FC 25 5-Star Skillers are the only players who can perform all skills.
Provisional list of the best FC 25 skillers – Regular items, Heroes and Icons
ST Pelé 95
ST Ronaldo Nazário 94
CAM Zinedine Zidane 94
CF Johan Cruyff 93
ST Mia Hamm 93
LW Ronaldinho 93
RW Garrincha 92
CAM Roberto Baggio 91
CAM Zico 91
CM Andrea Pirlo 90
CF Eric Cantona 89
RW Jairiznho 89
CAM Kaká 89
LM Franck Ribéry 88
CAM Juan Riquelme 88
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LM David Ginola 89
CAM Jay-Jay Okocha 88
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FC 25 5-Star Skillers

In FC 25, Star Skill Moves gauge a player’s proficiency in executing technical maneuvers. Rated from 1-Star to 5-Star, the Skill Move rating indicates the extent of a player’s ability to perform various tricks. The higher the Skill Move rating, the more intricate maneuvers a player can execute. Skills often serve as a distinguishing factor between casual and more dedicated players.

Among the standout players in FC 25 are those with 5-star skills. While there are only 79 players with this status, it’s important to note that some are Icons/Heroes, and others belong to minor leagues, making them less frequently utilized in Ultimate Team clubs.