The FC 24 BWSL TOTS features the very best players from this football campaign in the Barclays Women’s Super League.
FC 24 Barclays Women's Super League TOTS


The FC 24 Barclays Women’s Super League Team of the Season (TOTS) features a selection of the best-performing players from the England top division in the current women’s football season. The TOTS is highly anticipated by fans of the game, who look forward to seeing their favorite players receive recognition for their outstanding performances on the pitch.

The players who make it into the TOTS receive special in-game cards, which are highly sought after by FC players worldwide.

Release Dates

The BWSL TOTS was released for the first time ever in FC 24.
Release dates for FC 24 are official.
All release times are indicated in the UK time zone.
Start 26/04/2024 18:00 Fri
End 03/05/2024 18:00 Fri

Team of the Season Items

The Barclays Women’s Super League TOTS is available in packs from April 26 to May 03, 2024.
GK Khiara Keating 91
CB Alex Greenwood 94
CB Lotte Wubben-Moy 90
LB Niamh Charles 94
CDM Katie Zelem 92
RW Lauren James 97
LM Lauren Hemp 95
LW Melvine Malard PM 93
ST Khadija Shaw 96
ST Sam Kerr PM 96
ST Alessia Russo PM 96
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FC 24 BWSL Team of the Season

Squad Building Challenges and Objectives
LB Katie McCabe 91
RW Chloe Kelly 93
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