The FC 25 Rewind feature allows you to pause your game, rewind and replay a scene.
FC 25 Rewind Feature

Rewind Feature

The FC 25 Rewind feature is exclusively available in the Kick-Off mode. It allows you to rewind and replay in-game moments, providing an opportunity to practice or alter the course of a match. If you missed a clear chance in the box, simply rewind to the moment before your shot and try again!

You can utilize the rewind feature multiple times for the same play until you achieve the desired result. However, once you’ve made a decision and continue with the new timeline, you won’t be able to undo it and return to the point before activating the feature

The Rewind UI is shared with the Replay UI, and there are two ways to access it during the game.

How to Rewind in FC 25
  1. While playing a Kick-Off game, pause and select [Replay/Rewind];
  2. Use R2/L2 or RT/LT to select a point to rewind to;
  3. Once you find the spot you want, press the Select/View button to rewind to that point;
  4. As soon as the 3-seconds countdown finish, you will be able to play from the chosen point.
Introduced in FIFA 21, this little feature can save you from some frustrations when playing the Kick-Off mode and things didn’t happen as planned. All you have to do is to pause the game, rewind, and you will have a second chance.
FC 25 Rewind Limitations

Rewind Limitations

With the FC 25 rewind feature, you can pause the game and travel back through a timeline of your most recent scenario to replay it. However, it has a few limitations you should know:

  • The rewind feature is not available in other game modes but Kick-Off;
  • You cannot go back to a previous half or after the full-time whistle has been blown;
  • You cannot rewind to before certain events like injuries, substitutions, penalties, shootouts, and fouls that result in a warning from the referee or in a card;
  • The system does its best to recreate the current play. Still, there will be some points in time (the middle of an animation, for example) that will prevent you from getting to the exact requested starting point that you’re trying to replay – in these situations, the system will go back to the nearest valid moment.
Frequently Asked Questions
To use the rewind feature, you must follow these steps:

  1. Pause the game and select [Replay/Rewind];
  2. Use R2/L2 or RT/LT to select a part of the game you would like to replay;
  3. Press the Select/View button to start playing from that point.
The FC 25 Rewind feature is only available in the Kick-Off mode.
Yes. As long as you are playing a Kick-Off match, you can use the rewind feature; regardless you are playing against the CPU or your friends.
You don’t have to press pause to access the rewind feature. Depending on the platform where you are playing, all you have to do is to press a few buttons to access the rewind UI immediately:

PlayStation: R2 + L2 + Menu
Xbox: RT + LT + Menu
PC: W + LCtrl + Menu.