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In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the speed of the athletes lost some of its importance. Yet, it remains the most critical player attribute upon the construction of our squad.

In this article, we show you the fastest regular FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players.


Speed, speed, speed


In FIFA Ultimate Team, players are distinguished mainly by their six basic attributes: speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and heading. There are other factors, but these six are those to which players pay more attention. Among these, speed assumes great protagonism.

Who doesn’t like to have players who run away the wing towards the goal? Who can stand having defenses that, no matter how good they are, they always let themselves be overcome by opposing strikers?

Is is important to make the distinction between regular players’ cards and players’ cards In Form (IF). Let’s find out who are the ones that were born with this atributte.


Top Ten of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Regular Fastest Players


Amongst the ten players who were born to be the fastest, surprisingly only half belongs to the gold level. This means that if your way of playing depends almost exclusively of the players speed, you should pay attention to some unknown that we bring to you.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

1st Place – Theo Walcott

Nationality: English
Club: Arsenal (Barclays PL)
Rating: 81
Estimated Price: 10.000 to 20.000 coins

Walcott conquest in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team the title of fastest player that he had already won in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. Anyone who has played with this international knows than running is with him. Although any of the first three have an impressive pace of 96, the England midfielder beats the others because he is stronger in acceleration and sprint attributes.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

2nd Place – Jonathan Biabiany

Nationality: French
Club: Parma (Serie A)
Rating: 77
Estimated Price: 3.000 to 10.000 coins

Also Biabiany had occupied the podium in the list of fastest FUT 12 players. This season, he moved up one position and he was promoted to the gold level. With the best drible of this Top 10, the french has already been considered the fastest player in Calcio getting speeds of around 30 km / hour (!).

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

3rd Place – Guillermo Rojas

Nationality: Mexican
Club: San Luis (Primera División)
Rating: 68
Estimated Price: 2.000 to 5.000 coins

Being among the three fastest FUT 13 players is not for everyone. But Guillermo Rojas did it. This left wing didn’t win because his acceleration and his sprint are not as good as their competition. Although he is the one that best defends in this top 10, in the other attributes he is almost always the weakest.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

4th Place – Dane Richards

Nationality: Jamaican

Club: Vancouver Whitecaps (Major League Soccer)
Rating: 68
Estimated Price: 3.000 to 6.000 coins

Everyone knows that jamaicans are the fastest athletes in the world. And it seems that football is no exception. Dane Richards can almost be called the Bolt of FUT 13. Almost because he not beats the trio Walcott, Biabiany and Rojas.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

5th Place – Christian Suárez

Nationality: Ecuadorian
Club: Santos Laguna (Primera División)
Rating: 71
Estimated Price: 2.000 to 4.500 coins

Suarez is a great example of this Top 10 players. Like the overwhelming majority, he plays on the right side of midfield, he is from the American continenthe, he is economically accessible, he has a good dribble and … he is very very fast.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

6th Place – Luciano Narsingh

Nationality: Ducth
Club: PSV (Eredivisie)
Rating: 77
Estimated Price: 1.000 to 3.000 coins

Neither the fact that he’s a player gold, prevents Narsingh to be the cheaper player in this Top 10. For the price that he costs, the Dutchman is a good option for low budget squads. Besides the dizzying speed, he has good dribbling and good pass, and he is also a specialist in corner kicks.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

7th Place – Ryo Miyaichi

Nationality: Japanese
Club: Arsenal (Barclays PL)
Rating: 71
Estimated Price: 20.000 to 30.000 coins

The only Asian of this top 10 also wins the title of most expensive. His 94 of pace atributte and the fact that he is a rare player, justify his high price market. The international youth by the Japanese is one of the bets for the future of the Arsenal team that confirms their reputation of having the world’s fastest players.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

8th Place – Nnamdi Oduamadi

Nationality: Nigerian
Club: Varese (Serie B)
Rating: 71
Estimated Price: 1.500 to 3.000 coins

The only African representative in this Top 10, is an unknown to many football lovers. He plays in the secondary division of Italy and calls attention to the speed with which he runs. If you play against him, it’s good that your defenses are fast.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

9th Place – Martín Bravo

Nationality: Argentine
Club: U.N.A.M (Primera División)
Rating: 71
Estimated Price: 5.000 to 10.000 coins

Bravo is a player with balanced and interesting attributes. Except for the defensive capabilities, which are very mediocre. And except, of course, for the speed. Such bursts almost all scales!

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players

10th Place – DaMarcus Beasley

Nationality: North American
Club: Puebla (Primera División)
Rating: 69
Estimated Price: 2.500 to 5.000 coins

The top ten of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team fastest players ends with another athlete who plays in the Mexican League (the fourth!). Being present in this restricted group of sprinters, proves two things: that the North Americans actually have good players and that age is no impediment.


Top 50 of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Regular Fastest Players

Find out who are the others fastest FIFA 13 Ultimate Team regular players.

1 Theo Walcott England Barclays PL Arsenal RW 81 96
2 Jonathan Biabiany France Serie A Parma RM 77 96
3 Guillermo Rojas Mexico Primera División Mex San Luis LW 68 96
4 Christian Suárez Ecuador Primera División Mex Santos Laguna RM 71 94
5 Dane Richards Jamaica Major League Soccer Vancouver Whitecaps RW 68 94
6 Luciano Narsingh Netherlands Eredivisie PSV RW 77 94
7 Ryo Miyaichi Japan Barclays PL Wigan Athletic RW 71 94
8 Nnamdi Oduamadi Nigeria Serie B Varese RM 71 94
9 Martín Bravo Argentina Primera División Mex U.N.A.M. LW 71 94
10 DaMarcus Beasley United States Primera División Mex Puebla LM 69 94
11 Dominic Oduro Ghana Major League Soccer Chicago Fire ST 65 94
12 Marvell Wynne United States Major League Soccer Colorado Rapids CB 66 93
13 Lionel Messi Argentina Liga BBVA FC Barcelona CF 94 93
14 Ezequiel Lavezzi Argentina Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain LW 86 93
15 Franck Ribéry France Bundesliga Bayern München LM 90 93
16 Arjen Robben Netherlands Bundesliga Bayern München RM 88 93
17 Jakub Blaszczykowski Poland Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund RM 80 93
18 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Gabon Ligue 1 AS Saint-Etienne ST 79 93
19 Emanuel Rivas Argentina Serie B Hellas Verona LM 72 93
20 Ignazio Abate Italy Serie A Milan RB 81 93
21 Gabriel Agbonlahor England Barclays PL Aston Villa ST 74 93
22 Joao Rojas Ecuador Primera División Mex Monarcas Morelia RM 71 93
23 Tsepo Masilela South Africa South African FL Kaizer Chiefs LB 70 93
24 Jody Lukoki Netherlands Eredivisie Ajax RW 68 93
25 Kim Kwang Suk Korea Republic Sonata K-League Pohang Steelers RB 63 93
26 Myles Weston England npower League Two Gillingham LM 63 93
27 Mike Könnecke Germany 2. Bundesliga Erzgebirge Aue RM 61 93
28 Lucas Brazil Liga do Brasil São Paulo RW 82 92
29 Aaron Lennon England Barclays PL Tottenham Hotspur RM 80 92
30 Jonathan Pitroipa Burkina Faso Ligue 1 Stade Rennais LW 76 92
31 Abdul Majeed Waris Ghana Allsvenskan BK Häcken ST 70 92
32 Darren Mattocks Jamaica Major League Soccer Vancouver Whitecaps ST 67 92
33 Lee Hyun Jin Korea Republic Sonata K-League Suwon Samsung Bluewings RW 61 92
34 Jesús Navas Spain Liga BBVA Sevilla FC RM 85 92
35 Loïc Rémy France Ligue 1 Olympique de Marseille ST 83 92
36 Christian Atsu Ghana Liga Portuguesa FC Porto LW 76 92
37 Nathan Dyer England Barclays PL Swansea City RW 75 92
38 Eliseu Portugal Liga BBVA Málaga CF LM 75 92
39 Francesco Pisano Italy Serie A Cagliari RB 74 92
40 Marco Sau Italy Serie A Cagliari CF 73 92
41 Quincy Owusu-Abeyie Ghana Hellas Liga Panathinaikos FC RM 71 92
42 Jimmy Kébé Mali Barclays PL Reading RM 71 92
43 Omar Arellano Mexico Primera División Mex Guadalajara ST 70 92
44 Derek Asamoah Ghana Sonata K-League Pohang Steelers RW 69 92
45 Derick Tshimanga Belgium Belgium Pro League RC Genk LB 68 92
46 Imoh Ezekiel Nigeria Belgium Pro League Standard Liège ST 67 92
47 Abdou Razack Traoré Burkina Faso Ekstraklasa Lechia Gdansk CAM 67 92
48 Erling Knudtzon Norway Tippeligaen Lillestrøm SK RM 65 92
49 Welliton Brazil Russian League Spartak Moskva ST 81 92
50 Marinho Portugal Liga Portuguesa Académica RW 72 92


104 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players”

  1. Walcott is the fastest man in britain (check, he can do 100m in 9.897 seconds, faster than any proffesional brittish sprinter) so ahould he not have around 98 pace. And for anyone who doesnt know, ratings only go up to 99 because their could be and ameteur player who is the best ever at a certain attribute and would therefore be rated 100

  2. i have 253k and want a pacey and beasty squad no preferences to who please help

    1. it really doesint mather so much i like fast players and players with good shooting

      sorry that i am asking so much XD

  3. Thanks. I understand that it will take some time but I am very grateful that you are willing to do this for me. One thing I forgot to include, TOTY’s are very expensive so please don’t include them. Thanks again as this is a real help to me.

  4. Hello could you make me the fastest 9 chem team possible. You can use whatever formation and don’t worry about the cost. Golds are good, silvers are ok but please I don’t want it to be full of bronze players as the team will be harder to play with. I know it’s a lot to ask but I would be gratefull if I got a reply. Ps this guide is awesome, keep up the good work

  5. Well, it’s possible that he isn’t in UT because he only signed with Düsseldorf in January. But he’s definitely in the game!

  6. You totally forgot Mathis Bolly of Fortuna Düsseldorf.

    He’s the fastes player with 97 in both accelaration and pace 😉

  7. what pace team do u suggest to make that will have good chemistry (above 90).. currently this is my squad 4-1-2-1, please let me now if i should make any changes.. THANK YOU
    Gk- Sirigu
    RB- Mariano
    CB- Thiago Silva
    CB- N’Koulou
    LB- Bedimo
    CDM- In Form Matuidi
    RM- In Form Aubayeng
    LM- Lavezzi
    CAM- Lucas
    ST- Remy
    ST- Orange Pitroipa

  8. hi.
    first i would b completely lost on fut if it wasnt for this website
    second can you try make a pace team like the bpl and liga bbva team only for pace.

    1. Hi.
      We will publish in the following days something like you asked: an article with fastest bronze, silver and gold teams.
      Until now, you can take a look to other comments of this article. We give some information about it.

  9. fastest league in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation please. doesen’t matter what level the players are. thanks 🙂

    1. Hi.
      We will publish on the following days an article about the fastest teams (gold, silver and bronze). It’s probably what you need.
      After you read it if you still have any question, ask us please.

  10. I looking forward to do pace team. but i also want 100 chemistry. so want to know whats the fastest league on ultimate team. i’m gonna use the 4-1-2-1-2 formation. and it doesen’t matter what level the players are. please help me.

  11. Ok, thanks. Will the 4-1-2-1-2 formation in it, too? And I forgot to say, that I’m not looking for the fastest gold team, but for the fastest Team with every Level. It doesen’t matter if it’s Gold, Silver or Bronze.

    1. Yes, you can use 4-1-2-1-2 with these players.
      We are so cool that we will help you again instead making you wait for our article.

      Here is the Fastest Silver FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Squad:
      GK – Luciano
      RB – Francesco Pisano
      CB – Marvell Wynne
      CB – Cheikhou Kouyaté
      LB – Tsepo Masilela
      RM – Nnamdi Oduamadi
      CM – Abdou Razack Traoré
      CM – Oscar Gobern
      LM – Guillermo Rojas
      ST – Dominic Oduro
      ST – Gabriel Agbonlahor
      GK Sub – Darley (Naútico)
      CB Sub – Michael Almebäck (Club Brugge)
      RM Sub – Ryo Miyaichi (Wigan)
      CM Sub – Benjamin Moukandjo (AS Nancy)
      CAM Sub – Chris Malonga (FC Lausanne-Sport)
      CF Sub – Martín Bravo (U.N.A.M)
      ST Sub – Omar Arellano (Guadalajara)

      Here is the fastest bronze FIFA 13 Ultimate Team squad:
      GK – Boy de Jong
      RB – Kim Kwang Suk
      CB – Karleigh Osborne
      CB – Ike Opara
      LB – Corey Ashe
      RM – Mike Könnecke
      CM – Lee Hyun Seung
      CM – Pierrick Rakotoharisoa
      LM – Myles Weston
      ST – Daniel Larsson
      ST – Jordan Slew
      GK Sub – Quillan Roberts (Toronto FC)
      CB Sub – Krystian Pearce (Notts Country)
      RM Sub – Lee Hyun Jin (Suwon Samsung Bluewings)
      CM Sub – Sebastian Maier (TSV 1860 München)
      CAM Sub- Maher Othman (Al Wehda )
      ST Sub – Golgol Mebrahtu (Melbourne Heart)
      ST Sub – Kwabena Appiah-Kubi (Western Sydney Wanderers)

      Support us, please!

  12. I have a I mean 4-1-2-1-2 formation and I want to buy the fastest team possible. I’m not looking for 100 chemistry. And please with players and their natural position and not transformed positions. Sorry for my bad Englisch i’m from Italia

    1. Hi.
      We will publish an article with fastests squads on the next week.

      Here is the fastest gold FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Squad:

      • GK – Hugo Lloris
      • RB – Ignazio Abate
      • CB – Thiago Silva
      • CB – Luis Amarante Perea
      • LB – Jordi Alba
      • RM – Jonathan Biabiany
      • CM – Lucas
      • CM – Wellington Nem
      • LM – Franck Ribéry
      • ST – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
      • ST – Welliton
      • GK Sub – Guilherme (Lokomotiv Moskva)
      • RB Sub – Kyle Walker (Tottenham)
      • CB Sub- Dede (Vasco da Game)
      • RM Sub – Theo Walcott (Arsenal)
      • CAM Sub – Maximiliano Moralez (Atalanta)
      • CF Sub – Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
      • ST Sub – Loïc Rémy (Ol. Marselha)
      • Regards

  13. Great article.. Tried few of the fastest defenders.. Albeit left wanting in the tackling aspects..
    Ok need big help from u..

    I play 5-2-2-1

    Sagna luiz vermaelen kaboul cole
    Mata/cazorla/lampard ramires/javiartinez/fellaini/tiote

    Walcott/hulk david villa/jarvis/robinho
    I like the way i have a balanced team but cant utilize the likes of mata or cazorla or lampard to the max..
    I need help wid a formation which will make my team balanced wid pace.
    And also i never reach a budget beyond 40ks.. If i try selling off torres for 20ks even.. No one’s even bothered..
    Need help wid that as well!

    Hope am not troubling you wid all these questions but am almost out of my mind trying to fix these two issues!

    Thanks for any help 🙂

    1. Hi.
      If you really want to change your formation, you can try 4-3-3. It’s great for fast attacks on the wings since it is very wide formation.
      About tips for trading, pay attention to our website. We are publishing some articles about this topic. The best way to make coins are trading. Buy and sell higher.

  14. CM’s
    Oscar Gobern – Huddersfield Town (npower Championship) 1.5k
    Ramires – Chelsea (BPL) 10k
    De Marcos – Athletic Club de Bilbao (BBVA) 1k
    May Mahlangu – Helsingborgs IF (Allsvenskan) 0.8k

    Marvell Wynne – Colorado Rapids – (MSL) 16k
    Cheikhou Kouyaté – Anderlecht (Belgium Pro League) 70k
    Michael Almebäck – Club Brugge (Belgium Pro League) 4k
    Thiago Silva – PSG (Ligue 1) 195k

  15. I’m looking for the fastest ST’s in Barclay Primere League. Thank you in advance. Btw, great article.

  16. Starting a new squad, about 100k to spend. What formation and type of squad would you suggest?

    1. Hi.
      We can’t take these decisions by you. It depends of so many factors: your preferences, your experience, your goals, your budget, your style of play, etc…
      If you don’t know in which formation you should play, take a look to our guide. 4-4-2 is the best one for who want to start.
      About a team, we suggest to to build a BPL squad because the players are too expensive. You can build a better Serie A team (for example) with less coins.

  17. I have a team in a 4-2-2-2 of BPL. I was wondering if you could let me know how much to sell each player for? All have good contracts. Thanks for this website, big help.

    Hernandez (MU), Defoe, Gerrard, Podolski, Parker, Terry, Ivanovic, Ferdinand, Gibbs, De Gea, Lampard, Welbeck, Bent, Johnson, Kolarov, Walcott

  18. I’m building a team in a 4-2-2-2 formation of Barclays Premier League. Got a 100k budget. What are the fastest players to get for each position?

  19. A massive help to me. My teams are all about speed so I need to get them in there. I’m not so sure about taking low rated fast players though. How does that work, will they get close to goal and then miss?

    1. Yes. 🙂 Something like that.
      Players have lots of attributes. Pace is just one of them. You can’t make a team only with pace because it will not work.
      Balanced teams are the key for the success.

  20. Can you suggest me some decent CDM and fast CAM players suitable for 4-2-2-2 formation?

    1. We can’t answer without knowing your budget, your preferences, your style of play, your team, etc…
      But we can give a try: Ramires is a fantastic pace CDM and Lucas is on of the fastest CAM’s.

  21. Very good article!

    But… Why no Ronaldo?

    Pace 92 last time I checked.

    If it’s because you have gone for a list of 50, why is Ronaldo still missed out?

    P.S. this isn’t a rant 🙂 i’m just wondering.

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        Don’t you agree that Fifa got it wrong?

        Can’t see why Ronaldo doesn’t deserve to be one of the fastest players in the world!

  22. Great list and it helped me a lot! Thanks Guys!
    There’s only 1 player missing if u ask me.
    i hope that EA saw the 96mtr sprint under 10 sec from Cristiano Ronaldo against Atletico. Then they have to turn up his pace to 98 xD

  23. Hines from Bradford City is a rare silver and 96 pace 🙂
    sorry read it wrong, hes 86

    1. Fastest CDM’s: Stergos Marinos from Panathinaikos FC (pace 85), Rich Balchan from Columbus Crew (84), Vurnon Anita from Newcastle United (83) and Pape Abdou Camara from Valenciennes FC (83).

  24. Mitsuko Geltz

    Good post there. Ive been playing FUT for years, however Im really really bad at trading. What do you know about the Fifa ultimate team trading method on Im thinking of buying it, could you please do a review? Thanks again

  25. The fastest player is wynne he is playing in the USA club : colorado rapids, it’s a defender with 97pace!

  26. I need help with finding some more fast CB players, I’m building a team full of Pace players and i already have Wynne, Just need another fast paced CB player to complete my team along with some CM/CAM players too.

    Anyone help?

    1. Hi. We plan to publish an article about the squad with higher pace. But by now, we will help you here. Fastest FUT 13 CB’s, besides Wynne, are: Cheikhou Kouyaté, Michael Almeback, Thiago Silva and Luis Amaranto Perea. Fastest FUT 13 CM’s are: Oscar Gobern, Ramires, De Marcos and May Mahlangu. Fastest FUT 13 CAM’s are: Abdou Traoré, Wellington Nem, Moukandjo and Malonga.

  27. Very helpful list for a good speed team at different levels. Loving that there is a lot of detail to the list with country/league/etc!

  28. I really like what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

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