy and sell ?

If you follow the ten golden rules you’ll definitely be a successful trader.


Rule #1: Study the Market Carefully


Knowing the market is fundamental in order to have success as a trader in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

The most basic idea about trading is selling at a price that is superior to the one you paid for. If you buy a card hoping to find someone to buy it for more coins than you bought it for, you’ll never succeed. Things don’t just happen like this. The market is somewhat predictable. You’ll have to study it to start recognizing a price that is below the balanced price and to predict the price that the demand is willing to offer.

In order to study the market you can spend hours looking at the cards to see the ones that are sold and the ones that aren’t. But also you can use more useful tools in this process. It’s the case of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Database. With them you have easy access to the valuable information about any card in the game: average selling prices, transaction amounts, price history, concurrence, new cards, etc…

There is another tactic, its as simple, that has good results when you want to study a specific market. You just add a big amount of the same card to your transfer target list and observe their final prices..

In the end, this is the most basic information you’ll have to know: at what price a determined card is bought/sold in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. It is this analysis you will have to study very carefully. Obviously, with so much information available, you can make a deeper investigation into the market and then maximize your profit possibilities.

We advise that you analyse the following aspects of the market you’re about to study:

  • If the evolution of the prices are regular or if there are many “peaks”;
  • The price variation over the hours of the day;
  • The price variation over the days of the week;
  • The price variation according to the card’s chemistry styles, possible different positioning, etc;
  • The existence and the behaviour of the prices of the cards that can substitute the ones of the market you’re about to study;
  • The quantities that are normally transacted;
  • The introduction of new cards on the market (UP, IF, etc).

    As you can see, you already found some practical utilities to the basic notions of economy. Whoever is able to manage all this information will have an advantage over the concurrence, which can be turned into profits.


    FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Market

    You don’t need to catch up with all the auctions in order to know what the demand is for certain types of cards. Use the button ‘add to transfer target‘ on all the same cards you find and later you’ll be able to see how much they have sold for.


    Rule #2: Focus on a Parcel of Market


    The world economy’s big successes were reached by the ones who became specialized in determined sectors. Amazon, for example, started selling books. Only after becoming a leader in this sector they expanded their business to other products.

    If you want to be the best trader, you’ll have to focus on a part of the market and not itself in general. It’s impossible for someone to have good control of all the cards in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. As this market is live with much availability and choice, it would be impossible for someone try and keep up with its full dynamics.

    Choose a branch in which you feel comfortable, study it and keep yourself updated about the changes that happen in this specific market. It’s going to be a lot easier to know about what prices you should buy or sell cards. Remember that being fast is a very important characteristic a trader must have: being fast in order to make a move and not miss the opportunity, being fast selling to increase the number of sales, being fast to notice the changes of the market, etc…


    FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading

    When choosing your branch make everything possible to make your work easier. If you choose, for example, Tévez as a target, you’ll have Agüero between the results of your search because there are not enough filters to differentiate them. Benzema, for example, is the only French attacker on Real Madrid, so it’s a good choice. In the console you can type directly the name of the player.


    Rule #3: Know What to Buy and Sell


    This is one of the trader’s most common doubts. “What cards should I buy and sell in order to profit? Which ones are the best?“

    There are many books and websites that take advantage of these players’ fragility to sell what they want to hear. The best example of that are the several lists pointing out the supposed best players there are to sell.

    Forget it. This doesn’t exist. Many people will disagree because the idea was already sold for them but the truth is that there are no best cards to buy and sell. All the cards can produce profit if you completely understand their behaviour in the market. That is what is really important. It is obvious that there are cards that can be bought and sold in a limited space of time, like the IF cards or the IRL highlighted players, but except for that there are no “more buyable” cards. Don’t forget that the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Market has many thousands of players and it’s constantly in a almost-saturated state. You won’t find out all of a sudden a card that will give you an eternal profit.

    Many FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players insist that there are branches you should bet on: fast players, the silver market, England’s secondary leagues, silver and gold Brazilian players, etc. All of them are apparently very attractive targets because their prices are usually higher. But they are higher not only for who buys but also for who sells. Don’t fool yourself.

    This rule’s main idea is that you’ll be able to get profit from any card. But don’t forget to adapt the target to your availability. If you bet on cards that are launched in big amounts, be prepared for many small profits. If you bet on cards that are launched in small amounts, be prepared for just a few sales but with considerable profits.


    FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading

    As the image illustrates, some Brazilian silver players reach impressive prices. Anyway, they’re not always better choices than other cards because they can be sold at a high price but are also not bought for much less.


    Rule #4: Always have many Cards to sell


    Imagine you own a store. Every time someone walks in your store willing to buy and you have your shelves empty, you’ll miss the chance of making profit.

    In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team the same happens. You always need available cards to sell. Always, always.

    In the first place, your transfer list must always be full. Every time you sell some cards you should immediately occupy the other spaces of the transfer list with new cards. We also advise that you use the EASF catalogue items to improve the size of your transfer list. The more cards you have for sale, more you’ll sell and more profit you’ll get.

    In order to replace your transfer list stock, you’ll always need to have available cards. Normally these replacements are already in place via the transfer targets but you can also keep some cards to sell in your club or even in another account. That’s why it’s important that you use the EASFC catalogue items to increase the size of your transfer list.

    About trying to sell the maximum cards possible, don’t make it easy. Even with your transfer list full, it won’t be worth if you have 10 or 20 cards on your transfer targets list. Define as a minimum limit having your preference list 80% filled. In high demand times, like on the weekends, it’s recommended that this limit be at least 90%. If you are a very good trader you’ll sell all your transfer list and transfer targets cards.


    FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading

    Always have a full transfer list. The cards you buy, before they are sent to the transfer list, can be stocked in your club or temporarily kept on your transfer targets list.


    Rule #5 – Give your cards Visibility


    If you own a store, the more time it stays open, more chances you’ll have to sell. It’s the same in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. The more availability you have, more profit you’ll get.

    Most FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players, when looking for a card, don’t go beyond the 60 minutes page. As a good trader you intend to be, your job is to give your cards the bigger visibility. The more people see them, more cards you’ll sell. In order to do that you should have them available the higher time possible between the first hour auctions.

    As it seems to be evident, you just need to list your cards with a pre-defined duration, one hour, and re-list them when the auction expires. Even better, re-listing them when there was no bidder and switching immediately to another right after it’s been sold, if that happened before the 60 minutes. This one’s apparently the ideal situation. If you can do that you’ll become rich in a moment.

    Although, no one has enough availability to renew the auctions every hour, during an entire day. This is what should be done always it’s possible. When it’s not possible, you should define the auction duration according to the time you’ll be away. For example, if you’re going to sleep, define the duration to 6 hours. Doing that you’ll make the cards stay available for a bigger amount of time on the market and you’ll be able to renew them when you wake up.

    Basically these are the two golden rules about the auction duration definition: give the cards visibility by defining the auctions with one hour durations and always keep selling. Although, there are exceptions for these rules. Imagine, for example, that you’ll be away for 6 hours. The normal situation would be defining a 6 hours duration for your auction. But if you notice that the last hour of the auction will be during a small traffic period, it may be better if you choose an one hour duration in order to get more visibility. Another example is the occurrence of programmed interruptions on the market access. If your cards are going to expire during the interruption period, you should change the auction duration so that doesn’t happen.


    FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading

    Listing a card three times in a row with one hour durations increases your selling probabilities in around 60% over listing it to a single 3 hours auction.


    Rule #6 – Define a start price according to your available time


    Knowing how to define a start price for a card you put on auction is extremely important to get profit. We could try to show you what is the ideal price for each card, according to how much you paid for it, but we would have to use some complex mathematics models.

    The value that really matters is the final price. Although, the start price has a big influence on what the final price is going to be, so its correct definition is very important.

    We all know that we have to sell on a price at least 5% superior to the one we paid in order to cover the EA taxes and not lose coins. Although, every player wants, in the first place, to make coins. If you define a start price that is very superior to the one you paid for the card, the most certain thing is that you’ll never sell anything.

    On the other hand, if you define a very low start price you’ll attract more attention to your card, but you’ll also make the risk of selling it for a price that is inferior to its actual market price. Your card will be bid more often because it appears more frequently between the search results with maximum filters. This will make more players watch your card until the end of the auction. In these situations, it’s normal to occur a curious phenomenon: since there are more players watching your card, some may get in a dispute for it, bidding higher values than the ones they were initially willing to. Even with this elevated profit possibility, we don’t advise that you define a low start price for two reasons:

    • In the first place for a risk matter. You can win, but you can lose. If you really want to earn coins you’ll have to do it with some safety.
    • In second place because every time EA interrupts the players’ access to the market, for a programmed maintenance or any other reason, the bids stay the same until the end of the auction, considering the last bid before the interruption started the winning bid. If you have the tough luck of having auctions with low start prices during a service interruption, then you may lose considerable amounts of coins sometimes.
    • In a third scenario, if you define a price that is slightly higher than the price you paid plus the 5%, it’ll take ages for you to make some coins. You’ll definitely sell a lot of cards but the profits will be so insignificant that you’ll never dream of having that top team.

      The difficult thing is to know what start price will give you profit. There is no exact answer because it depends on several factors, but we’ll try to guide you the best as we can. General rule, we think that you have to give a card a start price according to what the market is interested in. Don’t forget that a trader’s job started before that, when buying a card on its normal market price. Although, the start price you define must be related to your availability: the more time you have to make a deal, the lower price you should define for the start price. Confusing? A little. Don’t worry, after reading the examples of practical cases you’ll better notice how everything works.


      FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading

      If someone makes a 150c bid for this card and then a service interruption happens, the seller might have a huge loss. We do not advise the definition of a start price that low.


      Rule #7 – Define a BIN close to the start price


      The definition of a “Buy It Now” price isn’t mandatory but it can be interesting for many situations.

      If you define a BIN much higher than the market price it’ll be just like you never defined it. No one will pay that price.

      You can define it slightly or moderately higher than the market price. Choose the first method. The truth is that, unlike you were supposedly thinking, our tests indicate that if the BIN price is near the start price, your chances of selling a card are bigger. In this moment you may think “it’s obvious that I’ll sell more if the BIN price is lower”. This wasn’t what we said. Read again. What we transmitted to you is that, for example, if you put a card on auction with a 150c start price and a 200c BIN price, you’ll sell more and faster. And that is great, since you’re even selling it for a superior price.

      Except for some cases, you should define a Buy It Now price always when you put a card on auction. You’d only have something to lose if you had defined a buy now price that is lower than what the buyers were willing to pay. If you had defined an adjusted start price, you just have to increase about 10% to have the BIN we consider ideal. Don’t go below this percentage because you give the buyers the idea that you have defined the start price too high.


      FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading

      The best way to get profit from cards that don’t matter to us any more without discarding them (quick selling) is putting them on auction with a 150c start price and a 200c buy now price. It’s the ideal scenario for club items that don’t interest us and neither the market. Although, you should always check if it’s best to have these cards on auction or if you should just discard them in order to spare space on your transfer list for other cards that might give you bigger profits.


      Rule #8 – Avoid looking like you’re making price fixing


      A lot of times we go buy a card and, immediately before we do so, we see there are equal cards being sold at the same price by the same seller. It’s enough for us to abort the deal.

      When this happens, we have to question if we found the best price possible. If someone is selling many equal cards, this person is counting on profit. And you can only make profit if you bought at a price lower than you’re going to sell. And if they can, we can also do it.

      We know that we advised you to bet on branches. But if you want to have success you should be careful not to make this mistake. When putting your cards on auction, don’t put equal cards all at once. Mix them with other cards or take some seconds intervals. If you have big amounts of three or four different cards, this procedure will become a lot easier.

      There is also those who utilize a slightly different strategy. They have many equal cards to put on auction and decide to fix a price for 80% of them and another one slightly lower for the other 20%. With this, they manipulate the idea the players have about this card’s market price, and guarantee the sale of at least 20% of the cards. The tests we made with this strategy reveal lower profits than expected.


      FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Price Fixing

      When there are many equal cards on auction from the same seller and at the same price, we’re almost sure about a price fixing case. Avoid buying in these cases.


      Rule #9 – Confuse the Buyers


      Confusing the buyers is an usual strategy real markets use.

      In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, there are more and more players trying to make the buyers confused. Normally this is done by selling low price cards with similar characteristics to the cards whose buyers are effectively interested in.

      Have you tried buying Puyol without using the filter by name (it is only available in console) ? You’ll have to search the auctions adding club, position and nationality filters. It’s absolutely crazy the amount of the gold Barcelona Spanish centre back cards you’ll find at exorbitant prices. Why? Because Piqué costs too much and Puyol doesn’t. The sellers will try to confuse the buyers by setting a start price for Puyol that is slightly lower than Piqué’s price. Since the cards are very similar and the players know that they have to be quick when finding good opportunities, there’s a huge risk for them to make a big mistake.


      FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - Trading


      With the introduction of the new search by name option, the best strategy is to take advantage of players with more than one In Form version. If you compare two IF cards with the same colour and player, you’ll see that the differences are very small. It’s quite easy to bid the wrong card.


      FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - Trading

      This example is from FUT 13 since there is no any FUT 14 player with two IF’s cards yet


      Rule #10: Use the Trading Methods


      If you want to increase your profits even more, you should try to apply the trading methods for FUT 14 we’ll describe on the next chapter.

      They are a good way to help you understand the market in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team in a deeper way. Use them separately or altogether.



      Trading in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Methods


      The tips we gave you are essential for trading correctly. But there are other methods you’ll be able to use in order to improve your success or make these processes faster.

      We will explain now all these methods, one by one. Even if you already know what these methods are about, be sure to read it since you will find several tips that will help you maximize your profits.


      The Hours Method

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      If you analyse the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market carefully, you will notice that prices fluctuate depending on several factors. Some are more or less predictable, others are not.

      The market in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team has more supply and demand during determined hours of the day. The laws of micro-economy tell us that this means a price variation for a card. The time at which we buy or sell a card is one of those factors that we can control.

      If you’re not careful, you may buy at a moment when the prices are higher and sell when the prices are lower. It’s very important that you know the best moment to buy and sell. If you know exactly when these hours are, you can always buy cheap and you can always sell expensive. This is guaranteed profit.

      The information about this subject that circulates amongst the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team community, either on websites or in forums, is often imprecise. They simplify excessively stating that the times with low traffic are the best to buy and the times with high traffic are the best to sell. This is not exact. There is actually a direct relationship between traffic and prices but it is a bit more complex than players FIFA 14 Ultimate Team think.
      Once again we differentiate ourselves: we study the behaviour of hundreds of prices in order to conclude what are really the best times to buy and the best times to sell.

      It is important to start by explaining what we mean by traffic. Traffic is the number of players at any given time, that are actively in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market. That is, players that are buying or selling cards.
      Do not confuse this with the amount of cards that are being traded at any given time. The difference between one thing and another has to do with the fact that many players place their items for sale for a period of time corresponding to low traffic.

      The largest markets for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team are those who define the peak traffic hours. Most players are from the UK. Even the reference time zone is London. With some exceptions also arise northern European countries, as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. As their time zone is very similar, it is not surprising that there are fewer players in the FUT 14 market when it’s night-time in these countries.

      The times of high and low traffic are graphically represented in the following figure.


      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      Click above the image to maximize it


      The image above is the result of an extensive study that we conducted. It shows the evolution of the traffic on FUT 14 market over 24 hours a day (London time zone). The times with more players have three times more traffic than the times with less traffic.
      To better analyse the good times and the best times to buy or sell cards, we split the traffic into five categories corresponding to the five colours.

      • Category 1 (orange)
        Hours of very low traffic (from 02 am to 09 am)
      • Time to Buy: Good
        Time to Sell: Bad
        As there are few active players in the market, it is extremely difficult to sell.
        There are also fewer cards to buy but, as competition is low, it is possible to find good opportunities.
        We suggest that, even if you are not active in the market during this period, you should bid in advance on some items that you think are cheap. You will have better chances of getting them.

      • Category 2 (yellow)
        Hours of low traffic (from 09 am to 02 pm and from 00 am to 02 am)
      • Time to Buy: Medium
        Time to Sell: Bad
        At this time there are few buyers and sales are difficult to make.
        Compared with the category 1, there is more competition and therefore purchases are not as good.

      • Category 3 (light green)
        Hours of moderate traffic (from 02 pm to 4 pm and from 11 pm to 12 am)
      • Time to Buy: Bad
        Time to Sell: Medium
        At this time there is enough traffic to sell most of our cards.
        The competition is too fierce for good buys.

      • Category 4 (green)
        Hours of high traffic (from 4 pm to 6 pm and from 21 pm to 11 pm)
      • Time to Buy: Medium
        Time to Sell: Good
        Much traffic means sells.
        Despite the very large competition, it is possible to buy lots of cards at good prices since there are so many different cards to be sold that those who are buying can not see them all. That is, buyers can not refresh the page fast enough to see all the cards that are expiring and some eventually come to an end at very low prices.

      • Category 5 (dark green)
        Hours of very high traffic (from 6 pm to 9 pm)
      • Time to Buy: Good
        Time to Sell: Very Good
        With the traffic at its most, the sales increase dramatically.
        The phenomenon that happens in category 4 is even stronger this time. On top of that is when most inexperienced players come and therefore appear the greatest bargains.


      One of the alerts that we do about this method has to do with the prices of the cards. Just because you are buying on the hours that we define as the low average prices, it does not mean that you’re actioning a good purchase. Make sure that actually the price you are paying by the card is lower than the commonly practised. The opposite is true for sales.

      The hours method is simple. You can apply it as often as you want, whenever you want, and it works very well in conjunction with other methods. Being rich is always an advantage but you do not need to be rich to earn coins with this method.

      Even if you know the market well, which is a requirement, you may be harmed by sudden price fluctuations of the cards. You should always have caution when cards come at low prices. The market may have changed and you have not realized. You may think that low prices are due to the time that you are buying.

      Virtually unlimited.
      It does not require large budgets.

      It requires deep knowledge of the market.
      Sensitive to price fluctuations.



      The Time Method

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      Even unconsciously, most of us use the Time Method.
      We know that, in order to make profit, we need to sell items at higher price than the one we have paid for it.

      The time method consists on taking advantage of the best times to buy and the best times to sell.

      The same way there are hours of the day when the cards’ offer and demand vary, there are also events that may change the behaviour of the market. Knowing how to identify these events and what influence they have on the cards’ prices must be every good trader’s characteristic.If you want to become one, then you have to be aware of what days of the week the cards are transacted, the irregular moments of the market from the start to the end of the game, the releases of In Form and UP cards, the transferred players new cards, the moments people buy more packs (such as Christmas and Happy Hours), the new tournaments and what is going on on the real world.

      In a very general way, we can say that the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards prices decrease over time. However, their evolution can not be graphically represented by a straight line with negative slope. This is effectively the trend, but along the way there are some fluctuations. To apply the time method you need to know when the price decrease trend inverts.


      If you know how to identify the events that set when the market is interested in buying (higher prices) and when it is interested in selling (lower prices), you can create a lot of profit. Here are the events that you should pay attention to:

      • Days of the Week
      • The three days of the week with highest traffic in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market are, respectively, Sunday, Saturday and Monday.

        As we explained in the Hours Method, high traffic times are great to buy but also to sell. Whoever sells in these days have more interested parties that inflate cards prices. Whoever purchases in these days benefits of the high quantity of the cards for sale. There are so many that most of players do not find them since they do not refresh the page fast enough.

        If the weekend is approaching, you should fill your transfer targets list with cards to sell.

      • The start and the end of the Game
      • The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team start is the best time for a trader make profit.

        When the game is launched, the market is very irregular. There are not very large differences between the players cards’ prices: the lower rated players prices are inflated; the top players are cheap since there are not much money in circulation.
        If, for example, you have the luck of buying a Messi card in the early days, after one month you can sell him for a price almost ten times higher.

        One month before the FIFA 15 release is the right time to sell. Soon the cards’ prices will reach its minimum price.

      • The next-gen consoles release
      • Playstation 4 and XBox One brings new FUT players and it may means profit. Usually this is the kind of players that don’t know the market and are not much interested in trading. The last days of november are a good time to take advantage of some bargains.

      • TOTW
      • Every Wednesday, at 6pm of London the time f GMT, a new TOTW (Team of the Week) is launched.

        The regular cards’ prices tend to decrease whenever an In Form version of it is launched in the most recent TOTW. This happens because there are many people trying to sell the NIF to buy the improved cards and, as you know, when the market tends to sell the prices fall.

        If you own one of these regular cards try to sell it as soon as possible. If you are sure that a particular player, in who you are interested, will be the next TOTW, wait a few more days to be able to buy his regular card cheaper.

      • TOTY and TOTS
      • The release of a TOTY or a TOTS has a slightly different effect on what happens with a TOTW.

        At such times there are a lot of people buying packages to try their luck. Most of them have to sell their cards to get coins for the investment. What ends up happening is a considerable price reduction of all FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards.

      • UP
      • Whenever the rating and the attributes of a player are revised upwards, which usually happens in January or February, this previous regular card undergoes a strong devaluation. This decrease is even greater if it is launched a UP card for a player that already has an IF card.

      • Transfers
      • If a player moves to a more popular club or league, the price of his new card will be higher. Otherwise, it will be lower.

        The old card will become increasingly rare, as it will not come in packages any more, so its price will increase after a few weeks.

      • New IF
      • Every time a new IF card is released for a player who already has one, the earlier versions become devalued.

      • Christmas
      • There are a few times of the year in which packages sales are higher. Christmas is the greatest of them.

        When it happens, prices go down because many players put on sale the cards that they received in the packages.

      • Happy Hours
      • In Happy Hours special packages are put on sale, increasing exponentially the number of sales.

        Also during this period cards’ prices reach the lower values returning to its normal after it.

      • Tournaments
      • In the early hours of a tournament and in the first hours after it, the average cards’ prices usually changes a lot. The higher the value of the prize, the greater the changes will be.

        The requirements of the tournaments affect the cards’ prices. For example: if the tournament requires silver players, the trend is to have many people buying silver players at the beginning of the tournament and discarding them at bargain prices at the end of it.

      • IRL Performance
      • Who thinks that what happens IRL (In Real Life) does not affect the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market, are extremely wrong.

        The good performances of players in big matches increase the number of people who want to play with them and consequently their prices in the market.
        Even the great victories of some clubs, since they have mediatic impact, makes the price of their players rise in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market.


      The major optimization that you can make in this method has to do with the reaction time.
      Try to be as fast as possible when the chance is created. Many other players have the same idea that you had but only the first is able to apply the method successfully.

      The Time Method is based on knowing the market and its behaviour.
      A good trader cannot live without it. Especially because it offers several ways to achieve profit and it works very well in conjunction with other methods.

      Even if you know the market well, which is a requirement, you may be harmed by sudden price fluctuations of the cards. You should always have caution when cards come at prices that are too low. The market may have changed, and you have not realized and you may think that the low prices are the effect of the time that you are buying.

      High success rate

      It requires deep knowledge of the market.
      Sensitive to price fluctuations.



      The 59th Minute Method

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team there are, at the same time, hundreds of thousands of items for sale. In general, market laws work perfectly and the demand curve crosses the supply curve in a point that sets the price of the item.

      However, in a small minority of cases, the seller sets a price much lower than normal. If in these auctions the “Buy Now” is triggered, then it creates a good business opportunity. Just find out these cards and make the purchase before someone anticipates. The problem is that everyone will want to buy bargains and, to get them, you will have to be very quick and clever.

      By default, the duration of any item that is auctioned is one hour. This means that the last cards to be put into circulation can be found on the 59th minute of bids’ list. If you update the page several times, you can find the cards on sale and buy them.

      Who puts items on sale at prices far below what buyers are willing to pay for them. They do it through ignorance of the market or simply by mistake. Did you know that there are silver cards that worth more than half a million coins ? Apparently you could also get rid of a card that others would consider a bargain. And, thanks to the supersonic speed at which we put the items for sale, who never made a mistake in giving them a wrong price?


      Most of the players who bet on 59th Minute Method believe that this is the only way to build a good squad. They spend some time trying to make a small fortune and most of them just give up. It takes too much time and patience.

      If you want to take advantage of the time spent to apply the method, always follow the three golden rules: filter with intelligence, be original and use the variants.


      Filter Intelligently with the 59th Minute Method

      One of the recommendations that we do is to not search for all FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players on page of 59 minutes and 50 seconds. Firstly, because the way to get to this page is too long and you will probably quit. Secondly, because the information you will need to examine is so extensive that is almost impossible for you to know the real market price of all cards.

      To make use of filters intelligently is halfway to success. Here is what is important to do:

      • Define a market sample that you know well

      Choose a single nationality, a single league or even a single player. If you know the market well that, you are sampling, you can easily identify the targets to buy and master this procedure quicker. However, you should be aware that if the filter is too restrictive, then the speed will not be important because you will never see any interesting card. The trick is to create a balanced filter for a market which you are an expert and constantly update the page closer to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. To reach this page, there are those who use special software such as auto-click. A more effective option but least honest is the use of specific software such as Cheat Engine.

      • Do not search the same thing as others

      Needless to say that is a bad strategy to make a filter only for a regular Messi card. There are many gamers looking for the highest possible profit. So, there are many people making filters for Messi cards. Try something different. Try filter something you have real chance to get.

      • Pay attention to the number of cards that circulate in the market

      The odds of doing business are higher if the chosen filter covers cards that trade a lot in the market. Is better to bet, for example, on regular player’s cards like Torres, Fabregas and Tevez, which reaches over 1,000 transactions per day, than do it with Lampard and Pique, who usually do not exceed 400 cards exchanged.

      • Pay attention to the value of the cards filtered

      Naturally, applying the 59th Minute Method to cards that are worth 1,000 or 2,000 coins is very unrewarding. Those who lose so much time expect a consistent reward. When you apply the filter, you must be careful to select cards with some monetary expression. Finding a Thiago Silva at half price is not quite the same thing as finding a Mario Gomez at half price…


      Be Original with 59th Minute Method

      In a market full of buyers hungry for doing good business, it is not enough to be very quick to succeed in the 59th Minute Method. You must predict how most of the gamers think and get alternatives. Basically, dribbling competition.

      Try to bet, for example, in filters of less known leagues. If you have success, maintain and keep this secret. Otherwise, keep trying to innovate.

      Unless you consider yourself someone caressed by good luck, do not try to filter by players who are currently highlighted in the real world. These players are those who have more searches. Remember that people who play FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, love football too.

      Leaving aside your emotions is another requirement to increase your chances of success with the 59th Minute Method. Forget your preferences for players and clubs. By doing so, you will not only increase the sample size, as you will be away from most of the trends.

      One of the most important tips is about the type of card. The overwhelming majority of users search for high profits. They are restricted to players. However, the number of people that discard items of another type at sale price is huge.

      Try searching for stadiums, contracts or staff newly launched and you will realize that it is not difficult to find them at prices much lower. Besides the existence of less competition, making it easier you can actually buy, going to the page of 59 minutes is a lot less painful. It is obvious that the profit margins are smaller, but is better to buy 10 items with 1,000 profit each, than one with 5,000 coins margin.


      Use Variants to the 59th Minute Method

      Much of the success of the 59th Minute Method has to do with the fact that the default duration for an auction is one hour. But we can change that.

      FIFA U Team estimate that more than two thirds of the players change this period to 3, 6, 12, 24 or 72 hours. This means that if you belong to the group that strictly follow the 59th Minute Method, you are losing a large part of deals. Instead of looking at the page of 59 minutes, try doing it with the pages that precede the other durations on auction. Although the number of items sold at bargain price is lower, you will have much less competition. And it will be even lower because there are few who can navigate pages so far. It is here that you must re-apply the filter and the originality rules and beat your opponents.


      It is easy to understand the advantages of applying this method. With it we can buy bargains, which otherwise would not be possible. If we are very persistent, we can even make a great team spending too little. Basically, we go to the right place to wait for bad luck or ignorance of some.

      The main disadvantage of this method is that it requires lots of time. Firstly, we must get to 59th minute page, which sometimes it may seems like an eternity. There arrived, we have to invest much time to examine all the cards that have just been launched on the market. We can spend hours without getting a single good buy.

      If you are considering trying this method, we warn you that you must have lots of time available and be extremely patient, especially in cases where you lose a good deal by mere seconds.

      This method also requires something essential: a deep knowledge of the market. If you do not know the normal price of a card, how could you quickly identify if the item price recently released is a good opportunity or not? If you are familiar with the reference values ​​of the cards then you can avoid the hesitation at time of purchase often responsible for losing the deal. Not know the fair price of a card may result in bad purchases and consequent losses.

      In some cases, the profit can be extremely high.

      Requires a very deep knowledge of the market and of the game rules.
      Requires lots of time to get to 59th minute page and to research the cards.
      The pressure to act quickly can take to mistakes.



      The Last Minute Method

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      In the Last Minute Method, you try to take advantage of some good opportunities in the last minute of auction.

      If you pay attention to the auctions that are ending and if you have a good knowledge of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market, you can filter and bid the most attractive cards.

      This method only works if there are cards with very attractive prices on the last minute of the auctions. And yes, there are. Many times the prices remain low until the end because, consciously or not, most of the people apply this method. They know that if they bid long before the end of the auction, they will eventually be overcome. That’s why they wait for the last few seconds to try to buy the cards they want.

      There are three main reasons for sellers that place cards with prices below the actual market value.
      The first one is by not knowing the market. The second is by mistake. And the third is by strategy. The truth is that it is proven that the cards with lower initial prices ​​are those that end up being sold at higher prices. This often happens because these cards call attention to several players who start a contest, exceeding the amount that they would normally offer by an identical card.


      There are two important things to be successful in this method: to know how to filter and understanding the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market very well

      Firstly you should know that trying to find opportunities amidst all the players cards is almost an impossible task. There are too many cards, so you will not be able to follow them all and also will not know the fair price for all of them. The trick is to filter the cards, focusing only on a specific niche. Choose a league, a nationality or even a club, and try to find the cards whose auction is ending and that have a good price.

      Applying a filter will help you to detect better opportunities. You should study the filtered cards market very well. Make it through a database or through your transfer targets list. Knowing well the prices that the cards are usually sold will allow you to be quick and without hesitation in the last seconds of the auction.

      There are other minor optimization tactics but with small expression.
      When a card has no bids, it is better to do it at 15 seconds from the end. Bidding as late as possible will draw less attention, without turning the clock back.
      When a card has multiple bids, it is better to bid over and over at the last second to try to exhaust the patience of competition.


      This method is easy to apply and virtually inexhaustible. But it only works if the player has a deep knowledge of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market. The profits will arise but always in small doses. You will have to spend a lot of time to collect coins in small bursts.

      This method has another disadvantage: the danger of bid jacking. You must be careful to make sure that the price that you will bid is actually the one that you are willing to pay.

      Easy to apply.
      Virtually infinite.
      Requires a very deep knowledge of the market
      Time consuming.
      Danger of bid jacking.


      The Enhancement Method

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      When you sell a player, you should reflect on the price the features that your card has. The better they are, the more expensive they will be.

      The enhancement method consists on buying normal cards and value them mostly by applying training and development cards.

      The first thing to do in the Enhancement Method is to identify players whose improved cards may have more demand in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. After you buy the “normal” card, improve it through at least one of the following methods:

      • increase the contracts by applying contract cards;
      • increase the fitness by applying fitness cards;
      • natural fitness increase by placing the player on your bench or in your reserves
      • modification of the player’s favourite position by applying training position cards;
      • temporary modification of at least one of the player’s attributes by applying training cards;
      • modification of the player’s chemistry style by applying chemistry styles cards;
      • modification of the manager’s league by applying manager’s league cards;

      To have profit, the cost of the improvements should be at least 5% below the price rise that you set to that card.


      One of the most important ideas in optimization of this method has to do with the choice of cards that you will improve.
      The enhancement method works much better when done with cards whose initial price is high. It is easy to imagine why. Who buys a player for 300k coins will not be too worried about spending an extra 1k coins to get a contract bonus. Who buys a player for 1k coins will not double the cost just to get this improvement. Improve always expensive players if you want to really make money with this method. But optimization does not end here.

      • Fitness
      • The fitness improvement of the players is the one that has less economic expression in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Although it is easy to make, and in some cases even free, we do not recommend that you spend too much time with it.

      • Attributes
      • If you get cheap training cards you can try to improve the attributes of the players before putting them on sale.
        However, since this effect lasts only a match, most of people are not willing to pay more for this type of player that has an improved card.
        The major target of this kind of card are the misinformed players who think that the effect lasts forever.

      • Manager’s Leagues
      • This is something new in FUT 14, so there will be no much competition on the beginning.
        In FUT 14, there is one extra individual chemistry point to the player that has the same nationality of the manager or play in the same league. To build a hybrid squad, for example, you will need a manager with the right league and right nationality. Try to buy the cards of the most popular leagues, as BPL or BBVA, and apply them to the managers with the most popular nationalities.

      • Contracts
      • The managers are responsible for the optimization that you can make with regards to contracts.
        If you have enough managers in your club for a contract boost of 50%, it means that your cost to improve the players cards may be lower than the cost that buyers have. If it happens, you can easily sell players for a higher price since both sides are profiting.

      • Chemistry Styles
      • You can earn a lot of coins doing this.
        Try to buy the chemistry styles cards that have the higher pace improvement (3 points), such as shadow or hunter, at low price, apply them to players and sell them to anyone looking to optimize their chemistry.

      • Position
      • This is probably the improvement that is most profitable with this method.
        Firstly, because there are many people who do not know how to change the preferred position of a player. The ones that know how to do it, not always have the patience to find the right cards at an auction with a filter system very inefficient.
        To optimize this method you should choose whether to be original or not.
        In the first case, the differentiation can bring you a lot of coins. Imagine how many David Luiz IF ST there are. Few or none. If you have the only one in the transfer list, it means that you have no competition and so you can set the price you want.
        If you do not want to be so original, you can focus on the most frequently used positions. Try to find good players that are released in packs in undesirable positions. Applying a CF-ST card to Rooney or a LW-LM card to Hazard can be a added value for most of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players.


      The enhancement method can give you some significant profit but requires, in addition to some work, that you master it well.
      To achieve good profits, you should have a comfortable budget and you should study the market very well to know what they are willing to offer for each of the improvements.

      Reasonable profit margins if well implemented.
      Requires some work.
      Requires deep knowledge of the market.


      The In Form Cards Method

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      There are markets more predictable than others. This predictability is what differs a risk market from a safe market for you to invest. In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, the In Form market is more or less predictable, so it should be good for you to invest. Many FUT 14 players don’t know this standard behaviour the IF market has, since there’s not much concurrence. A low risk market with little concurrence is desirable for every good trader. You’ll just have to sell when the prices are high and buy when they are low.


      The IF cards are special editions of the players’ cards who stood out in the real world for their good performances. These cards, of limited release on packages for up to a week, have improved players attributes and are therefore extremely valuable face to its normal version. There are several kinds of In Form cards, depending of the competition in which the player stood out: TOTW, TOTY, MOTM or TOTS. To learn more about IF cards, please read THIS guide.

      Those who carefully study these cards will realize that the prices of all of them have a behaviour more or less predictable over time.
      If you know when the price of an In Form card will be low and when it will be high, you can buy and then sell it with the guarantee that you will always profit.


      It is true that there is a pattern in the behaviour of the In Form cards prices but you need a lot of attention to all the factors that can make it vary.
      Examples of In Form players whose price may be inflated for other reasons:

      • Players with a great improvement on pace attribute;
      • Very popular players or players of very popular leagues;
      • Players whose rating increased to 74 (the higher of silver level)
      • Players whose positions were changed;
      • Players who already had a very high rating;
      • Players who already had another In Form card;
      • Players who do not have competition in a certain position for a particular league or nationality;

      If you pay attention to the real world of football, you can guess some of the players that will be released in a IF version. This anticipation of knowledge can also be monetized in coins. NIF cards tend to get cheaper when the IF card of that player is launched. And it’s easy to see why: who wants to upgrade, sells the Not In Form card very cheap to have coins to invest on the In Form card.

      The most important thing in this method is to know the pattern of the IF cards prices in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. We analysed the behaviour of hundreds In Form cards prices during the 12 days preceding its release. But we only found a very regular pattern on the TOTW cards.


      FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - In Form Cards Method - trading

      Click over the image to maximize it


      The image above is the result of an extensive study that we conducted. It shows the evolution of the TOTW cards average prices over the 12 days after its launch.
      To better analyse, we split the evolution into four categories corresponding to the four colours.

      • Category 1 (orange)
        Day 1 to Day 2
      • Every time a new IF card is released, it does not take long until someone puts it on the auction market. As at that time there’s nobody selling it, the seller can set the price that they want for it. The prices of these cards at this time are unrealistically high.

      • Category 2 (yellow)
        Day 2 to Day 5
      • Over the TOTW week’s, more IF cards are released in packages and more IF cards come up on the auction market. The prices tend to decrease continuously, but more smoothly than from the first day to the second one.

      • Category 3 (green)
        Day 5 to Day 7
      • This is the right time to make business. Between the fifth and sixth day, the market is saturated with In Form cards and reaches the minimum price. It is the right time to buy.
        But, on the seventh day, the In Form cards stop being to be released in packages and the market feels it. The IF cards that were previously at low prices will no longer be available except in the market and in lower quantities. The players realize that and the prices of these cards increase again. It is the right time to sell.

      • Category 4 (blue)
        Day 7 to Day 12
      • After the seventh day, the In Form cards become rarer and rarer, because they do not appear in packages anymore. This is because many players have acquired them for their teams. However, its price tends to decrease slowly as is the generality of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards.
        Depending on the card in question, in the long term prices may go up. There are many players who make the investment and wait several weeks to monetize it.


      The major advantage of this method is to become possible to achieve profits that cannot be reached with most of other methods. Since the IF cards are expensive, the profit margin of this method is high.

      However, if you are a beginner in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, you may experience some difficulties to apply it. You must have a good knowledge of the market and you should know how to defend from the unpredictability of prices behaviour. While there is a pattern, it is always subject to fluctuations that can ruin your business.

      Chance of very high profits

      It requires deep knowledge of the market.
      Sensitive to price fluctuations.



      Price Fixing

      How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

      Any company dreams about being able to win against the concurrence, even if in order to do that it would be necessary to buy the other company, so that they can rule the market. This means, as we have seen, that the consumers will not be the ones to define the prices of the products any more. The price will now be fixed by the seller, which naturally implies very considerable profit possibilities.

      The Price Fixing, also known as monopoly, is considered cheating by some players but the truth is that it is a good marketing strategy. It is one of the most advanced trading techniques in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. It consists in acquiring a big quantity of the same card so you can fix its price on the market and get high profits. It’s not an easy method, even because it implies much availability and a big budget, but the profits can be fantastic.

      To apply this method, you should know the market very well and choose the niche which you will attack. Focus preferentially on a single card. Try to buy all of them on the market except those which are at an unrealistically high price. After buying almost all the cards, store them for at least a few hours. This will make the market feel the lack of these letters and players will be willing to pay a good price for them.
      The next step is to monetize your investment. You can put the cards on sale at the price you want. As you hold almost every card, you can set your price. Obviously if you are too ambitious, you may not find anyone who will pay for them. As the goal is to be the only holder of that card, you should continue to buy it even after starting its sale. In that case, buy all the cards that are on sale at a lower price than the one you set.

      The Price Fixing is very popular to the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players. However, due to its complexity, it is very rarely applied. Please read carefully our tips in order to have success with this method:

      • You don’t need to buy all the cards
      • Many Price Fixing beginners think that in order to set the price, they need to buy all the cards. This is not true.
        If you are applying the method to a particular card, you do not need to buy the cards that have a higher price that the one you have set.
        Imagine, for example, that you are buying all Bundesliga Manager cards. If your goal is to set the price at x coins, then all the cards are on the market at a higher price are not relevant to you because they will not give you profits and they will not disturb your plan.

      • Don’t make Price Fixing alone
      • This method gives a lot of work, since you have to monitor all the cards that are released in the market, and it requires that you have a very large budget. Doing it alone is just for some.
        Many players choose to apply it in partnership with others because the chances of success are greater. They can monitor the market in shifts and they have higher liquidity for investments.

      • Store the largest possible number of cards
      • One of the Price Fixing problems has to do with where to store all that cards. The most common solutions are:

        To make Price Fixing in partnership with other players;

        To acquire in the EASFC catalogue the items that increase the size of the transfer list and transfer targets;

        To use other accounts to temporarily store cards (we do not recommend this trick because we believe it is lack of fair play);

      • Choose the cards well that you will set the price of
      • Most of the players choose the wrong cards to make Price Fixing. They do that because they do not realize that the FUT 14 market works like a real market.
        The fewer cards there in the auctions, the easier it will be to set a high price.
        To choose gold cards or very popular cards is a bad strategy. They are continually being released in packs and you will have great difficulty in monitor them and buy them all.

        If you have enough budget, the ideal target for Price Fixing are the In Form cards. They are released in packages for a very limited time, which means that it is extremely easy for you to control them and set the price you want.

      • Do not sell many cards at once
      • When you start selling the cards that you bought, you should not place many cards in the auction at once. Remember that being rare is what makes them valuable.

        Also avoid putting several cards in row for sale on the transfer market. It will become clear that you are Price Fixing, which can be proved by the name of ‘Seller’. In that case, buyers will tend to give up on the cards.


        Price Fixing is widely used since it allows to achieve profits that few other methods offer. Only that justifies all the work it entails.
        >In addition to a good knowledge of the market and a generous budget to buy all the cards that exist and that are appearing, this method requires great rigor and availability. If you get distracted for a few hours, when you come back you can find the market full of cheap cards bringing down the value of your entire stock.

        If well applied, it is one of the best paid.
        Shielded to market fluctuations

        Requires deep knowledge of the market.
        Requires a large budget.
        Very laborious.



        The Maintenance Method

        How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

        Markets are not perfect. Not even in reality, neither in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.
        Cards stuck in transfer targets list, players who disappeared, FIFA Points that never entered into our account. All those who play FIFA 14 Ultimate Team are aware of these and other problems with this game mode. The only way that EA has to try to solve them is to perform maintenance to their systems. As if that were not bad enough, EA also performs periodical routine actions. Nobody likes to be deprived temporarily of the game for which have paid but we have to know to take advantage of bad times. That’s what this method does.

        When EA performs a maintenance operation that prevents players from accessing FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, the market does not stop.
        This is the window of opportunity that must be seized.

        If an auction expires during an outage or maintenance period, the auction will be completed, and accept the last bid made prior to the outage or maintenance.

        EA recommends that for any high value items, the players should utilize the minimum bid option so that they can set the minimum amount they would be willing to accept for the item. This will ensure they get a fair price for their item, should bidding be halted due to downtime with FUT 14. However, many people do not follow this recommendation. Most of them do not know when the maintenances are. This is because many of these interruptions are not announced. Many others players do not know the rules of the auction during these stops, allowing their cards to be sold at bargain prices.

        The maintenance method consists in to know when the interruption will take place and tobid on as many cheap cards as possible. If no one else bids until the beginning of the maintenance, the cards will be yours.


        The optimization of this method is extremely important. This allows you to pass from reasonable profit to millionaire profit.
        Almost all the optimization is made at the time of bidding. You should focus on the items that you will bid for and the timing of bidding. These are the two main aspects which we will cover with a bit more detail.


        Filter items to bid

        To filter the items that you’ll bid on is critical to being successful in this method.

        We encourage you to bid on a large number of cards, because many of them will eventually be overcome. However, there may be a problem: your budget. It is therefore important that you bid intelligently. Follow our advice:

        • Bid cards with large profit margins
        • Why bid for contracts in which you can earn 100 or 200 coins when you have a whole market full of cards, worth thousands of coins, waiting for you?
          The opposite way is not always the best solution. That is, Messi and Ronaldo are rarely offered for sale with a low starting price, so it will be too hard to find one which you can make a bid.
          Among the players who worth tens of thousands of coins, try to find those who their prices are at least 50% below and bid on them.

        • Bid on cards with large quantities on the market
        • By filtering cards which exist in large quantities in the market, you will make your work easier. It will be easier to identify the normal value of these cards and to find more bargains.

        • Bid on cards that other players usually don’t bid on
        • This method is poorly known but probably there are those who use it. To beat the competition, the idea is to bid on cards that players usually only bid at the end of the auction. Your offers will have more chances to not be exceeded. Differentiate yourself in the filters that you use and you may have a whole market just for you.

        If you had difficulty understanding our tips, an example will help.
        Think about the market of positioning cards. The cards CF-ST, for example, can be sold between 8k and 4k, depending of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team age. They are a great target for this method.
        First for allowing a reasonable profit, since many are put up for sale for 150 coins. Then for existing in large quantities so that it is possible to bid on dozens of these cards in just a couple of minutes. Finally, they are also a good niche because most of the players only bid on these cards in the last seconds of an auction, keeping its price low until there. If the auction is over before the ending of the outage, you may be able to buy dozens of cards with a profit of a few thousand coins to each one. Easy, no?


        Choosing a good timing to bid

        To choose the right timing to bid is more important than to use the filters well..

        This method is based on being the last to bid on an item before the maintenance. There are some precautions that are extremely important:

        • Start early
        • Do not wait for the last minute to bid. Try to do it 30 minutes before the start of the maintenance scheduled. You will need time to search for the cards that interest you. As the allocated maintenance time gets closer, there is less time for other players to overcome your bids and your chances of success increase exponentially. Book this period for the targets which you consider most important.
          If you want to take full advantage, you can make some preparatory work before starting to bid, noting potential targets and their normal market prices ​​in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

        • Use the Transfer Targets List
        • This is probably the most valuable advice we can give you. Two or three minutes before the start of the outage, when you have already bid on dozens of items, exit from the transfer list and focus only on your transfer targets list. That way, you can ensure a higher success rate because you quickly identify the bids that were overcome.
          Always bid until the start of the maintenance. In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, most of the times, it delays 10 to 15 minutes.

        • Take advantage of the whole period of maintenance
        • Typically, the maintenances last a few hours. The vast majority of bidding occurs in the last hour that the cards are up for auction. It’s a smart move to bid for cards with more than an hour before the auction expires and less than the scheduled duration of the maintenance. The probability to be exceeded will be very low.
          We recommend that, if you find good deals, you should bid on cards that expire just a few minutes after the end of maintenance. In these first moments, the number of people in the market is very low.


        This is undoubtedly one of the most profitable methods in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Profit margins are huge. Furthermore, the fact that most of the scheduled maintenance will be done in times of low traffic, means that the competition is lower.

        The less positive aspect of this method has to do with the fact that it can be applied only at certain times. Still, at least twice a month there are service interruptions that can be exploited for great deals. The main problem is to be informed of when the maintenances will occur.

        Profit margins are huge.
        Great ratio time spent vs profit.
        Being dependent on the performance of maintenances.
        Difficult to to know when there will be maintenances.


        The Consoles Method

        How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:  The FUT 14 Trading Ultimate Guide

        In any other market, whoever has privileged information will be in a good position to obtain big profits. In the case of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, it doesn’t exist but can be found through price models that compare the behaviour of the PS3 to the XBox360 market.

        If you know how the market will behave in the future, you can take advantage of this and buy and sell cards in order to become rich. The Consoles Method consists on taking advantage of the cards prices behaviour predictability of one platform depending on what happens with the other one.

        If you ever carefully analysed the evolution of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team prices on different platforms, you will have noticed that their behaviour is the same for the PS3 and for the Xbox 360. The PC market is too irregular. The average cards prices are higher for PS3 but the evolution over time show almost a carbon copy for both consoles.
        Most of the time, the cards become more expensive or cheaper simultaneously on PS3 and XBox. However, if you notice that a price has changed on the console which you do not usually play, you know that it will happen very soon on your console.
        Information is power. Buy the cards with prices that will increase and sell the cards with prices that will drop. This is profit …
        If you usually play FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on XBox, then you have a slight advantage. The difference is very small but it seems that the PS3 market is usually the first to react.


        To optimize this method it is important to improve the cards prices control on both platforms.
        There are two ways to do it:

        • Decrease the number of cards analysed

        It is impossible to control all the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team prices. If you want to increase your chances of success choose a niche and follow the prices that evolve from this group of cards. Preferably, choose regular cards (not IF) with high Card Weight.

        • Use a database

        On some occasions, the database can be extremely useful. This is one of them. To easily monitor the prices that evolve on the PS3 and XBox market, use a database, such as ultimatedb.nl. This allows you to know the price history of any card. It has the disadvantage of not being updated in real time, which can be crucial in many cases, but at least your work becomes much easier.

        FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Trading- Consoles Method

        If you use a database to compare the prices of the same card in the PS3 and XBox market, do it always to the average price (blue line)


        This method is very original and rarely used, so the competition is almost zero.
        Someone who knows how to use perfectly can make a fortune.

        The vast majority of players only have FIFA 14 Ultimate Team for one of the platforms. They have to use a database to track market prices on another console. This means that they always will be delayed thanks to the database.
        The Consoles Method requires highly experienced players with a great analytical mind. It is therefore very difficult to apply.

        Chance of good profits
        Low competition

        Very difficult to apply
        Requires highly experienced players
        Preferably players must have FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on both consoles



        Trading in FUT 14 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


        Q: What’s the best way to earn coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team ?
        A: For most cases, trading is the best way to earn coins.

        Q: How can I know the price a card is normally being sold for ?
        A: Use a database or, even better, use your transfer target list.

        Q: I don’t have much time to trade. Should I give up ?
        A: If your availability is limited it won’t be easy to make many coins. Bet on cards that are launched in small amounts. Even having little time, try to be always selling. Adjust the auction duration for this.

        Q: How to I increase the size of the transfer list and transfer target list ?
        A: Buy their correspondent items in the EASFC Catalogue. See HERE how to do it. The consumables pile has no limit in FUT 14.

        Q: Should I invest in players, staff, consumables or items club ?
        A: There is no better cards. You can make profit with almost any card. Items Club is probably the most difficult one since you will not be rich just trading these cards. The consumables seems to be a better option than staff cards because in FUT 14 you can store how many of these cards you want. However, if you really want to make huge profits, you should try the players cards.

        Q: My transfer targets list is full. What can I do ?
        A: Your transfer target only shows 10 pages but you can still buying cards. Just remove the expired ones, go to other menu and return to your transfer target list. The new cards will take the empty slots.

        Q: For what price should I sell my cards ?
        A: You should choose the start price for your auction according to the quantity of cards you have for sale, your availability and principally the study you have done on the cards you already sold.

        Q: Why I shouldn’t set a low start price ?
        A: Because if an auction expires during an outage or maintenance period, the auction will be completed, and accept the last bid made prior to the outage or maintenance.

        Q: Should I set a Buy It Now price ?
        A: In our opinion, yes. For better results, fix a BIN about 10% higher to the start price.

        Q: Out of the 9 methods presented, which one is the better ?
        A: There’s no best method. Some may results better for you and others for us. Read each one of the methods and the corresponding explanation and you’ll know the advantages and disadvantages that each one has.


358 thoughts on “FUT 14 Trading Guide – How to Make Coins in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team”

  1. I tried doing your strategy with the totw but it just didn’t work. I bought an inform on Monday that was going for about 26k i got him for about 23k and i kept him until wednesday and now his price is 12k. Is there something i did wrong?

    1. Sure. You did.
      You were fine with the TOTW method but you forgot to analyze the market. The prices are droping due to the FIFA 15 Demo release. They will continue dropping in the coming days.

  2. Abdullah Khan

    Thanks for reply.you could check my previous in which I was just trying to make 1k to 2k profit per day.but thanks to your guide I made this profit. Looking forward to your guides and thanks for this great guide.

      1. Abdullah Khan

        Thanks for that too .will be buying fifa 15 and will be checking for that guide. Thanks again

  3. Abdullah Khan

    Hello rodrigo
    I have made 20k coins in one day. Is this profit enough or i should go for more.

  4. Hi Rodrigo.
    How much profit do u make per day. I have made about 10k today .is this enough for one day.

  5. Hi Rodrigo
    Great review, I agree with you completely and I have been implementing a lot of your methods in my own trading and its working, made 500,000 in the last 5/6 weeks
    What I have noticed recently though is odd, a lot of players have been increasing dramitically in value. For examply TOTS Ramsey has increased by about 200,000 in the last 3 weeks.
    Do you think this trend is likely to continue? I am wondering whether to invest a lot into players and holding onto them or holding off for a bit and waiting for the prices to decrease! Also interested in knowing why you think the increase in value has happened….

    1. Hi.
      First of all, thank you for your kind words.
      The prices are getting higher and higher due to inflation. It was expected to see prices growing, because FUT WC and TOTS are over and prices needed to go back to ‘normal’. What nobody expected was a so prices growing so much. It has a easy explanation: people have bought much more packs this year which means that there are much more coins in circulation. If you know something about macroeconomics, you should know that when there are more money in circulation, the inflation rises. That’s why…
      We believe that the prices will go down soon. Maybe it will be possible to see a slight change during the Gamescom.

      1. Player prices have gone crazy up, I have made like 3 Million profit on Bale, Messi and Ronaldo. I decided to sell all my expensive players and cash out. Rodrigo is right, there might be slight decrease of prices again but I believe in inflation too. There were lots of packs opened and prices for coins have gone down by 500%.
        With FUT 15 on the way, most people will also try to sell their players off now.

        1. No problem Rodrigo! Thanks for the reply as well Hody 🙂
          Ah I get it, thank you for the explanation.
          Why do you think prices are likely to decarese? I don’t get why people would sell their with FUT 15 coming? Its not like you can carry the coins across….
          Sorry for being a pain, I am just entrigued by it all!!!
          Thanks guys

          1. Probably because their coins will be worthless in a couple of weeks and it is a chance to make a few dolalrs with it or to try their luck spensing all their coins in packs.

          2. No you can’t carry FUT coins across, you only can carry over your XP Level and your EAS Coins – both only for reedeming items at the game’s EAS FC store.
            People either try to get out cash by selling their coins for real life currency or try to find somebody to trade later agains Fifa 15 coins (like 1:10 or 1:20).

            Because coin seller website now also over coins really cheap, there is a huge inflation in the game now, which makes player prices go up again, as everybody now has lots of coins.

          3. Ah got it, thanks guys!
            Do you reckon this trend of people have lots of coins is likely to continue into FUT 15? Feel like these coin seller websites ruin FUT a bit

  6. Hey Rodrigo,
    Great tutorial. It helped me a lot.
    Im not sure if im trading this right though. I buy about 10 rare gold defoe’s for about 950-1000 each and sell them for 1200 but no one buys them. I have checked the average bin and its 1250. I really need money. A reply would be awesome!
    thanks for the good tutorial helping out the community

    1. If you bougth the the Defoe cards recently they will be the transfered MLS card, which is only worth 750 coins at this moment, while the BPL card sells for around 1.5k as it is not available in packs anymore.

      1. ill checkif they are mls or bpl tomorrow thanks for feedback 🙂 and is it worth uying the if defoe to sell for profot right now

  7. Prices in UT are not determined by supply and demand, because the supply is determined by the probability of getting a certain card in a pack. So does this techniques really work?

    1. Hi.
      I respect your opinion but I think you are missing a point. Supply are determined by the players. The probability of getting a certain card in a pack is always the same. What changes is the amount of cards in the market. For example: during TOTS weeks, the supply is higher because there are more people buying packs but the chances are the same.
      It works perfect. Every year I can make easily 4/5 million coins without any effort.

  8. Great guide
    I want 2 ask u:
    I play on my PC (OK not FIFA 14 but FIFA World)
    I hv just started and need 2 make a lot of coins
    I want 2 know: which database is the best?
    I tried futhead but this is what happened once -> Blazczykowski: DB price: 1.3k; actual lowest price: 10k

    Also, which r the best players to buy?

      1. Thanks 4 the quick reply.
        But I have a problem: I don’t have much coins.

        OK, I just bought Mandzukic for my bundesliga squad and now have only 2k.
        (Your bundesliga guide is great; I made one on FUT 14 and it is now my best squad)

        I surely can’t buy players even slightly expensive. Also, I’m trying for Blazczykowski who is around 8-10k.
        I only get 500 coins per match (600 coins when I play Online friendly but I usually play Single player)
        Is there anything I can do to get more coins faster?

        P.S. I’m on vacation in July and have time, only I dont have coins to invest.

          1. I read ur artiicle. It was gr8 for me when i was on my iPad. Now i earn a lot of coins thru seasons (Div. 1). But i am not very skilled at this when on my computer. I am new to this platform and usually only play amateur.

            Can I use achievements as a good way to get coins? Also, will any more limited achievements release or are they over with the WC? Ltd. Achs. are very easy to finish and give lot of coins. Just wondering…

  9. Mohammad shehab

    Hi , thanks for your guide , but i think its hard to find out the maintenance time , when it will be ext . Well i created a method that u didnt write it it ur guide , it is that to buy teams and then sell them , i usually buy many teams like i had 200k i bought a team then sold it got more coins now i have 300k , i find that the maintenance method is the best mothod u can get like 500k++ profit in each time ,but the biggest problem is that in each month or 2 month , 1 maintenance time and how we can know when and how long it will take

  10. Abdullah Khan

    I have put 10 cards with the price of 1300 bid and 1500 bin and others for 1200 bid and 1400 bin

    1. Abdullah Khan

      And I renew it for almost every hour .im trying my best to make my cards visible for maximum time.

  11. Abdullah Khan

    I think that those prices are out of date. If you can please give me some fresh examples.

      1. Abdullah Khan

        Yes I read it. I have bought over 20 evra cards and I put them for 200-300 coins more than minimum bin and not even a single card got sold.

  12. Abdullah Khan

    But I don’t think that i have coins to buy enough cards to make profit.

    1. Abdullah Khan

      And can you please give me the names of some cards or a single card to trade with. And please also mention prices and amount of those cards i could afford and sell at a time.

  13. Abdullah Khan

    Hi rodrigo
    i have an extra english team with an average of 82 ratings.i dont need it because i have bulit a team based on spainish league.should i sell it or keep it

    1. Abdullah Khan

      and another question.
      i just have around 30k coins.i have a problem.i make a little bit profit but i could not progress because i cant stop buying players.i have bought players like modric ,fabregas,pique,benzema,pedro etc which makes a team with 84 ratings.but i have very little coins.what should i do?should i put a full stop to buying players.

      1. Abdullah Khan

        You mean that I should sell the team on weekend. And which trading should I apply with 30k coins

  14. Abdullah Khan

    Dear rodrigo
    How many coins do you think i will make in couple of months if I make 1k to 2k per day

      1. Abdullah Khan

        But how. I have a low budget of 5k. And my mistake until now was that I bought a new player on the coins I got after winning a season

      2. Abdullah Khan

        I have bought 8 torres cards for maximum 900 coins and put them for 1200 c.what do you think can i make considerable profit

  15. Hello, you seem like a very experienced FUT player 🙂 i have looked up TOTS players, and MOTM players, 1 question. Are all these kinds of players in premium gold packs?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi. Welcome to the best website about Ultimate Team mode.
      You can find IF cards (MOTM, TOTS, TOTW, TOTY…) in any pack with rare players. Don’t need to be in premium gold packs.

  16. i have found another method to earn coins and please tell me your opinion.i buy gold rare managers for 200-250 and sell them for about 100 coins higher or even quick sell them and earn 50 coins each.these are very small earnings but they sum up to a bigger profit.if i fo 50 like this every day 50×100=5000c per day.what do you say??

  17. Hi Rodrigo,
    First of all, thanks for all your efforts. Every link I clicked, help me a lot.
    Last night at 4:30 AM in London Time, I bought Hazard at 396k. Now I can see that Hazard can be sold for 460k. If I sell him now, it would be 45k win in a day after considering %5 taxes. But I dont want to sell him.
    Do you think should I sell him?
    Also, I have questions about TOTW’s IF cards, after reading your comments above. Maybe Hazard will have TOTW awards this week after 6-0 win of Chelsea over Arsenal. What will be the change in the price of Gold Hazard (88). Can you explain a little more?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Nobody can know which price a player will get. It is not set by EA. The price is made by the community. Market rules.
      If you have a top BPL team, you should keep him because he is clearly the best LM/LW of that league.
      Hazard already got 3 IF cards this season. So, if he gets a forth IF card, the overall will be 92. The price will be higher than 2 million coins.

  18. You are smart engineer thanks for the tips! İ use some of them by not knowing players uses this tactics.

  19. Hi!

    I just found this article and these methods really work very well. I just want to thank you for this information. I have already found a great player, every sell makes me some profit.

  20. what are the chances that if player will sell
    and how to pick this cheap bargains
    btw article was gr8

  21. Great article but I was wondering if you were trading in a market with much less people (FIFA 14 mobile) what would your tips be.

  22. Hi,
    I have another question. Is the transfer market same for all platforms? I mean can X Box player bid for cards listed by players on platforms like PS, Android, ios ? Hope you will reply both my questions at the earliest. Thanks.

        1. Thanks again for the reply. Can u also tell me on which platform is FIFA 14 played most? Btw, this article has been great help to me.

  23. Hi,
    I have a rare silver Memphis Depay card which I don’t want as I am building the Brazilian national team. Yesterday such a card went for BIN 50k! Now what do you think should the BIN price I should put for the card I have? Also can we expect a gold upgrade for Depay soon?

  24. Hey,
    I now trade with team condition cards.But its a slow way to earn money i have done the most of your trading methods. Do you have methods that are easy to do?
    I also work with the hour method. I now have 100k Coins to trade with

      1. What is your opinion of the bronze pack method? Basically you buy either bronze pack and put all the cards for sale for 150 buy now 200. It can stuck your transfer list but it only takes 3 cards to sell or 4 to sell for the premium pack to profit so you can quick sell the extras.

        1. Oops misunderstood you. It wouldve needed to be my 2 accounts for me to get my 30k back. And bid jacking works on mobile. What is your favorite method if you have 200k coins to start? Price fixing certain players could work…

          1. It depends of your profile. Price fixing is great but you need coins and a bit of luck. It is too risky to me.
            I don’t have many time available, so I use the most basic trading technique, buy low sell higher, with hours method, calendar method, etc…

  25. Here i am asking a rather difficult question. Why would anyone want to bid jump? The chance that anyone would outbid a jumper is low and a bid jumper risks losing a lot of money. I also dont see what a jumper gains if outbid. Why would anyone bid jump?

      1. Wish i could do that on mobile…because i had an accident where i bid 30000 when i meant to bid 10000. Means not many jackers on mobile though. Why doesnt the game allow you to withdraw a bid?

  26. Hi Rodrigo, thanks for the guide. It’s extremely helpful. I am currently selling a few informs but their prices have dropped than their usual value, should I keep selling them for their normal price or reduce it? I also have another question, if a player performs bad in real life, is it possible for that player’s price to drop as well?

    1. Hi.
      Keep the price. The prices have dropped due to the several Happy Hours and this new Messi card. They will go up in a week or two.
      Yes, if a player performs bad IRL or don’t even play his price is affected.

  27. Hi, I have about 2 million coins and was wondering what method you would recommend most to me? I’m looking to increase the amount of coins I have but I don’t want to buy packs or buy fifa points to open packs. Thanks.

      1. If you have 2 million you could price fix rare gold contracts at 2200 or so. You can get up to 100% profit on each card.

  28. Since there isnt a ligue 1 guide yet I’ll ask here: how good is ligue 1 in terms of use in hybrids? They have good brazillians and many French players play in other leagues, but i dont know much else on the topic. Would you happen to know?

  29. Hello Rodrigo, I found your guide very useful. I’m new to trading, I decided to start at the beginning of february. It took me a while to know the market, but after some days I started making decent profits, expecially with the 59th minute method and bidding at night.
    I thought I started knowing the market well, but last weekend the prices started decreasing a lot (I’m on PC market) and made me have some losses. Furthermore, now I’m not so confident anymore and I don’t know on which players invest.
    Just to make un example, I was buying Pique for 6500 and selling it for 7200. When I started seeing some Piqué at 6000, I bought a lot. But the price kept decreasing, and now you can find for less than 5000.
    The problem is that I can’t explain that decrease of prices, and I don’t know when (and if) they will increase again. Is it normal that market has so big and unexpected fluctuation?

    1. Hi. Nice to meet you.
      Your are going well. Don’t be afraid. The only problem is that you haven’t learn everything yet. You need to pay attention to Happy Hours. That’s why the prices have decreased. There were no HH for a while and in a couple of days they released several HH. As soon they stop the prices will raise again. It take some time to understand really well how everything works, but as soon it happens, you will be making huge profits again.

      1. Thank you for you good explanation. Indeed, yesterday I managed to do good profits. But today a new long happy hour is out, and no one is buying my players again. So your suggestion is not to lower my prices, but keep my cards until the market comes back to normality? Furthermore, do you think it’s a good moment for buying, and selling in the next days?

        1. It’s always a good time to buy and to sell. You just need to do it quickly and update the prices several times. Try to buy cheap cards and sell them by more 15% to 20%. If you buy and sell them today, you will not get harmed by the market fluctuations.

  30. Just wondering what players should I buy now to sell in a few weeks, and how do you know which players to buy and sell

      1. sorry I didn’t read the guide properly by the way it is very good. Its just that I saw you list a bunch of players on one of your other articles

        1. There are those that can make profit quicker. Firstly, as you go up in price people who can afford your player (and possibly be gimmicked if relying on a buyer to make a mistake) become less common. Oddly enough, there are plenty of players who see 10k as a dream vacation. Secondly, you will find certain cards that can be bought for bid much lower than for buy now, much more than the 300-500 coins most players are cheaper by. Buy using bid, sell using buy now. This is why Rodrigo uses Valencia, and i am too, as well as Nani and before, Soldado. His IF card brought his buy now down much more than his bid cost. The other possible strategy is to use cards that are commonly mispriced. Take Jese Rodriguez. He is a rare silver card of high pace, but the average price of rare silver forwards with high pace is probably below 2k. Jese is 60k. While he is not commonly introduced to the market (few opened silver packs) as a silver card inexperienced players may price him very low. I came across him at 5000 coins. Sold for 30000 in seconds. This is why many people like Brazilian silvers-theyre mispriced commonly. Recap: Players with high prices require relisting, lowering hourly revenue. Players who are much cheaper with bid are good targets. Players commonly mispriced are also good targets. If you want to explore non-player markets, ask someone else.

  31. Tried 59 minute method today, but the page refresh kept glitching. I literally wrote down the market value of all popular BPL forwards but all i got was 3k on a cheap Willian when it worked. Did i do anything wrong? Or should i try a new method? I’m considering trying selling an IF card just below an SIF card’s price but expensive cards take a while to sell. 4k cards are my sweetspot. What should i do with my 20k coins? Im div1 by the way.

      1. Thanks. Using Nani right now, about 1.3k profit a card. Anything i should do to prepare for the cruise im going to be on? No internet, and therefore no fifa, for 5 days (feb 18-22).

  32. Hi Rodrigo
    if the Autobuyers not SCAM then why they ask for emil, password, security question ??

    1. Using an AB is a huge risk because you need to give your details. Theorically you are not showing to no one since it is not stored and you need to insert every time you login. AB need your details because they will act like it was you. They need to be in your account to work. If you are not sure if a AB is safe or not, ask us for help.

  33. Hi, i tried IF cards method. I bought 6th day IF Turan, he was 45k. But now (8th day) he is 41k. You wrote that after the seventh day of the cards will be more expensive. What should I do?

  34. Hello. I am planning on using the IF cards method. I have SIF griezmann for 25k and 3 IF Aduriz for 15k on 2 of them, 14750 on the other. These are very good prices to buy on iOS but i want to know what to sell him for.

  35. Caleb Louzan

    I read the article, and i think i grasp the Main concepts. However, you need some money to start,a few tens of thousands ar léast. Where can i get them from? Thanks for the post, really Wellexplained. Regardes.

  36. Hello. I want to know a little more about the 59 min method. More specifically, how restrictive to make my filter. How specific should my filter be? One club? A single nationality in a league (perhaps a more secondary one, like Brazil or Poland in bundesliga)? I am not very good with this method, and while i know any card can be profitable if you could also specify exact filters then ill double your salary.

    1. I don’t know exactly what you mean by double the salary: 0 x 2 = 0. 🙂
      To choose the filter it is important to know a specific market. I usually use a filter by league. Knowing all the prices of the most popular players of Serie A, for example, is a good strategy. Minute 59 method is now much more difficult thanks to Autobuyers.

      1. Exactly why im doubling your salary. It requires no effort from me. 🙂 How common are autobuyers on iOS?

  37. I’m thinking of price fixing a player with my friend and I was wondering what type of player I should go for. Like the best silver RB in a certain league or a bad bronze player. Please Could you give me an idea of what type of player to price fix and how much it would potentially cost? Thanks

    1. Hi.
      We suggest IF cards. It is easier to control the demand of cards.
      Check HERE a great guide for choosing the right card to price fixing (you will need to use Google Translator).

  38. Rodrigo help me i bought IF Vidal For 200k and trying to sell him for 225-240k. i don’t know whats happend to the Market. prices Getting Down.

  39. Hello, Do you suggest to buy cards if TOTY cards will be released this weekend? Do you think they will go up like after first part of TOTY?
    thank you

    1. That’s a difficult one.
      I prefer Hazard and I think he is the right choice for your team. In a 442 (2) you have many players defending. Only four players are in the attack. So, you need a fast attacking LM. Cazorla is not so fast and his work rates are med/med.

  40. the prices really down just before TOTY and the following several days…
    now they are up again.. will they continue to go up? and when they may decrease again? thank you

    1. yeah, when the TOTY forwards come. i bought hazard for 107k and van persie for 109k and today i sold hazard for 139k and van persie for 149k. i make 72k profit.

      1. how can it be possible? the week of TOTY was the lowest part.. i didn’t get it.. how can be lower than minimum and higher than average(the weeks before TOTY)?

        1. My mistake. Let’s try again:
          “They will be higher than the TOTY week but lower than the weeks before the TOTY.
          They should keep raising this weekend if EA doesn’t release the TOTY cards again.

        2. now I got it. if so, when will they release? I just want to know so I can sell my players and then buy them back with cheaper price.. do you think it’s a good idea?

      2. i hope if Ea release the TOTY cards again. so i can buy for low and sell for 50-70% higher. its easy and fast and good way to become rich.

  41. teach me how to scam method, im tired from spending 4-9hours to get only 50k-70k profit -_-

      1. Hi.
        What are you dong with your team. The chemistry is awful. You need to sell Di Maria, Lahm and Thiago Siva. Buy Dani Alves, Navas, Kompany and Clichy (to Marcelo’s place) and fix it.

        1. i just put alves start price 150 and sold for 22k anyway i will but him again
          i al ready have kompany, navas

      2. No insulting Hamudi, but you’d better learn how to play well instead of making coins… I cannot imagine how you are not happy with that team..

  42. Hello. What do you think of the idea of trading on multiple accounts to boost efficiency? Then to transfer the money you can buy a player on the main account and sell him to the feeder. Ex: let’s say i have 50k on each account. I trade and earn 30k on both. Now, on main account i buy a bronze player for 150 coins. I put him on market for 80000 coins and find him on market on 2nd account. On 2nd account i buy and my main account receives the coins. Despite the 5% tax the trade production would increase. On mobile it is the top trading method.

      1. I dont see why it wouldn’t be allowed…. i have 2 accounts right now because on my 1st account (before i started reading stuff here or trading) i couldn’t keep up with the contract costs and 1k coins seemed like an expensive Mediterranean vacation :P. Now i trade on both to get coins. Sometimes i even play matches instead. Either way i am still working for the money i get. I dont see why that would be an issue to EA.

        1. They have many reasons: to avoid players getting multiple daily gifts; yo avoid players getting multiple welcome packs and starter packs; to avoid players buying more packs than they are allowed; and most important, to avoid bid jumping.

  43. Hello Rodrigo. good job on the article. id like to know whom you suggest for the time method on this period?

    1. Hi.
      It depends of your budget. You need to check the prices of the players at night and during the day. Any player could be good for this. I am making with Torres and Valencia.

  44. Hello, I would like to know which player/players do you advice for time method at this time?
    thank you

  45. Hey Rodrigo,
    thanks for the article, it was very well organized and helpful. I just had a few questions to ask about trading in fifa 14. In fifa 13 i was a pretty slow trader, but I want to improve it. In fifa 14 I started trading hummels and studying how his buy now prices looked like, how the bids were, and how the chemistry style affects the prices. I would only make about 200-600 coins on him, but i stopped since the TOTY came out. Any ideas on how to increase my profit? Also should i stop trading since the TOTY came out, the prices on players have dropped massively. Should i buy players and sell them once their prices go back up? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi. Nice to meet you.
      First tip: choose another player. My advice is to study the market of a midfielder or forward from BPL.
      About the market, the prices will raise now after TOTY finished. But don’t expect to get the same prices than before.

    1. IF = In Form. Those are the In Form players that are released every week. ( the black cards).
      NIF = Not In Form. Just the regular cards

  46. Jason holland

    Hello, where can I find that fifa 14 fut database, what you talked about ??

    1. futhead.com is a good database to see the players attributes… but the prices are not updated there regularly… ultimatedb.nl is better choice for prices

        1. but is there one that shows which cards are being sold the most and how many cards there are for sale ( I mean the same card). ?

          1. There are several of those websites but most of them are nor reliable. The most popular, Futhead, has several problems. Don’t trust on what you read there. Our favourite is ultimatedb.
            No one can shows how many cards are sold because they only work with a sample, not all the cards. You can see HERE a list of the best databases.

  47. Hello, very well written article. You did such an amazing job. Thank you for all the information. I have a couple questions that I would like to ask.
    Do you have any guide about the squads and players?
    Also, I have noticed that sometimes the players are being sold really expensive and in those cases they put 150 start price.
    for ex. I saw Aguero sold at around 500k when the market price is 200-250k and the start price was 150 with BN 750k.. and I have seen a lot of times on different players..
    And, I have seen NR gold players that cost 300-500, sold at 150k: start price 150 with BN 150k. Are the buyers just buying by mistake? ( I have thought that it’s just trade with real money)

    1. Thank you very much.
      About other articles, just click HERE. You will find the link for several good articles, including squad and players guides.
      About what you have described, you need to be very careful. That’s what we called Bid Jumping. You can learn more about it HERE. If you have any more question about it, just ask us please.

      1. I found there only about BPL… all others were not ready yet. Will there be an update? Also, the market seems really non stable the last couple days and I think it is because of TOTY. Do you advice to temporary stop the trading method?
        (I had Walkers bought at 5k but now they are lower 3K, I lost also on Jarvis. He used to be 1000+ but it went down to 400 in a day).

        1. Never stop trading. You just need to track the prices better. If you don’t have time to do it, so it will be better to stop. It is a god time to buy, I think. Players like Busquets or Torres by under 1k are a really good opportunity. Their price will raise, almost sure.
          We don’t think to make an update to the guide. Just add the new prices after the TOTY.

          1. update I meant on the squads because there is only about BPL.
            Okay, thank you very much for the advice. And is there a chance that Walker’s and Jarvis’ prices will go up again?

          2. Hi. Than you for your reply and by helping other users here in the website.
            You probably tried to access the guides through FUT 14 Home. Try again please since the links were updated only today. You will find Bundesliga, BBVA and Brazilian guides, as well other new pages available.
            Yes, prices of those players should raise again but will not reach the old prices.

  48. Hi, over the past couple of weeks I have noticed lavezzi drop from New Years being a lowest bin at 27.5 k. 2 days later at 22k and now you could buy with a bid at best 17.5k. Why would a player price drop so much over a fortnight and will it bounce back up high again

    1. Also what is a good website for buying coins on Xbox 360 but in Australian currency. I plan on buying some coins at the start of fifa 15

  49. i don’t know if i explained my point good..for Torris i understood the point..but for not having a profit..i will explain more..

    1. i used to bid on contracts,fitness and all training cards cards for 150 and sell it for 250 and i was satisfied with the profit every our 150*40 =6000 for every hour(i already extended the pile) in addition on some players when i have the chance.

    Now…I cant..coz every time i search for contracts or fitness i find that people is already made a bid on them for 150 even if u reach the 12 hour page ?!!!! all the time like this!!! so i stopped coz its useless now.

    2. i tried to search for players and i find some (am not good in players) like Remy and Hernandez and Lukaku:

    I used to make a bid on Remy for 1800 and his BIN is 2100-2200 and i sell it for 2000-2100 (profit between 150 and 200)
    Lukaku and Hernandez: win him for 850 and sell him for 1000

    but Now: i do the same,every time i make a bid on them for around 100 cards for each..but i dont win any..from 100 cards i get almost 2-3 cards!!!

    3.when I mad a bid on Soldado IF and i got him for good price 95000 and he was around 105k which is the profit around 5000 ..suddenly he went down dramatically to 50k with less than a day !!!
    Now i cant sell him otherwise i will loose around 45k (i didn’t understand why and how?)

    4.I have around 500k of coins and its like this since 2 weeks and i couldn’t increase it a dime 🙁

    kindly pleeeeease after you give me ur opinion on the above..if you give me a hints on some cards to get in the game again..i would be highly appreciated …sorry for the long message. thanks again

    1. My opinion would be to either wait til the Toty and also text totw and lose a little bit less than than you would selling now. You could also try holding on to him until mid February and its possible he might go up again however I doubt this as he is a player who could quite possibly get another totw in the next month

  50. Hey Rodrigo, this is a great article, I understood it very well but I’m am having the same problem as always… i don’t know what players to buy, can you tell me which are the best leagues to trade with?

    1. It depends of your goal. In my opinion, BPL is a good league for trading because there are many people building squads of that league, which means that there are many buyers.
      You can do it with any player and I will give you an example. Torres is right now with a minimum BIN of 2000-2100 coins. Bid evry Torres you find by 1800 coins. You will get several Torres in a hour. Then, sell them with a start price of 2200 and a BIN of 2300. You will see that it will be easy to sell lots of Torres with a profit of 400 coins. Buying and selling 30 Torres by day, will give you 12k coins in a single day. It is not difficult. Just pay attention to check if his minimum BID hasn’t changed.

      1. Thanks for the reply, What do you think about this? I think in March there is a St Patrick tournament so I bought like 6 Mcgeady’s to sell them for the tournament, since in past FUT I saw people selling them for 5k, do you think this will work this year?

    2. dear Rodrigo,

      I couldn’t understand the trading any more..

      i used to get my trade pile full,,but now i couldn’t even get a 150 profit 🙁

      I bought soldado iF for 95000 in a min after they release the IF team…(he was for around 110k and now he is 55000 🙁

      for your reply here..if torris minimum BIN is 2100 ..how come we can sell him for 2300 BIN ?!!

      logically no one should buy him if his BIN 2100 …can you explain this for me?

      2nd: i have a round 550k now ..can you advise how to make profit with this amount?

      thanking you in advance.

      1. Hi.
        The answer to the first question: yes, it is possible. I make it everyday with dozen of cards. Just follow the golden rules of our Trading guide: re-list every hour, if possible; set the right starting price; increase your transfer list size; always have your transfer targets list full, etc… They buy it even with a higher price than the minimum BIN because many people don’t look by the lowest price. The answer to the second question is the same. You need to make it with dozens of cards to have profit.

  51. Hey Rodrigo I am new to fut and i have tried a few methods but none seem to be working for example the enhancement method I bought Wylde on PC for 550 and lm-lw for 350 but I don’t know what price to sell it at to make a profit plz help Thanks

  52. Hi, on Monday a bought several isco’s for about 4k each which was 1 k below the lowest bin. I bought at 4am London time and tried to sell them for just above the lowest bin but only 2 of 15 sold. I then came back Tuesday evening and his lowest bin went down to about 2k and I lost money off the cards. Do you no why his price dropped so quickly in 24 hours

      1. Do you know when the next happy hour will be or is it more so something that happens at random

        1. I know that it works. But it is not easy.
          We have published an article explaining step by step how to do it but it is in Portuguese. Many people had success with following it.
          You can use the Google Translator on it.
          Check it here.

  53. Wow ! Thank you so much ! Very well written and easy to understand! :))
    Nice greetings from Austria

  54. Niklas Clement

    Hi Rodrigo!
    Do you know a way to find a partner (PC) to make price fixing?

  55. Also: something unclear to me on the 59 minute method-is it only for BIN deals or for bidding too? If it is just BIN, cant you just lower your maximum BIN filter until you get 1 page of cards that you can choose the best buy from on any single player? I would think it would be a better method, so please clarify how the 59 minute method is better.

    1. Hi.
      Let’s see…
      About TOTW you are right. About the 59th minute, it only works with BIN’s. You can try what you said but it will not work as you think. You will need to keep searching all day to find a good deal. Try it.
      About the best way to get the coins you need, just pick a forward or a midfield from BPL and bid him several times by his minimum BIN less 200 coins. Then sell him by his minimum BIN plus 200 coins. It is easy and works very fine, specially if you use the time method. For example: Torres is right now with minimum BIN of 2000 coins. Bid every Torres’ card by 1800 coins which auction is on the last 5 minutes. Then you just need to sell him by 2200 coins. If you work hard you can make something like 20 to 30k coins per day. 5% is for us. 🙂

  56. Hello again Rodrigo! I have a bundesliga based team and my next players to buy are Reus, M. Götze, and Hummels. I have 41k coins. As you can see, i do not have enough yet. Altogether they will probably cost 140k coins. I dont have Twitter so i cant see maintenance break times (are they on EA’s website by any chance?) But i can make decent profits trading. Could you map out a rough “course of action” for me getting from 41k to 140k coins (or finding those players cheap)?

  57. Could you make a website with player prices for ipad,I am new in ipad and the price are very high compared to pc.Like higuan goes for 4.5k Soldado for 5k.Please make a site with prices for ipad

  58. I just converted 9k to 55k in 3 days by trading!But I need to trade 100k a day,Am i greedy or are there any methods to do this?

    1. 100k coins everyday is almost impossible.
      You should continue to do what you are doing now. If you want to make more you will need to try more risky methods, like price fixing with IF cards.

  59. Ik this isn’t relevant, but how much do you think Bale will be around after the market crash around Christmas? He’s 855 right now and I was wondering if I should sell him and rebuy him.

  60. Niklas Clement

    Hi Rodrigo!
    Do you think it`s possible to make more than a million coins a day?

      1. Niklas Clement

        yeah I think so too but the EA Leaderboards say that there are people who make nearly 50million a week :O

  61. Hi Rodrigo,
    I was just wondering that on ps3 the players prices have drastically reduced after the recent totw for example i bought thiago silva for 30k and others the likes of di maria, ramos, casillas for a very cheap rate (under 35k) and im wondering if the prices would increase or not…
    because of this i dont know if i should sell my team now or wait if prices do increase and then sell for a higher profit?

    1. Hi.
      Nobody can be sure about what will happen.
      The prices are dropping since the beginning of the game and it will continue to be like that until the end. There are some exceptions like the most expensive cards and IF cards.
      In our opinion, people should play the game and not be always thinking if they should sell or not their team. The prices should drop again with TOTY but last year, for example, the prices started getting lower a couple of weeks before.

      1. Niklas Clement

        yes the price drops everytime but I thought about the price drop and realized that the price drops already before the TOTY release because everybody sells his team. Because of this I already sold my team

  62. Hi Rodrigo,

    Can you give us some examples of players you’ve bought on FUT14 and sold for profit using the hour method? Or will you be a like a fisherman who won’t share his tips… a lot of people have asked and you always say it’s still possible but never give examples of players you’ve used.


    1. Hi.
      We have no troubles with that. But we just want that people understand that it is possible to make profit with almost any player.~
      We already shared a couple of cards we usually make deal on MYFUT14.

      Right now, I am making a good profit with (buy/sell):
      Willian (25k/29k)
      Fernando Torres (1.6/2k)
      Turan (950c/1.4k)


      1. Niklas Clement

        you are right!
        I´m trading with 50+ different player.
        you can use everyone you want but I prefer IFs and players below 2k

  63. Hi, just read your page and loved every bit of it of it, it’s currently making me 50k a day with 4 hours work. Just wondering if there is a pattern of when maintenance breaks occur. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nathan. Thank you very much. Maybe you can suggest us to your friends.
      There is not a pattern on the maintenances but we noticed that they usually take place on Mondays or Wednesdays.
      You can take a look HERE. It is a list of all maintenances of FUT 14. They are always updating it.

    1. Priscila Bochettera

      Então, vc acha que se eu comprasse uns jogadores hoje eu conseguiria vender com lucro no sabado?

      1. Sim. Embora no fim de semana vão haver quase de certeza grandes Happy Hours (talvez até com packs de 100k) julgo que consegue ter lucro comprando agora, que os preços estão baixos, e vendendo no fim de semana.
        Se gostar da nossa página pode acompanhar a versão portuguesa da mesma AQUI.

  64. CaioDeLorottas

    Hi, i would like to know if i should be worried with the happy hours that will be happening in the next week… I bought 40 players(the same player,from bpl) for 1700 BID to sell by 2000 BIN, but my players dont seem to sell, i dont know what to do, because i am afraid the price will drop with all the happy hours, and i cant seem to sell it for 2000 BIN, do you have any suggestions?

  65. Hey, so i have tried buying players using the hours method, but even if i am trying it at 4 am the prices are never really worth it, i have listed and studied over 15 players and couldnt get more than two for a bargain in a two hour trading session, what should i do??

    1. Hi.
      I will give you an example. This night I bought 30 cards of Antonio Valencia by 1800 coins each. I did it by BIN but it would even cheaper to do it by BID. Now, I already sold most of them by 2400 coins each. You probably had no luck. But I can guarantee you that it works.
      Use players from popular leagues and try to do it by BID. Just choose a player, set the fair price you don’t mind to pay and bid several players which auction ends on low traffic hours (4pm for example).

      1. bolinhoanamaria

        I just dont understand how valencia’s price, for example, has changed in BIN from 1800 to 2400 coins, and when i try to study his price it stays at 2000 BIN for all hours of the day, and all players i check the BIN price is the same at whatever hour it is… How can you sell for so much more? when for me its all the same

        1. Not everybody looks by the best price when buy a player. It is easy to buy 200 coins than the lower BIN and sell it by 300 coins above the lower BIN. It works very well with all the players with a average price between 1000 and 5000 coins.

          1. But why would someone pay more tahn the BIN? Should i sell for BID? I really dont know how to sell…

          2. But why would someone pay more than the BIN? It is a really good question. Many people are new on the game. Others, just want to play. They don’t care if there are cheaper cards or not. And there are people that think they know the lower BIN but as the market is always changing, buy the cards more expensive thinking that they are making a good deal.
            How to sell ? We explain in our guide how to do it. Focus on rule 6 and 7.

  66. hi, someone has betray me in transfering the players. He asked me if i am interested to make some trade offers with his players david luiz, ramires and sturridge and he wants two players from me lloris and nani. we just put a ball for buy now price 60k and i send him my two players but he didn’t send me his three players. I lost my two players i don’t know what should i do now? i don’t know if easports can do something…sorry for my bad english waiting your answers please help me.

  67. Niklas Clement

    hi another question how much money do you make per day?
    And do you have a nice team?

    1. Hi.
      My team is HERE. You can see there how much coins I make per day. Right now I don’t have many time do make coins. I’m making something like 100k coins per week. Today, for example, I made 40k.

  68. Weekends are the best to sell got that, also at 6 Pm-9 Pm is the best times to buy and sell since I’m not going to wake up early in the morning for Fifa!
    If I start buying lots of stock at around 6 Pm on a Wednesday, like after the packs start to go on sale, I should get many cards considerably cheaper than they would be anywhere else am I correct? Since much more cards will be put on sale so I should be able to get cards cheaper and sell them on for more later in the week.

    1. Yes. But it is not so simple. There are other factors that affects the cards price. Today, for example, it was released one of the best TOTW. The prices have dropped again.

  69. Are weekends really the best time to sell? Cards like Cole and Pedro as I have mentioned before are going up even more not on the weekends.
    Oh what are the best times to buy cards then ?
    Thanks for the help by the way!