FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Manager Tasks


Manager Tasks is a new FIFA 13 Ultimate Team feature. Find out what it is, how you can complete it and what you earn with it.


What is Manager Tasks


To help beginners to become familiar with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, EA created a tutorial and also a new feature: the Tasks Manager.
Manager Tasks is a program of twelve simple tasks that you should complete and that are related to basic management of your club. Upon completing the last task, you will be rewarded with a prize (currently a gold pack).


Manager Tasks Access
You can access the Manager Tasks by Squads Menu


The twelve tasks of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Manager Tasks


In order to unlock the reward, you must complete the following twelve tasks:

  1. Apply a Contract Item;
  2. Apply a Fitness Item;
  3. Apply a Morale Item;
  4. Change your Club Kit;
  5. Change your Club Ball;
  6. Change your Club Crest;
  7. Change your Club Stadium;
  8. Play your first Match in a Tournament;
  9. Challenge the Team of the Week;
  10. Use “Buy Now” on the Auction House;
  11. List a Player on the Auction House;
  12. Play your first Match in Seasonal Play.


Full Guide Step by Step to Complete the FUT 13 Manager Tasks



Apply any level contract item to any player in your club
Squads – Active Squad – (Select Player) – Player Actions – Apply Consumable – Contract
If you have no contract card follow: Trade – Search Auction – Development Search – Contract

Manager Tasks Number 1
The path to apply contracts is the same as for fitness and moral cards



Apply any level fitness item to any player in your club
Squads – Active Squad – (Select Player) – Player Actions – Apply Consumable – Fitness
If you have no fitness card follow: Trade – Search Auction – Development Search – Fitness


Apply any level morale item to any player in your club
Squads – Active Squad – (Select Player) – Player Actions – Apply Consumable – Team Talks
If you have no fitness card follow: Trade – Search Auction – Development Search – Team Talks


Change your club’s home and away kit
Club – My Club – (Select the Club that has the Kit) – Make this Item Active
If you have no equipment besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Kits & Badges Search


Change your club’s ball.
Club – My Club – Balls – Make this Item Active
If you have no equipment besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Ball Search


Change your club’s badge.
Club – My Club – (Select the Club that has the crest) – Make this Item Active
If you have no crest besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Kits & Badges Search


Change your club’s stadium.
Club – My Club – Stadiums – Make this Item Active
If you have no stadium besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Stadium Search

Manager Tasks Number 7
To buy a stadium card, just look at Auction Search



Enter a tournament mode and finish one match.
Play – Single Player Tournament or Online Tournament
You only have to finish a match. The result doesn’t matter. EA doesn’t say anything about it, but there are reports of who has only managed to meet this task in offline tournament.


Complete a match against any team in the team of the week challenge mode.
Play – Team of the Week Challenge
You only have to finish a match. The result doesn’t matter.

Manager Tasks Number 9
You can access the TOTW Challenge by Play Menu



Go to the auction house and use the “buy now” option to buy any item from there.
Trade – Search Auction – (Set Buy Now Maximum Price) – Buy Now


List any player of yours on the auction house.
Squads – Active Squad – (Select Player) – Player Actions – List Item
You can also send the player card to the trade pile.


Complete a match in online season or single player season.
Play – Online Season or Single Player Season
You only have to finish a match. The result doesn’t matter.

Manager Tasks Number 12
Each completed task is marked in green on the Tasks Manager menu


Manager Tasks – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I’ve completed some of the tasks but they were not recognized. What happened?
A: Make sure you completed the tasks in the console or PC. Tasks performed in the FUT Web App are not recognized.
Q: How do I get the reward?
A: Once you complete the last task, you will automatically receive the prize.
Q: Do I have to complete tasks in the order listed?
A: No. The important is to finish them all. The order doesn’t matter.
Q: How many times can I complete the Manager Tasks?
A: One.

159 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Manager Tasks”

  1. Well I have accomplished all my manager task . But the thing is I can’t find where the gold pack is. Why should I do?

  2. Ive got one more question. So i bought some heals for like the leg knee and arm. How do i apply those to the players in

    1. On online matches you will not need them since injuries were removed from FUT 13.
      To apply these cards you just need to select an injured player on the active squad menu and click on “apply consumable”. Browse until find your healing card and click on it.

  3. Ok so i was playing fifa 13 and i got some players in a pack. I put store in club . How can i get them out of that an put them on my active team. When i try all it says is to either sell them or trade. And i had some really good players that i put in club

    1. Go to your active squad menu and select an empty card. Chose the “add” option. You will get a list of all your players stored in your club but not in your active club.
      You can also go to your active squad menu and select a player card. Chose the “swap” option. You will get a list of all your players stored in your club but not in your active club.

  4. I completed my manager tasks it never give me my pack so i played a tournament match and it still did’nt get my pack what do i do

  5. Haydn Dowling ("HaYdYbOy" Xbox gamer tag)

    I just created a new ultimate team and started off as usual by completing the manager tasks in order to get the free gold pack so I did every task so it said something along the words of “your pack is in the my packs section of the store” something along those lines but when I went into the store not just the pack wasn’t there but not even the my packs section was there I noticed this when I had my old ultimate team but I thought it was just because I didn’t have any packs but I feel really annoyed because that would defiantly help me speed up building my squad

    Thank you in advance for any help I hope to receive or ways in which to get help.

  6. Alejandro sanchez

    How do you play offline in manager mode? So you can get lots of coins to get players

  7. I completed my manager tasks and it is shown 12/12.But i haven’t received my gold pack.

  8. StandyStonka

    Hi EA i have problem with my pack, because i comleted all manager tasks and i havent my free gold pack, i too try comleted one offline tournament but nothing help me. This cause was in 7.april 2013.. Thank you for early answer.

  9. I have played more than five online tournament matches and in the manager tasks where it says: PLAY YOUR FIRST MATCH IN A TOURNAMENT its not checked. Why?

  10. Hi is there any more tasks after the first 12? E.g. A new level of them because if there is I haven’t had them yet I’ve completed all the other 12 !

  11. I did the tasks and went on the task page and said the pack was in the store and then it came up saying dismiss and it wouldn’t let me do anything other then press dismiss so I did it then went to the store and there was no pack

  12. I’m having problem completing the task. i have challenged the team of the week but the task is not ” ticked ” at the Manager Task List. Help Me :'(

  13. I have done all the manager tutorials for several times, but it still says, that I haven’t done “apply a morale item” and “apply a fitness item”. I would really like to finish that tutorial. Any ideas?

    And btw after I’ve done those 6 manager tutorials, will I get any new manager tasks?

    1. Hi.
      There are many gamers that complain about the same thing. You need to apply the items on the console, not in FUT Web App, and you only can do it once. If you create a new club, you will not be able to do it.
      You can request help directly to EA. See HERE how to do it.

  14. im getting kicked out of ultimate team every time i win a match online and offline , and sayin that i quit , also sayin im gonna get less coins on my next game, plz help

    1. My game was freezing on the 360. I searched the internet for a solution, found a YouTube video, and that suggested deleting my Personal Settings1 file from in the storage which I did, then I changed my favourite team from MLS All Stars too, as they are an unlocakble in the catalogue, so that may have been causing the freeze? Anyway the game works fine now.

  15. Hi i got problem with my manager tutorial where its says apply a morale item i got that done on my manager task but it wont work on manager tutorials…. Why

  16. when i want to challenge the TOTW it says “only the player associated with the current ultimate team account may start a game session” what do i do??

    1. This is an unusual problem. We know that it happens to some gamer. Try to turn off controller and make it controller one. It works with most of people.
      Please, give us feedback if it worked.

  17. I was wondering if one could finish manager tasks once per Xbox (or PS3) account or once every Ultimate Team?

  18. Rafael Correal

    Hi, I have the same problem of some of the people in here. I accomplished every single manager task, the problem is i played an online tournament and there was no gold package, after i saw this i played an offline tournament but still no gold package, can you help me?

  19. Hi EA. I have all my manager challanges done but I didn’t get the gold pack, it says “12/12 finished” so I obviously finished it, could you guys check in your database that I’m not lying to you, I haven’t opened single gold pack on this team (I had a team before where I opened a few) and I don’t write to you to get one for free, I didn’t get the promised one for challanges so if you guys could do something so I would get, that’d be great.
    and I did try to play offline tournaments and it didn’t work

  20. How do you have 2 teams? People are able to change the badges they have when playing a seasons match in Fut.. I seem to only have 1 badge active for all three teams I have created…??

    1. One club can have up to 15 teams. You can have more teams if you apply a special item from the EASFC Catalogue.
      If you have more than one bagde on your club you can change which one is active. But you can only have one budget active at a time. You can change it whenever you want.

  21. I’ve got one task to go and it’s the ‘play your first match in a tournament’ but i played my first match on a seasonal play and that was also one of the tasks, please help

  22. I have noticed after completing the firs tasks their is another list “Manager Tutorials”, do you know if their is another pack after completing the second tasks?

    1. Yes, there is.
      It is easier to do it on FUT Web App. Go to Home – Change Club Items (bottom right). Select the away kit you want to change and the new one. You need to have a away kit stored on your club in order to change it.
      Learn more here.

  23. Hi, I would like to know which players (silver or gold) are good to sell for a high value and cheap to buy.

    1. Hi.
      It’s not entirely true that there are better cards to sell than others. Any card is likely to be profitable if you know your market well.
      And these TOTY’s season isn’t the best time to start trading new cards.

  24. Olsson Twins

    Hi i completed all the task and when the message apeard i accidentally pressed “Dismiss”. Should i still get the gold pack?

  25. hola mira tengo un problema he comprado a un jugador por 2.500 y aun no me ha llegado es fielini del everton ayudenme la necesito 🙁

  26. sooo… I’ve been playing Fifa 13 for months for XBOX and it won’t let me complete the manager tutorials. Why you ask? Because there is some type of bug where I apply morale items yet I do not receive #6 on the list, “Apply a Morale Item”. even when I do, I don’t receive the check mark and my pack. It’s really frustrating.

    1. Assuming that it is the first time that you are trying to complete the manager tasks, have you ever applied the morale item on the console ? It doesn’t work by the FUT Web App.
      If you tried from both ways, we can’t do nothing more. You should complain to EA.

  27. hola mira tengo un problema me quedan 2 tutoriales de manager por completar que es 5.aplicar un artículo de condicion fisica 6. aplicar un articulo de moral, ya los he hecho pero no me dan nada seriais muy amables de decirme que pasa?:O

    1. Hola. Estamos aquí para ayudar.
      No estamos seguros de cuál es el problema, pero revise lo siguiente:
      1) La aplicación de estos artículos se debe hacer directamente en la plataforma. En FUT Web App no funciona.
      2) Sólo se pueden realizar las tareas una vez.
      Si el problema continúa, comuníquese con el Centro de Apoyo EA.

  28. Hey,I have only one task to complete : PLAY YOUR FIRST MATCH IN A TOURNAMENT,but my first match was in Seasons so I can’t complete this task.What should I do?

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment.
      It isn’t a big problem. You just need to play a match in tournament to solve it. When they say “play your fist match in tournament”, they don’t want to say that your first match must be in tournament mode. They want to say that as soon as you play your first tournament match, you complete this task.

      1. Thanks for the reply.I tried to play a match in a tournament,I even won a tournament but the task is still uncompleted.

        1. I solved it.I tried to play a match in an offline tournament and it worked.Thanks so much.

  29. Wow, I completed it once, got the gold pack and after a few weeks I can make the task manager thingy again, yay!!!

  30. Hey, I’ve been having problems collecting the gold pack after completing the manager tasks, I have recently created a new team on which I completed them but I did not collect the pack on my original team but it still won’t let me collect the pack. Is this normal?

  31. Hello sorry, My brother has got a gold player and stored it in his club, I go to the club to try and make the player a active squad player and it won’t let me, can I do it or not?

    1. Hi. Sure. Go to your active squad and click on an empty card or on a player card. Chose “add” or “swap”. You will now be able to find your gold player and put him on the active squad.
      If you need more help, please ask us!

  32. Can u play FIFA 13 ultimate team with two people on the same xbox of so then how

  33. Calvin Fadairo

    i’ve deleted my ultimate team (delete club) and i started again fresh, so with a starter pack full of bronze and a silver. i did all of the manager task (for the second time now) but i didnt get a gold pack. Do you only get a gold pack once, for your first ultimate team?

  34. I have completed all the tasks except playing a match in the TOTW Challenge. I am able to start playing but in a few seconds after the match started a message appears saying that i have been disconnected from the server, like if the internet connection would stop. I have tried it many times and this is quite annoying could you please solve this glitch.

  35. so i completed all the tasks and it says 12/12. i went to the store and i dont have my gold pack. Can you tell me where to go to get it?

  36. Hi i have completed all manager task except play tournement and i keep playin tournys and it wont tick off help ??

  37. hi .. when i play career football…. some of the matches the ball is not visible. i tired restarting the ps3 but this happens often.. once i had the problem when playing online also.. how do i get rid of this problem

  38. Is it possible to change your clubs home kit over and over again? After choosing the home Forientina kit to replace the default kit, I can no longer change it, it’s fixed. I want to change it, can it be done?

    1. Hi! Sure, it is possible. In order to change your club home kit you just need to have more than one in your club. Select the non-active kit and choose “make this item active”. The only reason why your kit it’s fixed is because you don’t have another one on your club. Buy anothet home kit and change it.

  39. i deleted my squad after spending all me coins on packs, i do the manager tasks and then it said some stuff and i said dismiss, and i didnt get the pack. it says 12/12

  40. hello i had 1 task left to do and it was play a tourament, but it says ive still got 11\12.

  41. my manager tasks completed at 12/12 and i received a gold pack, but the manager tutorials are stuck at 4/6. It wont check off “apply a fitness item” or “apply a morale item”. I’ve tried applying these on both the console and the web app. Any idea why it wont register them as completed?

  42. i completed the tasks it then popped up saying you will recieve a pack in my packs, i went into the store it was not there

  43. After I buy a ball and go to the watch list to move it to my club to make it active I can’t do this because although I’ve won the balls and paid for them and they’re expired they stay in the active list. Any idea?

    1. Hi. This is a problem that affects trade pile and watch list of FUT 13 players. There are people who were stuck with the cards for more than a week. It is very common. EA correct it some weeks ago. Now, after the last update, the problem is back. You can try to logout and login again but probably the problem will continue. You can complain to EA but the best thing to do is to wait. They did a maintenance last night and we bet that they will do another one next night.

  44. I have completed all the tasks but have not received by gold pack. Any suggestions as to what I can do? I have already played numerous tournament games since i was told.

  45. Muhammad Suleman

    I completed all the tasks but play a tournament match and I’ve played at least 3 tournament matches.. In fact I’m in the semi-final of one right now and it still says 11/12 without a check.. Please help 🙂 Also do u get one for all the tutorials and one for all the manager tasks?

  46. I finished the 12 manager tasks my gold pack now doing the manager tutorials..i apply a fitness item and or morale item and its still not checked off please help..i feel like im waistin coins and its not working:(

  47. I went to packs,but i didn’t get the gold pack of tasks.. please help me!
    P.S: Im already in a final of offline tournament should i finish it to have the pack??

    1. Hi. It seems that you have the same problem that other people are complaining about. You don’t have to finish the tournament. Just need to play a match. The Task Manager Menu are “12/12”? Did you get any message saying that you complete the tasks manager?

  48. I did all the manager tasks and i played another tourney match like you said and i still havent got the gold pack .. about a week ago i deleted my team and made a new one is that why?

  49. Hi i Finished the tasks and i didnt got the gold packs i even played offline tournament game and still no pack i was really looking forward to it but i didnt got it

    1. It’s impossible. If you put some cards on auction, you ghave to wait until the end. If you want to buy a card that is on auction you could buy before the end if the option Buy Now is available.

  50. Manager tutorial 6: apply morale item won’t check as complete I have tried six times on the console and nothing, everything else is complete, seems like a glitch or something

    1. Having the same problem, tutorials completed 5/6 with just the apply a morale card left to do. Only applying the card in on the console (Xbox). Is there any workaround?

  51. Hello, when I try to add a morale item to accomplish my manager tutorials not task but tutorials it does not check it stays as if I haven’t done it pls help

  52. I completed all manager tasks their was no gold pack so I played an offline tournament and still no gold pack

  53. Thanks at first i never knew how to change my club stadium know i know and i got a gold pack!!!!

  54. Apply moral items not working
    i used all my moral items but it won’t work
    please help

      1. Hey there I’m up to the task 5/6 manager I need help with the morale card on a play I have done that and it is not ticking .

          1. I have the same problem,
            Even though I have applied all the manager items, like increase morale, team fitness.
            There is no check or tick after this task, even though I have done this several times with manager manager on many teams.

    1. I have the exact same problem, moral item won’t compete, also on console. Tried with both team and player morale.

      1. How do you put players back into active squad when you have removed them from the squad?

        1. Hi. It’s easy.
          Go to active squad menu. Follow one of the two methods:
          1) select an empty card, click “add” and choose the player you want to bring to your squad;
          2) select a player card, click “swap” and choose the player you want to bring to your squad.

  55. i finished my tasks and it said ”go collect your new gold pack” and when i went to the pack store nothing was there? what do i do?

    1. Hi Sam. If you got the message “go collect your new gold pack”, it should be on the store. If nothing was there, try contact EA Support:
      If you want, you can try another thing. Some players have reported the same problem and the only solution, even after the message “go collect your new gold pack”, was to play another match in a tournament offline. Please, if you try this, give us some feedback so we can improve our help.

          1. My pack from manager tasks it missing too. I have contacted EA and cannot do anything for me. I cannot play an offline match as I do not have enough fit players in my squad. I am relying on this gold pack to I can buy some contracts.

    2. I am facing the same kind of problem. I have done 10/12 and the 2 remaining are to change the kits and crest. I bought new kits and a crest and after I made them active, nothing happened. I made them active through the Web App. I still haven’t found a buyer for my original kits and crest so will changing them back to the original and then back to the new kits and crest make it work? If yes, then how can I do this from the PS3?

      1. Hi.
        In order to work, these two tasks need to be made by the console. On the FUT Web App it won’t work.
        To change the active kit and the active crest on the console, you need to have another kit and another crest stored on your club.
        To change the kit follow this path: Club – My Club – (Select the Club that has the Kit) – Make this Item Active
        To change the crest follow this path: Club – My Club – (Select the Club that has the crest) – Make this Item Active

  56. After doing it I didn’t receive
    my gold pack is that a glitch please reply thank you

    1. Hi. Thanks for your message. When you go to “Squads” – “manager tasks” what is shown to you? Do you have “12/12” written? it is supposed to be shown the message “12/12 tasks” and appear a new gold pack on the store.

      1. i get the tasks on my 1st team and i got the pack,when i get the tasks on other team i didnt get the pack

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