FC 24 Skill Games is a game mode where you can play a series of training drills to improve your in-game skills.
FC 24 Skill Games

Skill Games

Skill Games is a game mode added to the franchise since FIFA 13. It provides an engaging and educational platform for players to hone their virtual football skills and enhance their gameplay experience. These mini-games encompass a wide range of scenarios, allowing players to practice various aspects of their gameplay, from dribbling and shooting to passing and defending. Skill Games serve as a dynamic training ground, offering challenges that cater to both newcomers and seasoned players looking to refine their techniques.

Whether it’s perfecting the art of precise through passes, mastering the finesse shot, or developing impeccable ball control, Skill Games offer players the opportunity to fine-tune their abilities in a controlled environment. These games provide instant feedback and performance evaluations, guiding players to identify areas for improvement and encouraging continuous growth.

As players progress through the different Skill Games, they can track their achievements, monitor their progress, and witness tangible improvements in their overall gameplay, translating these honed skills into success on the virtual pitch during actual matches. With their diverse challenges and interactive nature, Skill Games truly stand as an integral and enjoyable component of FC 24, contributing to both the development of individual players and the overall quality of gameplay.

By completing Skill Games drills you will earn points which could cause you to go up in your Friends Leaderboard as well as in the Global Top 100 Leaderboard for each drill.

How To Access FC 24 Skill Games
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Learn to Play];
  2. Select [Skill Games].

New Skill Games

A few skill games were added to Football Club 24, focused on teaching new mechanics and high-score hunting, such as Precision Passing, Precision Shooting, and Controlled Sprint.

You can also immerse yourself in the realm of the new PlayStyles within Skill Games, and truly grasp the difference they create in player dynamics.

Dive into reimagined Career Mode Skill Games, where heightened challenges and captivating engagement seamlessly align with the upgraded training system, providing you with an enriched experience.
Advanced Scenarios
Chip Shots
Contain the Game
Crossing Scenarios
Directed Skill Moves
Game Crossing Scenarios
Goalkeeper Charge
Goalkeeping Scenarios
Obstructed Passes
Precision Passing
Rush and Effort Touch
Shooting Line
Shoot Through the Gates
Take and Clear
Wide Area Passing
Beat the Goalie
Defend the Mininet
Hard Header
Long Shot Practice
Pass And Go
Shout the Targets
Switch and Defend
Through the Gap
Work Together
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Skill Games mode is a collection of mini-games designed to help players improve their football skills and enhance their gameplay through various challenges and scenarios.
Skill Games mode provides players with a structured environment to practice different aspects of gameplay, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, and more. It offers instant feedback and helps players refine their techniques and decision-making skills.
Yes, Skill Games mode is suitable for players of all skill levels. Beginners can use it to learn and master fundamental skills, while experienced players can use it to fine-tune their abilities and push their gameplay to new heights.
FC 24 Skill Games mode offers a wide range of challenges, from basic movements and passing exercises to more advanced scenarios like precision shooting, dribbling through obstacles, defending against opponents, and even simulating in-game situations like free kicks and penalties. These challenges are designed to provide a comprehensive training experience.

Complete List

FC 24 Skill Games
Movement BasicMove the highlighted zones to score points.
Dribbling BasicDribble the ball to the highlighted area while avoiding the opponent.
Ground Pass BasicPlay through a series of passing challenges.
Shooting BasicScore the ball into the mininets.
Defending BasicGet the ball from the opponent by performing Standing or Sliding Tackles.
Scrimmage BasicWin the scrimmage by being the first team to score three goals.

FC 24 Skill Games
Under Control Maintain control of the ball as long as possible as opponents cross your zone.
Skill Move ZonePerform as many different skill moves as possible while staying inside the moving zone. Score a goal at the end.
Gate RushDribble the ball through the gates as fast as possible while avoiding the dummies.
Collect the TrophiesCollect as many trophies as possible while avoiding the defender.
Directed Skill Moves Perform the displayed Skill Move in the allotted time.
Rush and Effort Touch Dribble through the course as fast as possible while avoiding defenders.
Dribbling MazeDribble through as many gates as possible in the allotted time.
Skill Moves to GoalBeat the defenders with skill moves, then score a goal.
Inside the Zone DribblingKeep possession of the ball for as long as possible while avoiding the defenders Once the ball reaches the penalty box, the player is free to shoot.
Knock-Ons DribbleDribble through the highlighted areas by performing knock-ons. Score a goal at the end, The less touches you perform between areas the higher you score.

FC 24 Skill Games
Ground Pass
Pass to GoalComplete passes to the highlighted teammates while avoiding the player cutouts.
Obstructed Passes Pass the ball to the highlihted player while avoiding obstacles and the defender.
Timed PassesWait for the player to be in the correct position to complete the pass through the gates.
Pass to the TargerPass the ball to the target teammate while avoiding the defenders.
Wide Area Passing Pass the ball to the highlighted player while avoiding the defenders.
Through Passing SequencePerform through passes to your teammates and past the last defender.
Precision Passing Precision Pass the ball to the highlighted zone in time for your teammates to receive it.
Extreme Hot PotatoComplete as many passes as possible avoiding the opponents until you have to score.

FC 24 Skill Games
Long Pass
Crossing SessionConnect as many crosses as possible.
Long Lob PassingLob the ball to the active player zones. The closer to the center the more points you get.
Crossing Scenarios Pass to the highlighted player and setup to cross to your teammate in the box. Score to gain additional points
Lob Pass SequencePerform lob passes to the designated areas. When in position, cross the ball to the receiver in the penalty box.
Timed Lobbed Through PassPerform lobbed through passes to the designated teammates and score a goal at the end. Beware of offsides.
Game Crossing Scenarios Cross to players in the box and score goals. Avoid defenders and losing the ball.
Beat and CrossBeat the defender and cross the ball while in the highlighted zone. The zone will change position every round.

FC 24 Skill Games
Stop the WallStop the attackers as they move to shoot one-by-one.
Ring of TacklesTackle players as you get close to them to make them lose possession of the ball. Use slide tackles to get bonus points.
Run and BlockRun down the pitch and sty in position. Once at the end, tackle to block the opponents cross.
Take and Clear Take the ball from the attacker and clear it.
Goalkeeper Charge Use goalkeeper charge to stop attackers from shooting. Win the ball in the highlighted zone for additional points.
InterceptorIntercept as many passes as possible while staying between the opponents.
Hold the LineGet the ball from the defenders as they try to dribble past you back and forth.
Contain The Game Use Teammate Contain or Partial Team Press to block shots from attacking players.

FC 24 Skill Games
Artillery SavingStop the opponents shots from going into the net.
Goalkeeper InterceptIntercept all the incoming crosses.
Keeper PassPass the ball towards the designated location.
1-on-1 Against StrikerRush towards the opponent to intercept the ball.
Goalkeeping Scenarios Stop attacking players from scoring.
I am the WallDo not concede goals.

FC 24 Skill Games
Set Pieces
Pinpoint CrossingCross to the better positioned teammates from different corner scenarios.
Deliver into the BoxScore as many goals as possible by delivering the ball to the best positioned teammate.
Precision PenaltyShoot through the gaps between the dummies. Hit targets for extra score.
PK against the KeeperScore as many goals as possible against the goalkeeper.
Direct Free Kick AdeptScore as many goas as possible.
In-Game Set PiecesScore as many goals as possible throughout different set piece scenarios.

FC 24 Skill Games
Wall BreakerShoot and break as many targets as possible.
Shooting Line Shoot and beat the goalkeeper to score as many times as possible.
Out of the Box ShotsScore as many goals as possible while shooting from inside the highlighted area. Hitting targets award extra points.
Dribble ShotGo through the gate between the cut outs and shoot high or low depending on the net.
Shoot Through the Gates Shoot the ball through the highlighted gates while trying to score.
Chip Shots Dribble through the gates and chip shot over the goalkeeper.
Power ShotUse only Power Shots to score as many goals as possible. Try to hit the targets for extra points.
Always AheadScore as many goals as possible with headers.
Fast ShotsScore as many times as possible before you run out of time.

FC 24 Skill Games
Practice Scenarios
Rookie AttackingScore as many goals as possible in different attacking scenarios.
Novice DefendingDon’t let the opposing team score and try to score on a counter attack.
Novice AttackingScore as many goals as possible in different attacking situations.
DefendingDon’t let the opposing team score.
Counter AttackTake the ball from the opponents, then try and counter attack to the other side. Try getting as far as possible.
Advanced Scenarios Go through multiple senarios as both the attacker and defender.
Champion AttackingScore as many goals as possible in different attacking situations.