Who are the Fastest in FIFA 12 UT ? (Part 1)

One of the attributes that FIFA Ultimate Team players give more importance is speed.

In this article we will reveal who are the fastest players. You may be surprised …


Speed, speed, speed

In FIFA Ultimate Team, players are distinguished mainly by their six basic attributes: speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and heading. There are other factors, but these six are those to which players pay more attention. Among these, speed assumes great protagonism. Who doesn’t like to have players who run away the wing towards the goal? Who can stand having defenses that, no matter how good they are, they always let themselves be overcome by opposing strikers?

Is is important to make the distinction between regular players’ cards and players’ cards In Form (IF). Let’s find out who are the ones that were born with this atributte.


Top Ten of Regular Fastest Players in FIFA Ultimate Team

Amongst the ten players who were born to be the fastest, surprisingly only half belongs to the gold level. This means that if your way of playing depends almost exclusively of the players speed, you should pay attention to some unknown that we bring to you.


1st Place – Theo Walcott [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-1.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: English

Club: Arsenal (Barclays PL)

Rating: 82

Estimated Price: 3.000 to 5.000 coins

Anyone who has played with this international knows than running is with him. Although any of the first three have an impressive pace of 96, the England midfielder beats the others because he is stronger in acceleration and sprint attributes. You should pray not to take this superstar in the opposite team as you probably will not have defenses that can compete with him.


2nd Place – Marvel Wynne [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-2.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: USA

Club: Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer)

Rating: 66

Estimated Price: 19.000 to 23.000 coins

The presence of this stranger on the podium is completely unpredictable. First of all, he is a silver player with a rating of 66, the lowest of this top 10. Second, because he plays in a club and in a country without famous football players (except those at the end of career). Finally, the strange is the fact that he is a defense, the only one of this top 10. In FIFA Ultimate Team the central backs are very slow. Superstars like Puyol, Ricardo Carvalho and John Terry barely reach the 60 of pace atributte. Wynne is a valuable element without competition with respect to speed (the second fastest central back is Kim Yong Ju under 10 points).


3rd Place – Jonathan Biabiany [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-3.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: French

Club: Parma (Serie A)

Rating: 73

Estimated Price: 7.000 to 20.000 coins

Biabiany is probably one of the best silver players in FIFA Ultimate Team. His 96 of pace and his power dribble well above the average, could justify the buy even for gold teams. He has already been considered the fastest player in Calcio getting speeds of around 30 km / hour (!).


4th Place – Aaron Lennon [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-4.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: English

Club: Tottenham Hotspur (Barclays PL)

Rating: 82

Estimated Price: 2.500 to 4.000 coins

Aaron Lennon reminds Walcott in almost everything: is young, English, plays in the same league , plays in a top club, is a right midfielder, has a rating of 82, has an outstanding dribbling and is super… fast. It is a slightly cheaper alternative but it will give surely many joys to those who contract him.


5th Place – Ryo Miyaichi [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-5.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: Japanese

Club: Arsenal (Barclays PL)

Rating: 71

Estimated Price: 20.000 to 25.000 coins

The only Asian of this top 10 also wins the title of most expensive. His 94 of pace atributte and the fact that he is a rare player, justify his high price market. The international youth by the Japanese is one of the bets for the future of the Arsenal team that confirms their reputation of having the world’s fastest players.


6th Place – Seydou Doumbia [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-6.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: Ivorian

Club: CSKA Moscovo (Russian League)

Rating: 82

Estimated Price: 2.000 to 3.000 coins

Doumbia is a relatively cheap buy for any club. For the price you pay, you will not find another player which causes so many problems for the opponents. It is no coincidence to find many teams that elect the African as their striker.


7th Place – Jonathan Pitroipa [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-7.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: Burkinabé

Club: Stade Rennais FC (Ligue 1)

Rating: 77

Estimated Price: 700 to 1.000 coins

With 94 of pace atributte, Pitroipa is one of the fastest players of our days. Like most of the players of this top 10, he plays in a right side of the midfield. In fact, he plays in the right side of the midfield, defense and attack. This player does not stop quiet.


8th Place – Vladimir Bystrov [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-8.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: Russian

Club: Zenit (Russian League)

Rating: 78

Estimated Price: 700 to 1.000 coins

This international by the Russia team is a very technical and even faster player, as evidenced by the 94 of pace. The oldest of this top 10, is a good bet for any gold team which is taking its first steps. With him, these steps will be larger and faster.


9th Place – Dennis Oliech [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-9.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: Kenyan

Club: AJ Auxerre (Ligue 1)

Rating: 72

Estimated Price: 4.000 to 16.000 coins

Known worldwide for the quality of their runners, Kenyans can be proud of having a player like Oliech. This selfih striker knows how to take advantage of his speed. In silver teams he is an atacking reference.


10th Place – Quincy Owusu-Abeyie [imageright]https://www.fifauteam.com/pt/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/A003-10.jpg[/imageright]

Nationality: Ghanaian

Club: Panathinaikos FC (Greek League)

Rating: 70

Estimated Price: 5.000 to 7.000 coins

This top ten of the fastest players in FIFA Ultimate Team ends with another African athlete. Quincy combines the pace of 94 to a powerful dribble, which means that he leaves behind most his opponents.