How to Earn Money with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


To play FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is a pleasure. At least for most of us. If at the same time we are paid for it, even better.

Find out the best three ways of earning real money with this game.


How to Earn Real Money with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Virgin Gaming

First Place – Betting


If you’re a really good FIFA 13 player and you never signing up for Virgin Games, then you are losing money.
World leaders in this sector, they allow you to keep playing like you always do but with the bonus of earning real money whenever you win matches.

This was one of the old FIFA players’ requests: the famous Head To Head Cash Challenges. EA has delegated this responsibility at Virgin Games offering to players the chance of play for real money on the PS3 and XBox360, against players of the same level or even against friends.

But the benefits of Virgin Games does not end here:

  • Advanced technology against cheaters (Fair Play Guarantee);
  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support;
  • Integration directly into the FIFA 13;
  • Direct connection to the EA servers.
  • This is a very interesting alternative for anyone who is a very good player. Is that Virgin Games organizes millionaires tournaments. The last of them amounted to $400,000.

    If you want to try, just make your free registration by clicking on the following image.

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    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - TV

    Second Place – Broadcasting Matches


    With the fast technological progress come also new forms of monetization. The faster connections and the emergence of tools like Twitch, came to help the growth of successful FIFA 13 matches transmissions.

    There are more people watching matches, as a simple search on the YouTube shows us. There are many videos with hundreds of thousands of views. It worth a very interesting amount of money. And we are only talking about matches, not the montages. It’s almost work free. Just need to have enough talent to bring viewers to the channel.

    It is important to transform as effective as possible the flow of visitors into money. Normally this is done through advertising. If you opt for Google and its profitable AdSense service for video, remember that you will need a prior approval.

    If you are seriously interested in pursuing this way, you will need to invest in hardware for quality transmissions in real time. The best solution currently on the market is the Elgato Game Capture HD.

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Coins

    Third Place – Selling Coins


    Most of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players want to build a dream team but do not know how to collect all the coins they need or they do not want to take such work. There are more and more players willing to pay real money to overcome this problem.

    If you are good trader, this could be a business opportunity for you. All the coins you collect can be turned into cash. Just gather as many coins as possible, find a buyer and make the deal.

    Usually this transaction is made as follows:

    1) the interested party carrying out the payment through the way agreed (PayPal, bank transfer or other);

    2) the buyer puts a card in the auction market with the same BIN (Buy it Now) that the amount of coins he want to buy;

    3) the seller buy that card by the agreed coins plus 5% to cover the EA tax.

    If you really want to make money with this method, hurry up. The coins devaluate over time.
    Even if you need them to build your team, you can always sell them a month before the FIFA 14 launch, when the coins have not yet reached the lower price.


    If you are a good FIFA 13 Ultimate Team trader or if you play exceptionally well, what are you waiting for ?


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