eFootball 2024 Release Date is announced to be between mid-August and September 2023.
eFootball 2024 Release Date

eFootball Update

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) became eFootball starting from the 2022 season. The name change was announced by Konami in July 2021, aiming to reflect the game’s new direction and strategy of focusing on a free-to-play football platform with regular updates instead of traditional annual releases. From the 2022 season onwards, the series was known as eFootball.

Every year, as a new season is taking its first steps, a new update is released instead of launching a new title. This year, the eFootball 2024 release date was announced on September 4. According to Konami, the mobile version update will be available from September 5th and the console version one day later.

eFootball 2024 will include data updates to reflect promotions/relegations of domestic leagues and player transfers.

In the transition to the new season, certain in-game assets and data will be carried over to ensure continuity in the player’s progress. These include eFootball™ Coins, eFootball™ Points, GP (up to a maximum of 999,999,999), Nominating Contracts, Chance Deals, Contract Renewals (both 60 Days and 10 Days), Training Programs, Skill Training Programs, Special Strips, and Settings.

Players can look forward to maintaining their valuable assets and continue building upon their achievements as they embrace the exciting changes and updates that the new season brings.

In eFootball 2024 (v3.0.0), significant changes will take place. The “Team Playstyle Level” will no longer be a gameplay element, meaning players won’t have “Team Playstyle Proficiency” affecting their Abilities. Players can freely use any Team Playstyle without impact. Any Progression Points allocated to “Team Playstyle Proficiency” will be returned during the update.

Additionally, the functionality of different card designs for Standard Player Cards at max Level will be removed, and all cards will be reverted to their default portrait upon acquisition. Further details on these changes will be available in future update announcements.
eFootball 2024 Release Date

Release Dates History

All release times are indicated in the UK time zone

Video Game Release Date
Update 2024 06/09/2023 Wed
Update 2023 25/08/2022 Thu
eFootball 30/09/2021 Thu
Release date of eFootball Update 2024 is estimated