FC 25 Staff items have the responsibility to boost the effect of contracts and increase chemistry.
FC 25 Staff

Staff Items

FC 25 Staff is one of the four items categories in Ultimate Team. They are responsible to:

  • Extend the player’s contracts;
  • Contribute to chemistry.
You can store as many manager items as you wish in your club, provided there are no duplicates. Duplicates are allowed on the transfer list or targets, with the only limitation being the list’s maximum capacity.

To activate staff, no additional action is required. Simply send them to the club and leave them there. If you aim to enhance chemistry, ensure one of your managers is placed on the bench.

How to Buy a Staff Item
  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, navigate to [Transfers];
  2. Select [Transfer Market];
  3. Press R1/RB to navigate to [Staff];
  4. Use the filters available to find the wanted result and press triangle/Y;
  5. Once in the ‘Live Search Results’ screen, use R1/RB to move to the next page until you find the card you want;
  6. Press X/A and place a bid or select [Buy Now] to guarantee the item.
Extending Contracts

Extend Player’s Contracts

When you apply a contract, its impact is magnified by the cumulative coefficients of all the managers in your club.

Contracts stand out as the only consumables capable of enhancing efficiency through staff utilization. By storing manager items in your club, the system automatically calculates the bonus you receive for each applied contract, based on the quantity of manager items you possess.

Need further clarification? Let’s delve into more details. The positive influence on contracts is determined by the managers within a club. Each manager item exhibits a contract bonus percentage. Upon applying a contract, its effect is multiplied by the total sum of coefficients from all the managers in your club. Regardless of the quantity of managers, the sum of their coefficients caps at 50%

Contribute to Chemistry

The manager selected for a squad can enhance the chemistry of each player starting the match if they share the same league and/or nationality with the manager.

When players match both nationality and league, the bonus remains constant. If the players already have maximum chemistry, using a manager becomes unnecessary, as there is nothing to enhance, and it results in the expenditure of contracts without any improvement.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 Staff items have the responsibility to:
  • Extend the player’s contracts;
  • Contribute to chemistry.
Yes. In Football Club 25, the only type of Staff items are the managers, so they are the same. The game no longer has fitness, head and goalkeeper coaches or physios.
When aiming for a contract bonus, your goal should be to acquire enough managers to reach the 50% mark. In this context, factors such as nationality, league, or the remaining contracts of a manager become irrelevant.

If you already have your primary manager and are now focused on achieving the 50% contract bonus, consider searching the market for managers who are running out of contracts. They are typically more affordable, and their contract status doesn’t impact your objective.

Concentrate on reaching a total of 50% while minimizing spending. This is where calculations come into play. For this purpose, investing in popular managers may not be sensible as they could be costly; those coins might be better used to purchase several other managers. For instance, explore if there are any rare silver managers priced lower than non-rare gold ones.

Once you reach 50%, it’s advisable to halt unless you require a manager with a specific nationality to influence the chemistry of one or a few players. Also, ensure that the managers you buy contribute at least 1%. Non-rare silver and all bronze managers provide no bonus.