FC 25 Co-Op is a feature that allows you partner up with a friend online to play selected game modes against other players.
FC 25 Co-Op

Co-Op Explained

Co-Op is a feature that allows you to team up with a friend online to compete against other players in certain game modes such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and selected modes in Friendlies.

To play FC 25 Co-Op, you need to have your friend on your list and send them an invitation through the EA Social widget. One of you will act as the captain, deciding which squad to use for the match. At the conclusion of the match, both players receive rewards.
Frequently Asked Questions
Co-Op is a feature introduced in FIFA 21 that allows you to join forces with a friend online. You can compete together in Division Rivals against other solo players or duos, face off against the AI in Squad Battles, or enjoy Friendlies House Rules and Public Co-Op matches against other players.
Invitations are made through the EA Social widget. First, you need to add your friend to your list, and then you need to send an invite.
The individual who creates the lobby assumes the role of Captain, granting them authority over the selection of squads and game mode for the match. In the lobby, both players can view the Captain’s highest-rated players from their currently active squad. Once both players are prepared, the Captain can initiate the game in the selected mode.
CO-Op is available for both generations, but you won’t be able to play across console generations or cross-play in Football Club 25.
No, Co-Op does not support crossplay, even if the game mode itself does. You and your friend must play online together on the same console. For example, you cannot be on a Xbox One while they are on a Series X|S.
On the pre-match screen, you can see the connection bars of both connections (you and your friend).
Utilizing the FC Trainer during a Co-Op match will display the inputs for both players on the team in real-time. This feature enables players to anticipate their partner’s actions, allowing for better coordination and teamwork. It provides visual cues that aid in setting up strategic plays without relying solely on voice communication.
FC 25 does not have support for game invites from Co-Op sessions, not even on Friendlies. In other words, you cannot play against other friends picked by you. You will always face random opponents.
Yes. A toggle lets you choose between a mix of solo players and Co-Op groups in your matches or just vs. solo players.
Playing online cooperatively with friends is only possible in Squad Battles, Rivals, and Friendlies. You cannot play CO-Op on Champions or Draft.
In Friendlies, you have the option to team up and utilize in-game matchmaking to find opponents for any of our standard Friendlies modes. Matches will adhere to the selected ruleset, and rewards will be equivalent to playing Friendlies individually. This offers an excellent opportunity to experiment with different player combinations and teams or enhance your teamwork skills in a relaxed and risk-free environment.
Classic, Mystery Ball, Swaps, King of the hill, Max Chemistry, Headers & Volleys, Survival, Long Range, No Rules, and Co-op Public Matchmaking.
It’s a Co-Op mode within Friendlies, designed to offer a relaxed drop-in experience playing FC Ultimate Team with a new partner against other Co-op opponents.

In Online Friendlies, you’ll encounter this new game mode. Here, you’ll navigate to a team selection screen featuring a list of pre-made Squads. Instead of utilizing your UT squad in Public Matchmaking, you’ll access unique Squads that undergo regular rotation.

This setup prevents potential conflicts where both Co-op partners wish to use their own Squad. It also presents an opportunity to test out some of the top players in UT. Moreover, the Squads will reflect recently released Player Items in the game, ensuring balanced teams.
For Rivals specifically, matchmaking will be done using the divisions of the duo. In Public Co-Op, you will play against players who picked the same preferred squad.
When selecting one of the Squads, the system initiates a search for a partner, considering your chosen Squad as your preferred option for the match. If there’s no partner found who wants to use the same preferred Squad, the search is broadened to include partners using any available Squad.

In instances where all possible Squads are considered, the squad choice is randomized if the search for a partner expands. Consequently, there’s a possibility of playing with a different Squad if the partner search widens. Once a partner is found, the system pairs you with another Co-op duo also using pre-made Squads for the match.

If a suitable match cannot be found, the search extends to include players participating in Co-Op Friendlies, and further expands to include an Online Friendly Classic Match where you’ll play in a 2v1 setup.
In Squad Battles and Rivals, based on the result of the game, each participant will earn their coins for the match using the regular in-game calculations. In Co-Op Friendlies, rewards are the same as playing Friendlies solo.