Women’s football is featured in FC 25 through various game modes.
FC 25 Women's Football

Football for Everyone

Women’s football in FC 25 highlights the game’s commitment to inclusivity and representation by featuring women’s teams and players. It provides players with a unique opportunity to experience football from a female perspective.

In FC 25, players can choose from an expanded selection of women’s national and club teams, allowing for a diverse range of options and the chance to play as their favorite female athletes. The game showcases authentic player likeness, including realistic models, facial animations, and individual playing styles, resulting in a more immersive experience.

The gameplay has been enhanced with improved animations, lifelike player movements, and refined mechanics tailored to women’s football. These improvements aim to capture the essence of the women’s game, providing a distinct and enjoyable gaming experience.

FC 25 also reflects the growing recognition and popularity of women’s football, both within the game and in the broader sports landscape. By including women’s teams and delivering an authentic and engaging women’s football experience, FC 25 underscores the significance and visibility of the women’s game.

Overall, women’s football in Football Club 25 offers players the chance to immerse themselves in the world of women’s football, celebrating its talent, skill, and excitement. It promotes inclusivity and serves as a platform to showcase the achievements and impact of women in football.

Women’s Competitions

You can experience women’s football in various game modes of FC 25 Football Club:

  • Kick Off;
  • Online Seasons;
  • Co-Op Seasons;
  • Online Friendlies;
  • Tournament;
  • Ultimate Team.
For the first time, female players have joined the men in mixed (or not) teams in Ultimate Team. In addition to having their own player cards, the game pays tribute to the greatest stars in the history of women’s football with the introduction of Icon cards.

Authenticity remains a cornerstone of the game, so it’s only natural to see the expansion of efforts in this area to include the female players. Therefore, the following women’s football competitions are fully licensed in FC25:

  • UEFA Women’s Champions League;
  • Women’s Super League;
  • D1 Arkema;
  • National Women’s Soccer League;
  • Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga;
  • Liga F;
  • Women’s National Teams.

Ultimate Team

Women’s players will have a significant impact in Ultimate Team mode. With the addition of women’s football, we’ll have more leagues and crunch matches to celebrate and highlight.

  • Team of the Week
    Team of the Week will continue to celebrate a selection of the best performances in world football each week, including performances from the top six women’s leagues.

  • Heroes and Icons
    In addition to the current superstars of the top 6 leagues within women’s football, EA is also introducing new Icons and Heroes to Ultimate Team, individuals who have played significant roles in shaping women’s football as it is known today. Through a collection of Ultimate Team Moments released throughout the year, the aim is to celebrate each of these pioneers’ careers in football by revisiting key moments on their path to greatness.

  • Campaigns
    Campaigns are a significant component of what makes Ultimate Team special, and women’s footballers will be regularly featured in these important releases. Similar in scale to non-top 5 men’s leagues, female players will be made available as part of Campaign squads, included in the pack player pool of items, offered as Objectives, or provided as SBC rewards.
FC 25 Women's Football

Player Ratings

Until the ratings for Football Club 25 are revealed, we use the list from the previous title to provide an idea of who the best players are.

01 Alexia Putellas91
02 Aitana Bonmatí90
03 Sam Kerr90
04 Graham Hansen90
05 Kadidiatou Diani 89
06 Mapi León 89
07 Alex Morgan89
08 Ada Hegerberg89
09 Irene Paredes88
10 Wendie Renard88
11 Alexandra Popp88
12 Debinha88
13 Sophia Smith 88
14 Guro Reiten88
15 Christiane Endler 88
16 Marie Katoto 88
17 Patricia Guijarro 88
18 Fridolina Rolfö 87
19 Lucy Bronze 87
20 Beth Mead 87
21 Ewa Pajor 87
22 Lina Magull 87
23 Rose Lavelle 87
24 Sandra Paños 87
25 Selma Bacha 86
27 Mary Earps 86
28 Lauren Hemp 86
29 Grace Geyoro 86
30 Jill Roord 86
31 Vivianne Miedema 86
32 Sakina Karchaoui 86
33 Lindsey Horan 86
34 Kim Little 86
35 Lea Schüller 86
36 Ashley Lawrence 86
37 Mallory Swanson 86
38 Cristiana Girelli 86
39 Ona Batlle 85
40 Millie Bright 85
Official list of regular female player items
Frequently Asked Questions
You can experience women’s football in the following FC 25 game modes:

  • Kick Off;
  • Online Seasons;
  • Co-Op Seasons;
  • Online Friendlies;
  • Tournament;
  • Ultimate Team.
Female players from the leagues of England, USA, Spain, Germany, and France are featured in Football Club 25. Additionally, you can find players from the most popular national teams as well as some other clubs participating in the UEFA Women’s Champions League.
Yes, female players were included in Ultimate Team and you can mix them with male players. All players will compete on the same pitch in Ultimate Team. You’ll have the opportunity to create hybrid squads with more players than ever to choose from around The World’s Game and compete with your unique team across Ultimate Team.
Men’s and Women’s are integrated together across everything in Ultimate Team:

  • Packs
    Both men’s and women’s footballers are available together in the pool of players for packs.

  • Transfer Market
    All tradeable players are searchable on the Transfer Market based on their league, club, nationality, position, price, etc.

  • Evolutions
    Men’s and women’s footballers are both eligible for Evolutions, as long as they meet the requirements for the Evolution you’re interested in.

  • Objectives
    Men’s and women’s footballers are both eligible as Objectives requirements and Objectives rewards.

  • Rewards
    Men’s and women’s footballers are both included in Rewards throughout the year.

  • Squad Building Challenges
    You are able to submit all players into SBCs as long as they meet the requirements (nationality, position, leagues, clubs, etc.). The introduction of more players will essentially mean more possibilities when it comes to completing an SBC.

  • Moments
    Both men’s and women’s players will be featured in Moments, highlighting historic matches and encounters.

  • Draft
    Any player currently available in the pool of players has the potential to be added to your team in Draft.
Yes. There are Icons and Heroes from women’s football history added to Ultimate Team.
Chemistry remains the same with one additional opportunity to link players across men’s and women’s football. All players still link to other players from the same leagues and nations (ex. WSL players link to other WSL players, all English players link with other English players, etc.). This year, you are also able to link women’s footballers to men’s footballers who play for their affiliated club (ex. all Chelsea players link to one another, all Real Madrid players link to one another, etc.).
All players in Ultimate Team are rated relative to the players they play against on the pitch in the real world. Ratings will be consistent with other modes in the game (ex. if a player is 86 rated in Kick Off, they’ll also have a base OVR of 86 in Ultimate Team).
Yes. Women will be available in SBCs, Objectives, Moments, and available in future live service campaigns, just like men.