FC 25 Consumables are items that can be used on players and managers to improve some of their characteristics.
FC 25 Consumables

Consumable Items

FC 25 Consumables represent one of the four item categories in Ultimate Team. When applied to a player or manager, they enhance, boost, modify, or add a feature. In this process, these consumables are used up and removed from your club.

It is essential to consider the available slots on the transfer list and transfer targets. Nevertheless, your club can store an unlimited number of consumable items.

There are four different types of FC 25 consumables:

  • Contacts;
  • Chemistry Styles;
  • Healing;
  • League Modifier.

How to Apply a Consumable
  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, use R1/RB to go to the [Club] tab;
  2. Select [Enter Club], [Squad], and [Enter Squad];
  3. Choose a player or a manager and press Square/X;
  4. Select [Apply Consumable];
  5. Press R1/RB to navigate through the different categories;
  6. Select the desired consumable item and confirm.


Contract Items serve the purpose of increasing the number of matches a player or manager can participate in.

With the exception of loan items or starter pack items, players or managers initially come with seven contracts when acquired. The number of contracts specified on their item decreases each time they are used in a match. When it reaches zero, you cannot use them until a contract item is applied again.

You have the flexibility to use contract items at any time; there is no need to wait until your players or managers run out of contracts.

The numbers within the colored box of a contract item indicate the additional matches players or managers can participate in if the item is applied. For instance, if you use a contract item on a silver player, he will be able to play more matches according to the silver rectangle on that contract item, regardless of the quality of his card.

Contracts cannot be applied to players on loan or to players/managers who would exceed 99 contracts. Each match played consumes a contract, even if the player starts the match on the bench. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize substitutions to conserve contracts.

Player Contracts Bonus
Rare Gold 28G 24S 28B
Common Gold 13G 11S 15B
Rare Silver 18G 24S 20B
Common Silver 8G 10S 10B
Rare Bronze 3G 6S 15B
Common Bronze 1G 2S 8B
Manager Contracts Bonus
Rare Gold 28G 24S 24B
Common Gold 13G 11S 11B
Rare Silver 18G 24S 20B
Common Silver 8G 10S 10B
Rare Bronze 3G 6S 15B
Common Bronze 1G 2S 8B


Chemistry Style Items empower players to select which attributes will be influenced by their chemistry.

You have the flexibility to apply Style Items to any player, tailoring their attributes to suit the squad’s requirements. These items do not alter the chemistry numbers but rather redistribute the stats that will receive chemistry boosts.

Styles can be applied to a player as many times as desired, but only one style can be active per player at any given time. The chosen style remains in effect until a new one is applied. When a player item is traded, the buyer retains the active style.

There are twenty-four chemistry styles: nineteen for outfield players and five for goalkeepers. Outfield player chemistry styles can only be applied to outfield players, while goalkeeper chemistry styles are exclusive to goalkeepers. Outfield player chemistry styles cannot be used on goalkeepers. Additionally, styles can be applied to In Form players, including Icons and players on loan.

Style Items Bonus
GK Basic Default
Wall +2 Div Han Kic
Shield +2 Kic Ref Spe
Cat +2 Ref Spe Pos
Glove +2 Div Han Pos
Player Basic Default
Sentinel +3 Def Phy
Guardian +3 Dri Def
Gladiator +3 Sho Def
Backbone +2 Pas Def Phy
Anchor +2 Pac Def Phy
Shadow +3 Pac Def
Artist +3 Pas Dri
Architecht +3 Phy Pas
Powerhouse +3 Pas Def
Maestro +2 Pac Pas Sho
Engine +2 Pac Pas Dri
Catalyst +3 Pac Pas
Sniper +3 Sho Dri
Deadeye +3 Sho Pas
Hawk +2 Pac Sho Phy
Marksman +2 Sho Dri Phy
Finisher +3 Sho Phy
Hunter +3 Pac Sho
Healing Cards


Healing Items play a crucial role in minimizing the recovery time of an injured player.

Any player can sustain injuries during a match, with higher chances if their fitness is low or the opponent employs an aggressive playing style. When a player gets injured, the number of matches they will miss is indicated on their item.

Allowing the injured player to rest on the reserves for the entire injury period will result in natural healing, making the player available again. If you wish to use an injured player immediately or expedite their recovery, applying a healing item is an option.

Injured players’ items are marked with an ‘X.’ It is not possible to use a healing item on players who are not injured. However, you can apply as many healing items as needed to injured players.

There are only two types of Healing Items in the game: Gold common and gold rare items. These items are effective for any injury type and reduce the injury duration by two and five matches, respectively.

Healing Items Bonus
Rare Gold +5
Common Gold +2

League Modifier

Manager’s Leagues Items play a role in altering the league affiliation of a manager.

Managers not only enhance contract items but also contribute to the chemistry of all players in the starting eleven who share the same nationality or league.

League items provide the ability to change the league designation on the manager item to match the one specified on the card. With each item applied, you can modify the league once. There is no limit to the number of times you can use them, and the effect persists until a new league item is applied to that manager.

League Items
Austrian Bund.
3. Liga
Pro League
Bundesliga 2
Ceská Liga
Ligue 2
EFL League One
EFL League Two
FL Championship
Hellas Liga
K-League 1
Liga Smartbank
Liga I
Liga do Brasil
Liga F
Liga Hrvatska
Liga Portugal
Ligue 1
Premier League
Raiffeisen SL
Saudi PL
Scottish Prem.
Serie A TIM
South African FL
Airtricity League
Super Lig
Ukrayina Liha
Women’s Super League
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 Consumables are items that can be used on players and managers to improve some of their characteristics.

There are four different types of FC 25 consumables:
  • Contacts;
  • Chemistry Styles;
  • Healing;
  • League Modifier.
Contract items are responsible for increasing the number of matches a player or a manager can play. Without any contract, a player or manager will not be able to attend a match.
Contracts hold significant importance in Ultimate Team, ranking second only to players. Strategically, they are essential because they represent the sole consumable item necessary for participating in matches. To play, you must acquire contracts – there is no alternative.
Participating in a match in Ultimate Team uses up a contract for the players or managers involved in that particular game. It’s worth noting that contracts for players on the substitution list who don’t enter the match remain unaffected.

Player items that have run out of contracts are identifiable by a folder icon and can be transferred to the list just like any other item. Additionally, the remaining contracts for a player are displayed on the back of their card under the label ‘Contract’ or ‘CON’ for short.
For each match played, you typically expend around 60 to 80 coins on contracts. To save a few coins, consider the following tips:

  • Opt for contract items that offer more matches for the same price;
  • Avoid using contract items with a high number of matches on players/managers whose long-term presence in your club is uncertain;
  • Avoid using contract items if the total exceeds 99 matches;
  • Make substitutions only when absolutely necessary;
  • Invest in additional managers besides the main one;
  • Assign a manager to your squad only if needed to enhance chemistry;
  • Purchase contracts during significant promotional pack releases, special In Form launches, and when weekly rewards are distributed;
  • Analyze the cost-effectiveness of contracts by considering the price versus the number of matches.
Chemistry Style items are responsible for allowing players to choose which attributes will affect the chemistry.
Chemistry Style cards permanently change a player’s Chemistry Style until a different Chemistry Style is applied to that card.
The styles will have the maximum effect if a player has the highest chemistry possible. However, if he has the lowest chemistry possible, it doesn’t make sense to apply him a style item since it won’t make any difference.
Healing items are responsible for reducing the downtime of an injured player.
Yes. If you send your injured players to the reserves, they will recover naturally and becomes available again. However, if you want him immediately, you can use multiple healing cards until he gets healed.
If you consistently maintain high stamina in your squad and steer clear of aggressive opponents, injuries are infrequent. Even if they occur, the downtime is typically just one or two matches. This is why purchasing rare healing items that reduce downtime by five matches may not be necessary.

Reserve the use of common healing items for specific players with injuries that you urgently need. In many cases, you can circumvent the need for healing items by having quality backup players. Placing the injured player in the reserves and substituting them with another is often a viable alternative.
Manager’s League items are responsible for modifying the league of a manager.