FC 25 Headers & Volleys is a friendly game mode in which only goals scored from headers, free kicks, penalties, or volley shots are counted.
FC 25 Headers & Volleys

Headers & Volleys

Headers & Volleys is featured among the ten friendly game modes accessible in Ultimate Team and is also available as one of the seven options in the Kick Off mode.

In this mode, the goal is to score exclusively using headers and volleys, while regular shots and other methods are not permitted. Goals from free kicks and penalties are allowed, but any goal scored with the feet outside of a volley is invalidated.

This mode presents a unique challenge that encourages players to hone their heading and volleying skills. It provides an entertaining opportunity to refine these specific techniques and explore a different aspect of gameplay compared to the traditional style.

How To Access FC 25 Headers & Volleys in Kick Off
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Kick Off];
  2. Select [House Rules];
  3. Select [Headers & Volleys].
How To Access FC 25 Headers & Volleys in Ultimate Team
  1. From the main Football Club screen, navigate to [Ultimate Team];
  2. Press R1/RB twice and select [Play] from the top menu;
  3. Press R1/RB to select [Friendlies];
  4. Select [Couch Play], [Play Online] or [Play a Frind];
  5. Select [Headers & Volleys].
FC 25 Headers & Volleys

How it Works

As previously mentioned, the primary objective of the mode is to score goals exclusively using header shots (executed with the player’s head) and volley shots (striking the ball before it touches the ground). Standard ground shots and other goal types are not considered valid.

Corners, free kicks, and crosses assume heightened importance in this mode as they provide prime opportunities for well-executed headers. Effective defending against these set pieces becomes crucial to thwart opponents’ attempts at scoring headers. Players are encouraged to refine their skills in timing headers and volleys accurately, with aiming, positioning, and timing playing pivotal roles in achieving success.

Both teams must adapt their strategies to maximize their chances of scoring headers and volleys. This may involve utilizing tall and physically strong players for headers and positioning teammates strategically to capitalize on volley attempts. Players boasting strong heading accuracy and jumping attributes are likely to excel in this mode, underscoring the significance of squad selection in achieving success.

“Headers & Volleys” mode presents a distinct challenge and serves as an enjoyable means to refine specific soccer skills. It shifts the gameplay focus away from conventional tactics and prompts players to approach goal-scoring opportunities with tactical acumen and creative flair.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 Headers & Volleys is a friendly game mode where the primary focus is on scoring goals using only headers and volley shots. In this mode, regular ground shots and other types of goals are typically not counted toward the score.
In FC 25 Headers & Volleys, the focus shifts to mastering the techniques of heading and volleying the ball. Players need to strategically position themselves, time their movements accurately, and use set pieces effectively to score goals. It offers a unique challenge and highlights specific soccer skills.