FC 24 Traits are no longer in the game. They were replaced by PlayStyles.
Player Traits

Player Traits

Traits were small characteristics applied to certain players that affected how they played in-game, whether it was on Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or any other game modes. They provided players with unique skills and play styles in the game that matched their real-life counterparts.

Each Trait impacted some aspect of the player’s behavior on the pitch or, in some cases, off of it. However, not all Traits functioned the same way; some changed the way the player performed on the pitch, others influenced how often they were injured, and others only had an impact when that player was being controlled by the CPU AI.

In Ultimate Team, Player Traits were assigned to players by EA based on their real-life performance. Traits were not dynamic in Ultimate Team and were not updated on dynamic cards. In Career Mode, Clubs, and VOLTA Football, some traits could be acquired by growing player skills or from a specific skill tree.

Traits were removed in Football Club 24 and replaced by PlayStyles.

Traits List

FIFA 23 featured the following traits:

  • Bicycle Kicks
  • Chip Shot
  • Dives into Tackles
  • Early Crosser
  • Fancy Passes
  • Finesse Shot
  • First Time Shots
  • Flair
  • GK Cautious with Crosses
  • GK Comes For Crosses
  • GK Flat Kick
  • GK Long Thrower
  • GK Save with Foot
  • Giant Throw-In
  • Injury Prone
  • Leadership
  • Long Passer
  • Long Shot Taker
  • Long Throw-In
  • One Club Player
  • Outside Foot Shot
  • Play Maker
  • Power Header
  • Round the Keeper
  • Rushes Out of Goal
  • Second Wind
  • Set Play Specialist
  • Solid Player
  • Speed Dribbler
  • Swerve
  • Takes Powerful Driven FK
  • Team Player
  • Technical Dribbler