Community First Impressions of FIFA 16

Ten FIFA 16 Details You Don't Know


FIFA 16 is now available for all platforms, all around the world. It’s time to know the community first impressions of the game. Share your thoughts with us.


Community First Impressions of FIFA 16


If you are a true fan of EA Sports FIFA franchise, you probably already are playing FIFA 16. We know that you are busy playing the game, but we are sure that you can pause it a bit and share with us your first impressions of the game. Take this chance to know the opinion of other players like you.

If you don’t know what to say about the new FIFA 16, we may help you suggesting you a few topics that we believe will be interesting for most of the community:

    Global opinion: better or worse than FIFA 15 ?
    How different is from the demo ?
    Menus Design
    Installation Issues
    Items stucked in the trade pile
    FIFA Points not credited
    EAS FC Catalogue Items Issues
    Manager Tasks Errors
    Splitted Markets for each Platform
    Time to released the market in Web and Companion Apps
    Another problems like freezings and lags
    Connection and DNF
    Difficulty level: more easy or more difficult ?
    Game Speed
    Goalkeeper Improvements
    New Animations
    Players Faces
    Women’s Addition
    New sound effects and commentaries
    Favourite Player
    Favourite Team
    Ratings of the Players
    New Legends
    New features of Ultimate Team
    Major negative and positive points
    Global Opinion
    Score (between 0 and 10)


Community First Impressions of FIFA 16


Use the comments section to share your opinion and don’t forget to respect the opinion of other players. Remember that there are many problems in the first weeks because servers are overloaded. Many of this issues will be fixed but, unfortunately, many others will keep in the game.

If you haven’t play it yet, you can know more about the FIFA 16 here.


Please, share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is precious for everyone.


9 thoughts on “Community First Impressions of FIFA 16”

  1. Mr. Lopes,

    Do you know if EA is planning a patch with this problem of disconnections and not finding opponents issue?

    Thank you for your response.

  2. Finally played (one game) online fut seasons. However, I am still having problems in finding opponents in online fut seasons. If EA doesn’t remedy this problem a lot of people will be turn off FiFa and go to PES. Of all the FiFa iterations I played this was the best but people bought this for its online played, like I did. There goes EA revenues. I’m ready to give up and stop giving my hard $$ to EA.

  3. I think online is great but when you play offline i get so bored i do something else while playing

  4. I have the same problem that Gerry FIFA has. When I play the Seasons mode everything occurs ok, but when I play FUT, after the final whistle the game is disconected and I lose the game, DNF and contracts. I would like your help because there are too many players in the same situation, but we do not have an official answer from EA.

  5. Good Morning Gents,

    I agree with GerryFiFA, defending is much improved.
    Apart from having long delays yesterday finding opponents, I have found the offline and online experience while playing almost flawless (well, maybe there has been some lag on a few occasions, but only a few!!!)

    On Xbox One, the game seems to crash when trying to unlock rewards, e.g. ‘Coin Boost’. After it has crashed, it takes around 10 seconds to go back to the Xbox dashboard and then I launch the game again and it seems ok (I think I read elsewhere on another article on this site other players have experienced the same issues when claiming rewards).

    Fifa15 I enjoyed for a while, but then it became very repetitive, similar to Fifa14 there seemed to be a lot of ‘situations you couldn’t control’ – but this time around the game is much slower and more strategic, I feel like I am more in control of the players and have more of an influence on the outcome, it feels less ‘arcadey’ than Fifa 15 and maybe less exciting in places, but after a while you get used to it and realise this is ‘for the greater good’.
    Maybe a little bit more like a ‘football simulation’.

    Creating chances is hard, I think the passing ability is important. I find a player like ‘Fabregas’ can play through balls pretty well (but his other attributes are not as good as passing, so this ability comes at a ‘cost’ which is EXACTLY how I feel it should be, this ensures that the game is ‘balanced’.

    I packed Per Mertesacker and have found him far more playable than the last Fifa game, sometimes he can be clumsy on the ball and a player will take the ball off him and run past him in an instant, but his interceptions and general ‘defensive awareness’ and ability are far improved, which I feel is about right with ‘defending of 88’.

    I have found Kompany and Mertesacker seem to make a great combination with good full backs (Zabaleta and Azpilicueta).

    I find Karim Benezema to be an absolute monster of a player, probably the best player I have, he has scored more than a goal a game and his attributes seem to be ideal for this release of Fifa.

    I have played over 50 matches split between online and offline.

    I think ‘attacking and defending’ are more realistic, to start with it was a little irritating but once you get used to it, it is good.
    My example of this is that if you are attacking and lose the ball, it is hard for the opponent to pass the ball straight out to a player further up field and break away for an easy goal.

    When defending, if you win the ball, you seem to have to take your time and maybe pass back or to the side to gain some momentum with players running up the field. You could call it ‘controlled and composed possession’. I think this is very realistic, as when teams attack, usually the whole team ‘pushes up’ and players try ‘mop up’ any ‘2nd’ loose balls with.

    I suppose this could depend heavily on workrates in midfield, but I’ve not experimented with this much TBH, as I have a BPL team with Benzema up front, so I am forced to have at least one French player in midfield and a French BPL partner to go with Benzema (I am using Giroud, but haven’t tested Remy yet, who could be a better idea).

    Giroud seems ok, but nothing particularly great, haven’t found him to be particularly great in the air (which is what I’d expect to him excel at).

    Moussa Sissoko seems very good – he has very balanced stats, good pace and everything else is well into the 70s. He is very good considering his rating and his current price of 6000k plus gold on Xbox reflects this.

    The keepers seem improved, especially with claiming and punching out crosses and anything remotely close to them, they do make the odd mistake and come for a ball but don’t collect it, but this is realistic as keepers do get ‘stranded’ occasionally and are prone to errors at times, as goalkeeping is very difficult and they are the ‘last man’ of course.

    However, when a keeper comes out, in Fifa15 you sometimes used to get to control them, especially if they had LOTS of time on the ball, in this edition it seems like the keeper just comes and kicks it long regardless of how much time or space they have. They don’t become ‘player controlled’ when they leave their area. Sometimes I want to ‘short pass’ the ball from the keeper to a defender but don’t get the option to. Maybe there is a ‘manual override’ for this to take control. However, I have had no ‘silly errors’ from goalkeepers when they come out though, which did happen quite a lot on Fifa 15, so I guess if they have removed the infuriating instances of this, it is a positive move and I accept this as it is.
    (Also, is it possible they have taken out humans controlling keepers in this respect to stop any possible silly error? Maybe it was essential to do this).

    I think the ‘Fifa trainer’ is good and helps anyone at any level.

    Draft mode is good, I think it is expensive for what it is and only used the free draft token I was supplied with, it was enjoyable to use some superstar players though, apart from loans, I have never had access to Messi/Ronaldo in FUT before.

    So far I am enjoying the game very much, but maybe part of this is because I had a few good (and lucky) transfer dealings and was lucky with a couple of packs, I have built up a good team so far, the game is always more fun when you are winning and have the players you want right? 🙂
    (I could be in for a rude shock when I go up a couple more divisions, as I don’t consider myself to be particularly good at the game).

    A few little touches made my face light up, like when a player gets a hat-trick, the camera goes to them at the end and they walk off with the match ball smiling and celebrating.

    I have no idea if this version of Fifa is closer to ‘Pro Evo’ or not, as I’ve not played ‘Pro Evo’ in years, but I always felt it was more ‘simulation based’ than ‘arcade based’.

    I think EA Sports have done well with this release, pace is no longer over powered and neither is heading (I was worried it may go back to heading being over powered, like in Fifa 14).

    I think the training mini games have also come a long way and are more in depth than ever.

    Hopefully I’ve not bored anyone too much, I wonder if anyone agrees or disagrees with my feedback.
    I’ve generally only player FUT so far, had one game with Women’s teams which did feel like a slightly different engine and was good, but other than that it will only be FUT for me I expect 🙂

    Thanks for reading.


  6. I had problems in disconnections during h2h and online play and also, I hard finding opponents online in fut seasons and fut draft. Another than that, the game is great, through balls and over the top are easier to defend. You must create your chances to score. I think dribbling control is very important trait for this FiFa edition.

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