FC 25 will not allow you to carryover and maintain most of your FC 24 progress.
FC 25 Carryover Guide

FC 24 Carryover

If you made big achievements in FC 24 Ultimate Team, we are sure you want to know how FC 25 transfer works and how do you carryover your progress to the new title. Unfortunately, excepting FC Points and your UT Club Profile, your data will not move with you.

Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL are the only game modes that allow you to transfer some progress. However, everything you do in Career Mode, Seasons, Online Friendlies and Pro Clubs (now ‘Club’) will be lost as soon as you quit FC 24.

How To Transfer FC 24 data and items to FC 25
  1. Open the new title in your console;
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions;
  3. When prompted, confirm if you want to carryover your data and items.

Transferable Items

When you move to a new title, you can maintain part of your progress from the previous game.

FC Points
It’s the virtual in-game currency of Football CLub that you could only purchase using real-life money. It’s used to buy UT packs, pay Evolutions, and enter Drafts. You have the option to keep your FC Points balance on FC 24 or transfer them to FC 25 before January 01, 2025. Keep in mind that this is a one-time transfer, so you need to be careful when you start the game for the first time.

UT Club Profile
Whether you are a UT Founder or not, your established date will remain the same.

Non-Transferable Items

When you move to a new title, you cannot maintain most of your progress from the previous game.

UT Coins
Coins are gained by playing UT game modes and as in-game rewards. By playing FC 25, your FC 24 coins will be reset to zero.

UT Items
They are used to build your squad and provide support for it. Unfortunately, none of your cards in FC 24 will be carried over to FC 25. This applies to all item types: players, staff, consumables, vanity items, and stadiums.

Unopened Packs and Unassigned Items
They are not transferred to FC 25, so don’t save them from being opened later if your season ends. At least try to find out which cards you would pack.

By completing Objectives, you earn UT XP. As you probably know, UT XP resets at the end of every season, so naturally, it isn’t transferred to new titles.

Match Records & History
Your Wins/Draws/Losses history will be lost when you stop playing FC 24. It won’t count towards FC 25.

Club Data
You won’t be able to carry over data such as your club statistics, leaderboard information, UT Champions Points, Rivals division, Draft, objectives, and SBC progress.

Achievements and Trophies
FC 24 and FC 25 are two different games, so you won’t be able to carry over your consoles trophies and achievements for the new title.
FC 25 Carryover

Transfer your Progress

FIFA 23 was the first FIFA ever to have cross-play enabled since the first day. In other words, you are free to play the game with players from different platforms. It also means, there is a single UT transfer Market forPlayStation and Xbox Series consoles. PC and Switch still have their separate transfer markets.

Unfortunately, cross-platform carryover is still not available in FC 25. Your in-game data and items will be available and transferable to the new FC game only if you play it on the same platform that you played the previous EA title.

The same condition applies when simultaneously playing a FC game on more than one platform, even if you use the same email address to register for accounts. This means each platform will have its in-game data and items individually.

Carryover Scenarios

Depending on your old and new platforms, as well as whether you are moving from FC 24 or not, there are four different carryover scenarios. To clear up any questions you may have, we have listed how carryover works for each one.

You maintain absolutely everything, as long as you use the same account.
  • From PlayStation 5 to PlayStation 5 (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • From PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • From Xbox Series X|S to Xbox Series X|S (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • From PC to PC (FC 25 > FC 25)
You maintain the Transferable Items, as long as you use the same account.
  • From PlayStation 5 to PlayStation 5 (FC 24 > FC 25)
  • From PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 (FC 24 > FC 25)
  • From Xbox Series X|S to Xbox Series X|S (FC 24 > FC 25)
  • From Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S (FC 24 > FC 25)
  • From PC to PC (FC 24 > FC 25)
You maintain everything which is Ultimate Team and VOLTA related.
  • From PlayStation 5 to PlayStation 4 (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • From PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • From Xbox Series X|S to Xbox One (FC 25 > FC 25)
  • From Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S (FC 25 > FC 25)
You are not able to transfer any of your progress.
  • All other scenarios
Frequently Asked Questions
It will start once FC 25 becomes available for EA Play subscribers or Ultimate Edition players.
Once you get into the new game, using the same account, you will be notified about the transferable items.
You can’t. If you haven’t played FC 24, you won’t be able to transfer your UT club profile or FC Points.
It was reset. It usually happens when you skip a title or your profile is corrupted. This is particularly frustrating for Founders, players who are playing since the first FC edition.
The first time you log in with the same account, the system recognizes you and you’ll see a pop-up that gives you the option to transfer your FC Points:

‘We’ve noticed you have an outstanding FC Points balance in FC 24. Would you like to transfer and convert it to FC Points in FC 25? Please note, this transfer is not reversible. Once you have transferred your Points balance you will only be able to access it within EAS FC 25. This is a one-time only transfer, you will not be able to transfer any more Points after this.’

You can accept it or delay that operation. This pop-up will give you the following options:
  • Yes, I want to transfer and convert my entire Points balance from FC 24 to FC 25.
  • No, please leave my FC 24 Points balance untouched.
  • I am not sure at this point, please prompt me again later.
From the moment you perform this transfer, you no longer will receive this message again and FC Points purchased in FC 24 will not be transferred to FC 25 Ultimate Team anymore.
ou can transfer your FC Points from FC 24 to FC 25 using a one-time transfer option available until December 31, 2024. The earliest opportunity to transfer your FC Points is during the EA Play trial or when you first log in to FC 25 after acquiring the full game. Please note that it is not possible to transfer FC Points via the Web and Companion Apps
No. You can only transfer FC Points from FC 24 to FC 25 on the same console. You need to buy FC Points for the console you will use.
No, Ultimate Team Coins cannot be transferred between FC 24 and FC 25. Using them to purchase items in FC 24 won’t facilitate their transfer, as they cannot be moved between the two versions.
Yes, it is.
To be able to maintain the transferable items in the new title, you need to use the same account. In other words, you need log in with the same console ID.
Yes. With the addition of UT cross-play for FC 24, the UT Transfer Market was expanded to include cross-platform functionality. The UT Transfer Market will now be combined within pools of platforms with the exception of PC and Switch, which will continue to have their own separate Transfer Markets.
Yes, but it is like you are playing different games. Your current data won’t be shared between different platforms.
No. Everything will start again once you play the final game for the first time.
Yes. When you are playing the EA Play trial, you are already playing the final version of FC 25. The only difference is the 10-hour limit.
A: There are essentially three main reasons for this:
  1. Playing the same game repeatedly may become unchallenging for many players.
  2. Electronic Arts resets the game to encourage players to invest in it once more.
  3. This approach helps maintain a fair, competitive, and sustainable gaming environment.
Double-check if you were not banned and contact the EA Support.