The analysis published on this page is valid for FIFA 23 and will be timely updated for FC 24.
FC 24 Serie A Defenders

The Best Centre Backs

The presence of skilled central defenders in front of a goalkeeper greatly facilitates their task. These defenders play a crucial role in preventing the opposing team from approaching your team’s goal in a dangerous manner.

Two attributes are particularly significant for central defenders: defending and physicality. A player with strong defending abilities has a higher likelihood of successfully dispossessing opponents and preventing them from reaching the penalty area. The physical attribute measures the players’ ability to use their bodies effectively in winning possession.
Milan Škriniar86
Alessandro Bastoni84
Fikayo Tomori84
Stefan de Vrij84
Leonardo Bonucci84
Francesco Acerbi82
Simon Kjær82
Rafael Tolói81
Gianluca Mancini81
Chris Smalling81
Amir Rrahmani80
Nikola Milenković80
Alessio Romagnoli80
Marten de Roon80
Kim Min Jae79
Berat Djimsiti79
Samuel Umtiti79
Pierre Kalulu78
Milan Škriniar 8688
Stefan de Vrij 8487
Alessandro Bastoni 8486
Fikayo Tomori 8486
Leonardo Bonucci 8485
Francesco Acerbi 8285
Bremer 8384
Simon Kjær 8284
Chris Smalling 8183
Alessio Romagnoli 8083
Rafael Tolói 8182
Amir Rrahmani 8082
Marten de Roon 8082
Berat Djimsiti 7982
Gianluca Mancini 8181
Nikola Milenković 8081
Ibañez 7981
Kim Min Jae 7979
Samuel Umtiti 7979
Pierre Kalulu 7879
Gianluca Mancini 8187
Milan Škriniar 8686
Kim Min Jae 7984
Marten de Roon 8083
Nikola Milenković 8083
Igor 7683
Omar Colley 7583
Alessandro Bastoni 8482
Rafael Tolói 8182
Fikayo Tomori 8481
Berat Djimsiti 7981
Chris Smalling 8180
Amir Rrahmani 8080
Merih Demiral 7780
Stefan de Vrij 8479
Bremer 8379
Ibañez 7979
Leonardo Bonucci 8478
Francesco Acerbi 8278
Simon Kjær 8278
Fikayo Tomori 8486
Ibañez 7982
Kim Min Jae 7980
Pierre Kalulu 7880
Milan Škriniar 8678
Bremer 8378
Federico Dimarco 7876
Stefan Posch 7575
Nicolò Casale 7674
Alessandro Bastoni 8473
Merih Demiral 7773
Igor 7673
Berat Djimsiti 7971
Jeison Murillo 7571
Marten de Roon 8070
Juan Jesus 7669
Patric 7569
Stefan de Vrij 8468
Danilo D’Ambrosio 7868
Gianluca Mancini 8167
The Best FC 24 Serie A Centre-Backs

Global Overview (CB)

There are plenty of quality center-backs in this league, but, in our opinion, Tomori and Škriniar are the best ones. They are very strong, fast, and only de Vrij defends as well as them. Our preference goes to Tomori, who is faster, but the defensive skills of Škriniar are also impressive.

Far from the quality of these two, you can also use Kim Min Jae, Bremer, and Ibañez. The South Korean center-back was one of the good surprises this year. He is fast, strong, and has a much better work rate than Roma’s defender.

There is also Bonucci, who is a good defender but too slow for most of the teams.

Top 10 CBs

1 Fikayo Tomori
2 Milan Škriniar
3 Kim Min Jae
4 Bremer
5 Ibañez
6 Alessandro Bastoni
7 Marten de Roon
8 Pierre Kalulu
9 Stefan de Vrij
10 Leonardo Bonucci
FC 24 Serie A Defenders

The Best Right Backs

The role of Serie A right backs is similar to their counterparts on the opposite flank. Their primary objective is to make it challenging for opposing wingers and actively contribute to their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and pace are crucial attributes for any right back in the Italian League. As defenders, they need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the risk of conceding goals.

Given the nature of play on the flanks, which tends to be faster than the central areas of the field, right backs need to be quick, capable of both defensive and attacking movements, and able to penetrate the opposition’s defenses. They play a vital role in supporting the team’s overall gameplay.
Juan Cuadrado83
Denzel Dumfries82
Giovanni Di Lorenzo82
Davide Calabria80
Rick Karsdorp80
Hans Hateboer80
Matteo Darmian80
Manuel Lazzari79
Adam Marušić79
Alessandro Florenzi79
Pierre Kalulu78
Marco Davide Faraoni78
Sergiño Dest77
Wilfried Singo76
Joakim Mæhle76
Zeki Çelik76
Mattia De Sciglio76
Lorenzo De Silvestri76
Stefan Posch75
Danilo 8081
Matteo Darmian 8081
Davide Calabria 8079
Pierre Kalulu 7879
Stefan Posch 7579
Giovanni Di Lorenzo 8278
Denzel Dumfries 8278
Hans Hateboer 8077
Juan Cuadrado 8376
Patric 7576
Mattia De Sciglio 7676
Rick Karsdorp 8075
Adam Marušić 7975
Alessandro Florenzi 7974
Lorenzo De Silvestri 7673
Zeki Çelik 7673
Marco Davide Faraoni 7872
Wilfried Singo 7672
Elseid Hysaj 7572
Samuele Birindelli 7571
Manuel Lazzari 7992
Juan Cuadrado 8390
Dodô 7588
Sergiño Dest 7786
Giovanni Di Lorenzo 8285
Rick Karsdorp 8085
Joakim Mæhle 7685
Adam Marušić 7984
Samuele Birindelli 7584
Denzel Dumfries 8283
Hans Hateboer 8082
Pierre Kalulu 7880
Davide Calabria 8079
Wilfried Singo 7679
Petar Stojanović 7579
Marco Davide Faraoni 7878
Valentino Lazaro 7578
Zeki Çelik 7677
Alessandro Florenzi 7976
Elseid Hysaj 7575
The Best FC 24 Serie A Right-Backs

Global Overview (RB, RWB)

It’s not from today, but, as you probably know, there is a lack of quality on right backs from Serie A. In our opinion, Juan Cuadrado is still the best player in this position. He has the highest dribbling stats and the second-best pace and passing. Only Florenzi has better shooting than him. Unfortunately, Cuadrado is not as good on the defense.

There are players you may use, but your choice should consider their weak points:
  • Danilo is slow and more focused on the defense.
  • Dumfries, Kalulu, and Marušić have low passing stats.
  • Lazzari is physically weak.
Di Lorenzo is the most balanced, and for that reason, our choice to be used as a replacement for Cuadrado.

The 10 RBs/RWBs

1 Juan Cuadrado
2 Giovanni Di Lorenzo
3 Denzel Dumfries
4 Pierre Kalulu
5 Rick Karsdorp
6 Manuel Lazzari
7 Adam Marušić
8 Hans Hateboer
9 Danilo
10 Davide Calabria
FC 24 Serie A Defenders

The Best Left Backs

The role of left backs in Serie A is similar to their counterparts on the opposite side. They strive to make it difficult for opposing wingers and actively participate in their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and speed are essential attributes for any left back in Serie A.

As defenders, left backs need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the team’s vulnerability to conceding goals. Given the faster pace of play on the flanks compared to the center of the field, left backs must be quick, adept at both defensive and attacking movements, and contribute to the overall team gameplay through their incisive runs and defensive contributions.
Theo Hernández85
Filip Kostić85
Robin Gosens82
Leonardo Spinazzola82
Cristiano Biraghi80
Alex Sandro80
Adam Marušić79
Davide Zappacosta79
Federico Dimarco78
Mário Rui78
Sergiño Dest77
Mathías Olivera77
Mattia De Sciglio76
Giuseppe Pezzella75
Matías Viña75
Elseid Hysaj75
Theo Hernández 8578
Leonardo Spinazzola 8278
Robin Gosens 8277
Cristiano Biraghi 8077
Alex Sandro 8076
Mattia De Sciglio 7676
Adam Marušić 7975
Davide Zappacosta 7975
Federico Dimarco 7874
Mathías Olivera 7774
Mário Rui 7873
Elseid Hysaj 7572
Sergiño Dest 7769
Giuseppe Pezzella 7569
Filip Kostić 8568
Matías Viña 7568
Theo Hernández 8593
Leonardo Spinazzola 8291
Sergiño Dest 7786
Filip Kostić 8584
Adam Marušić 7984
Robin Gosens 8282
Matías Viña 7581
Mário Rui 7880
Davide Zappacosta 7978
Cristiano Biraghi 8076
Alex Sandro 8076
Federico Dimarco 7876
Giuseppe Pezzella 7576
Elseid Hysaj 7575
Mathías Olivera 7774
Mattia De Sciglio 7667
The Best FC 24 Serie A Left-Backs

Global Overview (LB, LWB)

There is more quality on the left side of the defense than on the right side, which isn’t difficult. However, there are only 16 left-backs from which to choose. It’s easy to agree that Theo Hernández is the best left back in three of the six face stats: pace, defense, and physical.

If you can’t pay Hernandez’s price, we suggest you try Spinazolla. He is also very fast and good at dribbling.

Between Gosens and Kostić, our third and fourth options, we go for the first. The Juventus midfielder has the lowest defensive skills of this group of players, making him better in the other areas of the field.

The 10 LBs/LWBs

1 Theo Hernández
2 Leonardo Spinazzola
3 Robin Gosens
4 Filip Kostić
5 Cristiano Biraghi
6 Adam Marušić
7 Sergiño Dest
8 Alex Sandro
9 Davide Zappacosta
10 Mário Rui