The analysis published on this page is valid for FIFA 23 and will be timely updated for FC 24.
FC 24 Ligue 1 Defenders

The Best Centre Backs

The presence of skilled central defenders in front of a goalkeeper greatly facilitates their task. These defenders play a crucial role in preventing the opposing team from approaching your team’s goal in a dangerous manner.

Two attributes are particularly significant for central defenders: defending and physicality. A player with strong defending abilities has a higher likelihood of successfully dispossessing opponents and preventing them from reaching the penalty area. The physical attribute measures the players’ ability to use their bodies effectively in winning possession.
Sergio Ramos84
Presnel Kimpembe83
José Fonte80
Nordi Mukiele79
Chancel Mbemba79
Jérôme Boateng79
Jean-Clair Todibo78
Samuel Gigot78
Pablo Rosario78
Andrei Girotto78
Guillermo Maripán78
Benoît Badiashile77
Axel Disasi77
Alexander Djiku77
Nicolas Pallois77
Facundo Medina76
Castello Lukeba76
Gerzino Nyamsi76
Marquinhos 8889
Sergio Ramos 8483
Presnel Kimpembe 8383
José Fonte 8082
Nordi Mukiele 7981
Chancel Mbemba 7980
Jérôme Boateng 7980
Jean-Clair Todibo 7879
Samuel Gigot 7879
Andrei Girotto 7879
Guillermo Maripán 7879
Dante 7879
Benoît Badiashile 7778
Axel Disasi 7777
Nicolas Pallois 7777
Castello Lukeba 7677
Warmed Omari 7577
Pablo Rosario 7876
Alexander Djiku 7776
Facundo Medina 7676
Presnel Kimpembe 8386
Nicolas Pallois 7784
Ibrahima Sissoko 7584
Axel Disasi 7782
Gerzino Nyamsi 7682
Chancel Mbemba 7981
Alexander Djiku 7781
Mamadou Sakho 7681
Marquinhos 8880
José Fonte 8080
Nordi Mukiele 7980
Samuel Gigot 7880
Yunis Abdelhamid 7680
Guillermo Maripán 7879
Pablo Rosario 7879
Arthur Theate 7579
Dante 7878
Jonathan Gradit 7578
Kevin Danso 7578
Sergio Ramos 8477
Tiago Djaló 7581
Presnel Kimpembe 8380
Marquinhos 8879
Kevin Danso 7579
Nordi Mukiele 7978
Jean-Clair Todibo 7875
Facundo Medina 7673
Castello Lukeba 7673
Jonathan Gradit 7573
Sead Kolašinac 7573
Chancel Mbemba 7972
Arthur Theate 7572
Eric Bailly 7670
Alexander Djiku 7769
Thiago Mendes 7668
Leonardo Balerdi 7568
Samuel Gigot 7867
Malang Sarr 7567
Warmed Omari 7565
Pablo Rosario 7864
The Best FC 24 Ligue 1 Centre-Backs

Global Overview (CB)

Marquinhos has tremendous defensive skills and is also good with the ball on his feet. Kimpembe is slightly more robust, but his teammate is better in everything else. They are the best two CBs you can use on Ligue 1.

In our opinion, Mukiele is the best alternative them. He’s fast and good on the defense. Tiago Djaló and Mbemba are also interesting options.

If you don’t need a fast center-back, Sergio Ramos may be a helpful element in your team.

Top 10 CBs

1 Marquinhos
2 Presnel Kimpembe
3 Nordi Mukiele
4 Tiago Djaló
5 Chancel Mbemba
6 Sergio Ramos
7 Jean-Clair Todibo
8 Alexander Djiku
9 Kevin Danso
10 Sead Kolašinac
FC 24 Ligue 1 Defenders

The Best Right Backs

The role of Ligue 1 right backs is similar to their counterparts on the opposite flank. Their primary objective is to make it challenging for opposing wingers and actively contribute to their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and pace are crucial attributes for any right back in the French League. As defenders, they need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the risk of conceding goals.

Given the nature of play on the flanks, which tends to be faster than the central areas of the field, right backs need to be quick, capable of both defensive and attacking movements, and able to penetrate the opposition’s defenses. They play a vital role in supporting the team’s overall gameplay.
Achraf Hakimi84
Jonathan Clauss80
Hamari Traoré80
Nordi Mukiele79
Valentin Rongier78
Ruben Aguilar77
Przemysław Frankowski76
Tiago Djaló75
Malo Gusto75
Youcef Atal75
Jordan Lotomba75
Jimmy Cabot75
Thomas Foket75
Nordi Mukiele 7981
Valentin Rongier 7877
Tiago Djaló 7576
Achraf Hakimi 8475
Hamari Traoré 8075
Ruben Aguilar 7773
Jordan Lotomba 7571
Thomas Foket 7571
Jonathan Clauss 8069
Vanderson 7669
Youcef Atal 7568
Malo Gusto 7567
Przemysław Frankowski 7665
Jimmy Cabot 7552
Achraf Hakimi 8492
Przemysław Frankowski 7692
Youcef Atal 7588
Jimmy Cabot 7588
Malo Gusto 7586
Jonathan Clauss 8084
Hamari Traoré 8083
Tiago Djaló 7581
Jordan Lotomba 7579
Nordi Mukiele 7978
Vanderson 7678
Ruben Aguilar 7773
Thomas Foket 7572
Valentin Rongier 7871
The Best FC 24 Ligue 1 Right-Backs

Global Overview (RB, RWB)

Hakimi is the most exciting right-back playing in France, and it’s easy to understand why. In six face stats, he wins in four (!). The PSG defender is an amazing player, but he is also expensive. If you need a decent alternative to him, we suggest you try Mukiele. He’s not as fast as most other fullbacks, but he is solid on the back.

Clauss and Hamari Traoré are other players you can use on the right side of your defense.

The 10 RBs/RWBs

1 Achraf Hakimi
2 Nordi Mukiele
3 Jonathan Clauss
4 Hamari Traoré
5 Przemysław Frankowski
6 Youcef Atal
7 Tiago Djaló
8 Valentin Rongier
9 Vanderson
10 Malo Gusto
FC 24 Ligue 1 Defenders

The Best Left Backs

Left backs have the same role as their team mates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate in the team’s offensive manoeuvres.

Defending and pace are vital attributes for any left back.

As defenders that they are, they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding. A flanked game tends to be faster than a game in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces need to be fast, penetrating, defensive and attacking moves of the team.
Nuno Mendes80
Caio Henrique78
Juan Bernat78
Birger Meling76
Przemysław Frankowski76
Tiago Djaló75
Malang Sarr75
Adrien Truffert75
Melvin Bard75
Dimitri Liénard75
Jordan Lotomba75
Sead Kolašinac75
Tiago Djaló 7576
Juan Bernat 7875
Malang Sarr 7575
Nuno Mendes 8074
Ismaily 7974
Caio Henrique 7873
Adrien Truffert 7572
Dimitri Liénard 7572
Melvin Bard 7571
Jordan Lotomba 7571
Sead Kolašinac 7571
Birger Meling 7670
Przemysław Frankowski 7665
Nuno Mendes 8089
Ismaily 7982
Birger Meling 7682
Tiago Djaló 7581
Nicolás Tagliafico 8180
Jordan Lotomba 7579
Melvin Bard 7576
Caio Henrique 7875
Juan Bernat 7874
Adrien Truffert 7573
Sead Kolašinac 7573
Malang Sarr 7567
Dimitri Liénard 7553
The Best FC 24 Ligue 1 Left-Backs

Global Overview (LB, LWB)

Left fullbacks are not the best players in Ligue 1. Only a few are playable. The others are not fast enough or more suitable to play in other positions.

In our opinion, Nuno Mendes is the best choice. However, Tagliafico is also interesting, especially if you want to give a special focus to the defense.

For low-budget squads, we suggest trying Ismaily.

The 10 LBs/LWBs

1 Nuno Mendes
2 Nicolás Tagliafico
3 Ismaily
4 Juan Bernat
5 Caio Henrique
6 Przemysław Frankowski
7 Tiago Djaló
8 Birger Meling
9 Jordan Lotomba
10 Melvin Bard