FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Liga BBVA Squad

Liga BBVA Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Check out the review we made about the players from Liga BBVA, the main spanish football league.


Building a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Liga BBVA Squad


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is mainly based on building a good squad. But that’s not easy. Firstly, we have to choose a tactic for us to get adapted with. Then, we choose the players we want to hire according to the attributes that we consider important and how they can fit into our tactic. And, at last, we have to make everything that is possible to get a high chemistry.

To make this last step easier, most players start defining what kind of squad they’re going to build. Some choose to get players with the same nationality (brazilian squads are the most common), while others prefer to build one with players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can build hybrid squads without prejudicing the chemistry too much.

However, we all feel some disorientation when we start building our squad. This article intends to help those who think about or intend to build a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team squad based in Liga BBVA players.

Obviously this article is merely guiding. It’s about an extremely vast theme in which player combinations are almost infinite. Besides that, there are lots of factors that influence the players’ choices, such as each one’s playing style, tactic, budget, preferred clubs or even the time spent playing. There’s also an uncertainty component: a good player for you may not be good for the other players. If there was a certain best squad, everyone would struggle to have it. Part of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team joke is this: each one has his own club and players.


Liga BBVA and FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The main football competition of Spain is considered the greatest league of the world. Started in 1929, La Liga is disputed by 20 clubs, of which Real Madrid has won 32 times and Barcelona 21 times.

By the high quality of the players in this league, it’s natural that this is one of the most represented league on FUT 13 squads. Also because of that, the practiced prices are extremely high (not as much as the Barclays PL). If you’re thinking of building a Liga BBVA squad, it’d be good that you had a fat wallet.

In relation to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team, FUT 13 lost some good players that used to play on Spanish League. Javi Martinez, Salvio, Afellay, Keita, Santi Cazorla, Diarra, Sahin, Granero and Altintop are good examples for that, but the biggest loss was actually Van Nistelrooy who has retired.

Although, the Liga BBVA got some massive signings in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, too: Song, Saviola, Roque Santa Cruz, Essien, Modric, Cissokho e João Pereira.

As you can see, there are lots of quality choices. However, having a higher overall doesn’t mean that the player is better. It is necessary to analyze their attributes.

In this article we will analyze only the regular players, since the IF ones are extremely expensive and should be used only for an esthetic matter in most cases when the player has a lot of coins left.


To make the analysis easier, let’s consider six groups of players:

  • Goalkeeper (GK);
  • Central Back (CB);
  • Lateral Backs (RB, RWB, LB e LWB);
  • Central Midfielders (CDM, CM e CAM);
  • Medium Wingers (RM, RW, RF, LM, LW e LF);
  • and Attackers (CF e ST).

Let’s get going!


Liga BBVA’s Goalkeepers (GK)


Many players start their signings with an attaker. Then improve the midfield, the defense and, lastly, the goal. The truth is that having a good goalkeeper will make a difference several times for winning a match. And usually the investiment is not that significant.

The most wanted goalkeepers are Casillas, his rival Vistor Váldes, the brazilian Diego Alves and Diego López. They are the ones that have the best rating and also because of that are the most expensive ones.


Casillas 89 Spain Real Madrid
Victor Valdés 85 Spain FC Barcelona
Diego Alves 82 Brazil Valencia CF
Diego López 82 Spain Sevilla FC
Thibaut Courtois 79 Belgium Atlético de Madrid
Iraizoz 79 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Guaita 79 Spain Valencia CF
Roberto 79 Spain Real Zaragoza
Claudio Bravo 78 Chile Real Sociedad
Carlos Idriss Kameni 78 Cameroon Málaga CF
Sergio Asenjo 74 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Palop 74 Spain Sevilla FC
Joel 73 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Codina 73 Spain Getafe CF
Adán 73 Spain Real Madrid
Marc Martínez 61 Spain RC Deportivo
Villanueva 61 Spain Real Valladolid
Yeray 60 Spain RCD Mallorca


Although, the best overall doesn’t necessarily mean the best choice. There are two fundamental attributes for a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

The first one measures the keeper’s agility when performing a defense. In this particularity, Madrid’s goalkeeper is the best among the others. Highlights also for Diego Alves for being one of those that have the best reflexes.


Casillas 92 Spain Real Madrid
Diego Alves 90 Brazil Valencia CF
Guaita 86 Spain Valencia CF
Carlos Idriss Kameni 86 Cameroon Málaga CF
Roberto 85 Spain Real Zaragoza
Dudu Aouate 85 Israel RCD Mallorca
Victor Valdés 84 Spain FC Barcelona
Andrés Fernández 84 Spain CA Osasuna
Claudio Bravo 83 Chile Real Sociedad
Cristian Darío Álvarez 83 Argentina RCD Espanyol
Casto 81 Spain Real Betis Balompié
Codina 79 Spain Getafe CF
Roberto 79 Spain Granada CF
Keylor Navas 78 Costa Rica Levante UD
Rubén 78 Spain Rayo Vallecano


The diving measures the capacity of a goalkeeper to perform a defense in the air. Also in this important aspect, Casillas outstands on the almost opponents. Diego Alves is the exception. He is a valid choice for who wants to save coins.


Casillas 91 Spain Real Madrid
Diego Alves 91 Brazil Valencia CF
Carlos Idriss Kameni 84 Cameroon Málaga CF
Victor Valdés 83 Spain FC Barcelona
Andrés Fernández 83 Spain CA Osasuna
Javi Varas 82 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
Diego López 81 Spain Sevilla FC
Guaita 81 Spain Valencia CF
Claudio Bravo 81 Chile Real Sociedad
Dudu Aouate 81 Israel RCD Mallorca
Casto 84 Spain Real Betis Balompié
Sergio Asenjo 81 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Keylor Navas 81 Costa Rica Levante UD
Roberto 80 Spain Granada CF
Rubén 79 Spain Rayo Vallecano


There’s one more characteristic in a goalkeeper that will be able to make a difference: his height. The taller he is, the bigger will be the chances to maintain the goal inviolable. This is Casillas’ weakness. He is one of the shortest goalkeepers on the Liga BBVA, 13 centimeters away from Thibaut Courtois and from Villanueva, the tallest keepers on Spanhish League.


Thibaut Courtois 198 Belgium Atlético de Madrid
Diego López 196 Spain Sevilla FC
Roberto 192 Spain Real Zaragoza
Iraizoz 191 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Guaita 190 Spain Valencia CF
Diego Alves 188 Brazil Valencia CF
Dudu Aouate 188 Israel RCD Mallorca
Gustavo Munúa 187 Uruguay Levante UD
Carlos Idriss Kameni 186 Cameroon Málaga CF
Cristian Darío Álvarez 186 Argentina RCD Espanyol
Villanueva 198 Spain Real Valladolid
Raúl 196 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Dani Hernández 196 Venezuela Real Valladolid
Joel 195 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Yeray 192 Spain RCD Mallorca


Iker Casillas is unequivocally the best goalkeeper on Liga BBVA. He is currently considered the best goalkeeper in the world. Out of the six main attributes for a goalkeeper, he is the best on three (reflexes, diving and speed). And two of them are the most important. If you like to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper, there are many players that develop this function well, like Claudio Bravo and Dani Hernández. Victor Valdes is unbeatable in positioning and Thibaut Courtois in handling.

Obviously, Casillas isn’t available for all wallets. Victor Valdés is also an excellent goalkeeper and is worth the quarter. If you want even a cheaper alternative, choose Diego Alves. He is almost as good as Casillas in the most important attributes and defending penalties is his specialty.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Liga BBVA Goalkeepers
Five Liga BBVA (Spanish League) goalkeepers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Liga BBVA’s Centre Backs (CB)


A goalkeeper’s job becomes easier if quality centre backs are playing right ahead. Their role in the match is to stop the opponents from getting near the goal.

Six out of ten best central backs of the game play in the Liga BBVA. Sergio Ramos was promoted in FUT 13 to best centre back of Liga BBVA. The Portuguese Pepe and his rivals Mascherano, Piqué ans Puyol are other quality defenders from the Spanish League.


Sergio Ramos 87 Spain Real Madrid
Javier Mascherano 86 Argentina FC Barcelona
Piqué 86 Spain FC Barcelona
Puyol 86 Spain FC Barcelona
Pepe 85 Portugal Real Madrid
Adil Rami 84 France Valencia CF
Amorebieta 81 Venezuela Athletic Club de Bilbao
Raúl Albiol 81 Spain Real Madrid
Daniel Alberto Díaz 80 Argentina Atlético de Madrid
Ricardo Carvalho 80 Portugal Real Madrid
Cala 74 Spain Sevilla FC
Mikel Gonzalez 74 Spain Real Sociedad
Rafa 74 Spain Getafe CF
Álvaro González 74 Spain Real Zaragoza
Fontàs 73 Spain FC Barcelona


For a centre back, two attributes are of particular importance: defending and heading.

A player with a good defending will take the ball from the opponent and prevent him to reach the box more easily. This is Mascherano, Piqué and Puyol’s case, the three best players to perform this function. A cheaper alternative to a good defense is the french Valencia’s Adil Rami.


Javier Mascherano 87 Argentina FC Barcelona
Puyol 87 Spain FC Barcelona
Piqué 86 Spain FC Barcelona
Sergio Ramos 84 Spain Real Madrid
Pepe 84 Portugal Real Madrid
Adil Rami 84 France Valencia CF
Amorebieta 82 Venezuela Athletic Club de Bilbao
Daniel Alberto Díaz 82 Argentina Atlético de Madrid
Ballesteros 82 Spain Levante UD
Raúl Albiol 81 Spain Real Madrid
Fontàs 77 Spain FC Barcelona
Lolo 76 Spain CA Osasuna
Ansotegi 75 Spain Real Sociedad
Rafa 74 Spain Getafe CF
Raúl Rodríguez 74 Spain RCD Espanyol


Having a good heading is very important for a centre back because it allows him to win balls in the air while they’re thrown in his box. But that’s not all. Also on attacking free kicks, such as the corner, it is normal to see centre backs going into the opponent’s box to try their lucks.

In this chapter there’s a player that crushes the competitors: Sergio Ramos. He is, with a large advantage, the player who has the best heading in the Liga BBVA. In case you can’t buy one, Puyol, Ricardo Costa and Adil Rami are also very good. In the opposite way there are Mascherano and Ballesteros. Although they have excellent defendings, they have poor headings (70 and 72 respectively), so they must be players you have to avoid buying for your La Liga squad.


Sergio Ramos 88 Spain Real Madrid
Puyol 84 Spain FC Barcelona
Adil Rami 84 France Valencia CF
Ricardo Costa 84 Portugal Valencia CF
Damien Perquis 84 Poland Real Betis Balompié
Pepe 82 Portugal Real Madrid
Daniel Alberto Díaz 82 Argentina Atlético de Madrid
Lopo 82 Spain Getafe CF
Piqué 81 Spain FC Barcelona
Diego Godín 81 Uruguay Atlético de Madrid
Íñigo López 87 Spain Granada CF
Mario 79 Spain Real Betis Balompié
Álvaro González 78 Spain Real Zaragoza
Samuel 78 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
Mikel Gonzalez 77 Spain Real Sociedad


One of the commonest characteristics on centre backs that dissatisfy us players is their slowness. No one likes to feel impotent by seeing extremely fast players easily passing through our defense. That’s why the defenders’ speed is also an important factor.

Some Liga BBVA’s good centre backs are slow. Puyol, Adil Rami and even Piqué don’t exceed 62 on the speed stat. Martín Demichelis is the half of it (!). Pepe and Miranda can be good choices if speed is important to you. If money is no problem to you, bet on Sergio Ramos. He is the fastest.


Sergio Ramos 79 Spain Real Madrid
Miranda 75 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
Pepe 74 Portugal Real Madrid
Héctor Moreno 71 Mexico RCD Espanyol
Ekiza 71 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Miguel Flaño 69 Spain CA Osasuna
Javier Mascherano 68 Argentina FC Barcelona
Geromel 68 Brazil RCD Mallorca
Víctor Ruíz 67 Spain Valencia CF
Juan Daniel Forlin 67 Argentina RCD Espanyol
Oier 73 Spain CA Osasuna
Álvaro González 72 Spain Real Zaragoza
Cadamuro 71 Algeria Real Sociedad
Ramalho 71 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Cala 69 Spain Sevilla FC


Sergio Ramos is definitely the best central defender in the Liga BBVA. He is the fastest, has the best heading, the best dribbling and the best shooting. This should be enough to put him in your squad. But he’s got one problem: his prohibitive price for many players. Many players like to put a slower centre back that is more secure alongside another that compensates on speed. Depending on this factor, bet in one of these three players to be his partner in defense: Pepe for a very fast defense, Puyol for a more static element but with better defensive attributes or Piqué for a middle ground.

For limited budgets there are other quality solutions. A double of Miranda e Adil Rami guarantees a solid defense by having high attributes of defending and heading at a low price.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Liga BBVA Centre-Backs
Five Liga BBVA (Spanish League) centre backs with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Liga BBVA’s Side Defenders (RB, RWB, LB, LWB)


The side defenders have the function of making the opponents’ wingers’ jobs harder. But that’s not all. Complementarily, the good side defenders also support their team’s wingers on offensive plays.

On Liga BBVA, Dani Alves found the concurrence of João Pereira and Arbeloa on the right side of the defense. On the opposite side, Marcelo, hos teamate Fábio Coentrão and Jordi Alba are the top rated ones.


Dani Alves 84 Brazil FC Barcelona
Arbeloa 80 Spain Real Madrid
João Pereira 80 Portugal Valencia CF
Iraola 78 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Juanfran 78 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Jesús Gámez 77 Spain Málaga CF
Cicinho 74 Brazil Sevilla FC
Damià 74 Spain CA Osasuna
Hugo Mallo 74 Spain RC Celta de Vigo


Marcelo 83 Brazil Real Madrid
Fábio Coentrão 81 Portugal Real Madrid
Jordi Alba 81 Spain FC Barcelona
Filipe Luís 79 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
Monreal 79 Spain Málaga CF
Eric Abidal 78 France FC Barcelona
Aurtenetxe 74 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Casado 74 Spain Rayo Vallecano
Antonio López 73 Spain RCD Mallorca


Since they are elements of the defense, in these players the defending is a central attribute. On the right side, Arbeloa is the best. On the left side, Marcelo and Abidal are who have this attribute more developed. Still, any of them stays behind the best centre backs of the Liga BBVA in this FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


Arbeloa 82 Spain Real Madrid
Dani Alves 79 Brazil FC Barcelona
Iraola 79 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Juanfran 79 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Jesús Gámez 79 Spain Málaga CF
Cristian Sapunaru 78 Romania Real Zaragoza
Marc Bertrán 77 Spain CA Osasuna
Chica 77 Spain Real Betis Balompié
Allan-Roméo Nyom 76 Cameroon Granada CF


Eric Abidal 81 France FC Barcelona
Marcelo 80 Brazil Real Madrid
Fábio Coentrão 78 Portugal Real Madrid
Jordi Alba 78 Spain FC Barcelona
Filipe Luís 78 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
Jérémy Mathieu 77 France Valencia CF
Juanfran 77 Spain Levante UD
Aurtenetxe 75 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Antonio López 75 Spain RCD Mallorca


But a side defender shouldn’t only defend. If you like them to go to the opposite box and perform perfect crosses, then it’s interesting for you to know who does it well.

If Iraola has good crosses on the right side, on the left side Jérémy Mathieu, Marcelo and Siqueira can cross even better. Dani Alves, Jordi Alba, Monreal and Capdevilla also have a very good performance in this chapter.


Iraola 84 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Dani Alves 83 Brazil FC Barcelona
Juanfran 83 Spain Atlético de Madrid
João Pereira 82 Portugal Valencia CF
Arbeloa 78 Spain Real Madrid
Sergio Sánchez 78 Spain Málaga CF
Manuel Pablo 83 Spain RC Deportivo
Angel 82 Spain Real Betis Balompié
Carlos Martinez 82 Spain Real Sociedad


Jérémy Mathieu 89 France Valencia CF
Marcelo 87 Brazil Real Madrid
Siqueira 85 Brazil Granada CF
Jordi Alba 84 Spain FC Barcelona
Monreal 84 Spain Málaga CF
Capdevila 84 Spain RCD Espanyol
Ivan Obradovic 79 Serbia Real Zaragoza
Casado 78 Spain Rayo Vallecano
Antonio López 78 Spain RCD Mallorca


A side defender is much more dynamic than a centre back because he fulfills a double mission of defense-attack and because the game tends to be faster on the wings. That’s why it’s important for them to be fast players.

There are many fast side defenders in the Liga BBVA of FIFA 13 Ultimte Team. Dani Alves exceeds 90 of pace, while Jordi Alba gets the same but on the left side. João Pereira and Juanfran are also fast players.


Dani Alves 90 Brazil FC Barcelona
João Pereira 86 Portugal Valencia CF
Juanfran 85 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Valera 78 Spain Getafe CF
Iraola 76 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Jesús Gámez 74 Spain Málaga CF
Nélson 89 Portugal Real Betis Balompié
Cicinho 85 Brazil Sevilla FC
Hugo Mallo 83 Spain RC Celta de Vigo


Jordi Alba 90 Spain FC Barcelona
Marcelo 83 Brazil Real Madrid
Fábio Coentrão 82 Portugal Real Madrid
Monreal 81 Spain Málaga CF
Filipe Luís 81 Brazil Atlético de Madrid
Aly Cissokho 81 France Valencia CF
Brayan Angulo 84 Colombia Granada CF
Evaldo 83 Brazil RC Deportivo
Casado 82 Spain Rayo Vallecano


For the right side of your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Spanish League squad, Dani Alves is the strongest player. He is the fastest, the second best defender and the second with the best cross. Although, he’s also very expensive. It is given more value to the offensive capacity than the defensive, so João Pereira is the right guy.

On the left side, Marcelo can be considered as a well balanced side defender. He’s fast, defends well and crosses with precision. There are others who also develop this function well, but no one as good as the brazilian. Jordi Alba is our second choice for this position.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Liga BBVA Side Defenders
Five Liga BBVA (Spanish League) side defenders with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Liga BBVA’s Midfielders (CDM, CM e CAM)


The players that play on the middle of the field are responsible for helping in the defensive aspects, but mainly for assisting the advanced players of their team. They are the ones who should study the match and define its rhythm.

Some of the best midfielders in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team play on Liga BBVA, such as Xavi, Fàbregas, Ozil, Xabi Alonso or Modric.


Xavi 90 Spain FC Barcelona
Cesc Fàbregas 87 Spain FC Barcelona
Mesut Özil 87 Germany Real Madrid
Xabi Alonso 87 Spain Real Madrid
Luka Modric 86 Croatia Real Madrid
Sergio Busquets 85 Spain FC Barcelona
Arda Turan 84 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
Kaká 84 Brazil Real Madrid
Alexandre Song 83 Cameroon FC Barcelona
Jérémy Toulalan 83 France Málaga CF
André Santos 74 Portugal RC Deportivo
Anthony Annan 74 Ghana CA Osasuna
Apoño 74 Spain Real Zaragoza
Baena 74 Spain RCD Espanyol
De Lucas 74 Spain RC Celta de Vigo


The midfielders are responsible for finding out the lines that break the opponent’s defense. Their passing quality must be very good so they can assist the attackers.

Although Xavi is the the one who has the best passing ability in the whole FUT 13, there are many other good solutions, such as Fàbregas, Xabi Alonso and Modric.


Xavi 93 Spain FC Barcelona
Cesc Fàbregas 90 Spain FC Barcelona
Xabi Alonso 88 Spain Real Madrid
Luka Modric 86 Croatia Real Madrid
Mesut Özil 85 Germany Real Madrid
Alberto Costa 85 Argentina Valencia CF
Éver Banega 84 Argentina Valencia CF
Ivan Rakitic 84 Croatia Sevilla FC
Romaric 84 Ivory Coast Real Zaragoza
Emre 83 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
De Lucas 80 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
Trashorras 80 Spain Rayo Vallecano
Víctor Pérez 78 Spain Real Valladolid
Apoño 77 Spain Real Zaragoza
Borja Oubiña 77 Spain RC Celta de Vigo


The passing is the most important attribute in a midfielder but it’s not the only one. These players must have a good vision and, if possible, a good shooting. Xavi is the king on the first one and Kaka on the second.

A good dribbling allows you to take the team ahead, possibly creating unbalances. Also in this characteristic Xavi is well rated. Even better just Arda Turan and Ozil.


Arda Turan 89 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
Mesut Özil 88 Germany Real Madrid
Xavi 87 Spain FC Barcelona
Luka Modric 87 Croatia Real Madrid
Isco 87 Spain Málaga CF
Kaká 85 Brazil Real Madrid
Cesc Fàbregas 84 Spain FC Barcelona
Emre 83 Turkey Atlético de Madrid
Thiago 83 Spain FC Barcelona
Sergio Canales 82 Spain Valencia CF
Masoud 86 Iran CA Osasuna
Emiliano Armenteros 78 Argentina CA Osasuna
Zurutuza 77 France Real Sociedad
Franco Vázquez 76 Argentina Rayo Vallecano
Anthony Annan 75 Ghana CA Osasuna


Xavi is the best midfielder of the Liga BBVA for being the one who highlights the most on the attributes that are really important for his position. There are some cheaper options, but the choice between Fàbregas, Ozil, Xabi Alonso and others depends on your style of play.

If you often shoot outside the box, Kaka and Fabregas may be the best choices. If you like to advance with the ball on your feet, Ozil and Turan can be the right ones. No quality lacking.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Liga BBVA Midfielders
Five Liga BBVA (Spanish League) midfielders with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Liga BBVA’s Wingers (RM, RW, RF, LM, LW e LF)


The wingers are responsible for widening the offensive moves of their team. They’re normally the most explosive players.

Some high quality wingers play in the spanish championship. Di Maria, Aléxis Sánchez and Jesús Navas on the right side, Cristiano Ronaldo and Iniesta on the left side are good examples.


Ángel Di María 86 Argentina Real Madrid
Alexis Sánchez 85 Chile FC Barcelona
Jesús Navas 85 Spain Sevilla FC
Joaquín 80 Spain Málaga CF
Sofiane Feghouli 80 Algeria Valencia CF
Susaeta 78 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Bruno Gama 75 Portugal RC Deportivo
Isaac Cuenca 75 Spain FC Barcelona
Lafita 75 Spain Getafe CF


Cristiano Ronaldo 92 Portugal Real Madrid
Iniesta 90 Spain FC Barcelona
David Villa 85 Spain FC Barcelona
Pedro 84 Spain FC Barcelona
Andrés Guardado 82 Mexico Valencia CF
Reyes 81 Spain Sevilla FC
Camuñas 75 Spain RC Deportivo
Eliseu 75 Portugal Málaga CF
Gavilán 75 Spain Getafe CF


Getting away through the side line until the opponent’s goal is something commom on a winger. In order to do that with success, they need to be fast players. That’s why the speed is one of the most important attributes for the players on this position.

Four wings of Liga BBVA have a pace above 90.. Jésus Navas on the right side and Cristiano Ronaldo on the left side are the fastest. In the spanish league, only Messi is better.


Jesús Navas 92 Spain Sevilla FC
Ángel Di María 90 Argentina Real Madrid
Alexis Sánchez 88 Chile FC Barcelona
Sofiane Feghouli 84 Algeria Valencia CF
Susaeta 80 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Joaquín 76 Spain Málaga CF
Lass 90 Ghana Rayo Vallecano
Sisi 87 Spain CA Osasuna
Nsue 87 Spain RCD Mallorca


Cristiano Ronaldo 92 Portugal Real Madrid
Cristian Tello 90 Spain FC Barcelona
Andrés Guardado 88 Mexico Valencia CF
Muniaín 86 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Pedro 84 Spain FC Barcelona
Diego Perotti 82 Argentina Sevilla FC
Eliseu 92 Portugal Málaga CF
Roland Lamah 90 Belgium CA Osasuna
Juan Carlos 88 Spain Real Betis Balompié


But in order to get close from the opponent’s goal, the speed may be enough. The wingers will face the opponents and will have to use dribbling to surpass them.

Liga BBVA’s left wingers combine their speed with a great dribbling. Cristiano Ronaldo and Iniesta, two of the greatest palyers of the world, are better than the best right wingers, Aléxis Sànchez, Di Maria and Joaquín.


Alexis Sánchez 88 Chile FC Barcelona
Ángel Di María 87 Argentina Real Madrid
Joaquín 87 Spain Málaga CF
Jesús Navas 86 Spain Sevilla FC
Sofiane Feghouli 86 Algeria Valencia CF
Xabi Prieto 78 Spain Real Sociedad
Giovani dos Santos 85 Mexico RCD Mallorca
Isaac Cuenca 83 Spain FC Barcelona
Lass 82 Ghana Rayo Vallecano


Cristiano Ronaldo 92 Portugal Real Madrid
Iniesta 91 Spain FC Barcelona
Simao 86 Portugal RCD Espanyol
David Villa 85 Spain FC Barcelona
Pedro 85 Spain FC Barcelona
Andrés Guardado 85 Mexico Valencia CF
Pablo Piatti 84 Argentina Valencia CF
Fabián Orellana 84 Chile Granada CF
Diego Castro 82 Spain Getafe CF


When arriving in the opponent’s box, the wingers have to decide what to do. Most times, they choose to assist the attackers. That’s why it’s important for them to be good on passing.

For the right wingers this is their weakness. Except for Di Maria, the players with the best passing are those that have a lower overall.

On the left side, Iniesta is the best choice. Still, Ronaldo and Pedro are players with a passing capacity very well developed.


Xabi Prieto 83 Spain Real Sociedad
Ángel Di María 82 Argentina Real Madrid
Pedro León 82 Spain Getafe CF
Jesús Navas 80 Spain Sevilla FC
Joaquín 80 Spain Málaga CF
Alexis Sánchez 76 Chile FC Barcelona
Patrick Ebert 76 Germany Real Valladolid
Bruno Gama 75 Portugal RC Deportivo
Arana 75 Spain Rayo Vallecano


Iniesta 91 Spain FC Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo 80 Portugal Real Madrid
Pedro 79 Spain FC Barcelona
Simao 77 Portugal RCD Espanyol
Reyes 77 Spain Sevilla FC
Andrés Guardado 76 Mexico Valencia CF
Duda 82 Portugal Málaga CF
Gavilán 74 Spain Getafe CF
Adrián González 74 Spain Rayo Vallecano


Di Maria, Sánchez and Navas are the right wingers of quality. Any of them has superb pace, good dribbling and fantastic passing. But there are only three. There are actually fast wingers but they are relatively weak on dribbling and passing. The affordable prices reflect this lack of quality.

On the left side play two world football stars: Ronaldo e Iniesta. The quality of the first one is attested by the fact that he is the most expensive of all FUT 13 players. But if the Portuguese is an super complete wing, Iniesta has flaws. Although he is an outstanding player, Iniesta is not very fast and his shot is far from fantastic. In this position there are no other players in Liga BBVA which can be compared to these two..


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Liga BBVA Wings
Five Liga BBVA (Spanish League) wings with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Liga BBVA’s Attackers (CF e ST)


The attackers are the ones that play on the last third of the field alongside with the opponents’ defenders. The only requirement for them is to be able to score goals.

Lionel Messi is the best attacker in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and probabily the best player of the world. In fact, he gives much brightness to Liga BBVA. Except for Messi, Falcão and Benzema, there are not any forward in the spanish league with the same quality that the players of other positions.


Lionel Messi 94 Argentina FC Barcelona
Falcao 88 Colombia Atlético de Madrid
Karim Benzema 87 France Real Madrid
Gonzalo Higuaín 85 Argentina Real Madrid
Soldado 84 Spain Valencia CF
Fernando Llorente 83 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Negredo 82 Spain Sevilla FC
Jonas 81 Brazil Valencia CF
Adrián 79 Spain Atlético de Madrid
José Callejón 79 Spain Real Madrid
Iago Aspas 74 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
Javi Guerra 74 Spain Real Valladolid
Nino 74 Spain CA Osasuna
Nélson Oliveira 74 Portugal RC Deportivo
Theofanis Gekas 74 Greece Levante UD


If attackers are supposed to score goals, then shooting is the most important attribute for them.

Falcão and Benzema are good strikers but the best one is Messi. Of the twelve attackers who best shoots in FIFA 13 Ultiamte Team, only the Argentine belongs to the Liga BBVA.


Lionel Messi 88 Argentina FC Barcelona
Falcao 83 Colombia Atlético de Madrid
Karim Benzema 83 France Real Madrid
Gonzalo Higuaín 81 Argentina Real Madrid
Soldado 81 Spain Valencia CF
Negredo 81 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Julio Baptista 81 Spain Sevilla FC
Jonas 78 Brazil Valencia CF
Manu Del Moral 78 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Fernando Llorente 76 Spain Real Madrid
Piti 76 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
Riki 75 Spain Real Valladolid
Youssef El Arabi 74 Spain CA Osasuna
Nino 72 Portugal RC Deportivo
Güiza 72 Greece Levante UD


The attackers don’t use only their feet to score goals. Knowing how to head the ball can make a lot of difference. If you’re a player who often crosses the ball to the box, then this attribute is indispensable.

Aduriz and Llorente have better heading than the most wanted players, such as Messi, Benzema and Higuaín. But the player with best heading is Falcão. Vidic is the only player that can do better than the colombian in whole FUT 13.


Falcao 90 Colombia Atlético de Madrid
Aduriz 88 Argentina Málaga CF
Fernando Llorente 87 Spain Real Madrid
Nelson Haedo Valdez 84 Spain RCD Espanyol
Papá Babacar Diawara 83 Senegal Sevilla FC
Soldado 82 Spain Valencia CF
Negredo 82 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Julio Baptista 79 Spain Sevilla FC
Karim Benzema 76 France Real Madrid
Diego Costa 76 Spain Real Betis Balompié
Toquero 84 Spain Real Madrid
Mario Bermejo 84 Uruguay Real Sociedad
Jorge Molina 80 Spain Athletic Club de Bilbao
Christian Stuani 80 Israel RCD Mallorca
Agirretxe 78 Italy RCD Espanyol


Shooting and heading are the most important attributes for an attacker. Although, according to each one’s tactic and game style, there are those who prefer attackers that take advantage on their speed to surpass the opponent’s defense.

In the Liga BBVA, Messi is the fastest attacker. José Callejón is also very fast. Falcão and Higuaín are both much more slower. Llorente, who has a great heading, is so slow that his purchase should be avoid.


Lionel Messi 93 Argentina FC Barcelona
José Callejón 90 Spain Real Madrid
Carlos Vela 86 Mexico Real Sociedad
Karim Benzema 85 France Real Madrid
Adrián 85 Spain Atlético Madrid
Manu Del Moral 82 Spain Atlético de Madrid
Rubén Castro 82 Korea Republic RC Celta de Vigo
Soldado 79 Spain Valencia CF
Falcao 78 Colombia Atlético de Madrid
Gonzalo Higuaín 78 Argentina Real Madrid
Jonathan Pereira 90 Montenegro Rayo Vallecano
Iago Aspas 80 Nigeria Granada CF
Odion Ighalo 80 Spain RC Celta de Vigo
Ángel 79 Spain Málaga CF
Javi Guerra 78 Spain RCD Mallorca


For who is able to afford him, Messi is the indispensable attacker. Although he hasn’t a fantastic heading, Messi is superb on all the other attributes. For the second attacker, the choice should vary between Falcão and Benzema. If your game style privileges the pace, then the french is better. If your game style privileges the heading, then you should choose the colombian. Soldado and Negredo are the cheapest players that will be able to develop the same functions although with less quality.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - Liga BBVA Strikers
Five Liga BBVA (Spanish League) attackers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Liga BBVA’s Gold Squads Suggestions for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


As the players were already presented, it’s time for us to try putting together the best ones in the same squad. Since this task depends a lot on the tactic you use, we are going to introduce one squad suggestion for each of the most popular tactics. We’ll show one in 4-1-2-1-2 considering an unlimited budget and another in 4-4-2 considering a maximum budget of 25k coins. In the construction of these squads we chose carefully the players that better fit on the positions according to the attributes we consider more important, which we already explained in this article.


Liga BBVA’s Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with an Unlimited Budget:

  • GK: Iker Casillas
  • CB: Sergio Ramos
  • CB: Pepe
  • RB: Dani Alves
  • LB: Marcelo
  • CDM: Xabi Alonso
  • CAM: Xavi
  • RM: Di Maria
  • LM: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • ST: Lionel Messi
  • ST: Karim Benzema

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Liga BBVA Gold Squad

Liga BBVA (Spanish League) squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with an unlimited budget
Click over the image to maximize


No doubt this is a great squad. If there were any doubts, the fact that it is valued as around four million coins helps to ensure that.

On the goal there is the undoubtedly best goalkeeper from the world. To the bench, we recommend Diego Alves instead of Victor Valdes. Right ahead it was chosen to put two fast defenders. Sergio Ramos is the first choice and Pepe wins the place to Piqué because his pace makes up for the slight disadvantage in the defensive attributes and heading. The side defenders are players that defend well but attack even better. They’re fast and know how to cross to the box. Jordi Alba and João Pereira are the alternatives for these positions. Xabi Alonso is on of the midfielders that best defends so that his selection to the defensive middle position remains natural. The fantastic Xavi plays in front of him. He is a bit slow but he has the best vision and the best passing in the whole FUT 13, knows how to dribble and is able to find out all the spaces in order to isolate his attacking teammates. Di Maria is the chosen one to occupy the right side of the attack because of his speed, dribbling capacity, passing and crossing. Navas is a option to the place of the argentine. On the opposite side, Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly because he’s the best or the second best player of the world. On the attacking front, Lionel Messi is a natural choice and to make him company there is Benzema. The french beats Falcão because, although the colombian has a perfect heading, the spanish champion is much faster. If you cross a lot to the box, Falcão should be a better option.


Liga BBVA Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 25k Coins Budget:

  • GK: Carlos Kameni 0.5k
  • CB: Miranda 0.5k
  • CB: Adil Rami 1.5k
  • RB: Juanfran 6k
  • LB: Filipe Luís 0.5k
  • CM: Alberto Costa 1.0k
  • CM: Arda Turan 2.0k
  • RM: Sofiane Feghouli 1.0k
  • LM: Andrés Guardado 2.0k
  • ST: Soldado 4k
  • ST: Negredo 1k

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Liga BBVA Gold Squad

Liga BBVA (Spanish League) squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 25k coins budget
Click over the image to maximize


Building a 20k coins squad, in this case, doesn’t mean forming a weak squad. The important thing is to select the players with the characteristics you’re looking for.

In the Liga BBVA, only Casillas and Diego Alves have better reflexes and diving than Kameni. The Cameroonian is very cheap for his quality. Guaita is a valid alternative to goalkeeper position. For his price, Adil Rami is an authentic pearl on the defending line. He defends and heads well. His weakness is the pace. That’s why Miranda has joined to be his defending teammate. If you don’t wanna the french on your defense, try Raúl Albiol. Juanfran, the chosen to right-back, is even faster. On the opposite side, Filipe Luís is a player with good qualities except for his shooting and heading, the less important attributes on a side defender. Arda Turan and Alberto Costa have excellent dribbling and passing qualities. Isco can take this position too and if you want a midfielder more defensive, you should try Essien or Song. The wings are also very good. Feghouli and Guardado have good pace, dribbling and passing. Joaquín on the right side and Simão on the left side are our second choices. On the attacking front, both are excellent attackers. Both have good shooting and heading but Soldado is faster.


556 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Liga BBVA Squad”

  1. Hey. I currently have a 3-5-2 bbva squad (fifa 13)
    Pepe-CB pique-CB Ramos-CB
    Alonso-CDM xavi-CDM
    Di Maria -RM David villa-LM
    Falcao-ST Benzema-ST

    I currently have 30k and was thinking of getting iniesta. However, I was thinking of putting him as CAM instead of lm. Villa is a class player. His shot is incredible and he is faster than iniesta. I think iniesta is more suited to the more central role. I went on futhead to check chemistry and it had 97, but with a manager, it will be 100. Do you think this would be a good idea?

  2. Hey, I read your article pretty nice and informative write up on Fut13. I have two 4-2-2-2 team based on La LIga/Spanish players.




    In the first team i need a replacement for Costa to partner Benzema. Can you suggest.

  3. Beast Person

    I play on PS3 but I decided to start a team on ios and prices r about a bit more then PC so Xavi costs 130K Iniesta costs 100K Cristiano Ronaldo 2M and Lionel messi 2M so those guyz e out of the question Casillas and dani Alves r also put cuz Alves is 100K and Casillas is 80K here’s wat I hav
    Maicon Puyol Pepe Cole
    Alexis Pedro
    Higuain Benzema
    PS this team has 100 Chem how can I make this team better.

    1. What a great team!
      You can try Diego on the goal (for us is better than Valdez), Marscherano on Puyol place and Navas on the right. These are only some suggestions. We already have a good team.

  4. Hi,
    My team has changed a lot this summer.
    What do you think about it :
    Alves-Mascherano-Ramos-Alba tots
    Pepe totw (in game i put mascherano here because mascherano has 5 chemistry here instead of 7)
    Di maria totw Cristiano ronaldo
    Benzema (i don t think xavi would fit with my play style)
    Aguero(9 chem). Leo messi
    And I also put cristiano and messi as st in game and aguero cam.
    I think it is the best squad i can have (of course i can t afford messi or cr7 IF). Maybe Neymar instead of benzema but i only have 90k.

    1. Amazing team.
      It will be too dificult to get a better one.
      About Benzema vs Neymar, it depends of your play style. If you prefer strong players choose Benzema. If your prefer a skill player, choose Neymar.

  5. This is a good squad ?
    Alba-Pepe -Mascherano-Pereira
    Falcao -Benzema
    GK Diego Alves

  6. Hi,

    it has been a long time I didn’t visit your website but now I needed some help and found them, thanks.

    However, I have a really important suggestion, I know it isn’t easy but can you make an option so that the comments DON’T load all? For example, 10 comments displayed with pages related only for the comments, Page 1 we find the latest 10 comments, page 2 the comments from 11to 20…
    Or a button that loads all of these comments.

    It would make your page much more nice to users.

  7. I can’t decide whether to pursue IF and TOTM/Y’s or start a new sqaud. I already have a Serie A squad. Thoughts on improving my BBVA team would be appreciated:
    ST: Benzema & Falcao (88)
    LM: Iniesta
    RM: Di Maria
    CAM: Xavi
    CDM: IF Xabi Alonso (88)
    CB: Ramos & Pique
    LB: Marcelo
    RB: Jordi Alba
    GK: Casillas

    Bench: Negredo IF (85), Varane TOTY (82), David Villa (LM), Victor Valdes, Cesc Fabregas, Jesus Navas, Khedira, Adriano IF (78), Arbeloa


  8. What do u think about this team? And how could I improve it

    Arbeloa Pepe Piqué Contreao
    Xabi alonso
    Di Maria pedro
    Higuain Benzema

    1. Hi!
      With that budget you can not improve much more.
      We prefer Diego Alves but Valdez is also a good GK. The same happens with João Pereira / Arbeloa and Kaka / Ozil. If you cross a lot to the head of your striker, Falcão would be a good addition.

  9. i have a liga bbva team with pepe and varane in cb, arbeola in rb, fabio conentrao in lb,xabi alonso essien khedira all in cm, modric in cf and i have benzema and falcao both in strike. anyway i could improve this team???

    1. You can try to hire a goalkeeper. 🙂
      You have a nice team with that budget. You will need coins to improve it. Xavi, for example, is a great player but a bit expensive for your budget.

      1. thanks, but most of the goalkeepers are a bit pricey and at the moment im currently broke 🙁

  10. Ahmed Megahed

    my team is gk courtois blue 86 overall cb pepe and mascherano lb marcelo rb joao perrreira cm benat IF 83 lm isco IF 81 RM Di Maria Cam ozil and modric st benzema my formation is 4-5-1

  11. Mi formacion es 4-1-2-1-2 y mi once es: Kameni, iraola, ricardo costa, cisokho, javi martinez(pivote) por delante a ambos lados susaeta y barkero, mediapunta beñat y arriba ruben castro y bojan….Que le parece? Que jugadores me recomiendas y porque? Jugadores de media menos de 84.

  12. Hola muy buenas!! Que le parece ruben castro? Lo tengo en la foprmacion 4-1-2-1-2.

  13. Hi! I have a 60 k budget and want to try a 5-2-2-1 liga bbva squad any advices? The reason I chose this formation is because I like the deadly forwards in front and that in liga bbva the midfielders are pretty slow so the 4-3-2-1 doesn’t work.

  14. Hi, i have a 140k budget…. Could you recommend me any players??. My preferrable formation is 442

  15. Hi I play 4-3-3, and got very lucky with a gold pack so I have 200k to spend to improve my squad, I mostly have 55-60 possession and when my opponent outplays me I tend to swap Cazorla and Nasri for Ramires and Fellaini, I was thinking about buying Vidic or are there other areas that I easily can improve and have overlooked?

    Joe Hart
    Sagna Vermaelen Kompany Ashley Cole
    Nasri Toure Cazorla
    Walcott Aguero Hazard

    1. Maybe you should have posted in BPL guide.
      You already have a very nice team.
      Vidic seems to be a good buy but pay attention to his pace. He is a bit slow.
      Maybe you may spend some coins on David Silva and on some players to the bench: Tévez, Mata and RVP, for example.

  16. Hi:)
    I ve got a budget of 50 k and i dont know for which player i should save money for(casillas,alves,ramos,iniesta)
    My team


    1. Hi.
      It depends of your play style and preferences but maybe you may think in Pepe and Silva. Any of the four players you suggest are good players but, in our opinion, Pepe is a must have. He will give speed to your CB’s.
      We also think that Alves is better than Valdes but it’s up to you.
      If speed is not much important to you, Iniesta should be your next buy.

  17. Hi

    Can you give a review on my 4-1-2-1-2 squad and tips to improvise the team. and also suggest me for some subs

    cb pepe, miranda
    rb juanfran
    lb fabio contrao
    cdm xabi
    cam ozil
    lm pedro
    rm sanchez
    st benzema, soldado

    1. It is not possible to help without knowing how you play, which budget you have, what are your preferences…
      You have a nice team for your budget. But you need a GK. 🙂
      Some players that can fit very well in this team: Diego Alves, João Pereira, Modric and Navas.

  18. Juan Palacios

    Hi. My team has a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.
    My players are:
    Diego Alves
    Jordi Alba
    Fabio Coentrao
    Xabi Alonso
    Isco IF or Pedro (LW)
    Di Maria
    Which players should I buy?
    Im thinking of Iniesta, and also of Xavi Hernandez but their pace isn’t good, and they are expensive… Pleaae help me ! Thanks

      1. Juan Palacios

        But is Iniesta worth the price ? Should i buy him? As a LM ? With Xavi ?

  19. I have got a team can i make the team better with players under the team100k?
    Gk diego alves
    Lb jordi alba
    Cb pique, hummels
    Rb lahm
    Cdm xabi alonso, busquets
    Left cam iniesta
    Right cam silva
    Cf mata
    St torres

    1. Hi.
      Nice team.
      In our opinion, Marcelo and Pepe are better than Alba and Piqué. Also, Benzema is perfect for this team instead of Torres. Unfortunately he will get individual chemistry 9.

  20. Great article as ever. I am trying to build a 442 la liga team and for most part it is very clear but there is just one question.

    For LM in a La liga team, other than Ronaldo (too expensive) and Iniesta (too slow), who would you recommend as the LM? (please include IF card if possible?) I would appreciate if there are several choices.

    1. Hi Victor.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Firstly, you have Pedro and David Villa. Both have IF cards. Villa is better, especially if you often use these players to shoot, but Pedro is slightly faster. They are LW so you probably will need to use a LW>>LM card.
      The cheapest good choice is Eliseu UP. He is very fast and with decent attributes for a LM. Isco SIF is also a good choice but our favourite is Guardado IF: excellent pace, decent price, good work rates to a LM on most of formations, amazing dribble and also good shooting and passing.

      1. Thanks very much, there’s indeed a lot of choices!! I will certainly try them over. Pity Ronaldo is over the top too expensive!!

  21. what can i upgrade
    ST Higuain 16 goals in 8 matches ST Soldado 8 goals in 4 matches
    CAM Modric
    LM Guardado RM Navas
    CDM Sergio Busquests
    LB Coentrao CB Carvalho CB Pepe RB Pereira
    GK Alves

    1. I tried the team but th players were to slow plz suggest me faster players

      ST Higuain (OK) ST Llorente (Tooooo slow)
      CAM Turan (Slow for his position)
      LM Guardado RM Navas (Both are very fast)
      CDM Toulalan (OK)
      LB Coentrao CB Pepe CB Miranda RB Pereira (All are very fast)

      And i still have 10k

  22. thanks i started a bbva 4-1-2-1-2 and i already had Llorente ST, Turan CAM, Toulalan CDM, Guardado LM and still have 25k

  23. Thanks a lot for a such nice work!

    Could you please suggest how can I improve my team without buying Messi, Ronaldo etc.? Formation 4-1-2-1-2. All players are in exact positions and in right formation. Chemistry 100. All individual chemistry 9.
    GK Valdes/Alves
    LB Marcelo/Alba
    RB Pereira/Arbeloa/Juanfran
    CB Pique/Pepe/Mascherano
    CDM Xabi/Song
    LM Guardado/Eliseu
    CAM Ozil/Modric/Turan
    RM Di Maria/ Navas
    ST Falcao/Benzema/Higuain

    P.S. how it’s possible to improve Morale to 100 without buying cards? And how important moral level is to player’s overall performance? What is the minimal level 60, 70 or more?


    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment.

      First of all, you already have a great team for your budget. You have the best players for your position. We will not suggest any others since we already noticed that you love fast players and you already have the fastest ones.
      The only suggestion that we can make is about RB. You don’t need 3. Maybe you can change Arbeloa by Miranda. He will be your fourth CB.
      We know that Casillas, Dani, Messi and Ronaldo are very expensive. But do you have enough coins to buy Xavi. He is a good player.

      To keep morale always on 100 is must to win all the matches. You don’t need to do it. More than 70 is good. Check if you have a stadium with +8 and if you play at home.
      We can not say how much it is important but maybe affects 30% and the chemistry 70% of your player performance.


      1. Thanks, for proposals!
        As I play with 2 CB’s so I need only 3 for rotation Pepe/Pique/Mascherano. And for RB I have 3 because I’m not sure which one should be sold Juanfran/Arbeloa -> one is better in defence, another is faster. Same situation in CAM position Turan/Modric -> one is with better dribbling and shooting, another with better passing and faster.

        I’ll try to take Xavi as you proposed. This will be next improvement. he will be main CAM and Ozil on bench. Later on I’ll try to have Iniesta as LM and the final shot will be Ramos to be stronger in defence but much later 🙂

        P.S. : So you think the best pair in RB would be Pereira/Miranda?

        Have a nice day!


  24. Is 7 chemistry ok for 1 or 2 players on my team if they are better players or should I stick to 9 chemistry

  25. can you rate my team and suggest better players, but at the moment i don’t have much money
    gk: diego alves (kameni)
    lb: fillipe (abidal) rb: joao pereira (juanfran) cb: pepe, rami (miranda, amorbieta)
    cdm: busquets (song)
    lm: david villa (pedro) rm: navas (sanchez)
    cam: kaka (turan)
    st: higuain, soldado (negredo)

    and can you also suggest another sub striker, i like them to be reasonably pacey

    1. Hi.
      You have a nice BBVA team for your budget.
      We can not suggest any players since they all more expensive than the ones you have right now.
      If you don’t have enough coins to Falcão or Benzema, the only ST’s that you can try are Adriám or Obafemi Martins.

      1. i now have xabi alonso for cdm and im not sure who to save up for next. who do you think i should save up for now?

  26. eeddddeeeennnnnn

    can you rate my team

    1. Hi.
      Next time try to not use CAPS, please.
      We don’t know your play style, preferences and budget. So, it is harder to give you good advices.
      If you had enough coins to buy Neymar and Marcelo, maybe you can invest in some great players much more cheaper.
      Dede and Ramires are not so expensive and could be great improvements to Sidnei and Kaka places.

  27. my team currently is
    joao pereira, pepe, mascherano, alba,
    di maria, iniesta,
    falcoa (89), benzema
    my team plays ok but i was wondering if you think i should change anything to make it better.

  28. Hi, I am going to make my team better should I buy Messi or should I buy Ronaldo,

  29. Hi, what do you think to my team?

    GK: Valdes
    CB: Sergio Ramos
    CB: Pepe
    CB: Pique
    LM: Iniesta
    CDM: Xabi Alonso
    CDM: Fabregas
    RM: Di Maria
    CAM: Xavi
    ST: Falcao
    ST: Benzema

    How can I improve it?

  30. Hi, please can you recommend me a team for 200k. I would like the formation to be 5-2-2-1 as I play quite sweaty, so need solid defence with good interceptions, fast Wing backs and fast attackers to counter attack as quick as possible. I am on Xbox, and please can you take the market crash into consideration for the prices.
    Unless you think there is a formation better for sweaty counter attacks, then can you suggest a team in that formation instead. Thanks

    1. Hi.
      5-2-1-2 is also a good option.
      You can try something like: Diego, Pereira, Pepe, Mascherano (or Puyol), Piqué, Marcelo, Xavi, Ozil (or Modric), Di Maria, Iniesta (or Villa) and Benzema.

  31. I used to have a BPL but wanted to change. What can i do to improve? (I play 4-5-1
    I have
    ST Falcao (Higuain)
    LM David Villa (Pedro)
    CAM Xavi and Ozil (Kaka and Fabregas)
    CM Xabi Alonso (Modric)
    RM Di Maria (Navas)
    LB Marcelo
    CB Puyol and Pepe (Pique and Mascherano)
    RB Dani Alves (Pereira)
    GK Victor Valdes (Diego Alves)

    1. It depends of your play style, preferences and budget.
      Casillas, Ramos, Messi and Ronaldo are probably too expensive to you (and for almost everyone).
      You already have the best team you can have… except Benzema. We love him.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Right now i have about 80k do you think Ramos would be worth the money? Or Iniesta?

        I will look into purchasing Benzema if you really recommend him.

        1. Hi.
          Iniesta is the second best LM/LW of BBVA. But if you only like fast players, maybe he is not the best guy to you.
          We can’t say if Ramos would be worth the money because 100k can be a lot to you but not to another gamer. What we can say is that he is one of the 5 best defenders of FUT 13. For sure.
          About Benzema it depends of how you play. He is a bit like Aguero. Fast, strong and with good shot. Falcão is not so good, except with the head.

          1. Administrator

            I just bought Ramos for 60k. Who do you think I should save up for next; Iniesta, Benzema, or Casillas?

  32. Hi, i’d like to do a 4-3-3 mixing Barcelona and Real Madrid with a budget of about 150k. I generally like fast players (especially LB and RB). Can you give me advices please. Thank you

  33. I run a 4312 and I like to cross the ball and cut to the middle to shoot, here’s my team:

    Lb: Marcelo
    Cb: puyol
    Cb: pepe
    Rb: arbeol
    Lcm: fabergas
    Cm: alonso
    Rcm: modric/ozil
    Cf: modric/ ozil
    St: folcoa
    St: benzema
    Or what about fabergas at cf?
    I was wondering should I put ozil at cf and modric at cm? Or the other way around? Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      You need a GK: 🙂
      In our opinion Puyol is too slow. You can try Piqué to his place or even Mascherano if you don’t need some one with good heading. Sergio Ramos is the expensive choice and Miranda the cheap one.
      We think that Ozil should be your CF. But you can try it with Fabregas too. Modric is better as CM.

  34. Hi Here is my BBVA squad
    I play a 4-5-1
    LM David Villa Cam Xavi Cm Alonso Cam Ozil Rm Dí Maria
    LB Marcelo CB Pepe CB Puyol RB Dani Alves
    GK Diego Alves

    What can i do to improve my team?
    By the way i have about 75k right now.

      1. Pique is way too slow though. What about Serigo Ramos? Is he worth the money?

  35. You should think about editing the costs a bit, as they’ve completely dropped over the past month. Ive spent about 7k on my team, and I was wondering if you could tell me where to start improving first? Heres my team:

    Diego Lopez (GK)
    Arbeloa (RB)
    Amorebieta (CB)
    Rami (CB)
    Abidal (LB)
    Busquets (CDM)
    Joaquin (RM)
    Guardado (LM)
    Turan (CAM) 86 rated version
    Higuin (ST)
    Soldado (ST)

    1. You are right. But the prices will continue to drop and we can not edit it all the time. The article has the date of when it was published, so the prices are on that moment. Hope you understand this. Sorry.
      About suggestions, it depends of your play style, preferences and budget. If you do not want to spend much money, you can start by trying Miranda and João Pereira. If you have some more coins on your pocket, maybe you can invest them on Modric and Navas.

  36. I used to have a prem squad but I decided to change to la liga but I don’t know how I can improve my squad, this is what I have got already:
    Rb pereira
    Cb pepe
    Cb mascherano
    Lb alba
    Cm xavi
    Cm modric
    Cm Ozil
    Rw navas
    Lw villa
    St falcao 89 rated

    I have recently got modric and he makes a lot of counter attacks and scores some amazing goals.

    1. Hi!
      Moving to La Liga is a smart move since you have cheaper players.
      About your team, you already have a very nice one.
      We can give you some suggestions but it depends of your budget, play style and preferences.
      Dani Alves and Ramos are probably too expensive but there are other players that you can try.
      On the goal, Diego Alves is very good. He is probably better than Valdez since he has better reflexes and diving, two of the most important GK attributes.
      Piqué is also a good option to Mascherano. Also, Marcelo is not so fast as Alba but is a better LB, the same happens with Navas and Di Maria. Finally, if you cross a lot to the head of your ST, Falcão is your man. Otherwise, try Benzema. He is one of the best FUT 13 Strikers.

      1. I used to have benzema but he got annoying and I have scored some amazing goals with Falcao.Would you recommend me getting di Maria and playing him LW then get Marcelo and play him at RB? Cheers for the quick reply and I really enjoy your teams which you have recommended.

  37. i have 50k would it be easier to make a good liga bbva team or a good brazilian team?

  38. if you had the choice for cm partnership in 442 – would you pick toure and xavi or david silva and alonso?

  39. Hi I have a 4-2-3-1 bbva squad nd I got most players that u recommended I have 30k but in my formation the CAM act like the wingers nd what I’ve read from what I winger should have my right side CAM or winger is thiago nd he doesn’t have those really great winger atributes what’s a good CAM that has all the winger atributes?

    1. Hi!
      If you have enough coins, Modric can play well as winger. He has good pace, passing and dribbling. Ozil is also a great player for that position but he is much more expensive.
      If you want some one really cheap, you can try Isco. He is better than Thiago.

  40. my team 4-5-1
    GK: diego lopez
    LB:fabio coentrio
    CM:xabi alonso
    RM:di maria

    works for me all the time 🙂

  41. this is my team in 4-1-2-1-2 formation
    deigo alves
    jordi alba – mascherano – pepe – perriera
    xabi alonso
    david villa – jesus navas
    benzema – higuain

    i dont have much money so should i sell ozil to get di maria and do you have any other suggestions for my team

    1. Hi.
      Navas is a good player and Ozil too. In our opinion you should keep with both. But it depends of your play style and your preferences.
      You have a quality very balanced team. With your budget you can not improve it much more. Try to save some coins to buy Di Maria, Piqué and Falcão.

        1. Hi.
          In our opinion, Di Maria should be the last one, since Navas is also very good.
          The first one should be Falcão but it’s up to you. Pay attention to where you are having more troubles, defence or attack, and buy Piqué or Falcão to improve your weakest position.

  42. can you rate my team and who can I make it better, I play with 433
    GK Casillas (Alves)
    RB Dani Alves (alba)
    CB Pique, Ramos (Pepe)
    LB Marcelo
    CM Xavi özil Iniesta (fabregas and alonso)
    RW Di maria (Navas)
    ST 89 Falcao (Benzema)
    LW Guardado

    I know iniesta is LM and I use him in CM I don’t like him in LM because he is so slow and he is just pretty good in CM

    1. Hi. Welcome to our website.
      You have a wonderful squad.
      But we have some questions. Do you think that Piqué and Falcão UP are better than Pepe and Benzema ? We asked this because most of FUT 13 players have a different opinion. If pace is not very important to you and if you cross a lot to the head, it may be OK like this. Otherwise, think about it.
      Guardado is your weakest player. He is very fast but he is not so good in other things. In BBVA, a part of Iniesta and Ronaldo, you have no other great options as you do on the right side.
      We have no other suggestions.

      1. I use all my 3 defenders (ramos, pepe and pique) in rotation and I also do that with my strikers (Falcao and benzema). The player that has less fitness is on the bench

  43. HI. Can you rate my team?
    GK-Diego Alves
    RB-IF Adriano
    RM-Di Maria
    ST-IF Soldado

  44. How can I improve my squad


    Ivonovic. Terry. Puyol. Pepe. Fabio C.

    Kaka. Alonso. Fabregas.

    Higuan. Villa.

  45. Need a pacy bpl st . Have aguero and tevez , wht say about baloteli ? Or i should buy rooney ?

      1. No i have benzema , tevez, aguero , falcao . Falcao is a great player but i dnt like him because of his pace , i mostly beat defenders with that is why i prefer pacy st . So ronney is discared so do Van persie i guess . Then whom should i buy as a backup of aguero and tevez . He will harly feature in my team . ( like nasri of mc ) 😛
        Balo , podolski , remy who ?

  46. Hi ! Can u pls tel me in my 4-1-2-1-2 formation . Benzema in rs and aguero in ls , hazard in lm and di maria in rm , in cam when i play dsilva benzi gives chemof 7 while when i play nasri benzi give chem of 9 . What do u say nasri + benzi 9 or dsilva + benzi 7 ?

  47. Hi,

    Please can you suggest a 60k team that I can make in the 3-4-3 formation.
    I play a lot on the wings and also play lots of through balls through the middle and long shots from midfield. Ideally, I would like fast LM and RM as well as defence as I like to push up a lot so need players to keep up with counter attacks. I am on XBOX and any of your help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

    1. You can try something like: Diego, Miranda, Godín, Moreno, Navas, Essien, Alberto Costa, Eliseu UP, Sánchez, Pedro and Higuaín. And you will keep with some coins to buy players to the bench.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the suggestion. I made this team, and still have 45k left, please can you tell me any improvements to this team that I can make with my remaining budget?

          1. Ok thank you, which players would they be replacing? Also, who should I buy for my bench?

  48. hi ! please rate my BPL and L BBVA hybrid and also suggest if there is any improvement .
    Gk : Cassilas , Diego alves
    RB – Jao Pereiera , Juanfran
    CB – Ramos , Pepe , Maeschaerano
    LB – Marcelo , Jordi ALba
    CDM- Medle (IF) , SOng
    RM – DI maria , Jesus Navas
    LM – Hazard , Iniesta
    CAM – silva , nasri , Ozil
    ST – Benzema , Falcao , Tevez
    I am now planing to buy aguero and dani alves .

    1. Hi.
      What can we say about your team? It’s fantastic. We don’t know if you got individual chemistry 9 for all but you can’t improve much more.
      Aguero should be your first improvement. Also, you can test if Bale, Xavi and Toure fit on your team.

      1. Hi , in my team only hazard gives chem of 7 and medel gives 7 else all gives 9 . Hazard is awesome , is bale better than hazard . I tired xavi but he his too slow , i like pacy players instead . Toure ? Well my defence is a complete spanish one , willmhe bit a gud option ?
        I have plans to buy thiago silva in recent future , what can u say abt him ?

        1. Thiago Silva is one of the best.
          Usually, gamers say that Bale is better as LM and Hazard as LW/LF. We agree with them. But if you are OK with Hazard, keep him.
          Touré is one of our favourites. He is really good. But you have to test the chemistry.

          1. Hi , after buying aguero , i will get my hand on dani alves as rb weakest spot in my team , i dnt feel jaonpereira’s presense in my team :p
            Then i will but silva and mbale as u r suggesting , toure , ya i understand he is on of the best cdm around but he will affect my chemistry alot .

  49. Hello! last week with a limited budget of around 30k, I bought this squad:

    ———–Diego Alves————–
    ——-A. Song——Busquets———

    Now, I have 30k and I intend to buy one of xabi, ozil, fabregas. Who do you think I should buy first and who will get replaced in my squad?

    Just some advice to you, I use Adrian as ST. You will keep wondering why when higuain is available less than 5k in the auction. The reason why I prefer adrian is bcs he’s very fast and very good at dribble. 85 pace 85 dribble. Adrian is the 1st choice for any gamer that loves counterattack style with limited budget. only 73 shooting? doesnt matter. just buy some shooting card. until the time I wrote this, Adrian has scored messi-like 57 goals in 45 appearance.

    1. Hi.
      We agree with you. Some players are better for some gamers than others. It’s the case of Adrian. But we do not agree with buying training cards. They are too expensive for only one match effect.
      Ozil is our choice.

    2. Hey,
      I started my Liga squad like you, but if you liked Adrian, you may like O. Martins for his 93 pace (78 DRI 74 SHO)

  50. Any budget improvements you can suggest?


    Benzema (ST) Higuan (ST)
    Xavi (CAM)
    Iniesta (LM) Di Maria (RM)
    Xabi Alonso (CDM)
    Marcelo (LB) Pique (CB) Pepe (CB) Joao Pedro (RB)
    Casillas (GK)

    Subs -Torres, David Villa, Pedro, Navas, Mascherano, Puyol & Diego Lopez

  51. whenever i am cliking offline season , my fifa is getting forcce close , what can be the prblm , pls help !

    1. I am not an expert in this but at your place, I would have started with a dumb step, just in case, by searching for dirty things on my cd and removed them in a proper way with cotton or tissue.
      The serious thing that I would have done next is deleting the game’s data on the ps3 (not the saves that YOU have done in the game but the data the game needs for loading) by following that guide
      I am not an expert, but it’s this is what I would have done.

      1. Thanx for the reply ! i reinstalled both origin and fifa 13 , but nothing worked .
        I play fifa in pc .

  52. I would love your opinion on CDM in a 4-1-2-1-2, is xavi worth the money? alternatively who would you choose between fabregas, alonso and essien?

    1. First, if you want a good CDM, I won’t recommend you buying Xavi or Fabregas since in that position, I won’t think of buying a player that is good in attack because I really need him as a very good defender and not attacking with my other 5 players. Alternatively, Xavi would be a good choice as a CAM like in the photo above.
      So, for CDM, I would not buy Essien : I had first Song which is very good at defending with his good pace and defensive skills and now, I switched to Alonso since he’s a more complete CDM (taller, better at defending, can play the role of a transition between defense and attack).
      That’s from my experience.

    2. Sorry for my mistake but actually Song is taller :p (184 cm > 183 cm for Alonso). I f the only thing that you want is pace, there is Lassana Diarra but I really prefer Song (taller and almost better in all the other things) and as I told you the top CDM for me is Alonso.

  53. Hi,
    thanks for your advices.
    I recently changed my formation from 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-2-1-2 because I don’t know why I couldn’t defend at all with the 4-2-3-1. Now it is much better with 4-1-2-1 but I’ve lost a lot of coins rebuilding the squad especially with that formation. It is now : Diego Alves – João Pereira – Pepe – Ramos – Alba – Alonso – Di Maria – Higain CAM – Guardado – Benzema – O. Martins
    I am planning to buy now the updated Falcao.
    Then, who should I buy? Should I replace Guardado with somebody like IF Pedro? Should I replace Higuain with Ozil although their pace is pretty the same but one is better at shooting and one at dribbling.
    Then I can consider boosting my defense in summer because I need a lot of coins for Daniel Alves or Casillas.
    Thanks for help.

    1. Hi.
      Yes, Daniel Alves and Casillas are expensive but they can hold a bit more. After buying Falcão, Guardado is your weakest player. Did you ever think buying Iniesta? We know that he is not much fast but pace is not everything. Regards

      1. I bought Falcao (UP). I will start saving for Daniel Alves.
        However, what do you think of buying Jesus Navas at LM (Chemistry 5)? Will he be better than Guardado or Pedro IF1 ? Because I prefered Navas between all wingers excluding Di Maria, it is just the chemistry that is 5… (Will this really make him worse than Guardado or Pedro IF1??)

          1. First thanks for your very fast reply. Yes.. I expected that but the fact is that Navas is so much better than any LM in la Liga excluding Ronaldo (price) and Iniesta (doesn’t match my style) that I thought even with the 5 chemistry it won’t hurt me a lot. Pedro IF1 is first MUCH more expensive, better at shooting, weaker at pace but as LM I prefer pace since the 2 ST and the CAM are more likely to score than middle wingers. I don’t really get what the chemistry thing means since it is abstract (and your chemistry guide is so long :p ) but he is spanish and has green links with Alonso and Alba plus my team’s chemistry will still be 100.
            I read the chemistry test on fifaaddiction (shorter than yours :p ), they didn’t find a big difference with my case plus I’ve read this, it will only make me lose one additional contrat : “You can change your formation and player positions after the game starts and chemistry isn’t affected” so replacing Guardado with Navas at the beginning ..
            What do you think? Thanks for your help.

          2. Yes. It is one of our advice´s. You can make a substitution and the chemistry will not be affected.
            You gave us a good advice to us too. In your opinion, the chemistry guide is too long. We will probably do something about it in future. In fact, we think that is the best FUT article ever written but probably there are many players that think like you. We will try to make one a bit more simple and shorter.

  54. There is a striker from arsenal named Lucas Podolski who I think is completely underrated and is worth his 7k price

  55. Hi , need a pacy CDM for my squad ! I prfer song , but recently saw the attributes of MEDEL (IF) will he be a gd player ? or any other suggestion ? Coins isnt a matter !

  56. Hey guys!

    I´m currently planning my next squad. I´m very eager to try the 3-5-2 formation. I also find that in the Liga BBVA there are a lot very good and rather cheap players. So I fooled around with some constellations. Attackingwise I´ve found very nice combinations but at the back I can´t find the right players for the three CB positions. Of course there´s Ramos, Pique and Pepe but for now I´ll have to find a cheaper solution. And these cheaper solutions are mostly very slow!

    So I tried a hybrid squad. I found that in the BPL there are very strong and cheap defenders like Vermealen, Verthongen.
    But I wasn´t able to get good chemistry. That seems to be very difficult to achieve in this formation since there are soo many links in midfield…

    My prerequisites for the squad are:
    – It should cost too much. Average player cost something between 3k-6k
    – I´d like to take advantage of the Liga BBVA´s cheap but still very high rated players
    – I´d like to have a strong central CB and a slighly faster CBs on his side
    – Individual chemistry should be 8 or 9
    – Also I didn´t find anyone matching Guardado as LM outside the Liga BBVA

    Here´s where I´m at:

    Higuain – Soldado
    Guardado – Modric – Jesus Navas
    Song – Khedira
    ? – ? – ? (Mascherano maybe…?)

    These are just my spanish favorites. I´m aware that if this will become a hybrid squad, I will have to sacrifice some of them in order to achieve good chemistry.

    For more visually orientated people, here´s the link ;))

    I´m looking forward to hopefully a lot of suggestions here. Would be glad to receive your tips 🙂



    1. Hi!
      Planning hybrid squads can take hours. It isn’t easy. And, as you said, in this formations it is a bit more complex.
      We suggets something like Diego Lopez, Mascherano, Pepe (a bit more expensive but he is really really good) and Miranda.

      1. Seriously I love how well this forum works. Just wait for two days and there´s a competent answer :))

        Thank you!

        I like your suggestion. Especially because I completely ignored the CBs under 80. And Miranda semms to have good basic stats (haven´t had a look into the ingame stats yet). It´ll take some more time, till a can afford all these cards and Pepe but with Miranda as a fast CB this definitely is an option.

        Looks good:

        I myself came up with these two options:
        That´s about equally strong but also equally expensive
        This one is cheaper but also weaker on CB and LM.

        I´ll continue saving up some coins and a guess I´ll start building towards a pure BBVA squad.

        Thanks and best regards!


  57. If youw ere to suggest a bpl/bbva hybrid for £650k in 4-1-2-1-2 what would you suggest?

  58. Just sold my bpl team and have £630k to spend on bbva squad. Thinking of using 3-5-2. What team do you suggest? Happy to consider 4-1-2-1-2 but think player will cost too much. Thanks

    1. We think that 4-1-2-1-2 will be not so expensive as you think. And it is a better formation for BBVA squad.
      You can try something like: Casillas, João Pereira, Pepe, Piqué, Marcelo, Xabi, Di Maria, Iniesta, Xavi (or Ozil), Benzema and Falcão.

  59. Hello. I recently sold my bpl team as it wasn’t performing, and huge thanks for the advice you gave me about David silva, Kompany etc..

    All together I had around 150k and bought this bbva team.
    451- my style of play is attacking with lots of possession.

    Diego Alves
    Jordi alba – Pepe -Piqué – Pereria
    Cm – Xavi
    LM- Pedro
    RM – Sanchez
    CAM- Ozil, Modric
    ST- Falcao

    I have around 30 k once again, is there any improvements? And is this a decent team for the money spent?

    Many Thanks.

    1. Hi.
      We think that you have a great team.
      Our concern is about Sánchez. He is realy good but did you try Navas and Di Maria? The Argentinian is superb!
      To ST position you have one more great player: Benzema. If you need someone with good heading, Falcão is your man. But if you prefer someone more balanced, the French is a better choice.

  60. THMT11xVietnam

    Hi, I need help with my BBVA team. I currently have formation as 4-4-1-1.
    Benzema (ST) Kaka (CF) Tello (RM) Di Maria (LM) Modric (CM) Ozil (CM) Alba (LB) Pereira (RB) Pepe (CB) Pique (CB) Valdes (GK). I want to know if this squad is good or can do with some changes or change of formation.

    1. Hi.
      You have a really nice BBVA team. The only player that we think you should change is Tello. Eliseu UP is faster, cheap and much better. Simão and Guardado are also good options for that position.

  61. Hello there.
    I been using 433, Liga BBVA team:

    GK TotY Casillas
    LB TotY Marcelo
    LCB IF Pepe
    RCB Ramos
    RB Alves
    LCM Xabi Alonso
    CM Xavi
    RCM Fabregas
    LW Iniesta
    ST Messi
    RW IF Di Maria

    to be totally honest the attacking fluency is great but it’s disgusting to defend with. Offense is direct and simple from wings midfield. But I lose concentration when I defend using the 4-3-3 ..I know how to defend but it’s not working.
    My bench and reserves are:
    LB IF (83) Alba
    CB Pique
    RB IF Adriano
    CM Ozil
    LW IF David Villa
    RW IF Pedro
    ST Falcao

    CB Miranda
    CM IF Benat
    CM IF Busquets
    ST Benzema

    ..thinking of switching to 4-1-2-1-2 ..

    1. Hi.
      You have an amazing team.
      We agree with you. Probably your problem is your formation. 4-3-3 is a very offensive formation. You have awesome players on your defence and with the right formation they will play much better.
      Changing to 4-1-2-1-2 seems to us a really good move. Go ahead!

      1. 4-1-2-1-2 has already been working wonders without the squad being full chemistry to the formation..
        I have literally just finished switching my main squad into a 41212 with 9 chemistry, I subsequently have cut my losses with the team of the year Casillas (I recommend people not buying him until his price tag is lower).
        Squad right now is:

        GK Valdes
        LB IF Alba
        LCB Ramos
        RCB Pepe
        RB Alves
        CDM Xabi Alonso
        LM TotY Marcelo (at 7 chemistry o.O)
        RM IF Di Maria
        CAM Ozil
        LS ..Ronaldo (at 5 Chemistry)
        RS Messi
        😀 :’)

        1. Hi.
          Wonderful team.
          Just two notes:
          1) Ronaldo will not play everything he knows but if you are winning why to change him?
          2) Ozil is a great player but, if he don’t play as you wish, you can try other solutions like Benzema, Aguero(?), etc…

    1. Hi Thomas.
      We don’t have much to say since your team… is perfect! We love it. Really…
      The only thing that we could change is Ashley Cole on Clichy place but probably you prefer the pace of the French player.
      With that coins you can improve the bench in order to rotate de players, one of the secrets to FUT success. We suggest Diego Alves, Pepe, Cole, Navas, Bale and Tévez.

  62. can you suggest me a liga bbva squad
    my budget is 100k and in 451 formation i like a good striker and playmakers
    i hope you can help

    1. Hi.
      You can try something like: Diego Alves, João Pereira, Pepe, Miranda, Filipe Luiz, Xabi Alonso, Navas, Eliseu UP, Ozil, Modric and Higuain )falcão if you have enough coins – we don’t know if you play on PS3 or XBox360).

  63. Can you suggest a 6000 improvement for this squad?

    (Players in the form of “Main – Sub – Reserve”)

    GK: Lopez – Guaita – Roberto
    RB: Arbeloa – Juanfran – Iraola
    CB: Mascherano, Rami – Diaz – Albiol
    LB: Coentrao – Monreal – Luis
    CDM: Busquets – Song – Fuego
    RM: Joaquin – Feghouli – Pedro Leon
    LM: Pedro – Guardado – Reyes
    CAM: Kaka – Turan – Verdu
    ST: Higuain, Soldado – Llorente – Negredo

    Can you rate my squad and tell me what you think is the weakest along with some improvements of a 6000 budget (only spanish players from BBVA)?

      1. It is only one squad, it is just that I have kept a sub and reserve for each position as I am prone to injuries and red cards. So taking it as one large squad, what improvements do you reckon I should make?

        Just to let you know my Joaquain is UP and I have a normal and a UP Turan. For improvement here is what I planned:

        GK: Valdes
        CB: Pique
        LB and RB: No improvement as the only improvement is Dani and Marcelo who are too expensive.
        CDM: Is there anyone better than Busquets?
        CAM: Please recommend someone better than Turan UP
        RM: Navas
        LM: Villa
        ST: Benzema

        Please tell me if I should make some changes and recommend a better CDM and CAM.

        1. Hi.
          Having a sub and a reserve for each player is like having 2 squads. 🙂 We think that you will not need that. But it’s up to you.
          About your improvements:
          Valdez is a huge signing. RB, you have João Pereira. LB, you have Alba. CB we think that Pepe is much better than Pique. CDM you can try Xabi. CAM, you have Ozil (more attacking) or Modric (more defending). RM, LM and ST are perfect. Benzema is a really good player.

          1. What do you think should be my priority in buying the players? Who should I save up for first?

          2. I want to do my Centre-Back last so I guess I will first get Ozil then Benzema.

          3. Can you please tell me the price that each of the improvements come for? Also, the price which I can find in the market (like players worth 2000 can be found for 1700)?

            How much will I have to save up in total to buy all the imrpovements?

          4. I was gone for a long time but I am back now. I have bought Navas and Ozil.

            Soldado – Higuain
            Pedro (LW CARD) – Navas
            Coentrao – Rami – Mascherano – Arbeloa

            I do not want to improve my defense yet, I want to do that last. I am now thinking of buying Falcao. I am not sure whether I should buy Villa or not. What do you suggest.

            Also, after buying Falcao, I will improve defense, in which I cannot choose between Pepe and Pique and the goalkeeper.

            Please help

  64. Hai. I must say, these are great articles you’re producing.. yet I find myself seeking more guidance. (If you’d be so kind as to oblige)
    My current squad is comprised, entirely, of Spanish players.. yes, I’ve gone by Nationality. However, only a few are from other leagues due to my poverty. I need improvements, but where and who? I’ve only played FUT for just under a week, however I know I’ll start laying bricks when Online Seasons becomes a challenge and I want to be prepared. Here’s my squad..

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi. Thanks!
      For your first squad, you are going well.
      The attack is very good but we think that you should improve your defence. It is hard to help you without knowing your play style, preferences and budget.
      Probably you don’t have much coins, but you should try Miranda as CB. He is a really good value for money. He is fast and defends very well. You could also try Héctor Moreno. He’s not so good but he is better than the two that you have right now.
      Good games!

  65. Here is what I bought:

    GK: Roberto
    CB: Diaz
    LB: Luis
    RB: Juanfran
    LM: Pedro
    RM: I don’t know as Susaeta doesn’t seem worth the money.
    ST: Higuain

    CAM and CDM I don’t know so can you recommend a CAM or CDM for me?

  66. Hi again!

    I need help in choosing my reserves. Until now here are my Starters and Subs:

    Mains: Llorente and Soldado
    Sub: Negredo

    Main: Kaka
    Sub: Turan

    Main: Guardado
    Sub: Reyes

    Main: Joaquin
    Sub: Feghouli

    Main: Busquets
    Sub: Song

    Main: Coentrao
    Sub: Monreal

    Main: Arbeloa
    Sub: Iraola

    Mains: Mascherano and Rami
    Sub: Albiol

    Main: Lopez
    Sub: Guaita

    I need reserve players for each position so please reply with the player names and prices and the total cost.

  67. According to the post marcelo is preferred over jordi alba in LB , I want to know the reason behind marcelo being superior to alba !

    1. Hi.
      Marcelo is better in our opinion. But yours can be different. It depends of your play style, formation and preferences.
      Alba is much faster but it is the only thing that the Spanish is better than Marcelo. The Brazilian is better on the other 5 main attributes.
      There are some attributes that Marcelo is much much better, like Shot Power, Strength, Agility and Long Pass. Most of the gamers that play with both choose Marcelo.

  68. I have a Bpl/ La liga hybrid
    I play 4-3-3 with casillas alba ramos vidic konko(rb)
    Ozil silva alonso
    Bale dimaria benzema
    Obviously i firstly need a good rb which i cant figure out, i have nearly 160k and might buy maicon or alves. What do you suggest on that?
    Also if u look at my squad i dont have a clinical finisher as such, benzema is the only player in
    my squad with shooting above 80 and although he is great even his shooting is 83
    I like long shots and score
    a lot of goals with even di maria and ozil from nearly 35-40 yards who have a shooting of 79 and 75 so i feel with a good finisher i can I get many more goals. Aguero is quick but again with 84 shooting, the best options are rvp and rooney but they are slow. What do you think?
    And do you think xavi will be better than alonso? Obviously he is but my midfield lacks that defensive strength if i take alonso out, but ofcourse xavi is the best but im confused (i even like to keep the ball to myself and alonso is slow with average dribbing so i tend to lose possession) so should i buy xavi or not?

    1. The answers to your questions are not easy.
      The first thing that we want to know is if you are OK with Vidic. He is a awesome defender but he is slow. If you are not getting troubles with him, keep him. Otherwise you can try Pepe. He’s very good and much more cheaper. Another thing that concern us is Vidic individual chemistry. He probably don’t get more than 6 and that is too bad.
      Maicon is not a good option since his individual chemistry will be too low. You must pay attention to that: individual chemistry is more important than team chemistry. Learn more about it HERE.
      You can spend lots of coins in Dani Alves and you will get a very good RB. But you can try João Pereira too. He is very good and much more cheaper. He is our suggestion for that position.
      Yes, Xavi could be a good signing. He has medium defensive Work Rate.
      About the ST we think that Aguero is the right man. He is fast and his shoot is good too. And he has another good thing. He will improve the Bale chemistry. Without a BPL striker, Bale will get low individual chemistry. If you want to keep Benzema, David Villa can be a good addition, since his long shoot is one of the bests.

  69. Hey ,
    For my Liga BBVA squad if i buy neur/ lloris / buffon , what would be the individual chemistry ? And how much will it affect the game play . Presently i have diego alves and kameni , as casillas is not less than 200k so just thinking buying a cheaper classy GK .

    1. It depends of your team. If you still play with Pique and Pepe as CB, they will have low individual chemistry (6 if in right formation). It will affect enough to be better to play with Diego Alves and even with Kameni than with Neuer, Lloris or Buffon.
      You can learn more about it HERE.

  70. Hi I have 3 teams and my liga bbva is my highest rated and I want to know if it was actually worth all the coins. Here it is.
    ———Diego Alves——–
    —-Xabi Alonso–Fabregas–
    David Villa————–Jesus Navas
    Plz respond thx

    1. Hi.
      It depends of your play style, budget and preferences.
      In our opinion, you can improve it. Pepe is much better than any of the three CB’s you have. You should think replacing Puyol by him.
      Also, Modric can be replaced by Ozil but it depends of your preferences. Ozil os more atacker and Modric defends better.

  71. can u help me it came found a totw players and d servers crashed and i lost my coins and ma totw player

  72. Thanks for a quick response. I was actually considering 4-1-2-1-2 even though it is more expensive. I should have around 300K coins after I sell my team so Messi and Ronaldo are out of reach, but I should be able to afford good players. I definitely want to have Pepe, Benzema, Xabi Alonso and Ozil (at least as a sub) as I had great experience with them. Do you have any suggestions for the squad on 300K budget?

    I will add that in terms of my playing style, I like gradual build up with short/medium passing and controlling possession, but I also don’t mind varying my approach depending upon what the opponent is doing. I don’t mind using speed and dribbling (particularly on a counter following a turnover), or crossing the ball, or taking an occasional long distance shot.

    1. 4-1-2-1-2 seems great for your play style and for BBVA League squad.
      You can try something like Diego, João Pereira, Pepe, Piqué, Alba, Xabi, Di Maria, Iniesta, Ozil, Benzema and Falcão.

  73. What do you feel is the formation that fits the best Liga BBVA talent? I am comfortable with most formations and I have used 4-2-3-1 formation with Liga BBVA successfully, but I find that I cannot take advantage of excellent wide midfielders (Di Maria, Navas, etc) without losing chemistry. I don’t mind rebuilding the team in another formation if that can allow me to take better advantage of the available talent. Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      We understood your question but the answer depends of many factors: your budget, your preferences, your play style, etc…
      We think that the popular 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-4-2 work very well on BBVA. But it’s up to you.

  74. Gk casilas
    Rb Lahm
    Cb Ramos
    Cb piqué
    Lb marcelo
    Cm ozil
    Cm silva
    Cm Alonso
    Lw bale
    St aguero
    Rw di Maria
    Sorry this is bpl bbva but can we have your opinion on it

  75. Also, why is Valdes better than Kameni? In all the 3 attributes, Kameni is better.

  76. I bought Turan (the non UP 80) for 800. It is a good deal. So now I have a great team and back up for each position.

    2 questions:

    1) I now need a lot of contracts. What do you think is the most efficient way of getting contracts and which contract is value for money?

    2) Now I have 18 gold players who are not from Liga BBVA and LOTS of bronze players from packs (42 of them). The packs also gave me 28 kits, 14 badges and 3 stadiums. What should I do with them? I also got 10 staff members. Should I use them?

    1. 1) Gold rare ones if you will not change your players. Go to minute 59 page to find cheap ones. And get some rare managers to give it a boost.
      2) Sell the things that you don’t need and learn HERE what to do with the staff.

  77. I bought Reyes (700) and instead of Susaeta I bought Feghouli for 900. Now I need a spare CAM. Now I have from Liga BBVA (my squad and sub/reserve):

    GK: Diego Lopez and Guaita
    LB: Coentrao and Monreal
    CB: Rami, Mascherano and Albiol
    RB: Arbeloa and Iraola
    CDM: Busquets and Song
    LM: Guardado and Reyes
    RM: Joaquin (UP) and Feghouli
    CAM: Kaka (need someone else)
    ST: Soldado, Llorente and Negredo

    Who should be the other CAM?

  78. I took some cheaper options:


    I am yet to buy Susaeta and Reyes but in the auction house they come for more than 1000. What would be the best price I will find them for?

    Also, I did not buy a Spanish manager. I bought a Gold manager with the same formation which increases the chemistry buy 10 and was enough to reach 100.

  79. I am focusing on 7 of he players I will buy for the subs and reserves. These 7 are:


    Do you suggest any changes? What will be the prices of each of these players and any changes which you suggest, if any?

  80. Also, I need substitutes and reserves as well. These also should be from Liga BBVA.

    Out of the 7 substitutes and 5 reserves, I would like:

    2 GK
    2 CB
    1 LB
    1 RB
    1 CAM
    1 CDM
    1 LM
    1 RM
    2 ST

    Who would you recommend for the following positions from Liga BBVA with a budget of 15000?

    I already have a CDM (Song) so who would you recommend for the other positions?

  81. I got all these 11 players plus the 4 formation cards for a total of around 29-30 thousand. Do you think these 11 players and 4 formation cards are worth that much money or have I simply wasted my money?

  82. OK. So now I have successfully built a Liga BBVA squad.

    Here is the squad in the form of Position : Name : Chemistry:

    GK: Lopez (Madrid): 8
    LB: Coentrao: 8
    CB: Rami: 8
    CB: Mascherano: 8
    RB: Arbeloa: 7
    CDM: Busquets: 8
    LM: Guardado (UP 82): 9
    RM: Joaquin: 9
    CAM: Kaka: 8
    ST: Soldado: 9
    ST: Llorente: 9

    My total chemistry is now 91. Thank you so much! You got me from a bad team to a great team with a good chemistry. I cannot buy many things now as I am broke (only 66 coins) after buying the cards.

    But how can I improve in any way with an improvement budget of 15-20k?

    1. Cool!
      Now you should save coins for rare managers and other useful things.
      As soon as you play with this team, you will understand what are the weaknesses.
      For example: if you are conceding many goals, try to save to Pepe; if the problem is in the attack, Higuain can help you with that.

      1. To get my team chemistry to hundred, I will need a Spanish manager with 4-1-2-1-2 formation who is either Silver or Gold as my active manager. Is there any such manager?

          1. How is Martinez? Emery contributes to team talk and Martinez contributes to contracts and I will be using contracts more than team talk so I think Martinez is the better option for me. What is his level?

  83. Is there anyone you would recommend as a ST instead of falcao as I find him useless. I got modric CAM and benzima as one ST

  84. I’ve got about 600,000-700,000 coins to buy 11 players for liga bbva 4-1-2-1-2 formation on Xbox, who would you recommend as I keep buying and selling and getting nowhere on a new team.


    1. It depends of your play style and preferences.

      Our suggestion:
      GK: Iker Casillas
      CB: Sergio Ramos
      CB: Pepe
      RB: João Pereira (or Dani Alves if you have enough coins)
      LB: Marcelo
      CDM: Xabi Alonso
      CAM: Xavi
      RM: Di Maria
      LM: Iniesta
      ST: Ramadel Falcão
      ST: Karim Benzema

  85. How much would Pedro and Navas together cost?

    Also, although all players are from the same league, they all are not from the same nation so this is causing only weak links. Can you suggest a starter team with better chemistry from what is shown below? Also, how much would this team cost?

    Llorente ——————— Soldado
    ————Lopez (Madrid)———–

    1. 10.5k to PS3 and 6.5k to XBox 360.
      You don’t need another team. If they all play in the same league you already have chemistry 100 (with right formations and positions). Just check if everybody have individual chemistry 9 (or at least 7).
      Something luke 38k on PS3.

      1. Of the above team, I bought all players except Pedro and Navas for 23600. What would be the best price for Pedro and Navas?

    2. Also, does applying fitness cards make it permanent or only for one match? If it is only for one match then how can we keep a permanent increase in fitness?

      1. Applying a fitness card is like giving a rest to a player. His fitness is improved but when he play it will decrease again. It’s impossible to have fitness 99 all the time, except if not playing.

    3. I ended up buying Guardado and Joaquain. These are bringing the chemistry to around 75. The problem is that NONE of my players are adapted to 4-1-2-1-2 so how much will it cost to buy 11 4-1-2-1-2 formation changing cards?

        1. Sorry my chemistry is 83. My strikers have chemistry 9 so do LM and RM. My CDM and LB have a chemistry of 8. My RB has 7. This should be OK, right? The problem is my CAM, he (Kaka) has only weak bonds causing a chemistry of 6. My CBs and GK also have a chemistry of 6. My CAM, CBs and GK formation is red so won’t formation cards make it 9? Also have much would 4 of 4-1-2-1-2 formation cards cost?

          Instead of buying 4 formation cards, there is one more alternative:

          I will buy the formation card only for Kaka. I will replace Rami with Pique and Diego Lopez with Valdez. This will cause strong connection between CDM, CBs and GK and is bound to form a chemistry of 9 for each.

          So please answer these questions:

          1) Is the chemistry for my strikers, LM, RM, CDM, RB and LB fine?
          2) Which is a better alternative? Buying formation cards or buying Pique and Valdes?

          If formation cards are a better alternative:
          1) Will formation cards make the CAM, CBs and GK to have a chemistry 9?
          2) How much would 4 formation cards cost?

          If Valdes and Pique are a better alternative:
          1) What would be their price on PS3?

          Also, is there another alternative?

          1. Hi.

            1) Sure. You can’t have more than individual chemistry 9 (in fact you can have up to 11 but it is the same that having 9);
            2) Probably your team will be better with Piqué/Valdes.

            1) Probably yes. But, once again, read our Chemistry Guide please. You will find all the answers there.
            2) Something like 5k each one.

            1) 15k and 17k

            We are getting problems building your squad because you didn’t read our Chemistry Guide. Or at least, you didn’t understand.
            There you will find some solutions for your problems. For example: maybe you can apply a formation card 4-2-2-2 to your CB’s, any 4-x-x to your GK and 4-4-1-1 to your CAM. These cards are much more cheaper (+- 1k) and can be enough to get individual chemistry 9.


          2. I read the chemistry guide and got a fair idea but the tables are confusing.

            I will buy the formation cards as they are cheaper.

            I will tell you when I get all the cards.

  86. How much chemistry would this be?

    Llorente —— Soldado
    Pedro ———-Navas

    1. Hi.
      True. But we can’t update all the players of this guide that moved or have been upgrade. They are so many. We wrote this guide much before these changes. You can still buy Diego from Sevilla.

  87. Hi there!
    I’m starting a BBVA team with the 4-3-3 formation.
    Could you please tell me what players should I get, trying not to be with a impossible budget (like Ronaldo, messi, casillas). I like it fast, in particullar on transitions.
    Really nice article btw. Keep it up.

  88. Hi, I have a 580k budget, please can you suggest a team for me, I do not mind which formation. I would like string pacey defense, good pacey, passers and shooters in midfield and just a clinical finisher who can produce a bit of magic up front. P.S do you think la liga is best choice?


    1. Yes, La Liga is a good option.
      You can try something like:
      GK: Iker Casillas
      CB: Piqué (or Miranda)
      CB: Pepe
      RB:João Pereira
      LB: Marcelo
      CDM: Xabi Alonso
      CAM: Xavi
      RM: Di Maria
      LM: Iniesta
      ST: Falcão
      ST: Karim Benzema

  89. What about Ronaldo I have 1.4 mill and I want to make a good la liga team and I want to have Ronaldo in there….. And what players should I get for my la liga team formation 4-3-3?