EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community

EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community

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In this second episode, ‘EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community’, the author shows how EA disrespected their customers.


Hugo Versiani

EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community


A bit of black coffee, surprisingly good packs and a few apologies won’t be enough to make us forget about what happened in this march of FUT 15. Definitely, the price ranges discussion hasn’t quite ended yet. We’ve been talking about this for days and days, mainly what’s there to argue about economics, worn out. What if EA had stopped caring just for themselves and started listening to the community? It doesn’t matter what’s being discussed about UT, the #RIPFUT movement carries on. This time, time wasn’t and will not be the best solution to make us forget about all this or stop questioning EA’s attitudes.

Over several days, I’ve been asking myself why do we keep feeding this discussion with more and more posts although it already seems to be settled. In the first place we’re the clients of a company that disrespected, or even better, never even cared about the opinion of the people who fill up their bank accounts. We invested our money in a final product (are we paying for a test?), and besides, our precious time for entertainment. I don’t judge those who decided to leave FUT after EA’s attitude. But then you ask: -But it’s the good intention that matters, right? And I answer: -No, good intentions are all there is in hell after all! What is it good to have all the communication tools when you don’t want to hear the opinion of others?


EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ultimate Team, happy birthday to you.” Well is it really? I have my doubts. “It’s FUT’s anniversary but you’re the one who gets the present!” Or wouldn’t that be the best cliche phrase they’ve got for you after everything? This week FUT’s celebrating its 6 years. But do we have reasons to celebrate? If you don’t keep up day-by-day with UT, this week highlights EA’s “kindness”, right? Free packs, rare player giveaways… At the end of it, take a look back and see how many actual awesome cards you got. You probably can relate so I’ll just say it: -Have fun with your contracts!

We’ll have 6000 cards given away randomly among how many millions of players? They should try and fool someone else! It’s not always what it seems. And I’ll tell you why. Giving away these tradeable IF player cards is an attempt to reactivate the market. Don’t fool yourself, it’s all a mirage! Another way EA found to try and re-warm up the market using their resources. Cheap presents… Of course you hope you’re gonna get Suárez, but you end up getting Torres. You want Neymar and they give you Pedro. I told you! We suffer from this dilemma for so long.

So you’re basically waiting for a miracle now. You want good news regarding new ways to make coins or being able to put the old ones in practice, or at least some of them. Otherwise let’s just begin the countdown to FUT 16. Well then, if you’re looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, there are more or less 78 days left until the official FIFA 16 announcement is made at E3 2015.

A simple organization analysis would have been an excellent alternative for EA to do the right thing. Here’s how it should’ve gone down:


EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community


Using a pre-defined team for such purpose, the kick off by EA organization management should have been the research in order to analyse (investigation) the moment FUT was going through, delimiting, according to study preferences, the economics part, structural, marketing etc. All this process would be the basis for the elaboration of the next step: diagnosis of FUT. From now on, according to the factors seen previously, the FUT 15 scenario would be built, organized, explained, questioned, reformulated and then, finally, elaborated for communication with the clients regarding the potential changes to be made in the game (product).

The announcement, meant to be made before those potential changes, would focus on product improvement, seeking balance between client satisfaction and company interests then, fundamentally, the feedback from the ones with most interest: the FUT players. One moment to emphasize the thing that we do the most here in FIFA U TEAM, give voice to the community, the feedback which is one of the most essential aspects for the success of a franchise was fatally denied these last few days. With the community’s opinion, the intervention process would have had its base molded, taking care mostly of rejection risks towards the changes and therefore avoiding migration of clients to other products of the same segment or different game modes which are way less popular and profitable.

After the intervention, through action planning and analysis of both favourable and unfavourable aspects concerning the changes, such a significative implementation as price ranges would kick off the approach to the study of FUT. The last phase would be responsible for the monitoring of the outcome concerning the actions took, a permanent revaluation would be needed leading to the return of some actions of the process. Simple, isn’t it?

If everything goes wrong, customer service is our last resort. Well then, let’s see:

Dear EA,
If by any chance you’re able to find out where the coins I haven’t received from winning on line and offline tournaments are stored at, I ask of you to redesign the famous HR (Human Resources), or as in the conceptual modern language: EA’s Department of People Management. Make sure you know that the FIFA Ultimate Team community are the best contributors for the game support. And it’s not a free service, we do pay for a product. Since this last measure of yours, I’m confused and worried about the activities within this sector, and maybe now I’m quite able to understand the true meaning of the “Feel the game” advertisement on FIFA 15. I want to give you my apologies in advance for thinking that the objective was for us to feel inside a game of football, weather on the pitch or the stands, but now I see that Calvin was always right: “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. But how you play the game”. Brilliant! If this is how you’re dealing with the game, I’m predicting negative coin balances for you in the end of it.
Sincerely yours,



16 thoughts on “EA: How to Not Deal with the FIFA Community”

  1. I am embarrassed about my grammar mistakes every day I come back to this forum and read our conversations.
    Nevertheless, not only because this a hot and polemic topic, but because I am really disgust about this script/handicap situation I insist on keep the conversation and committing the same mistakes for not reading what I write before posting.
    I believe we have more agreements about this topic than we may think.
    Francesco, Rodrigo and I seem to dislike the fact that we can easily insert money into the game and so easily upgrade your game play.
    We also agree that there is a system, which not only controls/manipulates the games, but when we think about it from the big picture generates a “vicious circle”: market – gameplay – money.
    Most of it may be a psychological issue, but I think that these examples about kids are significant. I always mention this to my wife, “not sure if I would allow my kids to play this, even though I cant stop.”
    Finally, as I think I expressed in my first comment, just recently I realized how even on regular seasons the system manipulates the game – as a 1st division player I was obligate to play on lower ones and after winning games in a row, the classical mistakes, slow players, etc.
    Yes, EA will probably never change this system, but I believe we should at least complain and say something and here should be a place for debating and articulating for something. On the other hand, a system for decision in games such as FIFA is necessary, what we agree – market and real money aside – is that these decision would be “less scandalous” or with a verisimilitude or even try to be fair.
    Rodrigo, this website is really helpful; otherwise, I assume we would not even be here.
    When I start playing FIFA and I was confusing about details, rules, market and so forth, this was the place that helped me most. After playing for awhile, I still look around in order to learn more, even when I may disagree about something, since everyone has a personal and unique way to play or organize his team.
    Another option, which is even silly than asking them for changing the system, is that they have a FUT version that does not allow real money, i.e., Fifa coins. However, as I think we agree, EA is producing this game for money and this is exactly where they are able to have a profit.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Maybe we should write in Portuguese. 🙂
      Yes, we have more agreements about this topic than we may think.

  2. Dear Rodrigo Lopes (Admin),
    we read very well the article you cite but did you?
    1)It was not based at all on the facts and the proofs that you claim to be so important!!!!!(yes, it was not written by you, but you should be somewhat responsible of what you publish)
    2)That article is probably the most commented by your readers (more than 70) and almost all of them complained about handicap and scripting. This would show you what your readers are interested most of all.
    3) What is the purpose of the site? You teach the best strategies to be successful in FUT. And what happens at the end ? Your suggestions do not work in the game.
    You should be frustrated like the majority of FIFA players…………unless you are only in it for money and not for fun……….
    4) My son, which is 6 years old, told me that the players did not respond to the controller’s commands . “Dad, the computer decides who wins” he said (do you need further proofs ??????). Fortunately he seems to be clever than others:
    a) A friend of mine prohibited his son (8 years old) to play FIFA : after 30 consecutive defeats the boy began to shout and cry (I feel guilty because I recommended it) . Scripting is clear but we need the mechanisms to be revealed)
    b) the history of Jeremy Hillman’s 13 years old son who spent 4.500 dollars in FIFA packs last month is of public domain
    Do you have sons?
    6) Many player are leaving the game and this will probably generate changes, but until than your site is probably one of the few places through which players can express their concerns.
    In the meanwhile my sons (after school, homeworks and swimming pool) will be allowed to play only Skylanders and Marvel Infinity.
    I hope you will do more for us.
    Thanks for the attention

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      1) It is an opinion piece. A column. It is based in his experience. Just that.
      2) We have articles with more than 1000 comments. I know that handicap is a popular subject but I can’t write about rumours. We need facts, numbers, coding lines, etc…
      3) We have thousands of gamers who are grateful to our help. It works. Take a look to the Portuguese version and you will see.
      4) Yes, I have. Nothing of that is an evidence. About that 13 years old boy that is something we have been alerting: it is too easy to buy FIFA Points. It shouldn’t be.

  3. I hate it, as an older generation gamer, how so much in games can be bought. Back in the day everythign was a level playingfield online, EA do not care at all about the gaming experience like some other producers did in the past.

  4. You are supposed to be the most important Fifa web site (as you wrote).
    Your are worried about the price ranges. Is this the real point?
    Tomas and Jean Felipe hit the point.
    If you read carefully review the several comments about your previous article regarding handicap you would understand what your readers would like to know.
    They steal money and time.
    The only thing they give in return is frustration.


    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      First of all, this article wasn’t written be me but I can answer by him.
      If you pay attention to our website, you will find that we have published about all these things. However, I can not publish exactly what you want because there is no way to prove it and our website is not about rumours but about facts.
      We have nothing to do with EA Sports. We have a very different vision of the game that they do.

      1. Hi Rodrigo and all,

        The definition of a fact is really ambiguous and it is not necessary to be discussed here.
        Nevertheless, call my attention the high number of fora and websites in which scripting and handicap is present. I have seen this since I start playing the Game – Fifa 14.
        First, I thought I was searching for excuses for my horrible playing but now, after being satisfy with my level and skills, I had tons of examples in which these “abnormalities that are the most normal fixture in the game” happen.

        My position in the matter, including the coin changes, is that we need to create a way to express ourselves to EA in order to have a game that would be good for everyone. This sounds like a silly dream, but, since I admit that I love playing the game and I may be addicted to it, this may be the only way to have a decent experience in the future.

        I agree with the coin change, albeit I disagree with the timing EA used.
        My only concern in my complains is exactly what Francesco expressed: EA is only thinking about money and not about the players.
        Because I did not invest a lot of real money on FUT, but I used to spend a significant amount of time, I believe that scripting, handicap and similar situations are the problem to be discussed. This comes from a player that is on division 1 on FUT and regular seasons, trying to get the title often.

        Again, even though I think this may be impossible, EA needs to create a way to hear their avarage players – which I thought I was the main point from this article.
        Your website may be a good way to start discussing these issues and, possibly, consider a public claim to EA. In other words, providing a feedback for next games.

        As i said before, I significantly reduced my time playing FIFA because the problems I mentioned.

        1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

          You can see here one of the articles about handicap that were published in our website.
          As we do every year, we will create a ‘wishlist’ section where you can express your concerns about the game.

          1. Hi,

            I read the article – confusing at some points, especially regarding the statistical experiment.

            The argument, it seems to me, is that there is no handicap but there is manipulation. This is a kind of contradictory but, depending on definitions…

            The article agrees with the main points I did before. Indeed, I used some changes on style when I realize I am playing against the system “benevolence”.

            Honestly, I wish but I does not have hopes that EA would change this AI system.

  5. Prince O Farah

    Good article, I really enjoy reading your stuff and generally the content on this website is excellent.

    I must confess that I have benefitted in part from the price ranges, being able to put Di Maria, Kompany, Courtois, van Persie all in my team as a result of it, and you can call me ‘sweaty’ or ‘cheap’ because I know I am, my aim on FUT is to win games. In purely selfish terms, the price ranges haven’t been a bad thing.

    But really I think whenever you implement a game changing rule you have to give notice, or actual thought to what you’re doing. EA have been terrible regarding PR for years (look at their ‘worst company of US awards’) and this is no different, putting the price ranges in simply to cull the money from other people’s hands and return it to themselves. ‘Understanding the value of your players’ is no good when no one is on the market to buy them!

    Really I would have put coin selling lower down on a ‘top things EA should do to fix FUT’, more pressing issues like in game glitches, missing coin bonuses, terrible servers, and maybe actual coin glitches and cheaters would have been a higher priority. Really if coin sellers didn’t make the money that they were, EA wouldn’t have cared about it – the only thing that gets them working is money, or a lack of it in their hands. As you say if they wanted to change their game they should have consulted the people who’ve paid a sizeable figure of money to have the game, and probably waited until FIFA 16 to implement it.

    I know that many of my richer friends are unhappy with the game in its current state, and whilst I may have had luck regarding the whole debacle, I recognise the problems this causes for others in the FUT community.

  6. I really understand the frustration. Nevertheless, nothing surpasses the absurd that script and handicap are for this game. when I read this article, I thought about it and did not write. However, after this week, i have a feeling that script and handicap are even worse.

    First, I believed once it did not exist. Gradually, I accepted this because of “momentum” and “player’s persona”. Now, after these changes this has been unbearable to me.
    I am in division 1 on FUT and seasons, won the title in both. I am almost stop playing the game because of this absurd situation.
    I won a game yesterday, after missing so many chances…the person saved the ball over the line twice, balls on the bar and my goal was after I passed the GK and Ribery hit the bar alone!
    Today, I was winning a game by 3-0 at 60min. This ended as 3-5. This is just ridiculous.

    Again, I understand the frustration because it was in the middle of our FUT season. However, for me, these scripting and handicaps are the worse part. I won the birthday tournament 4 times, but those games are awfully manipulated, including the ones I won.

    After what happened to me this week, I am seriously considering stop for awhile with Fifa.

    PS: I have a US and a Brazilian account because I need to be in both places often. My US account expired and, for some reason, I couldn’t access my regular seasons online games. Then, I decided to use the one I open in my Brazilian account for my guests to play when they visit me. I start playing on season 8 or 7. two days ago I was playing on division 5 on this account, because was unable to play on my account where I am on division 1. This was ridiculous how when you win a number of straight games how the system starts acting up and the odds go against you. I had never noticed when I was playing regularly trying hard to ascend division. Similar situation, I score two or three goals and, in the second half, the other person overcomes you. There are a silly situation when the person stop playing for awhile – no moving the player – and my player was unable to get the ball after attempting it for 5 or 6 times.

  7. Good article, finally someone willing to address this issue in the public arena… EA never consulted the players for the same reason they never implemented price ranges in order to make the game fairer – everyone with an ounce of sense knows that… As players know, they don’t give a toss about anything other than lining their own pockets… If they had asked the community, then the majority would have no doubt told them what they already knew, that the only way to outlaw coin-sellers is to patch the exploits/coin-glitches – that is after all how coin sellers get their vast wealth of coins. Yet they didnt even attempt to do so, and with less than 24 hours after the introduction of price ranges, the coin-sellers were back with new methods; in no way were they eradicated, just a little inconvenienced… Now, if pissing off a large percentage of their console userbase wasn’t enough, they removed the transfermarket in the mobile version with no explanation. Its been gone over 17 days now, there are rumours that it’ll return with price ranges but EA have refused to comment other than to say they have no plans to re-instate the market. I understand the mobile version is free, and so it should be in it’s heavily-edited version compared to console, but packs are the same price, and as usual, mobile users were ignored during the FUT birthday celebrations which were just a cynical move by EA to get the market going as the author of the piece above alluded to. No free packs, no free players, no transfer market, nothing for mobile users – and plenty of it… Some people have a number of their first team players stuck on the transfer list they were trying to sell when the market was removed. Because they cant access these players or sell and replace them, they can’t play. We can’t open packs because we can’t access the new items list – it’s a joke and not a particularly funny one at that!!

  8. I fall in love with FUT, but EA broken my heart. I don’t enjoy this game anymore. I wasnt bothered with birthday of someone who i dont like anymore. I fall in love with PES now, really enjoy that game, real football, no cheating, no scripting…. PES is getting more and more popular, many Youtubers starting making eipsods on PES!! Well done!!! Piss off EA!!

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