Community Opinion about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Changes


EA no longer control their own game and in an attempt to be back to the control, they have introduced several FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Changes. Among the most popular are the introduction of Price Ranges and the clubs name elimination. It is time to EA hear the community opinion. We did it and we choose the comments that we think best describe the current situation.


Community Opinion about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Changes


FUT without tradding = Dead FUT


The prices in FIFA 16 will be much more fair. The FIFA 15 prices were based in the average prices during the year.


“I’m not against Price Range. The problem is that they do not harm coins sellers”


“It’s impossible to buy with fixed minimum prices as they are right now.”

EA don’t want to hear the community. The problem is that they do not have a decent competition.


I didn’t realize I was buying FIFA 16 beta. I double checked the back of the box and it said nothing about this. So why is my game being used to test FIFA 16’s market?


They haven’t taken into account the way that informs will rise in price as they become rarer.


Coin buying is back!!! They found byepass!” (one day after Price Range introduction)


Please remove trade restrictions to make the game more fun


People do like trade, it’s a fun part of the game . Infact it’s was the only relief of some of more terrible aspects of the game.


The game is already six months in players who bought coins already own millions of coins and hundreds of premium players, they certainly won’t be selling them now as the value has decreased. All this has done is stop good players who happen to be good traders from earning coins to buy the needed players to compete with coin buyers who fast tracked success. Yet u guys cry “the game is now fair”.. No it’s not!!!!!


EA broke the market, EA broke the game, no one buying players, no one play the Game!!


EA didn’t hit the post, although they did move the goalposts. They have scored a spectacular own goal


Remove club names ? Completely useless. I just want the game to work now. Everything is broken on FUT. You can’t play, you can’t sell, you can barely buy, whats the point?


The main problem I am experiencing is that you cannot sell players at all. There are simply too many people selling their players on the lower price bands and no one would buy them because they are all the same price (or if you are lucky enough to get your player bought). This makes simply selling a player way harder when they are all the same price. This makes a cycle, people can’t sell their players, and if they are lucky enough to get it sold, people won’t buy players too knowing the fact that they cannot sell it back.


Why people don’t understand that Ea killed the market on purpose, because if people make coins with market they don’t spend real money on points? So easy. This is just business


90 rated MOTM Suarez has price range of 10m-15m and his 91 rated IF has a range of 4m-7m. MOTM Suarez has been practically made an untradeable item. Who is going to buy that card when you can get a same version of the player with better stats for under half the price? So those that have him are pretty much screwed over completely. I understand the need for maximum BIN prices, but why the minimum ones? All it does is make certain items untradeable to be honest.


None of the negative effects should have come as a surprise. What’s happening to the FUT marketplace is exactly what used to happen in MUT when we had a capped transfer list like this. The big players disappearing, the players that cant sell, etc. Its why removing the capped system was one if the most welcome changes in MUT history. This is just the tip of the iceberg of problems that will arise. This system has been tried before, and it is terrible for the player. It doesn’t stop coin selling either.


By controlling game economy, EA caused serious instability in the market, generating huge losses for all players and the game itself. Many will say “what they did was attack the cheaters, the monopolists and etc ..”, can even be so, but no. They thought that with these measures would protect the FIFA points of business, but it will be? Every market is based on the law of supply and demand, with the state (here EA) intervene at least be an invisible hand in the economy, in order to make “adjustments” to maintain balance, that’s what it says liberalism. Unlike this, the intervening systems, in other words, the Socialists argue that the state (again, EA) should be active participants in the economic system in order to avoid “distortions” that is, to end the gap between the rich and the poor, by promoting an equal distribution of income (coins) to allow everyone access to goods and services (basically players). All this is theory, let’s practice! When all this was implemented, those who had many coins found themselves afflicted with the latent loss of their assets, generating huge losses, hours and hours of lost trade and even real money (both who bought coins as FIFA points), the whereas the others (C and D class) saw the opportunity to have a player like Aguero, Di Maria, even a CR7 and Messi, since the prices were fixed. The first consequence, immediate, of this fact was the disappearance of some of these players, you do not see any regular card of Messi or Ronaldo, much less IF. The second consequence, and the worst one, was the decline of trading, as with price fixing, it is difficult to buy and sell players, especially since there is not even a criterion for fixing, thus disabling, a harmonious market behaviour. The third and final consequence, in fact, a continuation of the previous one, is the impoverishment of players. How? Simple. Without trade how you get enough coins to buy a Messi or even a Aguero? “Oh it’s just you play enough”. Well, it will take ages. Literally. Even if a Messi costs 500K will be very difficult to buy him because the issue is not if it is cheap or expensive, but the purchasing conditions. So who benefited with this measure? Only those billionaires players, which now can buy all the expensive cards for a lower price (close to the maximum values) to resell them higher. With the constant changes in the price range, they were also poor because they will lose the investment. “So it’s only EA does not move more in the price range!” They can’t. Because as soon as coins go out of the market, people will not have a way to buy players, which need further lower values, but that takes more coins of the market and so on … not to mention that the poor ones have already bought their “dream players” and has nothing to spend. Finally, I had said it would hurt even the sale of FIFA points, but how? FIFA points buyers hope to find top players. Most of the times it will not happen, but now they can’t sell the ‘garbage’ they pull from packs because nobody will buy it.

Community Opinion about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Changes

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  1. Transfer market on Android down for weeks now. Have my transfer list full and can’t even remove sold players. Without trading I’m stuck with my current team. This really sucks EA!!!!!

    1. same boat and because we cant sell duplicates we can’t buy packs… pffft… its things like this that lead to the increase in using terms such as ‘#ripfut’

  2. I understand you don’t like informs but if you scrap the price who do you think would perform better Welbeck 2IF as a striker with 10 chemistry or Welbeck 3IF as a striker with 7 chemistry

  3. Since price ranges I have had around 2 million of profit. In fact, now it’s getting a little slower. And you know, I used this site methods, obviously I won’t say which one, because this site deserve to be read and enjoyed. I would love that minimum dissapear, that would make an awesome crash.

  4. At least the transfer market is working unlike us mobile users, the transfer market has been down for more than a week

  5. A month ago I had 20 000 coins.Now it’s 29 March and I’ve got 210 000 coins.Trading isn’t dead,believe me.You just have to think a little .People who write #RipFut (I’m sorry I have o say this) are lacking CREATIVITY.The might have not even checked the market.They say it beacause they liked buying coins and getting Ronaldos,Messis and Hazards.The only thing I agree with the big part of the community is selling the top-rated players fxmpl. in-forms.This is the future of Fifa:the way it should be played,no coin selling,no cheating.#fairPlay

    1. your right things do still work but the real easy money earners such as IF’s are even more risky as EA constantly slash the prices before you can sell them all or set them way too high that no one will buy them.

      which wouldn’t be such a problem because there are plenty of other methods which are profitable however they require massive increases in time re-listing! which can now only be done from consoles which means the average 9-5 worker only has a handful of hours in which to re-list in a day!

      rodrigo would you be able to summarise which methods you think are now more suitable for the current market?

      1. I would suggest the Silver rare method and buying cheap converted players(I myself bought Higuain in a cm position for 1700 coins).

        1. Ok Thanks rodrigo, iv noticed players such as james rodriguez have really low limits do you think they would be a suitable player?

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