FC 24 Bundesliga Goalkeepers

The Best Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers in the Bundesliga are the least utilized players on the field, often receiving less attention when it comes to team building. The majority of players tend to prioritize acquiring forwards first, followed by strengthening the midfield, defense, and lastly, the goalkeeper position.

Nevertheless, a skilled goalkeeper can have a significant impact by potentially saving numerous goals. Additionally, they often prove to be a wise investment due to their relatively affordable prices.

When choosing a goalkeeper, it is crucial not to rely solely on their overall rating. Two vital attributes to consider are reflexes and diving ability. Reflexes gauge a goalkeeper’s agility when making saves, while diving indicates their proficiency in making saves while jumping.

Experienced Ultimate Team players recognize that another crucial factor influencing a goalkeeper’s performance is their height. Generally, taller goalkeepers have a greater likelihood of maintaining a clean sheet.
Manuel Neuer87
Gregor Kobel87
Kevin Trapp85
Péter Gulácsi84
Koen Casteels84
Lukáš Hrádecký81
Jonas Omlin80
Oliver Baumann80
Frederik Rønnow79
Marvin Schwäbe77
Manuel Riemann77
Jiří Pavlenka77
Janis Blaswich77
Robin Zentner76
Alexander Nübel76
Marcel Schuhen75
Gregor Kobel 8789
Kevin Trapp 8586
Koen Casteels 8486
Lukáš Hrádecký 8186
Manuel Neuer 8784
Péter Gulácsi 8484
Jiří Pavlenka 7783
Jonas Omlin 8082
Manuel Riemann 7782
Marvin Schwäbe 7781
Robin Zentner 7681
Janis Blaswich 7780
Alexander Nübel 7680
Oliver Baumann 8079
Frederik Rønnow 7979
Marcel Schuhen 7577
Gregor Kobel 8786
Péter Gulácsi 8485
Manuel Neuer 8784
Koen Casteels 8484
Kevin Trapp 8583
Lukáš Hrádecký 8183
Jonas Omlin 8080
Oliver Baumann 8080
Frederik Rønnow 7979
Marvin Schwäbe 7779
Jiří Pavlenka 7778
Manuel Riemann 7777
Robin Zentner 7677
Janis Blaswich 7776
Alexander Nübel 7674
Marcel Schuhen 7574
Koen Casteels 84197 / 6′6″
Jiří Pavlenka 77196 / 6′5″
Gregor Kobel 87195 / 6′5″
Robin Zentner 76194 / 6′4″
Manuel Neuer 87193 / 6′4″
Janis Blaswich 77193 / 6′4″
Alexander Nübel 76193 / 6′4″
Lukáš Hrádecký 81192 / 6′4″
Péter Gulácsi 84191 / 6′3″
Jonas Omlin 80190 / 6′3″
Marvin Schwäbe 77190 / 6′3″
Kevin Trapp 85189 / 6′2″
Frederik Rønnow 79188 / 6′2″
Marcel Schuhen 75188 / 6′2″
Oliver Baumann 80187 / 6′2″
Manuel Riemann 77186 / 6′1″
The Best FC 24 Bundesliga Goalkeepers

Global Overview (GK)

At the top of the list of the best Bundesliga goalkeepers, we have a tie. Kobel is slightly better than Neuer, but the German goalkeeper has exceptional kicking stats, surpassed only by Ederson in the entire game. You should use one or the other depending on your playing style.

In our opinion, Casteels and Trapp are the best alternatives to the duo we mentioned, but be prepared for a significant drop in quality

Top 10 GKs

1 Manuel Neuer
2 Gregor Kobel
3 Koen Casteels
4 Kevin Trapp
5 Péter Gulácsi
6 Lukáš Hrádecký
7 Jonas Omlin
8 Oliver Baumann
9 Frederik Rønnow
10 Manuel Riemann