As any other videogame, FC 25 features many glitches, bugs, hacks and mistakes.
FC 25 Glitch

FC 25 Glitches and Bugs

The history of the FIFA/FC franchise is marked by successes as well as glitches, bugs, hacks, and mistakes.

A Glitch refers to a flaw that some players exploit to achieve something unintended by the game designers. One notable example is the ‘No Loss Glitch’ in FIFA 22, where players could avoid losses in Champions matches. EA identified and banned over 30,000 exploiters.

A Bug is a coding error that affects how the software functions. Common examples include crashes and visual anomalies during gameplay. Unlike glitches, players cannot exploit bugs for their benefit.

Hacking involves editing the FC source code to gain an advantage. One infamous case was coin farming by a group from 2013 to 2015. This group was investigated by the FBI, prosecuted, and its leader tragically took his own life.

Mistakes are also common occurrences. These include instances where Electronic Arts mistakenly delivers incorrect rewards, adds the wrong items to packs, or announces inaccurate information.
FC 25 Bugs

FC 25 Bug, Glitch and Mistakes List

Every year, FIFA/FC has hundreds of glitches, bugs, and mistakes. We have selected only the most important ones and listed them here.

Bug 3 | 00/00/2024
Glitch Description

Bug 2 | 00/00/2024
Glitch Description

Bug 1 | 00/00/2024
Glitch Description
Frequently Asked Questions
A FC 25 Glitch is a flaw in the game used by someone to exploit and achieve something that was not intended by the game designers.
A FC 25 Bug is a coding error in the software that impacts how it works.
A FC 25 Hack is the action of editing the Football Club source code to exploit it.