FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad Guide

Serie A Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Check out the review we made about the best FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Players. If you are planning to build a Italian League squad, don’t miss our guide!


Building a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is mainly based on building a good squad. But that’s not easy. Firstly, we have to choose a formation for us to get adapted with. Then, we choose the players we want to hire according to the attributes that we consider important and how they can fit into our formation. And, at last, we have to make everything that is possible to get a high chemistry.

To make this last step easier, most players start defining what kind of squad they’re going to build. Some choose to get players with the same nationality (Brazilian squads are the most common), while others prefer to build one with players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can build hybrid squads without prejudicing the chemistry too much.

However, we all feel some disorientation when we start building our squad. This article intends to help those who think about or intend to build a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team squad based in Serie A players.

Obviously this article is merely guiding. It’s about an extremely vast theme in which player combinations are almost infinite. Besides that, there are lots of factors that influence the players’ choices, such as each one’s playing style, formation, budget, preferred clubs or even the time spent playing. There’s also an uncertainty component: a good player for you may not be good for the other players. If there was a certain best squad, everyone would struggle to have it. Part of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team joke is this: each one has his own club and players.


Serie A Players and FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


The main football competition of Italy is considered one of the greatest leagues of the world. Started in 1929, Serie A is disputed by 20 clubs. Juventus has won 28 times. Internazionale and AC Milan did it by 18 times, each one.

By the high quality of the players in this league, it’s natural that this is one of the most represented leagues on FUT 13 squads. It may not have so many quality players as Barclays PL or Liga BBVA, but you can build a very good squad based on Serie A with much less coins.

In relation to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team, FUT 13 lost some good players. G. Ramírez, Miguel Veloso, Júlio César, Maicon, Lúcio, Diego Fórlan, Thiago Silva, Del Piero, Krasić, E. Elia, D. Cissé, Lavezzi and Juan are good examples of that, but the biggest loss was actually Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who’s joined to Paris Saint Germain. Also Sneijder and Pato left Italia but only in winter transfer window.

Although, the Serie A got some massive signings in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team too: Aquilani, Álvaro Pereira, N. de Jong, Marquinho, Bakić, Gabriel Silva and Willians. The best ones came to Calcio only in January: Kovačić, Rolando, Balotelli and Anelka. This last one doesn’t exist on FUT 13 database.

As you can see, there are lots of quality choices. However, having a higher overall doesn’t mean that the player is better. It is necessary to analyse their attributes.

In this article we will analyse only the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team regular players, since the IF ones are extremely expensive and should be used only for an esthetic matter in most cases when the player has a lot of coins left. They are not good value for money.
In this guide, we only considered the new cards of upgrade and transferred players.


To make the analysis easier, let’s consider six groups of players:

  • Goalkeeper (GK);
  • Central Back (CB);
  • Lateral Backs (RB, RWB, LB e LWB);
  • Central Midfielders (CDM, CM e CAM);
  • Medium Wingers (RM, RW, RF, LM, LW e LF);
  • and Attackers (CF e ST).

Let’s get going!


Serie A Goalkeepers (GK)


Many players start their signings with an attacker. Then improve the midfield, the defence and, lastly, the goal. The truth is that having a good goalkeeper will make a difference several times for winning a match. And usually the investment is not that significant.

The most wanted goalkeepers are Gianluigi Buffon, Federico Marchetti, Samir Handanovic, Maarten Stekelenburg and Sebastien Frey. They are the ones that have the best rating and also because of that are the most expensive ones.


Gianluigi Buffon 87 Italy Juventus
Federico Marchetti 83 Italy Lazio
Samir Handanovic 83 Slovenia Inter
Maarten Stekelenburg 82 Netherlands Roma
Sebastien Frey 82 France Genoa
Morgan De Sanctis 81 Italy Napoli
Christian Abbiati 80 Italy Milan
Stefano Sorrentino 80 Italy Palermo
Jean Francois Gillet 79 Belgium Torino
Emiliano Viviano 79 Italy Fiorentina


Although, the best overall doesn’t necessarily mean the best choice. There are two fundamental attributes for a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

The first one measures the keeper’s agility when performing a defence. In this particularity, Juventus’s goalkeeper is the best among the others. Em FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, only Casillas, Diego Alves, Lloris and Neuer are better than him.


Gianluigi Buffon 89 Italy Juventus
Federico Marchetti 86 Italy Lazio
Maarten Stekelenburg 86 Netherlands Roma
Sebastien Frey 84 France Genoa
Samir Handanovic 84 Slovenia Inter
Christian Abbiati 84 Italy Milan
Stefano Sorrentino 82 Italy Palermo
Morgan De Sanctis 82 Italy Napoli
Andrea Consigli 80 Italy Atalanta
Antonio Mirante 80 Italy Parma


The diving measures the capacity of a goalkeeper to perform a defense in the air. In this important aspect, Federico Marchetti is better than his opponents, including Buffon. Christian Abbiati and Jean François Gillet are valid choices for who wants to save coins.


Federico Marchetti 88 Italy Lazio
Gianluigi Buffon 86 Italy Juventus
Sebastien Frey 86 France Genoa
Samir Handanovic 84 Slovenia Inter
Christian Abbiati 84 Italy Milan
Jean Francois Gillet 84 Belgium Torino
Maarten Stekelenburg 83 Netherlands Roma
Emiliano Viviano 83 Italy Fiorentina
Stefano Sorrentino 82 Italy Palermo
Andrea Consigli 82 Italy Atalanta


There’s one more characteristic in a goalkeeper that will be able to make a difference: his height. The taller he is, the bigger will be the chances to maintain the goal inviolable. This is not one of the strengths of Buffon. He is only the tenth tallest goalkeeper of Serie A on FUT 13, 6 centimetres away from Maarten Stekelenburg and 4 centimetres away from Emiliano Viviano, the tallest keepers of the main Italian football league.


Maarten Stekelenburg 197 Netherlands Roma
Emiliano Viviano 195 Italy Fiorentina
Željko Brkic 194 Serbia Udinese
Mariano Andújar 194 Argentina Catania
Samir Handanovic 193 Slovenia Inter
Antonio Mirante 193 Italy Parma
Artur Boruc 193 Poland Fiorentina
Sergio Romero 192 Argentina Sampdoria
Luca Castellazzi 192 Italy Inter
Gianluigi Buffon 191 Italy Juventus


Buffon is unequivocally the best Serie A goalkeeper on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Out of the six main attributes for a goalkeeper, he is the best in four (reflexes, handling, speed and positioning). If you like to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper, Sergio Romero is your man.

Buffon is the most expensive goalkeeper in football history and, in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, his price is prohibitive for many players. There are other good Serie A goalkeepers that you can get for less money. Federico Marchetti is also an excellent goalkeeper and is worth twenty times less. If you want even a cheaper alternative, choose Sebastien Frey (Genoa) or even Christian Abbiati (AC Milan).


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad - GK

Five Serie A goalkeepers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Serie A Centre Backs (CB)


A goalkeeper’s job becomes easier if quality centre backs are playing right ahead. Their role in the match is to stop the opponents from getting near the goal.

Giorgio Chiellini is the major highlight of Serie A. Andrea Barzagli and Walter Samuel are other quality defenders of Italian League.


Andrea Barzagli 84 Italy Juventus
Giorgio Chiellini 84 Italy Juventus
Walter Samuel 84 Argentina Inter
Medhi Benatia 82 Morocco Udinese
Hugo Campagnaro 81 Argentina Napoli
Philippe Mexès 81 France Milan
Andrè Dias 80 Brazil Lazio
Danilo 80 Brazil Udinese
Davide Astori 80 Italy Cagliari
Leonardo Bonucci 80 Italy Juventus


For a centre back, two attributes are of particular importance: defending and heading.

A player with a good defending will take the ball from the opponent and prevent him to reach the box more easily. This is Walter Samuel’s case, the best player to perform this function. A cheaper alternative to a good defence is the Udinese’s Medhi Benatia.


Walter Samuel 87 Argentina Inter
Giorgio Chiellini 86 Italy Juventus
Andrea Barzagli 86 Italy Juventus
Medhi Benatia 85 Morocco Udinese
Danilo 84 Brazil Udinese
Hugo Campagnaro 83 Argentina Napoli
Andrè Dias 83 Brazil Lazio
Davide Astori 83 Italy Cagliari
Francesco Acerbi 82 Italy Chievo Verona
Matías Silvestre 81 Italy Inter


Having a good heading is very important for a centre back because it allows him to win balls in the air while they’re thrown in his box. But that’s not all. Also on attacking free kicks, such as the corner, it is normal to see centre backs going into the opponent’s box to try their lucks.

In this chapter there is a balanced competition. Mobido Diakité, Giorgio Chiellini, Matías Silvestre and Leonardo Bonucci are good choices. In the opposite way is Danilo. Although he has excellent defending, he has poor heading, so you should to avoid buying him for your Serie A squad.


Mobido Diakité 85 France Lazio
Giorgio Chiellini 84 Italy Juventus
Matías Silvestre 84 Italy Inter
Leonardo Bonucci 84 Italy Juventus
Walter Samuel 82 Argentina Inter
Angelo Ogbonna 82 Italy Torino
Cesare Natali 82 Italy Bologna
Philippe Mexès 82 France Milan
Gabriel Paletta 82 Argentina Parma
Paolo Cannavaro 82 Italy Napoli


One of the commonest characteristics on centre backs that dissatisfy us players is their slowness. No one likes to feel impotent by seeing extremely fast players easily passing through our defense. That’s why the defenders’ speed is also an important factor.

Some good centre backs of Serie A are slow. Paolo Cannavaro, Danilo and even Walter Samuel don’t exceed 61 on the pace stat. Guglielmo Stendardo is almost half of it (!). Angelo Ogbonna, Alessandro Gamberini and Hugo Campagnaro can be good choices if speed is important to you. If money is no problem to you, bet on Chiellini. He is one of the twelve fastest centre back of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


Giorgio Chiellini 80 Italy Juventus
Angelo Ogbonna 80 Italy Torino
Alessandro Gamberini 78 Italy Napoli
Hugo Campagnaro 72 Argentina Napoli
Steve von Bergen 72 Switzerland Palermo
Mobido Diakité 70 France Lazio
Matías Silvestre 70 Italy Inter
Philippe Mexès 69 France Milan
Davide Astori 69 Italy Cagliari
Leonardo Bonucci 68 Italy Juventus


Giorgio Chiellini is definitely the best Serie A central defender on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. He is the fastest, has the second best defending and the second best heading. This should be enough to put him in your squad. But he’s got one problem: his prohibitive price for many players. Many players like to put a slower centre back that is more secure alongside another that compensates on speed. Depending on this factor, bet in one of these three players to be his partner in defence: Angelo Ogbonna for a very fast defence, Walter Samuel for a more static element but with better defensive attributes or Andrea Barzagli for a middle ground.

For limited budgets there are other quality solutions. A double of Matías Silvestre and Hugo Campagnaro guarantees a solid defense by having high attributes of defending and heading at a low price.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad - CB

Five Serie A Centre backs with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Serie A Side Defenders (RB, RWB, LB, LWB)


The side defenders have the function of making the opponents’ wingers’ jobs harder. But that’s not all. Complementarily, the good side defenders also support their team’s wingers on offensive plays.

Among the Serie A side defenders, Stephan Lichtsteiner only finds competition in Ignazio Abate and in Martín Cáceres, on the right side of the defense. On the opposite side, Federico Balzaretti and Álvaro Pereira are alone. They are the top rated left back.


Stephan Lichtsteiner 82 Switzerland Juventus
Ignazio Abate 81 Italy Milan
Martín Cáceres 80 Uruguay Juventus
Mattia Cassani 79 Italy Genoa
Abdoulay Konko 78 France Lazio
Dušan Basta 78 Serbia Udinese


Federico Balzaretti 80 Italy Roma
Álvaro Pereira 80 Uruguay Inter
Paolo De Ceglie 79 Italy Juventus
Pablo Estifer Armero 78 Colombia Udinese
Yuto Nagatomo 78 Japan Inter
Luca Antonini 77 Italy Milan


Since they are elements of the defence, in these players the defending is a central attribute. On the right side, Stephan Lichtsteiner and Martín Cáceres are the better ones. On the left side, Stefan Radu is who has this attribute more developed. Still, any of them stays behind the best Serie A centre backs in this FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


Stephan Lichtsteiner 80 Switzerland Juventus
Martín Cáceres 80 Uruguay Juventus
Ignazio Abate 78 Italy Milan
Cristian Zaccardo 78 Italy Milan
Abdoulay Konko 76 France Lazio
Mattia Cassani 76 Italy Genoa


Stefan Radu 81 Romania Lazio
Álvaro Pereira 79 Uruguay Inter
Federico Balzaretti 77 Italy Roma
Pablo Estifer Armero 76 Colombia Udinese
Dídac 76 Spain Milan
Paolo De Ceglie 75 Italy Juventus


But a side defender shouldn’t only defend. If you like them to go to the opposite box and perform perfect crosses, then it’s interesting for you to know who does it well.

If Federico Balzaretti, Paolo De Ceglie and Manuel Pasqual have good crosses on the left side, on the right side Stephan Lichtsteiner can cross even better. Mattia Cassani and Yuto Nagatomo also have a very good performance in this chapter.


Stephan Lichtsteiner 86 Switzerland Juventus
Mattia Cassani 82 Italy Genoa
Abdoulay Konko 80 France Lazio
Dušan Basta 80 Serbia Udinese
Ignazio Abate 78 Italy Milan
Vassilis Torosidis 78 Greece Roma


Federico Balzaretti 84 Italy Roma
Paolo De Ceglie 84 Italy Juventus
Manuel Pasqual 84 Italy Fiorentina
Yuto Nagatomo 82 Japan Inter
Reto Ziegler 81 Switzerland Juventus
Pablo Estifer Armero 80 Colombia Udinese


A side defender is much more dynamic than a centre back because he fulfills a double mission of defence-attack and because the game tends to be faster on the wings. That’s why it’s important for them to be fast players.

There are many fast side defenders in Serie A, especially on the right side. Ignazio Abate reaches the 93 of pace, while Pablo Estifer Armero and Yuto Nagatomo only gets 88 on the left side. The Italian is even the fastest side defender of whole FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


Ignazio Abate 93 Italy Milan
Jonathan 88 Brazil Inter
Abdoulay Konko 86 France Lazio
Stephan Lichtsteiner 83 Switzerland Juventus
Martín Cáceres 83 Uruguay Juventus
Mattia Cassani 79 Italy Genoa


Pablo Estifer Armero 88 Colombia Udinese
Yuto Nagatomo 88 Japan Inter
Álvaro Pereira 82 Uruguay Inter
Paolo De Ceglie 82 Italy Juventus
Federico Balzaretti 81 Italy Roma
Federico Peluso 81 Italy Juventus


For the right side of your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A squad, Stephan Lichtsteiner is the strongest player. He is who has the better crossing, defending and passing. But Abate is the favourite for most of the FUT 13 gamers. He is just a bit worse in the most important attributes, comparing with the Swiss, but his fantastic pace makes him a wonderful right back. They are both great players but they are also expensive. If you give more value to the offensive capacity than the defensive, Abdoulay Konko could be the right guy.

On the left side, Álvaro Pereira and Federico Balzaretti are very well balanced side defenders. They are fast, defend well and cross with precision. If you only want someone that defends well, Stefan Radu should be your choice.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad - RB and LB

Five Serie A Side Defenders with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Serie A Midfielders (CDM, CM e CAM)


The players that play on the middle of the field are responsible for helping in the defensive aspects, but mainly for assisting the advanced players of their team. They are the ones who should study the match and define its rhythm.

Some of the best midfielders in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team are from Serie A, such as Pirlo, Daniele De Rossi, Boateng and Hamšik.


Andrea Pirlo 87 Italy Juventus
Wesley Sneijder 87 Netherlands Inter
Daniele De Rossi 86 Italy Roma
Kevin-Prince Boateng 85 Ghana Milan
Marek Hamšik 85 Slovakia Napoli
Claudio Marchisio 84 Italy Juventus
Arturo Vidal 84 Chile Juventus
Riccardo Montolivo 83 Italy Milan
Hernanes 83 Brazil Lazio
Javier Zanetti 82 Argentina Inter


The midfielders are responsible for finding out the lines that break the opponent’s defense. Their passing quality must be very good so they can assist the attackers.

Although Andrea Pirlo and Wesley Sneijder are the Serie A players who have the best passing ability, there are many other good solutions, such as Borja Valero, David Pizarro, Riccardo Montolivo, Dejan Stankovic and Francesco Lodi.


Andrea Pirlo 92 Italy Juventus
Wesley Sneijder 88 Netherlands Inter
Borja Valero 86 Spain Fiorentina
David Pizarro 86 Chile Fiorentina
Riccardo Montolivo 85 Italy Milan
Dejan Stankovic 85 Serbia Inter
Francesco Lodi 85 Italy Catania
Alberto Aquilani 84 Italy Fiorentina
Stefano Mauri 84 Italy Lazio
Luca Cigarini 83 Italy Atalanta


The passing is the most important attribute in a midfielder but it’s not the only one. These players must have a good vision and, if possible, a good shooting. Andrea Pilrois the king on the first one and Kevin-Prince Boateng on the second.

A good dribbling allows you to take the team ahead, possibly creating unbalances. Also in this attribute Pilro is well rated. Even better just Coutinho.


Coutinho 92 Brazil Inter
Andrea Cossu 86 Italy Cagliari
Kevin-Prince Boateng 86 Ghana Milan
Andrea Pirlo 86 Italy Juventus
Hernanes 85 Brazil Lazio
Wesley Sneijder 85 Netherlands Inter
Maximiliano Moralez 85 Argentina Atalanta
Matías Fernández 84 Chile Fiorentina
Maicosuel 84 Brazil Udinese
Claudio Marchisio 84 Italy Juventus


Pilro is the best Serie A midfielder of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team for being the one who highlights the most on the attributes that are really important for his position. He is the one with best passing and best dribbling. He is look like Xavi but much more cheaper. In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, only the Spanish is better than him in vision and passing. According to your personal preferences, Kevin-Prince Boateng may be a better choice, since Pilro has a poor attacking work rate and he is a bit slow.

There are other options, but the choice depends on your style of play. If you love pace, Maximiliano Moralez and Claudio Marchisio are interesting players. If you often shoot outside the box, Riccardo Montolivo may be the best choice. If you like to advance with the ball on your feet, Coutinho and Hernanes can be the right ones. If you need a high quality CDM, Daniele De Rossi and Cambiasso are fantastic but our choice is Arturo Vidal since he join good defensive attributes to his amazing pace. No quality lacking.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad

Five Serie A Centre Midfielders with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Serie A Wingers (RM, RW, RF, LM, LW e LF)


The wingers are responsible for widening the offensive moves of their team. They’re normally the most explosive players.

The Serie A have lost good wingers, but there are still some quality players for these positions. Christian Maggio on the right side, Robinho and Sebastian Giovinco on the left side are good examples.


Rodrigo Palacio 83 Argentina Inter
Christian Maggio 81 Italy Napoli
Antonio Candreva 80 Italy Lazio
Mauricio Isla 80 Chile Juventus
Simone Pepe 80 Italy Juventus
Antonio Candreva 80 Italy Bologna


Robinho 83 Brazil Milan
Sebastian Giovinco 82 Italy Juventus
Stephan El Shaarawy 81 Italy Milan
Kwadwo Asamoah 81 Ghana Juventus
Senad Lulic 80 Bosnia Herzegovina Lazio
Juan Manuel Vargas 80 Peru Genoa


Getting away through the side line until the opponent’s goal is something commom on a winger. In order to do that with success, they need to be fast players. That’s why the speed is one of the most important attributes for the players on this position.

Eight Serie A wings have a pace above 90 on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Jonathan Biabiany on the right side and Sebastian Giovinco on the left side are the fastest.


Jonathan Biabiany 96 France Parma
Juan Cuadrado 90 Colombia Fiorentina
Rodrigo Palacio 88 Argentina Inter
Vladimir Weiss 87 Slovakia Pescara
Christian Maggio 85 Italy Napoli
Simone Pepe 85 Italy Juventus


Sebastian Giovinco 92 Italy Juventus
Robinho 88 Brazil Milan
Pablo Estifer Armero 88 Colombia Napoli
Marcelo Estigarribia 88 Paraguay Sampdoria
Juan Camilo Zúñiga 88 Colombia Napoli
Alejandro Gómez 86 Argentina Catania


But in order to get close from the opponent’s goal, the speed may be enough. The wingers will face the opponents and will have to use dribbling to surpass them.

Serie A left wingers combine their speed with a great dribbling. Sebastian Giovinco and Robinho are much better than the best right wingers, Rodrigo Palacio and Erik Lamela.


Erik Lamela 88 Argentina Roma
Rodrigo Palacio 86 Argentina Inter
Juan Cuadrado 85 Colombia Fiorentina
Mario Santana 85 Argentina Torino
Vladimir Weiss 84 Slovakia Pescara
Alessandro Diamanti 84 Italy Bologna


Sebastian Giovinco 92 Italy Juventus
Robinho 91 Brazil Milan
Stephan El Shaarawy 87 Italy Milan
Alejandro Gómez 86 Argentina Catania
Kwadwo Asamoah 83 Ghana Juventus
Emanuele Giaccherini 83 Italy Juventus


When arriving in the opponent’s box, the wingers have to decide what to do. Most times, they choose to assist the attackers. That’s why it’s important for them to be good on passing.

For the wingers this is their weakness. Maggio on the right side and Vargas on the left are the exceptions.


Christian Maggio 81 Italy Napoli
Antonio Candreva 80 Italy Lazio
Alessandro Diamanti 80 Italy Bologna
Rodrigo Palacio 78 Argentina Inter
Simone Pepe 78 Italy Juventus
Mauricio Isla 78 Chile Juventus


Juan Manuel Vargas 81 Peru Genoa
Senad Lulic 80 Bosnia Herzegovina Lazio
Kwadwo Asamoah 78 Ghana Juventus
Sebastian Giovinco 77 Italy Juventus
Robinho 77 Brazil Milan
Pablo Estifer Armero 77 Colombia Napoli


Rodrigo Palacio and Maggio are the only Serie A right wingers of quality on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. There are actually fast wingers but they are relatively weak on dribbling and passing. The affordable prices reflect this lack of quality.

On the left side the things are a bit different. Robinho and Giovinco are superb players. They are the fastest and they have the best dribbling and best shooting.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad

Five Serie A Wings with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Serie A Attackers (CF e ST)


The attackers are the ones that play on the last third of the field alongside with the opponents’ defenders. The only requirement for them is to be able to score goals.

Among the best Serie A attackers are Cavani, Di Natale, Cassano, Milito and Balotelli.


Edinson Cavani 86 Uruguay Napoli
Antonio Di Natale 85 Italy Udinese
Antonio Cassano 85 Italy Inter
Mario Balotelli 84 Italy Milan
Diego Milito 84 Argentina Inter
Stevan Jovetic 83 Montenegro Fiorentina
Alexandre Pato 83 Brazil Milan
Miroslav Klose 83 Germany Lazio
Fabrizio Miccoli 82 Italy Palermo
Giuseppe Rossi 82 Italy Fiorentina


If attackers are supposed to score goals, then shooting is the most important attribute for them.

Di Natale, Miccoli and Totti are the best ones. Of the ten players who best shoots in FIFA 13 Ultiamte Team, only one is from Serie A.


Antonio Di Natale 87 Italy Udinese
Fabrizio Miccoli 85 Italy Palermo
Francesco Totti 85 Italy Roma
Edinson Cavani 83 Uruguay Napoli
Fabio Quagliarella 83 Italy Juventus
Mario Balotelli 82 Italy Milan
Stevan Jovetic 81 Montenegro Fiorentina
Giuseppe Rossi 81 Italy Fiorentina
Diego Milito 80 Argentina Inter
Mirko Vucinic 80 Montenegro Juventus


The attackers don’t use only their feet to score goals. Knowing how to head the ball can make a lot of difference. If you’re a player who often crosses the ball to the box, then this attribute is indispensable.

Pazzini, Amauri, Klose and Luca Toni have better heading than the most popular players, such as Di Natale, Balotelli and Milito. Cavani is the exception. There are players with great heading in Serie A.


Miroslav Klose 88 Germany Lazio
Giampaolo Pazzini 87 Italy Milan
Amauri 87 Italy Parma
Luca Toni 85 Italy Fiorentina
Edinson Cavani 84 Uruguay Napoli
Germán Denis 84 Argentina Atalanta
Mauricio Pinilla 83 Chile Cagliari
Alberto Gilardino 83 Italy Bologna
Pablo Osvaldo 82 Italy Roma
Alessandro Matri 81 Italy Juventus


Shooting and heading are the most important attributes for an attacker. Although, according to each one’s tactic and game style, there are those who prefer attackers that take advantage on their speed to surpass the opponent’s defence.

Three unpopular attackers are the fastest of Serie A: Víctor Ibarbo, Luis Muriel and Mauro Zárate. Di Natale and Cavani are also very fast. In the opposite direction, Luca Toni is too slow. But there are worse players. Totti is so slow that his purchase should be avoid.


Víctor Ibarbo 91 Colombia Cagliari
Luis Muriel 91 Colombia Udinese
Mauro Zárate 91 Argentina Lazio
Alexandre Pato 89 Brazil Milan
Abel Hernández 89 Uruguay Palermo
Eduardo Vargas 89 Chile Napoli
Lorenzo Insigne 89 Italy Napoli
Antonio Di Natale 87 Italy Udinese
Edinson Cavani 85 Uruguay Napoli
Fabrizio Miccoli 85 Italy Palermo


There are lots of good and fast attackers on Serie A. Cavani and Di Natale are the better ones, but they are not perfect. The first one doesn’t have a good passing and the second one misses on heading. With the Balotelli return to the Calcio, there is a new good option to the attack. If your game style privileges the heading, then you should choose Miroslav Klose. Diego Milito is the cheapest player that will be able to develop the same functions although with less quality.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad

Five Serie A Strikers with the best overalls in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


Serie A Gold Squads Suggestions for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


As the players were already presented, it’s time for us to try putting together the best ones in the same squad. Since this task depends a lot on the formation you use, we are going to introduce one squad suggestion for each of the most popular formations. We’ll show one in 4-1-2-1-2 considering an unlimited budget, another in 4-3-3 considering a maximum budget of 40k and another in 4-4-2 considering a maximum budget of 8k coins. In the construction of these squads we chose carefully the players that better fit on the positions according to the attributes we consider more important, which we already explained in this article.
Prices listed are average amounts for PS3 / Xbox during the month of March 2013.


Serie A Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with an Unlimited Budget

Here are our choices:

  • GK: Buffon 55k
  • CB: Chiellini 30k
  • CB: Barzagli 3.5k
  • RB: Abate 9k
  • LB: Álvaro Pereira 1k
  • CDM: Vidal 2.5k
  • CAM: Pilro 9k
  • RM: Rodrigo Palacio 3.5k + 1k
  • LM: Giovinco 4k + 1k
  • ST: Di Natale 55k
  • ST: Balotelli 22k
  • Subs / Reserves: Marchetti (GK), Ogbonna (CB), Campagnaro (CB), Lichtsteiner (RB), Balzaretti (LB), De Rossi (CDM), Boateng (CAM), Biabiany (RM), Robinho (LM), Cavani (ST), Miccoli (ST).

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad - Unlimited Budget

Serie A Squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with an unlimited budget
Click over the image to maximize


No doubt this is a great squad. If there were any doubts, the fact that it is valued as around 200k coins helps to ensure that.

On the goal there is the undoubtedly best goalkeeper from Serie A. Buffon is probably the second best goalkeeper of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. To the bench, we recommend Marchetti instead of Handanovic or Stekelenburg. Right ahead it was chosen to put the two Juventus defenders. Chellini is the best Italian CB and Barzagli wins the place to Walter Samuel because his pace makes up for the slight disadvantage in the defensive attributes and heading. The side defenders are players that defend well but attack even better. They’re fast and know how to cross to the box. Álvaro Pereira, slightly similar to Balzaretti, and Abate are the alternatives for these positions. Vidal, in addition to being very fast, is one of the midfielders that best defends and attacks, as his high work rates show us, so that his selection to the defensive middle position instead of De Rossi is natural. Pirlo plays in front of him. He is only the best player of Calcio and one of the best in his position in whole world. Palacio is the chosen one to occupy the right side of the attack and Giovinco the left side. The Italian has great competition but, for us, he is the best player in this position. Some gamers prefers Robinho or even the surprise of the season El Shaarawy. On the attacking front, Di Natale is a natural choice and to make him company there is Cavani but also Balotelli. The Uruguayan is better than Super Mario for all three attributes more important in a striker. But we still choose Balotelli since he has special attributes very important for the attack of any team. If you cross a lot to the box, Kloseo should be a better option.


Serie A Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 40k Coins Budget


Here are our choices:

  • GK: Marchetti 2.5k
  • CB: Ogbonna 2k
  • CB: Barzagli 3.5k
  • RB: Lichtsteiner 2k
  • LB: Álvaro Pereira 1k
  • CM: Marchisio 3k
  • CM: Pirlo 9k
  • CM: Nocerino 1k
  • RW: Rodrigo Palacio 3.5k
  • LW: Giovinco 4k
  • ST: Cavani 7k
  • Subs / Reserves: Stekelenburg (GK), Campagnaro (CB), Matías Silvestre (CB), Konko (RB), Balzaretti (LB), Hernanes (CM), Guarín (CM), Montolivo (CM), Biabiany (RM), Vargas (LM), Miccoli (ST).

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad - 40k Coins Budget

Serie A Squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 40k Coins Budgett
Click over the image to maximize


Building a 40k coins squad, in this case, doesn’t mean forming a weak squad. The important thing is to select the players with the characteristics you’re looking for.

Since most Serie A players are not expensive, it was possible to build a 83 rating squad with so few coins. Ogbonna took the Chiellini place, even being a low rating player, thanks to his superb pace, good defence and good heading. Lichtsteiner, the chosen to right-back, is better than Abate in almost everything except in pace stats. Nocerino and Marchisio are faster and better players on the midfield than Guarín and Montolivo. Finnaly, Cavani is a good example of excellent good value for money. If heading is not important to you, pick Miccoli.


Serie A Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 8k Coins Budget


Here are our choices:

  • GK: Frey 0.5k
  • CB: Matías Silveste 0.5k
  • CB: Campagnaro 0.5k
  • RB: Konko 1k
  • LB: Balzaretti 0.7k
  • CM: Montolivo 0.8k
  • CM: Guarín 0.8k
  • RM: Biabiany 1k
  • LM: Vargas 0.7k
  • ST: Diego Milito 1k
  • ST: Jovetic 0.9k
  • Subs / Reserves: Abbiati (GK), Gamberini (CB), Astori (CB), Cáceres (RB), Nagamoto (LB), Nainggolan (CM), Asamoah (CM), Maggio (RM), Zúñiga (LM), Vucinic (ST), Klose (ST).

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad - 8k Coins Budget

Serie A Squad suggestion for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team with a 8k Coins Budget
Click over the image to maximize


It’s amazing how you can build a team for less than 10k and still have quality players. Frey is an authentic pearl in goal. Campagno and Matías Silvestre are both good cheap defenders. The same happens in midfield with Guarín and Montolivo. Konko and Balzaretti are the 40k budget team bench side defenders. Biabiany and Vargas benefit from playing in Italy to keep their prices low. The French would cost, at least, ten times more if he play in UK or Spain. Diego Milito is one of the underpriced players. He is one of the most balanced attackers of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. Jovetic, his partner in attack, completes this extremely cheap team.


Follow our tips and you will have a better chance of being successful with your Serie A Squad for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.


157 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Serie A Squad Guide”

  1. My team:
    Formation: 4-4-2
    – RB: Jonathan; Inter Milan
    – CB: Raul Albiol: Napoli
    – CB: Angelo Ogbonna; Torino
    – LM: Federico Balzaretti; Roma

    I use to have Yepes with Albiol; although Yepez is an excellent defender, I needed at least one fast CB.

    RM: Cuadrado; Fiorentina
    CM: Valdes; Parma or Guarin; Inter
    CDM; De Jong; , Gaby Mudingayi, or Nainggolan:
    LM: Zuñiga or Robino
    ST: Caviani
    ST: Muriel

    I like my hybrid team. It gives me a lot of movement through the whole field. Sometimes, I get in trouble because Zuñiga and Cuadrado like to be in front, but I managed to put some equilibrium in the midfield by putting De Jong and Nainggolan as CDM.

  2. Awesome article. I just wanted to know if i can improve my squad abit.. Anyway. Here it is: (4-4-1-1 formation)
    GK- Buffon
    CB- IF mexes
    LB- IF Lulic
    LM- TOTS El Shaarawy
    CM-SIF Hamsik
    CF- SIF marchisio
    CM- Boateng
    RM- TOTS Lamela
    ST- 88 rated IF cavani.

    So that’s the team. Thanks for your time reading this.

    1. Hi Tom. Nice to meet you.
      As you may imagine, you have a really amazing Serie A squad.
      It is very hard to improve your team because you already have a good one. Boateng is probably your weakest player but you will need to buy an IF card to improve this position.

      1. My only option is Vidal. He has all the stats needed for a CM. But maybe i should get Pirlo? I dont know.

        1. **This is for everyone reading** If you want to get this squad, or a squad with TOTS and IFs, don’t. It is the same. The only thing that improves is pace. And not for everyone. Everyone feels the same. So save your money.

          1. I bought him, tried him out, didn’t like him. So i sold him. I bought sneijder.
            Well.. Thanks for the help.

  3. Valeriano Gauna

    I try to buy some, cheap and some high prices(for low prices, question of search). Actualy is that:



    Zanetti(yes, what a CDM, rly)



    Subs: De Sanctis, Jonathan, Gamberini, Gargano, Nocerino, Insigne(PACE HAHAHA LOL), Balotelli,
    Not Relationated: Didác, Astori, Marchisio, Zarate, Moralez
    Others: Hernanes, Jovetic, Cambiasso, Vucinic, Cossu, Pereira(it’s 4-5-1), Pogba, Ibarbo, Abel Hernandéz.

      1. Valeriano Gauna

        Well, Di Natale for my team is only for CAM (because Miccoli is a Di Natale 62k more cheap in CF)
        Chiellini…well…80k coins…high work in trades to have it. Barzagli doesn’t is a good choice?

  4. Great info

    What is your opinion of the IF players versus the similarly overall rated counterparts?

    LB: Pasqual (TOTY) vs Pereira
    RM: Basta (TOTY) vs Palacio and Biabiany
    LM: Ljajic (TOTY) vs Giovinco and Robinho
    Additionally Macion and Abate at RB rather than Lichtsteiner then potentially using the RM IF TOTY version of Lichsteiner

    Team is completed…I am basically just looking for value with IF upgrades with about 500k to spend on upgrades (already have Pasqual, Ljajic and Basta. Using 4-1-2-1-2.

    Thanks in advance
    Great website BTW

    1. Hi.
      Thank you.
      Usually we do not recommend IF cards. It is a bit complex to explain why in a few words but we can say that they are not good value for money.
      Sorry but we can not help you. We didn’t test those IF players.

    1. Hey…
      I just made a hybrid squad on futhead
      Pls check it out and let me know which is the better one

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi there.

    WIth my 3-5-2 formation im really intrested what you think about my squad and if you have some tips? Buy inform players etc. I have 160K to spent.

    GK Buffon
    CB Ogbonna Barzagli and CHielini
    CDM De Rossi and Vidal
    LM Giovinco RM Palacio
    CAM Boateng
    ST MIccoli and Di Natale

    Thanks allready

    1. Hi.
      It is very hard to advice you something since you already have a superb Serie A squad. We know that you should love Missoli but we still think that you have better choices for that position. Tevez, for example.

  6. If you have just about 100k you can make this really good team:
    GK: Buffon
    RB: Abate
    RCB: Chiellini
    LCB: Ogbonna
    LB: A.Pereira
    RDM: Vidal
    LDM: Boateng
    CF: Jovetic/ Balotelli (I prefer Jovetic)
    RAM: Miccoli
    LAM: Di Natale
    ST: Pato/Cavani (Get Cavani if you don’t mind his workrates (HIGH/HIGH))

    Note: Boateng is by far one of the best all round central midfielders where he has good defending and attacking stats and you can play him as striker because he has great dribbling and shooting and also heading. He plays well at CDM.
    In this formation, you have 1 striker and he’s alone so make sure he has good pace, dribbling, shoot and HEADING as well. Cavani is your first option but I sold him because of his workrates. If you don’t want Cavani then get Pato. He has good pace dribbling shooting and has over 75 heading which for me is good.

  7. Hi, great article, I was wanting to make a 15-30k OP squad and am having a lot of trouble deciding whether to do a BPL or SERIE A team, what would you recommend?

  8. Wow! Great article. I have my squad and I need advice, money is not a big problem. I’m using a 41212 and my team is as follows:

    St’s: miccoli and quagliarella

    Subs: Zuniga, montolivo, nocerino, inler, lichtsteiner, ibarbo.

    I’m thinking about replacing mexes, any ideas?? I’m also definitely replacing quagliarella, but idk who to replace him with. Suggestions would be much appreciated, thx!!:D

    Btw, I mix up my play, I can play a passing game and a running game. So all suggestions welcome!

    1. Hi!
      You have a nice team but if you have some coins to spend, we think that you can improve it.
      To Méxes place, Chiellini is the expensive choice. Ogbonna and Campagnaro are also great players.
      There are several cheap players better than Quagliarella. Milito, for example, would be a great addition. Balotelli is probably too expensive but Vucinic and Klose are also great cheap options.
      We also think that you can buy a better LM and RM, as Biabiany, Maggio and Vargas.
      Good games!

      1. great advice! i like pacey strikers, so would cavani play well with miccoli? also, would you prefer boateng or marchisio to cam?

  9. Hi all, I have now formation 4-1-2-1-2:

    (rb)Abate – (CB)Campagnaro(black card) – (cb) CHielini) – (lb )Pereira
    (lm) giovinco – (cdm) de rossi – (rm) Palacio
    (cam) Boateng
    (st) Cavani – (st) Di Natale

    Any suggestions what can be better? i choose boateng because he is much stronger than Pirlo or is Pirlo a better choice because of Cavani and Di Natale?
    Please help 🙂

    1. Hi.
      You have a really nice Serie A team. It isn’t easy to improve it.
      Boateng seems fine. Some gamers perfers Pirlo, others don’t.
      We have two suggestions to you: Vidal on De Rossi place; Domenico Criscito on Pereira place.

      1. Thanks for your comment! Why your oppionion vidal for de rossi? And criscito is much better than Pereira? And what a about Liechsteiner for Abate or doesnt have it that much effect.

        I just purchaise Cavani for baloteli. Hope that work better for me 🙂

        1. Hi.
          We prefer Vidal. They are similar but Vidal is much faster. And ad you know, pace is very important in FUT 13. The same happen between Abate and Liechsteiner.
          Criscito is better for most of the FIFA community.

  10. Hi… Sorry for troubling u again..
    Can u tell me the average price of all these players..
    (Can there be better squad than this for 20k in other leagues in a 352 formation please suggest one)

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi.
      You have the average prices of these players on this guide (in our team suggestions). They are 30% cheaper now than when we wrote it.
      In our opinion, Serie A is one of the best values for money in our opinion. It is difficult to find another league with so good cheap players. But it is not impossible.

  11. Hi… Another great article…
    I want to build a squads(any league)in 20k but I am confused in which league to choose.
    Can you suggest some good players and subs
    I want a 352 formation

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Vidhu.
      20k is not much but we will try.
      GK: Marchetti; CB’s: Ogbonna, Barzagli and Campagnaro; CDM’s: Vidal and Rossi; RM: Palacio; LM: Giovinco; CAM: Marchisio; ST’s: Miccoli and Diego Milito.
      Subs: Stekelenburg, Matías Silvestre, Hernanes, Biabiany, Vargas and Jovetic.

  12. Hi, do you know anything about hybrid squads?

    I really love Serie A but also i love some Bundesliga players (well, Borussia dortmund’s players.) I have a medium budget (60k) and i want to try this squad:


    Piszcek – Santana – Ogbonna – Gamberini – Armero
    ——–Gundogan———Marchisio( or De Rossi?)

    What do you think? i had a premier league squad but seem imposible to me to win division 1. I had a lot of troubles against pacey teams so i hope this squad will work..

    But do you think is good? Do you change something?
    Maybe there is another formation to use with these players??

    that’s all, bye 🙂

    1. Hi.
      Sure we know. You can learn more about building hybrid squads HERE.

      About your squad, it looks OK. However, try to earn some more coins to get even better players. Marchisio or De Rossi? Vidal. 🙂
      We don’t think you should choose your formation by the players you have. You should choose it by your play style.


  13. I used all players or a couple if matches except Giovinco ad Boateng as they are still overpriced. Here are my views:

    Miccoli : Amazing. Not gonna change him
    Cavani: great but his workrates make him really tired so dent like him and want to change him.
    Palacio: great not changing him.
    Vidal: didn’t use him for many matches but he was okay but nothing really great about him.
    Criscito: he played well but he is injury prone. Not thinking of changing him for now.
    Ogbonna, Barzagli, Abate: they were good, not considering changing them yet.
    Marchetti: awful for me. I mean he was okay at first when I tried him in offline silver cup but I moved on to the offline gold cup and offline div 5 and he gave at least 2 goals in each match.

    So because of this, I am tinkering around with my team a bit more. Tell me what you think.

    Miccoli – Milito
    Giovinco – Palacio
    Criscito – Ogbonna – Barzagli – Abate

    I can’t decide I good goalkeeper. I was thinking if Stekelen or Hando but I want your views before I buy.

  14. So far I have:


    I read that you recommend to pick Buffon as GK but I’ve read many negative reviews of Buffon on futhead :(. Since I also had Steke with Fifa 12 I ended up with him. Isn’t Marchetti the better choice? It seems that he is better IG.

    1. Hi.
      We tested all of them but, as you know, a player can be good to us but not for you for example. In our opinion, Buffon and Marchetti were the two best GK from Serie A. Maybe you should give a chance to Marchetti.
      About your team, the only thing that we have to say is about Rossi. He is a good player but don’t you prefer Vidal?

  15. Hello!
    Really loved this post, and so impressed with all your feedback so thought i’d ask a question.
    I recently started a serie a team after loving playing with di natale in my old fut team. my team is currently (4-1-2-1-2):

    di natale

    i was just wandering which lb you could recommend instead of armero. i would like to keep it all serie a so criscito isnt an option.

    i am currently saving up for chiellini as he is just beast!

    also would you recommend keeping di natale at cam, or replace him with someone else (who?), and play him at st.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! Thank you and welcome to our website.
      When we looked to your team, we thought “great team…except LB”. And it seems that you agree with us.
      Criscito is by far the best option for that position. But if you don’t want to mix players from different leagues, you will need a different solution as Álvaro Pereira or Balzaretti. Álvaro Pereira seems to us slightly better, but there are people who prefers the Italian player. And yes: Chiellini is awesome.
      There are some good players to play as CAM, like Boateng and Pilro. If you are going well with these three players, keep with them as you are. Otherwise, change Di Natale to ST and buy Boateng or even Pilro to CAM.

      1. thanks for your reply!
        i now have chiellini so that is awesome, and i am going to follow your advice and pereira at lb.
        i will play with this front 3 for a while, and maybe by pirlo and try him out as a sub.
        thanks for your tips, this site is really great.

  16. Hello again, dear FUT-Team !

    I have updated my Squad and Im really happy
    About it now! But there could be better choices for each
    Positions… My Formation is 3-4-1-2

    GK: Marchetti ( i Tested Buffon but he wasnt better than marchetti)
    CB’s: Ogbonna, Chiellini and Gamberini/Samuel( is there a better Option for
    Gamberini or Samuel?) who should Play in the middle CB ? A fast Player or Somebody who is Not fast like Samuel ?

    LM: Giovinco ( he is such a beast)
    RM: Palacio
    CM:Vidal and guarin ( i think there is a better Option for guarin… But who?)
    Behind the 2 forwards is Miccoli and the 2 forwards are balotelli and
    Di natale

    Substitutes: robinho, de Rossi, nocerino, biabiany, milito, Zarate,
    Lucio, Muriel

    Thank you very much!

    Your italiaboy

    1. Hi. Thanks by staying with us.
      1) Look to the 3412 formation. You will see that the middle CB is the CB that is ahead of the others. It means that he should be the slower one and the other two the fastest ones to cover his back. In our opinion, Barzagli should be your middle CB.
      2) We really think that Giovinco is an awesome player.
      3) If you do not like Guarin, why not trying Pirlo? Or De Rossi?

  17. I am not able to find Boateng and Giovinco cheap. Giovinco is for 2.2k as per ultimatedb but on the market he is actually for 6k. I have been searching so much to get him under 2.5k but it seems impossible because of bid bumpers bumping from 650 to 3000. Any advice? Same for Boateng.

      1. I tried something different 🙂 I went on the FIFA Ultimate Team official page on facebook and posted for people who want to trade (since I still have most of my BBVA players).

  18. hi, i have this team
    marcelo – mascherano – chielini – ogbona – abate
    cesc fabregas – vidal
    benzema – balotelli

    would you recommend me any changes, in your opinion

    1. Hi again. Of course we remember.
      The name of the team is “perfect”. That’s what it is. 🙂
      The only suggestion we have is about El Shaarawy. We know that he is quite popular but we think that Robinho or Giovinco are better choices.

      1. Tinkered around a bit. Made a couple of changes. Here is my final team (with 1 doubt):

        GK: Marchetti
        LB: Criscito
        CBs: Barzagli, Ogbonna (will save up for Chiellini eventually)
        RB: Abate
        CDM: Vidal
        LM: Giovinco
        RM: Palacio
        CAM: Boateng
        ST: Cavani.

        My doubt is that for my second striker, I can’t choose between Cassano and Balotelli. Balotelli would fit perfectly for me because of his good pace and shooting but if I pick him, both my strikers have low passing. Di Natale is too expensive for me. So it is a choice between pace and passing. My one striker already has pace does that mean I will need Cassano for passing or is it okay if both my strikers have low passing?

        1. Never mind, I am going for Miccoli. He has good passing, pace and shooting. So here is my final squad, what do you think?

          Miccoli – Cavani
          Giovinco – Palacio
          Criscito – Ogbonna – Barzagli – Abate

          How is it?

        2. Hi.
          You should pay attention to the work rates of your second ST. Cavani is high/high, so you should be very careful about it.
          Di Natale is who you need. If you don’t have enough coins, try Balotelli. Make sure that your CAM has high passing stat.

          1. My CAM’s passing is 79. For my other striker, Miccoli fit my needs. His work rate is High|Low which means he won’t go out of position. Do you suggest any other changes?

          2. So its done? I start building this squad?

            Miccoli – Cavani
            Giovinco – Palacio
            Criscito – Ogbonna – Barzagli – Abate

          3. Say, since I am now building the squad, what will be the best time t buy. I mean, considering that the TOTS have just released, what time will the prices be the lowest?

          4. Cool. I bought 8 of the players. All of them were bought for a price lesser than what was shown on ultimatedb so I think I did pretty good deals.

  19. Great article, but I still need some help. I currently have a 4-1-2-1-2 Serie A squad which in my opinion is quite solid but this is the team:

    Gk: Handanovic LB: De Ceglie Cb: Chiellini Cb: Ogbonna Rb: Caceres

    Lm: Giovinco Cdm: If Inler Rm: Palacio

    Ls: Di Natale Cam: Sneijder Rs: Cavani

    I like to keep possession with 1-2 passes and I cross alot and also counter attack. I also like to run down the wings and cut inside and pass to Di natale or Cavani for them to finish off the attack.

    However, I’m a little skeptical about If Inler’s workrates (med/med) as he should be more defensive minded and also Cavani’s workrates (high/high) as he tracks back too much. I’m also a little bit concerned about the rb’s and the lb’s as they are a little bit too slow to catch up with the Walcott’s and the Biabiany’s.

    If you could suggest some replacements then it could help alot. ( I have a 30k budget)

    1. Thank you.
      You have a very nice team. The good thing about Serie A is that you can build a great team without spending a fortune.
      The 41212 seems OK to your play style.
      To CDM position we suggest Vidal. But he also has the same problem: the work rates (high/high). If you want someone to help the back four, maybe you can try De Rossi.
      Cavani is a great player. We know that he has that strange high/high work rates but don’t forget that his stamina is 94. He can be anywhere. Balotelli is a good choice if you don’t want to play with Cavani anymore.
      To LB why don’t you try Domenico Criscito. He will link very well with all and he is fast enough to stop that pacey players.
      Finally, if you want a fast right back why don’t you try the one we recommend in our guide (Lichtsteiner) ?

      If we helped you, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

  20. Thank you very much for your advice!

    You are right in saying that el shaarawy is a
    Popular Player, i like him. I thaught about using
    Boateng in CM but CF is also a very Good idea. Guarin?
    Do you think he is good to Play with Vidal in CM?
    Or is there another Good Player ?
    I bought Balotelli and he plays with miccoli.
    Great combination!
    I will buy giovinco or robinho and let him Play instead of

    Yours faithfully


    1. If you really really love El Shaarawy, keep with him. It was only our opinion. The important thing is to try several players and to decide which ones are better to us.
      Guarin and Vidal together seems OK to us.
      Balotelli and Miccoli too.

  21. Hey fifa U-team !

    Thank you very much for this awesome Serie A Guide!
    Could you give me some tips of my Squad?

    I have a 3-4-1-2



    El shaarawy–guarin–De Rossi–Palacio



    You Guide has influenced me to Buy pirlo,
    Boateng, marchisio/Vidal but I am Not Quite
    Sure who should I buy of these Players.

    I am happy with my Defense and my Gk,too.
    In the forward I am thinking about to buy Balotelli and
    Or di natale. Both would be a Good combination of
    Pace, dribbling(di natale), heading and strenght (Balotelli)

    my substitutions

    Its Lamela, milito, Pepe and asamoah (Juve)
    Lucio, Insigne,nocerino

    Im also happy with my Formation.

    So please help me to Build up my Squad better and please give
    Me a reason why I should buy those Players

    Yours faithfully,


    1. Hi!
      You have a nice team but, with some coins, you can improve it.
      We agree with you about your GK and CB’s. They are great players.
      Our first advice is about Vidal. He can replace De Rossi very well. You will be paying almost the same but you will be improving your midfield. Why? They have similar stats but Vidal is much more fastest. And it his very important since he is the player that will help your defence but also attacks (high/hig work rate). It is only possible in a player with stamina 92(!).
      Pirlo is one of the most talented players of FUT 13 but it depends of how you play. If you need fast players, Pirlo is not for you.
      We are one of the few (or maybe not) that can’t understand why so many people love El Shaarawy. Maybe because he’s popular and had a great season but in FUT 13 we think that there are better options as Robinho or Giovinco.
      Boateng is the right man to the Zárate place. His stats are much better, including his work rates. If you buy Di Natale/Balotelli you can also use Miccoli in this position.
      Miccoli is an amazing stiker but we don’t have the same opinion about Muriel. Di Natale is the best Serie A striker but he is a bit expensive. Balotelli may be a cheap option to your attack.

  22. I like strong players who can score goals ex rooney , benzema , can u pls tell me who i shud i buy rues , cavani or di natale ?

  23. Thats a very good and helpful guide! I am just beginning to build a serie A squaud and dont have much budget, so I am not sure if I should get Vidal im CDM or not. The alternative would be Pogba. Of course Vidal has better defending stats and pace but Pogba’s long shots seem to be quite good—- i love scoring those goals, and obviously he is cheaper. I play 4-1-2-1-2 with marchisio in CAM, providing mobility, and I am not sure which should I pick between Pogba and Vidal. Many thx!

    1. In our opinion Vidal is one of the best CDM’s of the whole game. That’s why he is more expensive than Pogba. In your case, Pogba could be useful since he shoots well which make your choice more difficult.
      Our choice is Vidal.

      1. Thx a lot. Here is my current squad, with limited budget so far:
        Perreira/de ceglie-bonucci/silvestre-lucio-jonathan
        Plz give some advice . Which part should I improve first?

  24. HI, im thinking of making a pace team like this one below and i was wondering if theres anything i should add or not do, formatio 5-2-1-2, thanks in advance
    gk- buffon
    cb- gamberini, chiellini, ogbonna
    cm- derossi, IF marchisio
    cf- di natale
    st- IF ibarbo, IF muriel
    subs- marchetti, pisano, santacroce, vidal, pirlo, miccoli, pato.. also ive been thinking of getting either IF montolivo or IF inler which one you think is better

    1. It seems a nice pacey team.
      Our first suggestion is about De Rossi. We know that he has a better rating, but in our opinion Vidal is a better choice. And much faster…
      About Inler and Montolivo, it depends about what are you looking for. If you want someone that attacks but also defends well, Inler IF2 is better.

  25. I have around 150,000 to 200,000 coins. I like to buy and sell on my spare time but I want to build a good squad to play around with. I was thinking either a Series A squad or a Liga BBVA squad. My favorite formation is 3-5-2 but I like to have pacey attackers that I can lob pass over the defenders. What would you recommend to me? I know I cant afford messi or ronaldo but I think BBVA still has some good players. Also I was wondering on the 3-5-2 would you recommend a player like biabiany with 96 pace at RM with 50 defense or Maggio with 85 speed and 77 defense. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi.
      BBVA has better players but with 150,000 to 200,000 coins it is easier to build a better Serie A team. You can try something like GK: Buffon; CB: Chiellini, Barzagli, Ogbonna; CDM: Vidal, De Rossi; CAM: Pilro (or Sneijder or Boateng); RM: Rodrigo Palacio; LM: Giovinco; ST: Balotelli (or Miccoli or Cavani) and Di Natale. You can buy this team with your budget. If you do not like some of these players, just take a look to our guide and you will find a replacement easily.
      About Di Maggio vs Biabiany we think that Biabiany is better. But Rodrigo Placaio is our choice for that position.

  26. Hi my team is:
    Sneidjer(cassanno and hamsik used in rotation too)

    Subs Handanovic, Micolli, zanetti, diakite,jovetic,Benatia,caceres
    Was thinking about Balottelli? Any suggestions on improvments, limited funds of 30k

    1. You already have a great team. We do not have suggestions since you are fine like that for your budget. If you save some coins, try Di Natale. Probably the best ST of Serie A. Ifyou save a lot of coins Chiellini sould be in your wishlist.

  27. My Serie A team, let me know what you think please …
    Formation is 4-4-1-1 and team chemistry is 100% however all the players have 9 chemistry each except from IF Konko (weak foot 4 stars) who i play in LB with 5 chemistry.
    First of all having IF Konko in LB, is that bad ? Would it make any difference ?
    ST: Pato
    CF: D. Natalie
    LM: Giovinco CM: Vidal CM: K. Boateng RM: Palacio
    LB: IF Konko CB:Chiellini CB: Ogbonna RB: Abate
    GK: Buffon

    Subs: Maggio (RM), Biabiany (RM), Cavani (ST), Miccoli (CF), Marchisio (CM), Guarin (CM) & Careres (RB).

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi.
      Thanks for your message.
      You have a really nice Serie A team. You can not improve it much more. We have any suggestion to improve it… except the LB.
      IF Konko as LB is bad, yes. Not because he is playing as LB but because his individual chemistry. To get less than 7 is a bad thing. You will notice that he does not play as well as he could. We suggest to take a look to Domenico Criscito. He is much more cheaper and will play better with indivdual chemistry 9 than IF Konko with 5.

  28. Hi again.
    You do not need to look to the colour of the connections or the formations. You just need to get individual chemistry 9 to all your players.
    You have a really nice team and a high quality bench, but pay attention to the players out of position. Verify if they have, at least, individual chemistry 7.

  29. i have serie A 4-2-3-1 squad and i was wondering if there should be any changes and who should my subs be also money is not really an issue, so far i have this-
    cb- Chiellini
    cb- Barzagli
    lb- Criscito
    cdm- IF Montolivo
    cdm- IF Marchisio
    cam- di natale
    cam- boateng
    cf- IF hamsik
    st- Cavani

    1. Your team is even better now.
      You probably already have the best team that you can have from Serie A.
      We know that you do not like Pilro but he is a good option to the bench. Otherwise, you can try Sneijder.
      If coins is not a problem to you, you can also try Chiellini IF, Vidal IF and Cavani IF. We do not recommend to spend so much money with them but it’s up to you.

  30. I’m on my phone right now so I don’t think i can do it, well i’ll write it

    My team is a 352
    El Sharaawy-De Rossi-Vidal-Maggio

    Subs:Handanovic,Pirlo,Cassano,Palacio,Miccoli,Giovinco,Campagnaro,Montolivo,Lucio and Gamberini.
    Palacio is a RM though, and Giovinco and El Sharaawy are LW’s.

    Most of my active squad has got a yellow formation, El sharay an maggio have got red ones, while cavani and Jovetic have got a green formation.

  31. Hi, i love your site. So ive got this team

    I’ve got Marchetti on the bench and also Giovinco and Lucio as reserves.
    I don’t know if i’m either not good at fifa or my team has got problems,
    But i think it’s the first option.
    Sorry, Marchetti is not on the bench, Marchetti is active on my team
    I wanted to ask you, have you got any tips for me?

  32. Hi
    I recently made a Serie A team but I’m not really so sure about it. I was hoping to get some contructive criticism from you guys and hopefully make my team even better. I’m currently running a 4-3-3 formation

    marchetti (gk)
    abate (rb) chiellini (cb) ogbonna (cb) armero (lb)
    vidal (cm) rossi (cm) boateng (cm)
    palacio (rw) cavani (st) giovinco (lw)

    Should i move some players around or should i replace some of them? Tell me, I would like to know your opinions and improvents. Thank you in advance

    1. Hi.
      You already have a very nice team. Very similar to our 40k budget team.
      It depends of your play style but maybe Pilro works better than Rossi. If you don’t cross to the head, Miccoli can also be a good addition. We also think that there are better LB’s than Armero.

      1. Hi
        Thank you for the recommendations. Loving pirlo and miccoli amd i also replaced armero for pereira since he actually looked like the better lb. i wated to ask abput vidal and boateng though…are there players who could do better than them? I mostly pass the ball around until i can get a long pass working or something; Barely do i ever do long shots. Thank you in advance, really appreciate the help.

        Ps. Can you make a bundesliga team in the near future? That german league is beast at the moment

  33. Hey Fifa U-Team-Team!

    I´d love to have your opinion on this one:

    I´ve been playing with a Serie A 3-4-3 Team for a while. With that team I´d lost more games and scored less goals, than with my 4-2-3-1 Serie A Team. Until I bought Chiellini and Samuel. Now the team is very stable defensivly and I enjoy playing it very much, since the 3-4-3 alway guarantees a lot of action on both sides.

    I´d describe my style of play as mostly patient. Passing the ball around in midfield safely trying to find space to exploit. At the right moment I like to change the pace of my attack and play 1-2 passes, one touch passes and carry the ball foward. If there is an occasion for it, I also enjoy the lobbed through ball or a long diagonal pass to the wingers. Defensivly I´m also very patient, trying to force opponents wide and cover my penalty box to ultimatly force a bad pass or a bad touch that allows me to put a tackle in.

    Although meanwhile this team works well, there are a few positions where I still feel there could be better alternatives.
    For example: In my 4-2-3-1 team I recently switched Hamsik (L CAM) for Miccoli and it works so much better in offense. That´s the kind of switches I´m talking about:
    Take out a good player and find another good player, that simply fits better into the team and playing style.

    The team looks like this:

    Giovinco – Milito – Palacio
    Lulic – Montolivo – Nocerino – Maggio
    Ogbonna – Samuel – Chiellini

    Currently I´m testing or thinking about testing:
    Asamoah/ Lulic
    Nocerino/ Marchisio
    Milito/ Klose/ Balotelli

    I´m well aware the ingame stats of these players, so what I´m basically asking for is your guys personal experience and opinion on them.
    Can you think of other changes in the team, that you think would make sense?
    In the comments above I´ve seen this guy, who plans to replace Pereira with Criscito. So maybe there are some suggestions “outside to box”??

    Thx in advance!


    1. Hi.
      Thanks for your comment.
      We know that you are expecting something good from us. But we don’t have much to say about your team. Why? Because some players can work well for us and bad for you. The best thing that we can do is to test them. Only us can know if player X is good or not.
      If you found a good formation and good players, don’t make big changes.
      Criscito is a really good choice but there are not many things “ouside to box” like this one.
      About the players that you asked, we can say what we think but it is only personal opinions. We prefer Asamoah, Marchisio and Balotelli.

    1. Hi.
      You are asking for a hybrid squad.
      It isn’t easy to build a good cheap hybrid squad with high chemistry. It can take hours.
      Sorry but right now we can not do it.
      If you read THIS you can build your own team.

  34. Can you please make me a gold 10k team that can have players from any nationality and leage.

  35. Hi,

    Thanks for the really great article. I tried miccoli and honestly, he performs much better than balleotelli or Cavani, and just as we’ll as Di natale. I would definitely put him in your starting lineup. He,s amazing. 🙂 A little off topi, could you guys please make a tutorial for a silver Bpl squad? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      Depending of your play style, Miccoli can be one of the best ST of whole FUT 13. But not for all players.
      We thought about publishing a silver BPL squad but by now we have no plans to go ahead with this, since we need more support to do that.

  36. thanks I’m making a serie a squad in 352 I pretty much know who I’m gonna buy but the defence so can you tell me six CBs (the 3 extra for subs/reserves)
    Also sorry I ask a lot of questions it’s jus this is the most helpful site I have ever seen

    1. Hi. There is no problem to ask a lot but can you please use the “reply”option. It would be great since we don’t have to search for your last comment.
      For us, the three best CB’s from Serie A are Chiellini, Barzagli and Ogbonna. To the bench we recommend Silvestre, Lúcio and Campagnaro.

          1. Can you also tell me 2 CDMs I’ve already got Prilo and de rossi so who’s the 2 next best CDMs in serie a for subs and reserves. Thanks your a gr8 help

  37. Hi

    First of all, thank you for this fantastic post. I built my Serie A team based on this article.
    But I found out that the values for Samuel and chiellini on the article are higher than what I have on my iPad fut team.
    For example, Samuel only has 86 defensive and 80 heading whereas in this article Samuel has 87 defensive and 82 heading.

    Chiellini also has similar problems.

    He only has 85 defensive and 80 heading in my iPad version. But in this article he has 86 and 84 for those two attributes.

    I don’t know why is it different. Kinda confused~

      1. Hey thanks for explanation!
        By the way I noticed that when you are comparing balotelli with cavani, I noticed that you mention (But we still choose Balotelli since he has special attributes very important for the attack of any team), what does special attributes very important for the attack of any team mean here? Special in? Jovetic has similar stats with balotelli but balotelli is 7 times more expensive 20k in iOS version. So, I would like to know more about the special attributes here.

        Thank you. 🙂

        1. Hi. You didn’t read any comment on this page. 🙂
          We already answered to that question:
          “To choose between Cavani and Balotelli it is not an easy choice. Cavani is slightly better in the three most important attributes in a ST: shooting, heading and pace. But the Italian is better in attributes also important: passing, dribbling (much more!), strength, star skills and weak foot. We almost can say that there is a draw between both. However, Cavani has one thing that we dislike. His work rates. He has high defensive and attacking work rates which means that he is out of position several times.”

          1. Hey bro, calm down. Wow, i didn’t expect such an ironic tone in your reply.

            Throughout the whole articles and comment, you do not explain what your special attributes refers to. And yes in your reply, you said that work rate is why balotelli is preferred but not cavani. But who would know that your special attribute is actually referring to the work rate by just reading the vague comment above?

            And also, I am wondering
            What does (you don’t read any of the comment) mean?
            Well, I did read through each and every comment regarding on this article.

            I know it is not easy to run a site but please be considerate when you speak? Cause it sounds very rude.

            People come to ask you question because you know more than they do.

          2. Hi Hanamichis9.
            It was not our intention to be rude. It was what you understood of our answer but it was not our intention. Sorry if it seemed rude.
            The special attributes that we referred were strength, star skills, weak foot and work rate. Not forgetting that he has better passing and much better dribbling.
            Feel free to ask us whatever you want to know. If it isn’t the answer that you expect, please contact us again. We are here to help the community.
            Best regards

          3. P/s … your special attribute Is actually “just” referring to the work rate…

          4. Hi, apologies accepted.

            Well, I know it is not your intention to be rude.
            Next time, perhaps you should pay a little more attention to the choice of words or phrase used when answering a post?

            Like you can say:” hi there, you haven’t read the comments of this article yet, have you?”

            Doesn’t it sound better?

            Anyway, thank you for the amazing site. I almost complete my serie A squad except for the last two men Natale and Buffon.

            Thanks for everything.

  38. Hello great article, a lot of help. I’m thinking if building the 8k squad and then upgrading, is there maybe a 20k I could go to before the 40k one? Regards

    1. Hi.
      We published this guide with three squads in order to you be able to choose the one that fits in your budget.
      You can build the low-budget squad and then upgrade with some players of the 40k squad.

  39. Hi!May i ask what special attributes does balotelli have thats makes him more suitable to partner with natale?Thanks.
    And is cassano a good idea for a CAM in the unlimited budget squad?as a sub?he is slightly faster than pirlo,has better dribbling,shooting and a passing of 88. He also has great vision and ball control which is 88 and 92.
    I mean 94 and 90 which is excellent and i think a much better option compared to boateng who has not been a good player for me and is way overpriced,about 4 times more expensive than cassano.

    1. Hi.
      To choose between Cavani and Balotelli it is not an easy choice. Cavani is slightly better in the three most important attributes in a ST: shooting, heading and pace. But the Italian is better in attributes also important: passing, dribbling (much more!), strength, star skills and weak foot. We almost can say that there is a draw between both. However, Cavani has one thing that we dislike. His work rates. He has high defensive and attacking work rates which means that he is out of position several times.
      Cassano could be a good option for that position too. You can also take a look to the old Sneijder Inter’s card.

  40. Hi!I would like to thank you so much for the unlimited budget squad,only which i dont have natale but am saving up for him.i won the division 1 in my first attempt with this squad online with only a loss to a very powerful bpl mix serie A team and a draw which i had to rest buffon amd usually,i would find it a challenge to win division 1 as before,i only won it once out of probably 6 attempts.Can i ask if there is any way to improve the squad?is replacing perreira with criscito a good idea?any hybrid suggestions?thank you very much.

  41. Sorry for asking so many questions but why did you put pirlo in a cam in the 41212

    1. Why not? With an unlimited budget, you can buy CM-CAM and turn him into a CAM. He has an excellent dribbling and passing. In our opinion, pace is not as important as in other positions.

  42. For the unlimited budget squad,is it good if i replace the left back to criscito from zenit who is an italian as he has the same pace and is better in defending and passing.Another question is what will his chemistry be with 1. 2 italians and 2. 3 italians?Thanks a lot.

    Two italians linking with him and three italians linking with him.
    Wait sorry only 2 players can link with the LB.So what would his chemistry be?

  43. Hi what should I do if I am going to make a brazil team and serie a and I am going to buy Robinho for both but the serie a formation is 352 while the brazil one is 433 (different positions and formation LW and LM)

  44. Hi for a budget of 200k, what wuold u recomend for a team, a serie A squad, a brazilian squad or a la liga bbva squad. Cause i have already a barclays premier league and i want to have a good sub team. What would you recomend

    1. Hi.
      With that budget we recommend a Serie A team. You will be able to build, for example, the Unlimited Budget Squad that we suggest in this guide. Some of the BBVA and Brazilian players cost all that coins. The Serie A is one of the best values for money Leagues.

  45. Thanks so much for this great article.This has answered all my doubts about the serie A team i was about to make.Keep it up!

    1. Btw i might not be able to afford all of the players in the unlimited budget squad.Will it still be ok if i replaced di natale with cavani as he is the most expensive player and if i do,will the team be much weaker?Many thanks.

      1. Of course not. You will get a brilliant team. Probably not so good but a very good team for the money that you spend. One of the best things of Serie A teams is the cost of the players. TThere are lots of good cheap players!

        1. Btw,since im getting milito as a replacement to natale,who should be my first two strikers?cavani,miccoli,balotelli,milito?thank you very much.

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