FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: a new game mode on iOS

Manage your FUT 14 for Consoles on your iOS or Android Device


We had already announced the new iPhone App that allows you to manage your FUT 13 club. Now, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is available as a new game mode in FIFA 13 on iOS. FIFA Ultimate Team for iOS is its own separate experience from console & PC FUT.

Update the game in the App Store and build your ultimate squad!


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: a new game mode on iOS


Electronic Arts Inc announced that EA SPORTS™ has developed FIFA 13 Ultimate Team for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®, enabling mobile gaming fans to build, manage and compete with their fantasy team of the world’s best football stars.

Gamers can now take control and hit the pitch in the most authentic football game on the App Store with new features and stunning graphics enhanced for the iPhone 5, as well as dominate the leaderboards with Game Center.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team—one of the most popular game modes in FIFA 13 on HD consoles —is available now for the first time ever for iOS on the App Store as a free game mode expansion to all players who own FIFA 13 on iOS, bringing expanded content and popular gameplay fans having been asking for. FIFA Ultimate Team on iOS is a separate game experience from FIFA Ultimate Team on HD Consoles and PC.

In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players can build a squad of the world’s greatest football superstars by earning, buying, trading and bidding for coveted players with other Ultimate Team gamers around the world, choosing everything from their play style, formation and kits.

Fans can create and strategically craft squads to get the best chemistry and team rating, manage multiple squads, and then take their squads onto the pitch to compete in single-player tournaments which are updated weekly. Fans can also test their skills against the most powerful clubs in regular Team of the Week challenges. By winning matches and tournaments, fans earn coins that can be used to acquire new players and items to continually improve their fantasy team.

FIFA 13 was the biggest global launch-day performance of any game on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in EA history, and is currently tracking +35% year-over-year based on title downloads.

The game delivers the authenticity and innovation that the FIFA franchise is known for. In addition to the new FIFA 13 Ultimate team mode, players are able to compete with friends anytime, anywhere using Online Multiplayer and rise to the top of the Leaderboards playing with superstars like Messi and Benzema against friends or other competitors in the FIFA online world.

Plus, EA SPORTS Football Club connects players to the real-world competitions, enabling fans to support their favourite club as well as connect with friends, rivals and millions of other players around the world. Fans earn experience points and level up to build status and can relive crucial real-world football events through regular challenges so that FIFA 13 plays like the real-world season.


Screenshots of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team on iOS

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iOS - Screenshot 1
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iOS - Screenshot 2
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iOS - Screenshot 3
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iOS - Screenshot 4

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Trailer for iOS



97 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: a new game mode on iOS”

  1. I want dis game at ipad platform as I can’t. Buy it at my own bcz I don’t have credit card or money either to. Make it possible plx plx I will be very grateful to u if u give me ur apple I’d I promise I’ll not touch any other thing just install the game if anyone can help me contact at facebook,com/xaad.sameer I hope u can understand my feelings thnx

  2. On my ipad I buy players and then store them on my club but I am not able to get them into my active squad. How do I do it ??

    1. We do not have an iOS device to try it but it should be something like in FUT Web App, we think: active squad menu – select a player – swap – choose the player you want.

    1. Nós não temos a versão iOS para testar mas pelo que sabemos funciona do mesmo modo: vá a trading – auction search e compre os contratos que quiser em “development search”. Depois é só escolher o jogador, aplicar consumível e escolher o contrat que comprou. Pode também comprar packs na store que vêm quase sempre com contratos.

      You need to buy a contract from the trade pile or get one in a pack, and then apply the consumable to a player

  3. I have Fifa on iPad and can’t seem to activate my players once I buy a pack of players. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mickey – go to the “Squads” option from the main menu and tap one of your players. A menu will pop up then go to the “Club” Option, then swap the current player with the player you want in your squad.

  4. Are you going to get online for ultimate team and can you make a website for buying coins

  5. hi i have an iphone and i have fifa 13,can i play online against ps3 users?

  6. hi I have fifa13 on my iPhone 4 which is really good but I have just purchased the ps3 version of it and wondered if I can transfer my team that I have on my phone as I have spent ages getting a half decent side together and also spent money on points any ideas please would be very greatful thanks

    1. Sorry but what you asked is not possible. PS3, XBox, PC and iOS versions are all different FIFA 13 games. You can not transfer anything between any of these platforms.
      The only thing that you can make is to manage your PS3 club on your iOS device.

  7. I just want To know how can i get my catalogue money boost in FIFA ut for iphone i just Dont find that option

      1. Its the ios version, the one that this forum talks about, i just can find the catalogue where is it?

          1. I think that im not been understood, my question is if there is an option as Xbox or ps3 where you can change your money boost in the catalogue, but in iOS version

          2. Hi Robert.
            We think that we understood your question. But we can’t give you an answer because we don’t have the iOS version. Our idea is that option doesn’t exist in iOS version but we can’t be 100% sure. Sorry.

  8. After completing an ultimate team game, the gold I received is lesser than what I am suppose to get. Previously, I will get an average gold of 700 after completing a game on world class, now I only receive around 200 gold. What is the problem here?

    1. There are a lot of people complaining about the same thing. It seems that EA has changed the rules since May 6th. Or maybe it is a bug… We realy don’t know but there are lots of people with the same problem.

      1. Its really dissappointing and frustrating To just gain 180 coins in world class, i have To stop playing because i can not pay the players contracts

  9. I can’t apply anything to any players there nothing that gives me the option or anything what do I do?

  10. How do I start the game? again I’ve tried deleting it and re-download it but it doesn’t work!

  11. can i actually play online versus someone playing from PS3/XBOX/PC? i play using my iPad. if they dont work out, you should really do something about it. please reply.
    thanks very much :)).

  12. I don’t know why but on my ipod for FUT there is no button on the side that says apply so it won’t let me add players from my club to my active squad? Dont know what to do…

  13. Jesse Navarrete

    Why is it that in ultimate team I change the settings to world class but then when I either play team of the week or a regular game it automatically resets to amateur… What is the problem???

    1. Yes. One club can have up to 15 squads. And you can buy more slots on EASFC Catalogue.
      You can only have one club at once. But you can delete it and create a new one four times (five clubs).

  14. Hi,I have some question ,I saw some player at the market is black,orange and blue color and so expensive , how they come? Can I upgrade my gold player to be that, sorry for my English

  15. Hi there,

    When I’m lucky and win a tournament in FUT, I always receive my money prize. But where does the contracts or silver/gold packs go!?



    1. There are two different things: one is the FUT 13 that you play on your iOS FIFA 13; the other is the EASFC App in which you can manage your console team on your iOS device.
      The second one is what you are asking. You can learn more here.

  16. Hey, my question is when i buy some new players and put them to my club i can see them in my club but there is no green light above them and i cant bring them to my squad , how to make them green light and how to use them ? It seems like i bought many players but cant use em !

  17. Hi, I was just wondering if there is any way to sell players that are in your team because I’m relatively new to iPad ultimate team and can’t seem to work out how to move players from my team to trade pile. Could you help please?

  18. Hi. Once I downloaded the game for iPad and went into ultimate team, it did not load up with my team on console. I signed into the origin account aswell.

  19. Mike needs help

    So, i have another question. Do you think it would a good offer if i bought the gold team promo, “a one time only offer” where i get 11 gold players and a manager. I am planning to buy it for 75 fifa bucks which is really 99 cents.

    1. We don’t think that gold team packs are a good option. Why? Because you don’t know which players you will get. Probably you will have to sell almost everyone because they are from different club, nationality or league damaging your chemistry.
      If your idea is to buy that team to make profit, the situation may be a bit different. The value of money is different for each of us. It’s up to you to decide…

  20. i want to sign in to my fifa ultimate team from my ps3 to my ipod app how do i do it ??

  21. Mike needs help

    Yes thank you I understand a bit more. I have good players such as Sergio Ramos and maggio gignac however I feel that when I buy contracts it’s a lot of coins. And I am unsure about the eafc catalouge, how can i acces that through my iPhone? And when the website for a guide for fut on an iOS device can u please make it easy to find. Thank you very much I appreciate u helping.

    1. In order to reduce the amount of coins you pay, you need to have rare managers. They will give you a boost on contract cards up to 50%. Read more here.
      We are writing many articles, so it isn’t easy to cover all the topics. We will need more time.

  22. Mike needs help

    I really need help with my fut on my iPhone
    Can u plz tell me how I could get good players like u
    Have. I only have around 7 k and I am wondering how
    U got soooo much coooiiinnnssss!!!!!
    Can u plz guide me to any glitch or cheat or something
    To get me a team like that….
    I feel left out when I have such a bad team and when I have played over
    80 matches when I’ve won 76 Of them I usually play
    In the lower league tournament.

    1. Hi Mike.
      If you think that the way is trying a glitch or a cheat, you are absolutely wrong.
      To build a strong team you need to learn to make coins. And there are many ways to do it. For example: have you tried to get your coins boost from EASFC Catalogue?
      We will publish very soon many making coins guides. Pay attention to our website, please.
      The best way to make coins is making trading. You need to study and understand the market. Try to buy cards and sell them higher.

          1. You can use our search bar.
            We are publishing some new articles about this topic but you can start reading these ones:

            Soon there will be published the better ones. Stay alert to our website.
            Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get updated.

          2. Hello, I’ve had a look at these, do you have any specific methods for ios? Sorry to be a nuisance. Great tips though.

  23. Can you upload a list of skills for the skill stick on ipad?
    it would be a gret help.

  24. And one more question how can you play online against other players because I can’t find tha button. I only see play against team of the week, play a tournament against computer and play a single match. And will there come an update that you can play an online tournament or online season like you can on ps3

  25. Hello ea, i am dutch And i have a question.
    When i delete FIFA 13 on my device and I instal it again will my team disappear and will i start again or can I go on whit the same team

      1. Your team will not be deleted because I have already deleted the app and got it again

  26. When will you update FIFA again for iPad? Do you guys have planed to make ultimate team online?

  27. Eu fiz o download do Fifa para IOS, contido, ao acessar o FUT, o sistema não reconhece que já tenho um time, e me mostra uma tela inicial, solicitando novo nome de time para ganhar um pacote inicial. Estou com receio de fazer o procedimento e ele apagar meu time do Xbox.

    1. Olá. Antes de mais agradecemos o seu contacto e informamos-lhe que, se quiser, poderá navegar no nosso website em português. Existe dois softwares: o de gestão da sua equipa FUT de versão consolas e PC; e um FUT de raíz para iOS. Provavelmente fez download do segundo e é por isso que não reconhecem a sua equipa: você ainda não fez nenhuma em iOS.

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