FC 25 Positions describe the player’s primary role and area of operation on the pitch.
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Each of the eleven players on a team is assigned to a particular position on the field.

Goalkeepers GK
Goalkeepers are the last line of defense, tasked with preventing the opposing team from scoring. They are unique in their ability to use hands and arms to handle the ball but are confined to the 18-yard box. Goalkeepers wear distinct jerseys to set them apart from outfield players and the referee.

Full-Backs RB | LB
Positioned on either side of the center-backs, full-backs defend against wide attackers. They face the challenge of thwarting wingers attempting to cross or pass the ball into the penalty area. Additionally, they contribute by taking throw-ins and supporting the wide midfield.

Wing-Backs RWB | LWB
Modern variations of full-backs, wing-backs emphasize both defense and attack. They stay on their touchline, overlap, and deliver crosses into the opposition box, while also marking opposing wingers when required.

Centre-Back CB
Central defenders play a pivotal role in the heart of the defense. Their primary duties include thwarting opposing players, especially strikers, and initiating attacks from the penalty area. Successful center-backs exhibit height, strength, jumping ability, and solid defensive skills.

Defensive Midfielder CDM
Positioned in front of the defenders, defensive midfielders bolster the defense by tackling and pressuring opponents. They tactically direct central attackers wide and cover for full-backs, midfielders, and center-backs during offensive charges.

Centre Midfielder CM
Central midfielders bridge the gap between defense and attack, assuming various roles based on strengths and team tactics. They exert significant control over the match, providing defensive support when needed.

Central Attacking Midfielder CAM
Found in an advanced midfield position, attacking midfielders create goal-scoring opportunities through superior vision and skill. They play a crucial role in delivering defense-splitting passes to the strikers.

Side Midfielder RM | LM
Right and Left Midfielders operate wide, hugging the touchline. They require off-the-ball intelligence to capitalize on passes from the midfield and create scoring opportunities.

Winger RW | LW
Right and Left Wingers position themselves wide near the touchlines, relying on speed to dribble past defenders and deliver crosses into the center for attackers.

Side Forward RF | LF
Similar to wingers, side forwards play along the wing, emphasizing beating defenders more than crossing. These two positions were removed in FUT 23.

Centre Forward CF
Positioned between midfield and attack, center-forwards score goals and create scoring chances. They distract the defense to provide room for other attacking players.

Strikers ST
Nearest to the opposing team’s goal, strikers primarily focus on scoring goals and creating chances. They must excel at receiving and controlling the ball, possess strength, and be adept at winning aerial battles.
FC 25 Position

Position Abbreviations

There are seventeen positions in FC 25. In the squad screen, each position is identified by its abbreviation.


Primary and Secondary Positions

In FC 25, each player has a primary position and can potentially have up to three secondary positions based on their real-life experience. While players can be deployed in various positions, they won’t benefit from individual chemistry if played out of position.

If the original preferred position of a player is RB, RWB, LB, LWB, RM, RW, LM, LW, CF or ST, they will have as one of the alternative positions RWB, RB, LWB, LB, RW, RM, LW, LM, ST and CF respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions
You no longer can change a player position.
Position Modifier Items were removed in Football Club 25.
In Ultimate Team, a player can only have one, two, three or four positions. When out of position, he won’t have any individual chemistry and will potentially impact the chemistry of his team mates.
Yes. Select a player, tap R2/RT to switch from Growth to Position, and choose the position you want the player to learn.