The FC 25 soundtrack features dozens of tracks from all over the world.
FC 25 Soundtrack

FC 25 Soundtrack

For over twenty-five years, the FIFA OST has served as a cultural mirror, enhancing the gaming experience for millions of players. Crafted to evoke emotions through an audacious fusion of genres, it constantly pushes boundaries and influences global culture. Beyond being a premier platform for new music from around the world, it represents a collective force that defines the year. Musicians understand its impact, aspiring to feature on a soundtrack that can propel their careers to new heights.

Fans know it, too, as every annual soundtrack is as anticipated as the game release itself. As a result, it has an immediate impact on the world around them. If music is a feeling, then FIFA/FC is one true globally shared celebration. The FC 25 soundtrack, featuring more than 100 artists, enables millions of fans worldwide to discover new music they might have never heard otherwise.

Global Playlist

While the official FC 25 soundtrack has not been announced yet, we will temporarily fill this space with a curated selection of the finest FIFA/FC songs ever.

Artist / Song / Album
Song 2 2:01
Blur 1997
19-2000 Soulchild Remix 3:29
Gorillaz 2001
Club Foot 3:34
Kasabian 2004
The Streets
Fit but you Know It 4:14
A Grand Don’t Come for Free 2004
Bloc Party
Helicopter 3:40
Silent Alarm 2005
Myxomatosis 3:52
Hail to the Thief 2003
Blue Monday
New Order 7:29
Substance 1987
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Frequently Asked Questions
The FC 25 soundtrack is expected to be revealed around September 18, 2024.
The official list is published on this page.
The global soundtrack features massive new music from established artists and hot newcomers, while the VOLTA FOOTBALL soundtrack drives street action with the latest and greatest in grime, electronic and hip-hop.
You can listen to all FC 25 music songs on this page for free just by clicking on the play icon.
To make VOLTA songs available in other games modes, follow these steps:
  1. From the main FC 25 screen, go to [Settings] and then [Volta Music];
  2. Press [Turn All On];
  3. Go back to [Settings], [Game Settings], and then [Audio] using R1/RB;
  4. Turn on the option [VOLTA Music Across All Menus].
If you want to disable one or more songs, follow these steps:
  1. From the main FC 25 screen, go to [Settings], and then [EA Sports Mucis];
  2. Unmark the song you want to remove from the playlist;
  3. Repeat the process for VOLTA songs going to [VOLTA Music].
No, but you can submit it to EA. Before going down this route, ensure the music you send is of high quality and has a ‘FC feel.’
No. If you want to share footage of your gameplay online, you may need to disable the in-game music to avoid copyright issues.
  1. From the main screen, go to [Settings] and then [Settings] again;
  2. Select [Audio] using R1/RB;
  3. Set the [Disable All Music for Streaming Purposes] setting to [Off].
Simply press Windows+G, click the widget icon beside the clock, select [Spotify] in the drop-down menu, and log into your account on the pop-up window. By doing so, you’ll get a Spotify widget if you open the game bar while playing, and you don’t need to exit full-screen mode to control it.
They are free and available for all those who pre-order FC 25.
‘Song 2′ by Blur, ’19-2000’ by Gorillaz, ‘Club Foot’ by Kasabian, ‘Fit but you know it’ by The Streets, ‘Helicopter’ by Bloc Party, ‘Myxomatosis’ by Radiohead and ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order are some of the most popular songs of the FIFA history.
FIFA 23 VOLTA soundtrack

VOLTA Soundtrack

Introduced for the first time in FIFA 20, the VOLTA soundtrack fuels the urban atmosphere with the freshest beats in grime, electronic, and hip-hop. The rhythm of VOLTA FOOTBALL resonates beneath the vibrant city lights, whether you’re in the neighborhoods of Lagos, São Paulo, Los Angeles, or Rome. The raw underground vibe pulses through the screeching sneakers on packed dirt pitches or sizzling urban playgrounds. Wherever players showcase their style, the soundtrack serves as the electrifying backdrop to all the action.

Once again, the VOLTA track list in FC 25 is shorter than the one from the original soundtrack. However, remember that you can listen to it while playing other game modes, such as Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Online Seasons and Career Mode, by changing the in-game settings.

VOLTA Playlist

While the official FC 25 VOLTA soundtrack has not been announced, we will provide a compilation of the best FC 24 songs in this space.

Artist / Song / Album
Baby Queen
We Can Be Anything 3:21
We Can Be Anything 2023
English Teacher
The World’s Biggest Paving Slab 3:05
The World’s Biggest Paving Slab 2023
Jack Harlow
They Don’t Love It 1:53
Jackman 2023
Major Lazer
Mamgobhozi 3:56
Mamgodbhozi 2023
Longevity Flow 3:03
Longevity Flow 2023
The Blessed Madonna
Mercy 2:58
Mercy 2023
The Rolling Stones
Angry 3:47
Angry 2023
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Soundtrack Release Date

FIFA/FC sountrack release dates from previous years.

Video Game Release Date
FC 25 18/09/2023 Wed
FC 24 20/09/2023 Wed
FIFA 23 22/09/2022 Thu
FIFA 22 20/09/2021 Mon
FIFA 21 28/09/2020 Mon
FIFA 20 13/09/2019 Fri
FIFA 19 31/06/2016 Fri
FIFA 18 13/09/2017 Wed
FIFA 17 12/09/2016 Mon
FIFA 16 10/09/2015 Thu
FIFA 15 16/09/2014 Tue
FIFA 14 17/09/2013 Tue
FIFA 13 06/09/2012 Thu
FIFA 12 12/09/2011 Mon
FC 25 sountrack release date is estimated