The analysis published on this page is valid for FIFA 23 and will be timely updated for FC 24.
FC 24 LaLiga Defenders

The Best Centre Backs

The presence of skilled central defenders in front of a goalkeeper greatly facilitates their task. These defenders play a crucial role in preventing the opposing team from approaching your team’s goal in a dangerous manner.

Two attributes are particularly significant for central defenders: defending and physicality. A player with strong defending abilities has a higher likelihood of successfully dispossessing opponents and preventing them from reaching the penalty area. The physical attribute measures the players’ ability to use their bodies effectively in winning possession.
Antonio Rüdiger87
David Alaba86
Jules Koundé84
Éder Militão84
Stefan Savić84
Ronald Araujo83
Pau Torres83
José María Giménez83
Andreas Christensen82
Iñigo Martínez82
Geoffrey Kondogbia82
Gabriel Paulista82
Nacho Fernández82
Aritz Elustondo82
Raúl Albiol82
Robin Le Normand81
Mario Hermoso80
Stefan Savić 8487
Antonio Rüdiger 8786
David Alaba 8685
Jules Koundé 8485
Éder Militão 8485
José María Giménez 8385
Raúl Albiol 8285
Pau Torres 8384
Piqué 8384
Andreas Christensen 8284
Gabriel Paulista 8284
Ronald Araujo 8383
Fernando 8383
Robin Le Normand 8183
Iñigo Martínez 8282
Nacho Fernández 8282
Aritz Elustondo 8282
Yeray 8082
Geoffrey Kondogbia 8281
Felipe 8181
Geoffrey Kondogbia 8288
Joseph Aidoo 7888
Fali 7687
Marcão 7986
Antonio Rüdiger 8785
Aridane 7685
Nemanja Gudelj 7984
José María Giménez 8383
Ronald Araujo 8383
Gabriel Paulista 8283
Felipe 8183
Martin Valjent 7583
Leandro Cabrera 7583
Éder Militão 8482
Pau Torres 8381
Fernando 8381
Stefan Savić 8480
Iñigo Martínez 8280
Nacho Fernández 8280
Robin Le Normand 8180
Éder Militão 8486
Jawad El Yamiq 7586
Jules Koundé 8484
Antonio Rüdiger 8782
Reinildo 7980
David Alaba 8679
Ronald Araujo 8377
Dimitri Foulquier 7576
Nacho Fernández 8275
Mario Hermoso 8075
Joseph Aidoo 7875
Balenziaga 7575
Lucas Olaza 7575
Pau Torres 8373
Juan Foyth 7972
Luiz Felipe 7972
José María Giménez 8371
Iñigo Martínez 8271
Unai Núñez 7970
Vivian 7670
The Best FC 24 LaLiga Centre-Backs

Global Overview (CB)

You won’t have any problem finding a good centre-back in LaLiga. There are many good options. If you want the best, you must look to Antonio Rüdiger and Éder Militão. They are fast and look like a wall in the defence. The H/M work rates of Militão shouldn’t be a problem if you use a CB with high defensive work rates next to him, as is the case of his teammate, but it is the reason why our favourite is the German defender.

Jules Koundé and David Alaba are excellent alternatives if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the best two. The French player is faster while the Real Madrid player is better with the ball on his feet.

If you want someone even cheaper, you should consider using Ronald Araújo and Pau Torres.

Top 10 CBs

1 Antonio Rüdiger
2 Éder Militão
3 Jules Koundé
4 David Alaba
5 Ronald Araujo
6 Pau Torres
7 José María Giménez
8 Geoffrey Kondogbia
9 Nacho Fernández
10 Reinildo
FC 24 LaLiga Defenders

The Best Right Backs

The role of LaLiga right backs is similar to their counterparts on the opposite flank. Their primary objective is to make it challenging for opposing wingers and actively contribute to their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and pace are crucial attributes for any right back in the Spanish League. As defenders, they need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the risk of conceding goals.

Given the nature of play on the flanks, which tends to be faster than the central areas of the field, right backs need to be quick, capable of both defensive and attacking movements, and able to penetrate the opposition’s defenses. They play a vital role in supporting the team’s overall gameplay.
Marcos Llorente84
Ronald Araujo83
Jesús Navas83
Aritz Elustondo82
Lucas Vázquez81
Sergi Roberto80
Gonzalo Montiel79
Héctor Bellerín79
Juan Foyth79
Nahuel Molina78
Pablo Maffeo78
Rubén Peña78
Damián Suárez77
Hugo Mallo77
De Marcos77
Thierry Correia76
Ronald Araujo 8383
Aritz Elustondo 8282
Juan Foyth 7980
Jesús Navas 8379
Marcos Llorente 8478
Carvajal 8478
Sergi Roberto 8075
Gonzalo Montiel 7975
Héctor Bellerín 7975
Pablo Maffeo 7875
Gorosabel 7775
Damián Suárez 7775
Hugo Mallo 7775
Fali 7675
Zaldúa 7675
Odriozola 7874
Rubén Peña 7874
Jaume Costa 7674
Lucas Vázquez 8173
Capa 7773
Thierry Correia 7690
Marcos Llorente 8488
Jesús Navas 8385
Gonzalo Montiel 7983
Pablo Maffeo 7883
Carvajal 8482
Lucas Vázquez 8182
Odriozola 7882
Nahuel Molina 7882
Héctor Bellerín 7981
Lekue 7581
Iván Balliu 7581
Capa 7779
Óscar Gil 7679
Rubén Peña 7878
De Marcos 7778
Ronald Araujo 8377
Youssouf Sabaly 7677
Dimitri Foulquier 7576
Gorosabel 7775
The Best FC 24 LaLiga Right-Backs

Global Overview (RB, RWB)

Marcos Llorente is not a native fullback but plays better than any other. He’s fast, strong and has good passing and dribbling skills. His price is the only thing that may make you find another player for this position.

In our opinion, Navas and Carvajal are the best alternatives. Gonzalo Montiel is also an interesting player, but his passing stats must improve.

If your goal is to find someone to give security to the defence, we suggest you look into Ronald Araújo. His poor passing and dribbling skills and his high defensive work rate make him a good choice only for staying back.

The 10 RBs/RWBs

1 Marcos Llorente
2 Jesús Navas
3 Carvajal
4 Gonzalo Montiel
5 Lucas Vázquez
6 Héctor Bellerín
7 Ronald Araujo
8 Thierry Correia
9 Pablo Maffeo
10 Odriozola
FC 24 LaLiga Defenders

The Best Left Backs

The role of left backs in LaLiga is similar to their counterparts on the opposite side. They strive to make it difficult for opposing wingers and actively participate in their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and speed are essential attributes for any left back in LaLiga.

As defenders, left backs need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the team’s vulnerability to conceding goals. Given the faster pace of play on the flanks compared to the center of the field, left backs must be quick, adept at both defensive and attacking movements, and contribute to the overall team gameplay through their incisive runs and defensive contributions.
Marcos Acuña85
Jordi Alba85
Ferland Mendy83
Nacho Fernández82
Yuri Berchiche82
Mario Hermoso80
Álex Moreno80
Javi Galán80
Alex Telles80
Marcos Alonso79
Alfonso Espino78
Rubén Peña78
Johan Mojica77
Domingos Duarte77
Alberto Moreno77
Karim Rekik77
Nacho Fernández 8282
Mario Hermoso 8081
Marcos Acuña 8580
Yuri Berchiche 8279
Domingos Duarte 7779
Ferland Mendy 8378
Gayà 8278
Reinildo 7978
Jordi Alba 8577
Reguilón 8077
Marcos Alonso 7976
Karim Rekik 7776
Escudero 7576
Álex Moreno 8075
Alex Telles 8075
Javi Galán 8075
Leandro Cabrera 7575
Alfonso Espino 7874
Pedraza 7874
Rubén Peña 7874
Ferland Mendy 8392
Adrià Pedrosa 7690
Fran García 7589
Álex Moreno 8088
Johan Mojica 7788
Alfonso Espino 7887
Jordi Alba 8584
Gayà 8283
Reguilón 8083
Yuri Berchiche 8281
Pedraza 7881
Alberto Moreno 7781
Lekue 7581
Reinildo 7980
Alex Telles 8079
Fabrizio Angileri 7679
Javi Galán 8078
Rubén Peña 7878
Miranda 7677
Marcos Acuña 8576
The Best FC 24 LaLiga Left-Backs

Global Overview (LB, LWB)

If you want the best, you have to buy Ferland Mendy. He’s the fastest and strongest left-back playing in Spain. We are sure you will love his five weak foot stars and four stars skills as much as we love his high/high work rate and stamina. He is much better than any other LB and, for that reason, much more expensive.

In our opinion, Jordi Alba is the best alternative for him. Despite his age, he is still fast and better than Mendy on passing and dribbling.

Marcos Acuña isn’t fast, but he may be instrumental in specific situations since he is the left-back with the highest face stats in the world.

The 10 LBs/LWBs

1 Ferland Mendy
2 Jordi Alba
3 Marcos Acuña
4 Yuri Berchiche
5 Álex Moreno
6 Gayà
7 Alfonso Espino
8 Johan Mojica
9 Reguilón
10 Adrià Pedrosa