In FC 24, EA applies an Ultimate Team Tax charge on each sold item in the transfer market.
FC 24 Ultimate Team Tax


The Ultimate Team Tax, which amounts to 5% of the sale price, is a fee charged by EA in the Ultimate Team game mode. When players sell items, such as player cards or consumables, on the Transfer Market, EA deducts 5% of the final selling price as the tax. This applies to all transactions on the Transfer Market, regardless of the item’s value.

For example, if you sell an item for 1000 coins, the UT Tax will deduct 5% (50 coins) from the sale, leaving you with a net earning of 950 coins. This value will be automatically deducted, so you won’t be aware of the exact amount of tax you paid.

This tax is designed to act as a coin sink within the game’s economy, helping to manage inflation and maintain a balanced virtual economy in Ultimate Team. It encourages players to make more thoughtful decisions when listing items for sale and contributes to the overall economic dynamics of the game mode.

It’s important for players to consider the Ultimate Team Tax when pricing their items for sale, as it affects the final amount they receive from successful sales on the Transfer Market.
FC 24 Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator

If you wish to promptly determine the value of your selling items after tax charges, you can utilize our specialized calculator. It shows you the tax value and your net earnings, depending on the selling price you insert.

Frequently Asked Questions
EA applies a 5% charge on all sold items in the transfer market.
It helps to manage inflation and maintain a balanced virtual economy in Ultimate Team.