EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact

EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact


Are you looking for a way to contact the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support ? here it is.

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When Should You Contact the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support


When you purchase a game, you are entitled to an after-sales service. In the case of FIFA 16, this is done through the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support.


Game Advisors

They are the bridge of help and adviced between you and EA Sports. Their job is to answer all your questions about the game and explain to you what you should do to solve your problems. To specific technical issues, they have the support of the game specialists.

Find out in what situations you should ask for help from a game advisor from the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support:

  • If you purchased FIFA Points but you didn’t received them;
  • If you got any item stuck on your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team trade pile or watch list;
  • If your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players have disappeared;
  • If you have problems loading the game or accessing to your account;
  • If you have any other billing issue, question, problem, complaint or suggestion about the game.


More Support

Game advisors are not the only way to get support for FIFA 16. You should use the other available channels when your account and your game experiencing are not being strongly affected.



Where Should You Go to Get Help


To contact a game advisor you should follow the steps of the next chapter. However, there are other ways to contact the EA Sports FIFA 16 support team and to find relevant information to help you in the understanding of the game. Here they are the main ones:

  • FIFA U Team Website
    If you want to know more about FIFA 16, you need to read our comprehensive guides. They are the best ones!
  • Manual
    If you bought the game, you can check the ‘Need Help?’ chapter of your manual and see the FIFA 16 support channels they have available to you.
  • DVD Cover
    Depending of your region, you may also find a support phone number in the back cover of your FIFA 16 DVD. This support channel is specific for the region where you bought the game.
  • Help EA Website
    This is a website where you can find frequently asked questions about the game.
  • Answers HQ Website
    This is a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players and that can also be useful to you.
  • Twitter Support
    Need a quick tip? Reach out on Twitter of EA Support.
  • Facebook Support
    Post on Facebook where the on line game experts are available and ready to help you.
  • Chat
    Real time chat with a Game Advisor. It may not work properly if you are not logged on into your Origin account.
  • You can contact the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support team directly by phone. Just call them during operating hours. Here are the most popular FIFA 16 Support Hotlines:

    Australia +61 3 8820 5177 | Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm AEST
    Austria +0720 883349 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Brazil 55+(11) 3958-5683 |
    Belgium +02 808 45 90 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Czech Republic +420 228 880 676 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
    France +04 81 68 08 08 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Germany +0221 37050193 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Italy +02 89877571 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Japan +0570 081800 | Everyday from 11am to 7pm
    Netherlands +020-8083219 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    New Zealand +64 9951 8377 | Everyday from 9am to 9pm AEST
    Poland +48 223 970 840 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 21h CET
    Portugal +308 800 880 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
    Russia + 7 (495) 642 73 97 | Monday-Friday from 11h to 23h GMT+3
    Slovakia +421 233 418 468 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
    Spain +911 230 490 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Switzerland +0225 181005 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
    Turkey +0870 2432435 | Everyday from 9h to 22h GMT
    UK +44 203014 1818 | Monday-Saturday from 9am to 9pm GMT



    How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support


    To contact the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Team and talk with a game advisor that will assist you, just need to follow these three simple steps:

    EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact

    • Step 2
    • Select the topic of your issue and give a brief description of it. Click ‘next’.

    EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact

    • Step 3
    • Choose on of the contact options available. They may vary depending on your region.

      If you select Call Me, you will need to enter in your name, phone number and email address so a Game Advisor can contact you.

      If you select Live Chat, you will connect directly to a Game Advisor.

      If you select E-mail Me, you will be redirected to an incident page in which you will need to fill the subject, the description, the category of the problem and your name.

    EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact


      (1) If you are not from UK, please select your country / language from the top left corner of step 1 screen.
      (2) Calls may be charged according to your country rates.
      (3) In order to go to step 3, you need to be logged in into your Origin account. In the previous steps, you can check the top right corner to see if you are logged in.

    EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact


    How Well the FIFA 16 Support Works


    First of all, we want to help you to choose the best contact option for your case. In our opinion, you should avoid using e-mail because they take much more time to give you an answer. Many times you don’t even get one. Calling the FIFA 16 support by phone is a better option but the waiting time is large, it may be expensive and you don’t get a proof. That’s why we strongly recommend to choose ‘Chat’ if it is available in your region. It’s free, usually fast and you can read the transcription any time in your Origin account.

    To explain how well the EA Sports FIFA 16 Support works, we need to analyse their effectiveness and the waiting time. Both depend on the type of help you need.

    They are supposed to fix your issues in no more than 15 days but they take much more time in many cases. For easy issues, like unblocking a club you erased five times, they are really useful and they can do it on time. However, for more complex issues, like restoring a corrupted club, they take many months and most of the times they don’t fix it. It is really painful to contact their support about this kind of issues because it involves a lot of people from different departments and they just ask us to wait until somebody fix it, which almost never happens. Avoid these situations, ask for a solution during your contact and, if possible, ask them to contact the specialist while you are connected to them.

    If you are contacting the FIFA 16 support by phone, don’t forget to take note of the number case because you should use it the next time you contact them about that issue. You can consult your closed and opened cases in your Origin account. Just go to help.ea.com/en, check if you are logged in, select ‘Manage Your Account’ and then ‘My Cases’.

    Just a final suggestion: according to EA Support, when you reply to a case in progress from your Origin area, it sends you back to the last position in the waiting list. That’s what we recommend to contact them directly when you are trying to know the progress of your case.

    EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact

    Just one more thing: good luck! You will need it.


65 thoughts on “EA Sports FIFA 16 Support Contact”

  1. Paweł Zborowski

    We are Internet Service Provider in Poland.
    We’ve bought a range of public addresses IPv4 in RIPE’s organization.
    Our customers tell us about the problem with playing in Fifa 2016 Season online on Play Station 4.
    They have been connected to EA’s servers and they want to play a game with other users and when they are searching for users to play online they can’t see any.
    We think that the problem is with IP geolocation.
    We want to fix it but we cannot.
    Would you be able to help us and check the problem?

  2. I have a xbox 360 and on 16 ultimate team I had 300,000 and the last game i was in he took it all away and could i get that back or no i can’t

  3. I have just been disconnected by ea in the futdraft final what can I do to b compensated

  4. I used to play FIFA 16 android by connecting to facebook. Then i uninstalled it for some reasons. But yesterday i again downloaded the game and connected with fb. I progress is ok but after closing the game for 1 time, it isn’t connecting again. I tried by using a new profile and restared, it got connected. So the result is if i try to play with my old progress the game won’t connect. For note my account is a genuine one from playstore not the modded version. Please try to respond as quick as possible.

  5. If you allow beta I want to experience the game code, and then tell you about the problems in the game.

  6. A joke how much money spent on buying packs and not any decent players. Such a scam.

  7. Hi, I’m Tamas.
    I have/had a lots of problem with my fifa ultimate.
    When I start to play, it’s always just throw down, and it sad, the server is not available now, try later.
    When I try it again, and it is working, it’s ALWAYS say, my connection has been lost, and I lost my game, my money and everything. I would like to ask, can you do something with it please, because it’s so bad for me, and a want to enjoy the game. Thank you so much.
    Best regards

  8. Hi,I would like to address you with a request to return the FIFA World,because it is a game enjoyed all,this game was played by people who have no money on FIFA 15,16,or people who have weak PC,on the phones out the game like FIFA World,it’s called only on phones FIFA 16,would you return to the FIFA World,because a lot of people want to play it,and still believe it’s possible

  9. hey went and used a draft token and i dont know if it was a server issue but was not able to access draft even though i used a token i tried to contact support but having issues doing so still good game though

  10. Hi i played the online league 1 tournament and spent time and money to win but got no prize? It says i won but i got logged out because of maintenance i think

  11. EA SUCKS! I have failed to be promoted so many times, due to being kicked out all the time at the beginning of games! And whats worse is there is no way to change it. I always check my wifi, and latency before games, but of coarse half of the time I get kicked out before we even start! YOU OWE EVERYONE!

    1. i also get kicked out when gaining promotion from div7 to div6,so often that i now sit waiting for it…i have tried all year for this promotion with over 1500 matches played on ULTIMATE TEAM.
      I’m sorry EA but i think this game is rigged to prevent players from winning too many coins through promotion as this would mean players wouldn’t need to purchase consumables so preventing you from making even more profit from fifa games..WILL I BUY FIFA 19?

  12. WesleyMontana

    Wow i played my final in the online cup just now but the ea servers just knock it down..
    What the … i must do..

    I think just play it all over.

    Ea cheap ass bussiness

  13. Hi. I want a email address to complain .. I feel cheated when fifa take all your money online and give u nothing good in packs . I’ve lost so much money and I think it’s unfair . They should definitely put a good card somewhere . Email me on [email protected]

  14. Hola amigos ayuda por favor, lo k pasa es k tengo 5 días tratando de jugar en las temporadas estoy en la 6 división pero no me encuentran rival apesar de k ai 8000 jugadores en línea.
    Por favor estoy desesperado jajaja la verdad lo estoy.

  15. Ea can I get unlimited coins I’m struggling its to hard I’m breaking my house apart

  16. Iv lost Paul pogba and 100k on FIFA 16 ps3 and ea are taking the piss out of me they don’t believe me

    1. They can track your account. If they say they don’t believe you that’s because these transactions were made from another account. Are you sure that one is your main account ?

  17. Daniel Reynolds

    I randomly decided to open one of the free 35k packs ea gave us on my second account for the fun. i managed to pack an untradeable bale at striker. Is there anyway possible ea could kindly transfer the bale onto my main account and be untradeable still. Please i really need him and i dont want to have him wasted on a 2nd account which has nothing on it. thanks

  18. bom dia

    comprei 3 jogadores ontem a noite na hora que fui coloca-los a venda minha lista de vendas estava cheia porém com alguns itens vendidos, não consigo coloca-los para vender e muito menos adicionar ao time a unica opção é vender como venda rápida dessa forma vou perder 66 mil coins, dessa forma o jogo desanima, o que pode ser feito?

  19. Fifa is a joke now. It states its fair and balanced but what a lot of b.s… it cheats you online fut gameplay when winning it makes up scenarios to cheat you used to love this game who cares about balancing gameplay i.e. cheating. When you are dominating opposition online it should let the better player win that’s instead of creating lies to make it supposedly fair. Scoring and ref pulling play back for free kick wow wot a lot horse crap

  20. Hi I hate this game i packed man of the match yaya toure and then it kicked me out so I went back on and he was not there and the money the pack cost I did not get it back so please if you can see this I would love my man of the match yaya toure back or one million coins or Fifa points so please I am really sad

  21. hi I packed ozil a few weeks ago sold him put he only went for 17k and i was really upset i want my ozil back

  22. Hi can you help my sons ultimate team has been hacked and how do I go about getting his sorted pls

  23. ihave play match online on pc i win 2-0 at 82min i got disconnect i have touch nothing and i got deafeat wtf can you told what is the problem? (the admin deleted the rest of the comment because it is inappropriate)

      1. Not the only one its happening to iv got the most powerful bordband and
        The same thing happens

  24. hi,
    i did a team at the ultimate team, and i lost. and now it’s stay on the same team and it’s not change my team even if i ween or loose and i don’s get a coins after the game.
    someone know what it’s this problm ?

  25. Hi! I bought 4400 fifa points today on xbox one but later on this day when i Went in they were gone. And it says i havent bought anything. Do you know why?

  26. Hi Rodrigo, I received a regular Gonzalo Higuain but is second inform version was out. What should I do?

    1. There is one time-life transfer of FIFA Points from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. You just need to open FIFA 16 with the same account and you will be prompted. If nothing happens, that’s because you already used your chance.

  27. I switched from xbox to ps4 and found that the time finding players online for FUT and Online seasons on ps4 takes on like forever, and most of the time I can’t find a player to play against. I have a good internet connection so that’s not the issue. Is this normal on ps4 compared to xbox’s waiting time for search, even though most of the time I can’t find players to play against?

  28. rodrigo they are showing this message
    our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better
    please come back later. ”
    its been 3 days tht they are showing this msg
    i hv tried both getting into ps3 and web app
    what should i do? 🙁

      1. yes correct.. i checked your other guide named troubleshooting which led me to check the server status for ps3.. its currently down.. i hope they fix it b4 the coming monday coz i cudnt redem my 2 premium gold packs which i get every week..
        thank u so much for your guides.. its really helpful 🙂

  29. Hi rodrigo just wanna ask i update my version into 1.03 many time because of this problem..ps4… When im searching for an opponents in UT i encounter the problem in hangin when i exit the searching and its just 16 logo loading only in lower right side… All i have to do to resolve this is to go to my ps4 settings and teat internet so it will automatically disconnect you from UT… Is there any way i could resolve this…

  30. I have a good team on xbox 360 however I’m having a xbox one next week can I transfer my club from xbox 360 to xbox one. thanks

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