FC 25 First To… is a friendly game mode where the winner is decided by the first team to score a set number of goals.
FC 25 First To...

First To…

First To… is one of the seven options available in the Kick Off mode but is not accessible in the Ultimate Team.

In this match format, the game ends once one of the competing teams successfully scores a predetermined number of goals. Unlike traditional matches played for a fixed duration, this variation emphasizes achieving a specific goal target. When one team reaches the established goal count, the match concludes, and that team wins.

This format intensifies competition and strategic planning as teams aim to reach the goal threshold before their opponents, adding suspense and anticipation to the gameplay.

How To Access FC 25 First To… in Kick Off
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Kick Off];
  2. Select [House Rules];
  3. Select [First To…].
FC 25 First To...

How it Works

After selecting the game mode and before choosing the teams, you’ll be prompted to set the number of goals required to win the match, ranging from one to five. The first team to score the specified number of goals wins the game.

If neither team scores enough goals to win, the game continues according to the clock, with full time, extra time, and penalties available if desired.

Matches in the First To… mode are typically shorter and more dynamic since they conclude once a specific goal count is reached. This can be attractive for players seeking quicker gameplay sessions.

Ultimately, the appeal of the First To… game mode hinges on players’ preferences for pacing, intensity, and strategic dynamics. It provides a different experience from traditional matches and may be enjoyable for those who prefer a fast-paced, goal-oriented gameplay style. However, players who prefer the more conventional structure of soccer matches may prefer the standard format.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 First To is a friendly game mode in which the match is won by the team that scores first a predetermined number of goals.
In the FC 25 First To… mode, you get to determine the conclusion of the match. You can select a goal count ranging from one to five. If neither team reaches the specified goal count, the game proceeds to extra time and penalties, unless you choose otherwise.