Earn FUT 13 coins with Seasons and Tournaments


One of the frequent complaints from fans of previous FIFA Ultimate Team versions was that the prizes for winning tournaments were very low. It was better to trade than to play.

With FUT 13 is no longer the case. EA increased the tournament prizes and set some pretty interesting awards in seasons. It already worth to play …


How to earn FUT 13 Coins with Seasons and Tournaments ?


Every time you finish a season, and even if the things have not gone well, it is awarded a prize to you. That is, you get a prize for participation based on your performance. In tournaments, prizes are awarded only if you win them.
These rewards may take the form of coins or in some cases also packets.

Read the rest of the article to know the best way to maximize that profit.


The 3 Step Method


Here is what you should do to earn FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coins by playing seasons and tournaments:

  • Step 1 – Choose a game

The first step is to choose the game type: offline, online, season or tournament. This decision affects the potential number of coins you can earn.

  • Step 2 – Participate

Play. Try to finish the season or win the tournament. In both cases, if you don’t do it, you will not receive coins.

  • Step 3 – Get the Coins

At the end of the season you will receive the prize according to your performance. For tournaments, you only receive the prize if you win the final.

FUT 13 Coins by Playing Seasons and Tournaments

At the end of each season match, there is a menu that shows the goals of your division and the prizes.


Optimize the Method of earning FUT 13 coins by playing seasons and tournaments


There is not much to do to earn more coins with this method. Still:

  • Don’t Giving Up
  • Especially when you are playing a season, it makes no sense to quit and give up from the prize. Even if you get relegated, you will always receive to some coins.

  • Choose Seasons
  • In seasons you need to play more than the four tournament matches in order to get your prize. But the truth is that the seasons are more profitable. If you are a great player, you can make 10k coins in seven first division matches. Joining this to prize matches, means that you can earn almost 1.500 coins per match. Not bad at all. It is very difficult to find tournaments as well paid.

  • Play to achieve goals
  • As a rule, when we start a match is because we want to win it. However, excessive ambition can betray us. If you’re in the last match and the tie is enough to achieve your goals, put all your players in the attack may not be the best option. Always keep in mind the goals of the season. Using training cards in the matches that can give you the title can also be a good decision.

    How many FUT 13 Coins can I earn with this Method ?


    The amount of coins you can earn is different for every non-resident tournament. For residents tournaments, the prizes to be awarded are:

    • Gold Tournament – 2.000 coins and a gold package
    • Silver Tournament – 1.250 coins and a silver package
    • Bronze Tournament – 1.000 coins and a bronze premium package

    The rewards for performance on FUT 13 seasons are listed here.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of this Method of earning FUT 13 coins


    You can play seasons and tournaments all the times you want. But you will never be rich on FUT 13 applying this method.

    Fun to apply.
    It can be done as many times as you want.
    Small income.

    Should I use this Method ?



    Being rewarded for doing something that we like and that we would do even if there were no reward is something very positive. It is true that earnings are low but we can not forget that in addition to the seasons and tournaments incomes we are also contributing to the prizes matches.