FC 24 Serie A Squad Guide

Squad Suggestions

Building a team in FC 24 Ultimate Team can be a challenge. It’s not necessary to have the best team if your budget doesn’t allow it, but it’s crucial to create a team that suits your style and needs.

When selecting players, it’s essential to carefully consider their attributes. Choosing a team solely based on ratings is a common mistake. We will guide you through the best players for each position, focusing on their key attributes.

It’s also important to ensure that the players you choose fit the formations you prefer. For example, having a skilled full-back won’t be beneficial if your chosen formation only includes three defenders.

Additionally, maximizing chemistry is crucial. While many players build squads based on a single league or nation, experienced players can create hybrid teams without sacrificing chemistry.

To cater to different player preferences and budgets, we recommend three squads with varying formations and budgets. However, please note that these formations are not necessarily the best for the Serie A but are generic formations used across our squad guides.

Disclaimer Notes

This guide is based on our perception of the game, which may differ from yours. It should serve as a general orientation rather than a definitive solution, as it’s impossible to build a team that suits everyone’s preferences. Additionally, there are various factors that we are unaware of that can influence choices, such as budget, formation, custom tactics, instructions, play style, and individual player preferences.

It’s important to clarify certain criteria that we used in this guide:

  • Only Gold Players:
  • We have not considered silver and bronze players in this guide. Most of them are not capable of replacing the gold players in terms of quality.
  • Only Regular Players:
  • This guide does not take into account In-Form (IF) and special items, including Icons and Heroes. These items are often more expensive and may not provide good value for players with limited budgets.
  • Only Normal Players:
  • Upgraded or transferred items are not considered in this guide. We have only included players who started the season in the Serie A with their original attributes.

Unlimited Budget Squad

GK Mike Maignan87
RB Giovanni Di Lorenzo85
CBR Fikayo Tomori84
CBL Bremer84
LB Theo Hernández85
CDM Zambo Anguissa83
CAM Paulo Dybala86
RM Domenico Berardi85
LM Federico Chiesa84
STR Victor Osimhen88
STL Rafael Leão86
GK Wojciech Szczęsny86
RB Juan Cuadrado80
CB Alessandro Bastoni85
CB Nicolò Casale79
LB Leonardo Spinazzola80
CDM Ismaël Bennacer84
CAM Lorenzo Pellegrini83
RM Renato Sanches78
LM Khvicha Kvaratskhelia86
ST Lautaro Martínez87
ST Ciro Immobile85
Starting Eleven October 2023 Current Month
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FC 24 Serie A Squad

The choice for this team’s players was based on the analysis made in the position guides. Please look at those guides to understand why we picked player A instead of player B.

Maignan is our natural choice for the goal. He is much better than the other goalkeepers playing in Italy.

Tomori and Bremer are very strong, fast, and only three other players defend as well as they do. That’s why they have to be in the team.

To complete the defense, we recommend two quality players. On the right side, Serie A has finally gained an option it hasn’t had in a while. Di Lorenzo is fast, has good passing and dribbling skills, and also performs very well defensively. On the opposite side, the obvious choice is one of the league’s most expensive players: Theo Hernández, a player who has no flaws and elevates any team to another level.

As the first line of defense, Anguissa uses his speed, strength, and defensive abilities to outmuscle opponents. In front of him, we suggest you go for Dybala. Although he performs better behind the striker, for this formation, it’s the CAM position where he is most needed.

There are many good left wingers in this league, and some can even play as RW but not as RM. This implies that Berardi, a solid but not outstanding player, is the best choice for the right side of the midfield. On the other side, the competition is strong, with Rafael Leão prevailing over Chiesa and Kvaratskhelia. However, to make the most of this trio, we believe it’s advantageous to place the Portuguese player in the forward position and leave the LM spot for Chiesa.

Finally, the last position in this team is occupied by Osimhen, who needs no introduction. The upgrade he received this year translates to many goals.

If you use these players, you won’t need a manager on your team since he will be useless while wasting contracts

Medium Budget Squad

GK Wojciech Szczęsny86
RB Juan Cuadrado80
CBR Bremer84
CBL Alessandro Bastoni85
LB Leonardo Spinazzola80
CMR Nicolò Barella86
CMC Adrien Rabiot84
CML Hakan Çalhanoğlu85
RW Domenico Berardi85
LW Filip Kostić83
ST Lautaro Martínez87
GK Yann Sommer84
RB Denzel Dumfries81
CB Nicolò Casale79
CB Danilo81
LB Adam Marušić80
CM Ismaël Bennacer84
CM Renato Sanches78
CM Luis Alberto84
RW Felipe Anderson81
LW Mattia Zaccagni82
ST Ciro Immobile85
Starting Eleven October 2023 Current Month
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FC 24 Serie A Squad

The choices for this more affordable team were based on the analysis made in the position guides. If you want to understand our choices, read those guides.

On defense, Bremer is the only player cheap enough to remain on our squad. Szczęsny, Cuadrado, Bastoni, and Spinazzola are the best replacements. If you have some spare coins, we suggest investing in Maignan as the first upgrade.

In the center of the midfield, we have chosen Rabiot. He’s strong, defends well, and is a good player to start the attacks. With him in the team, Barella and Çalhanoglu are free to focus on the attack.

Berardi on the right and Kostić on the left are perfect for assisting Lautaro, a striker who will score many goals.

This squad was built with players whose price was under 15k coins on the release date. However, if you still have room in your budget, Dybala and Kvaratskhelia would significantly improve this squad.

Low Budget Squad

GK Ivan Provedel82
RB Juan Cuadrado80
CBR Danilo81
CBL Nicolò Casale79
LB Adam Marušić80
RM Samuel Chukwueze81
CMR Luis Alberto84
CML Lorenzo Pellegrini83
LM Filip Kostić83
STR Dušan Vlahović83
STL Romelu Lukaku84
GK Guillermo Ochoa81
RB Denzel Dumfries81
CB Chris Smalling84
CB Marten de Roon80
LB Federico Dimarco82
RM Matteo Politano81
CM Piotr Zieliński83
CML Stanislav Lobotka84
LM Mattia Zaccagni82
ST M’Bala Nzola78
ST Ademola Lookman81
Starting Eleven October 2023 Current Month
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FC 24 Serie A Squad

The choice for this team’s players was based on the analysis made in the position guides. To understand why these players were selected, please read those guides.

Provedel is the chosen goalkeeper for this team. He is one of the sensations of this league when it comes to very affordable players. The defense is completed with Cuadrado, Danilo, Casale, and Marušić.

In the midfield, Luis Alberto and Pellegrini complement each other well. However, if you feel the Spanish player is too slow, you can replace him with Zielinski. Chukweze on the right and Kostić on the left fill the wings to assist Vlahović and the powerful Lukaku.

This squad was built with players whose price was under 1k coins on the release date. There is room for improvement, but you will need to save some coins. If you still have some space in your budget, Meret, Spinazzola, and Bennacer are players who would improve this squad a lot.

If you use these players, you won’t need a manager on your team since he will be useless while wasting contracts