FC 24 Crossplay lets you play with friends regardless of their platform.
FC 24 Crossplay Guide

Platforms and Game Modes

FC 24 crossplay is the ability to play the game with players from different platforms. It means you are no longer limited to playing with friends with the same console.

Cross-play is available for players on the same platform generation:

  • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC;
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This feature was first introduced in May 2022, when Electronic Arts tested it in FIFA 22, but it had several limitations. In FIFA 23 it was introduced since the launch date. For the first Football Club title, crossplay is available in all multiplayer online modes.

  • New Additions
    • Clubs;
    • Co-Op Season;
    • VOLTA Football Arcade;
    • VOLTA Football Squads;
    • Ultimate Team Squad Battles Co-Op;
    • Ultimate Team Rivals Co-Op;
    • Ultimate Team Friendlies Co-Op;
  • Previous Modes
    • Ultimate Team Rivals;
    • Ultimate Team Champions;
    • Ultimate Team Online Draft;
    • Ultimate Team Online Friendlies;
    • Ultimate Team Play a Friend;
    • Online Friendlies;
    • Rivals;
    • Online Seasons.

FC 24 Crossplay Features

Highly requested by the fans, crossplay does not directly impact the gameplay of FC 24. That’s why only players from the same console generation can play each other.

The ability to play with friends is not the only good thing about crossplay. A much bigger pool of players means faster matchmaking and also that you face opponents of your level more often.

Ultimate Team is the game mode more impacted by this new feature. With the addition of Ultimate Team crossplay, the Transfer Market is the same for all platforms, with the exception of PC and Switch, which continue to have their own separate markets.

A single market helps level the playing field in the availability of massive FC 24 cards, address pricing differences and ensure that all players face the same competition. Additionally, crossplay is a game-changer feature for platforms where the transfer market doesn’t have many items.
Crossplay feature

How to Crossplay

Cross-play allows people who play the same game on different systems to play together. If you opt into crossplay, you’ll be playing online against players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC; PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If you decide not to opt-in, you’ll only play against players on the same system as you.

If you opt-out of cross-play, it could potentially take longer to find an opponent when matchmaking, as it naturally reduces the amount of potential opponents that could be found. Opting into cross-play will ensure that matchmaking will look for the largest pool of potential opponents possible.

How to enable Crossplay
  1. From the main FC screen, go to [Settings];
  2. Select [Online Settings];
  3. Select [Matchmaking Options];
  4. Select [Online Settings];
  5. Choose ‘Yes’ for ‘Cross-Play Opt-in/Opt-out’. If you decide to disable crossplay, you just need to change it back to ‘No’.

When cross-play is enabled, there is a widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the main FC 24 menu that can be opened with the corresponding button prompt. From this EA Social widget, you can enable/disable crossplay, search for friends regardless of their platform, and block and/or mute someone if desired.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, crossplay is a new feature in FC 24. It allows you to connect and play with friends and members of this game’s community regardless of what platform they play on.
Crossplay in FC 24 is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC Origin, PC Steam and PC Epic Games; PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
No. Crossplay is only available for players on the same platform generation. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions of FC 24 are cross-play compatible with one another, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of FC 24 are cross-play compatible with one another.
Assuming that you have the Crossplay enabled, the matchmaking will search for an appropriate opponent, and they may or may not end up being on a different platform than you.
In FC 24 cross-play is available in all game modes.
Similar to other game modes, cross-play in Clubs will be generation-specific, meaning that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can hit the pitch together, while players across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC can do so as well. From creation, no club will be locked to the platform of the creator, meaning public clubs can immediately be discovered and joined by players from any platform of the same generation.

If for any reason you’re looking to play a match exclusively with players from your platform, you only need to set your local cross-play setting to ‘Disabled’ and be the first player to enter your Clubs match lobby. The cross-play setting of your lobby will remain until all players have exited.

Cross-play will be enabled in all Clubs match types including League, Playoff, Friendly, and Drop-In.
There are two ways to enable the crossplay feature:
  • From the bottom right hand corner widget;
  • From the matchmaking options settings screen
    (customise> online settings > matchmaking options > online settings)
If you’ve already met them in-game, search for their name as usual. If you know them from playing other games, search for them in-game using:
  • their Origin name if they’re playing on PC;
  • their PlayStation Network Online ID if they’re on PlayStation;
  • their Gamertag if they’re on Xbox.
Once you’ve found your friends, add them to your list so you’ll see them there whenever they’re online.
Use the widget in the bottom right-hand corner to search for your friend by his platform or EA username as indicated by the on-screen button prompt. Once you have found your friend’s name, select him and choose the option to add him as a friend. Your friend should accept your request in the widget.
Assuming crossplay is enabled, you can select his name from your friend’s list in the widget and follow the button prompts to invite him to a match.
When you’re searching for a friend on the main menu widget, you will see a crossplay platform indicator beside his name. If your friend is on the same platform as you, the indicator will show the platform you’re on. If your friend is on a different platform, a different Indicator will be shown.
No, crossplay does not have any direct impact on the gameplay of FC 24.
When you enable cross-play and play within someone on another platform, that other platform may receive your platform’s ID and other information necessary to enable cross-play.
Yes, cross-play availability can potentially be impacted on a platform by platform basis by things like planned or unplanned maintenances, server releases, Title Updates, unexpected downtime, or matchmaking updates.