You can hire an FC 24 Champions Service so that Pros can play on your account.
FC 24 Champions Service

What is a Champions Service?

In recent times, due to increased demand and the fact that professional players are exploring new sources of income, Champions Services have become more popular.

They essentially involve hiring a Pro to play on the account of the person who hired them. In exchange for a predetermined payment, they take on the responsibility of achieving certain goals within a pre-agreed timeframe. The most requested goal is reaching Rank I in the current week, but services can be based on other ranks, the number of wins, or even another game mode, such as Rivals.

In order for this to be possible, the individual needs to provide the account credentials to the person who will perform the service. It is recommended to do so only if they trust the individual who will be playing. Otherwise, they may risk losing all the cards and coins in their account. If everything goes as planned, the account is returned to the owner, who can then claim the rewards, if applicable.

The popularity of this service has increased due to the community’s growing appetite for spending money on this game. An individual can hire a professional to play for them simply because they want to receive potentially better rewards, show someone that they have reached a certain rank, or because they are unavailable to play during a particular period and do not want to miss out on the rewards. In any of these situations, the account will be unavailable until the service is complete.
FC 24 Champions Service

How to Hire a Pro

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to carefully choose someone who can provide guarantees that they will not take possession of what is in your account or use it beyond what has been agreed upon. In case of doubt, it is best not to hire the service.

It’s true that not being deceived is the most important aspect, but there are other factors to consider when hiring a Champions Service. First and foremost, ensure that the person playing your games is genuinely competent and capable of achieving the specified objectives. It’s important that they provide a direct communication channel that you can reach out to in case of any issues. Both parties should be clear about the platform involved, the timeline, and the cost before sharing account details. You can also ask relevant questions, such as what happens if the contracted objectives are not met.

If you want to hire a trustworthy service, we recommend doing it through us. We have a top team of Pros ready to play your games and help you achieve your goals, even if you don’t have strong players. When you choose our service, you know that you’re getting the best price, your team will typically be returned to you within 24 hours (although it may take up to 48 hours in some cases), and the entire process will be smooth and secure.

How To Hire us for a Champions Service in FC 24
  1. Send us a DM to the @fifauteam account in the X (former Twitter);
  2. Agree with the conditions and place an order;
  3. Give your credentials and wait until the matches are completed;
  4. Receive your account back.
Frequently Asked Questions
No. Buying a Champions Service online can be risky. While some sellers are legitimate, there are also many scammers and fraudulent websites. We suggest you hire this service to us, as described in the tutorial.
No. EA cannot identify if it was you to play or not.
Yes, some Pros also do it for Rivals.
PlayStation, Xbox and PC, depending on where you hire the service.