FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Calculator

Hours Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


We earn some coins in every match we play.
Learn how the prize is calculated in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Calculator




    Value: 325 coins
    Upper bound: 325 coins
    Note: Participate in the match until the end give entitlement to full prize.
    If you quit earlier, you receive only a parcel of the prize.


    Note: It is the sum of bonuses performance and penalties performance corrected by DNF and by multiplier.





Observação: It is the sum of the bonuses by scored goals, shots on target, successful tackles, corners, clean sheets, pass accuracy, possession and man of the match.




Note: It is the sum of the penalties by against goals, fouls, cards and off sides.

FOULS -1 -20
CARDS -5 -75
OFF SIDE -1 -15

Upper Bound: 1.25
Note: Coefficient that measures the number of unfinished matches (Did Not Finish).
The DNF modifier down 0.25 per each incomplete match.
The DNF modifier rises 0.02 per each complete match up to 1.25.
When the DNF is greater or equal to 1, it takes the value 1 on the skill award math. That is, the DNF only penalizes.


Value: 0.81 to Season Online Épocas Online (this value can vary)
0.53 to Offline Seasons (this value can vary)
The value set by EA differs from tournament to tournament
Note: Coefficient that differentiates the importance and difficulty of the different game modes.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins – Calculating Example

For better understanding, we will calculate how much coins you won in a hypothetical example.
Imagine you won by 3-0 an online season match and the statistics were:

  • Shots on Target: 10
  • Sucessful Tackles: 9
  • Corners: 4
  • Pass Accuracy: 78%
  • Possession: 50%
  • Man of the Match Prize: Yes
  • Fouls: 0
  • Cards: 0
  • Offsides: 0

Calculating the bonuses performance according the table, you would have 372 coins. Calculating the penalties performance according the table, you would have 0 coins.
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Calculator
Assuming that your matches never fall, it means that you have a DNF 1.25. You would just multiply the 372 coins by the multiplier (0.81).
As you can see on the summary menu shown below, this match would result in the gain of 302 coins (= 372×0.81).
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Calculator

28 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins Calculator”

  1. i am having the same problem with the completion award… just finished a game… i lost 3-2 and received 176 for completion and 87 for skill for a total of 263 coins… this is ridiculous… usually i would get about 500 – 600 total coins for this loss…this is not even worth playing anymore

    1. Perhaps they are trying to control the price of contracts by suppressing the demand in this way, but as I only see more people start to speculate on trading contracts…

  2. Ok thank you for looking into it, I will check your site for updates, hopefully it gets fixed because it is somewhat frustrating when saving up your coins for big player purchases.

    As addition info, I just won a game in division 2 online with 2-1. My coin bonus is a total of 155 🙁 of this 98 is completion award and 57 is skill award. This can’t be right…

  3. Hi,

    First of all, compliments on the great website (especially the chemistry guide was excellent).

    Couls you explain something on the Completion Bonus. It used to be 325 but recently i have been getting much lower amounts resulting in less coins per game (used to get a total of 600-700, now more like 300-400).

    Any ideas on this? I have spotted some online reports on others getting lower completion bonus.

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      Thanks you very much HJ. The chemistry guide was probably the article in which we worked harder.

      You are right. Something has changed on the completion bonus but we don’t know what it is. Before, the bonus was 325 to who finish the matches but now it drop a lot. We know that there are many gamers complaining of the same problem and we will try to find something about it.


  4. Hey there, I’m playing FUT on ISO. Here’s a small problem, the completion award that I get normally around 170. Therefore, even I played in World Class level and scored around 4-0, my total coins will normally less than 500… please help… AND yes, I did play the whole game without pausing or quitting. Is it something wrong with my account? ‘Cause I used to have more than 700+ coins when I played that way…

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      Hi. We don’t know what is wrong with your account. Sorry. It is strange.
      Maybe you should contact EA Support Center and ask them. You can read HERE how to do it.

  5. Why just 0,02 rise per game, when its so wonderful when ea disconnects u and u get -0,25, this dnf please raise the per game

  6. Im playing FIFA 13 fut on iOS I’ve won the first comp that is supposed to give you bronze contracts and nothing has appeared whats going on am I missing something or are u missing code?

  7. Do you guys know what the 0.8 multiplier is? I don’t mean the DNF bonus, the one next to it.

    It’s kinda annoying that at x0.8 I’m losing coins every game I play =[

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      Hi. We think that is a coefficient that differentiates the importance and difficulty of the different game modes. It seems that 0.8 is the higher value so you are not really loosing coins. 🙂

  8. Hi admin in my fut it shows completion award 325 coins n bonus 356 coins bt total coins i gained per match is 400-450 it is a bug plz help me

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      We can help you but you will need to explain it better. We already understood that you get 325 coins as completion award in every match you play. It’s normal if you play the match until the end. But, what is “Bonus” ? Are you talking about “Total Coins” on “Skill Awards” Menu? if it is what you try to explain, please provide us to more details: DNF Modifier and Multiplier.

  9. Hey sorry I am posting here but i realy want to know something about team chemistry

    I have Baines/Vertonghen/Kaboul/Johnson(Azpilicueta) and Munian as lm
    so Bainew and Vertonghen have a yellow line can this be improved by playing matches or it will stay the same until i change Baines with Asou ekoto ? Also Baines and Munian have a red line can this be improved by playing many matches?

    And finally is it better to have a team full of French players even though some may not be very good or a team from players from the same league ?

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      Hi Seimei. You are posting here because we do not have a cool article about chemistry. And it have a explanation: we are finishing the best and most comprehensive article about FUT chemistry. It is a very complex subject. We will explain everything.
      For now, we can give a very brief explanations since you seems very confused about this topic.
      Playing many matches doesn’t affect your chemistry. What affects it is: player formation, player position, players from same club, players from same nation, players from same league, manager from same nation, manager formation, manager level. You should look for a teamm chemistry near from 100 and an individual chemistry near from 9.
      You will be cool with players of same league since they play in their natural position and since they have the same formation of the squad.

      1. Thats great news!!I must say i’ve spent HOURS looking for a good fut site but nothing compares to this site magnificent work keep it up its my first year playing fut even though i was playing fifa all the time.Apparently player chemistry is way more important than team chemistry…

        Atm I Have Mandada/Vertonghen/Kaboul/Baines/Azpicueta/ Parker/Cabaye/Ben Arfa/Turan (but turan is realy great too bad he has 6 chemistry but still performs amazing)Munian/Dzeko/
        Bench M’Bia Agger Suasaeta Dembele Nastasic
        Currently i am looking for a good LM maybe 1 more 1st team CMorCAM.

        Finaly i think that its worth it having 1-2 realy good players with correct position+formation but from another league and nationality even though you can get like 6max chemistry.

        1. FIFA U Team Administrator

          Thank you for your compliment. We work hard to bring you everything about FIFA Ultimate Team. We are eager to finish our article about chemistry.
          A good LM? Etherington is very cheap and have good pace, dribbling and passing quality. You can give him a try.
          You can take a look to our BPL Guide.

    1. FIFA U Team Administrator

      Hi. Upper Bound is the maximum limit. It means that, for example, scoring 6 goals gives the same amount of coins that scoring 5 goals.

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