FIFA 13 Update – December 2012


EA has released the third FIFA 13 update, the fourth for PC.

Learn with us what has been fixed with the update version December 2012 on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and on the other game modes.


FIFA 13 Update

FIFA 13 is a great game. Everyone knows it. But, nothing is perfect. And FIFA 13 isn’t perfect too. In fact, FIFA 13 has many errors.
Thankfully EA did not take long to recognize this again and launched a new update that promises to fix most problems.
FIFA 13 Update - December 2012
According to EA, these are the fixes for FUT 13:

  • Removal of Guest Play in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. In order to address a separate issue, they’ve decided to temporarily remove Guest Play from Ultimate Team.
  • Rare disconnect in the FIFA Points purchase flow;

For the others FIFA 13 games modes, the FIFA 13 Update fixes the following problems:

  • Freeze in Career Mode after acquiring youth scouts;
  • An invisible ball appearing in other game modes after exiting FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


This update is automatic and the download can be made from November 30rd for PC and XBox and some days later for PS3.


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  1. My FIFA is already updated (before the Admin asks) and everytime i enter on FUT season (offline or online, doesn´t matter) my PS3 freezes and i have to shut down unplugging the power cable.

    any ideas how to fix it? (probably not since EA is..well…EA)

  2. I bought fifa 13 on release date and have freezing issues after games on load screen. I have reluctantly connected to Internet for updates but none came through when I started the game. Will I get any and will it help me? EA are not far from losing a long time customer!!!

  3. hi im doing good online ultimate team bt i belive there is a problem with ofline game play ultimate team my games get reported to ea but i dont seem to have my contracts back were ea boots u of servers when ure in final of a cup ofline i have wasted manny contracts and gave up trying to win that cup im not only 1 i know of that problem my mate azphex ps3 has same problem so we both had to buy packs to play so we play online i was wanting to do both bt when it kicks me of it lets me try again but acts like i played an entire game and i lose 1 game contract will this get fixed my psn Mikey_H_Lad

  4. Everytime I start a player career mode it always freezes after the 5tg match, it’s really beginning to bug me!!

    1. Yes! It was launched today a new update that correct this issue. It is available right now for pC and next week for PS3 and XBox360. And guest play is back too!
      Find more on the article that we will publish this night.

  5. Tried to do the update on iPad and said not enough memory
    So went my pc did the

    It says its downloading on the iPad but nothing is happening
    (You can see the bar in black which when downloading turns blue)
    The icon is dull meaning it busy with the download.
    Try turning off / pore down etc and also downloaded onto the pc but it still does not do anything.
    When you hook it up to the pc it will not do anything

    If i Try to delete it on the iPad it says that all my data will be deleted ???
    What do I do to fix this?

  6. FIFA 13 is a very bad game plenty of bugs and still freezing after several patches. I think there are different programming teams in EA developing FIFA branch. One team for the game (pure football game) and another one to develop the surrounding things (menu, career, team and players databases and so on). The first team is very good, the second team should be fired immediatley. No bugs in playing matches, bugs just going on in calendar… how did you do that EA?

  7. PlaMy FIFA 95 freezes! Haha nah my FIFA 13 does quite abit. But!. It doesn’t do that anymore because its snapped in little tiny pieces. Nah I still. Play it. But what I learnt is, that it freezes at nearly the same spot. But what I do is save it every second month. And never had a problem with it. Works fine sure it freezes but I’ve saved it. And it never freezes at the same spot. Gets annoying having to save it all the time but. FYI, if FIFA 14 is anything like this shit ill be fucked off to the core. I did it to need for speed. Game kept stuffing up so I ripped the disc out and threw it like a madman, trust me it went faster than the cars, and crashed harder too.

  8. Our lass stopped me from snapping my disc up the other day a was sick it kept freezing had to keep turning it off and back on if a didn’t get fifa 13 off the Bairn for Xmas it would of been in the bin u don’t see messi kicking off on the advert when his freezers haha

  9. Please help me, I have problem with the game it freezes when i play both online and offline tornaments, the biggets problem is after i play a match on ultimateteam i freezes i and have to turn off the ps3.

  10. Hi there, I’ve been having alot of trouble with the career mode in fifa mainly camera issues where the camera follows the ball instead of my player and also now for the last few days I can’t even play a match because after I finish loading/warming up my screen goes black and my console stops responding. Will there be a major patch in january that addresses these issues?

    1. Not us.
      But you can try to connect by wire, change the firewall settings, open ports on your router or play on NAT1. Whatever you do, your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team connection should be the best possible.

  11. They will seriously Loose a Lot of Players if they dont bring back that guest Option! For me and from what i read everywhere is Thats not just something to complain about its ESSENTIAL for loads of Players. Bring it back ea its a shame!

  12. I purchased FIFA 13 last weekend.(XBOX 360) I start up the game and i did get the update. When i started in Ultimate Team i went through a mandatory tutorial, and when it brought me to the “auction block” i bought the player and it freezes. I looked it up and it seems that many people experience this as well. I purchased this game specifically for ultimate team. What can i do to fix this??

    1. EA says that if you’re experiencing freezing or the error “Disc Unreadable” on the Xbox 360, try clearing your cache.
      How to do that:

      Corrupt files that are stored in your cache can also conflict with connecting to online servers.
      To clear your console’s cache:
      From the dashboard, click on My Xbox.
      Select System Settings.
      Select Storage.
      Highlight Hard Drive Device.
      Press Y to select Device Options, then Clear System Cache.
      Reboot your console.

      Please, give us feedback. It is important to help other players!

  13. Guest play is still unavailable, Cant find a date anywhere. I paid for a game that has more problems than i can count. I only play this game for ut and the guest play function.

      1. This isn’t a very helpful answer. We’re goin on February now. 2 months without guest play. When’s it gonna be back?!?!?!?!

        1. Hi Conrad.
          You must to understand that we are not EA. We are here trying to help the community. If EA doesn’t know when it will be back, we can’t know too.
          The last FIFA 13 update is from 12/12/2013.

  14. I purchased Fifa 13 last week. I am trying to start the game but I cannot download the update. I have no problem with my network. It gets stuck at please wait section before downloading the update. HELPPPP

  15. Fifa Ultimate team with guest is a huge part of me and my friends playing this game. To be removed with no warning is quite ridiculous and to have no date as to when it will return? Typical for an EA game.

  16. well, i’m in 2019 with my virtual pro and i have some freezes in career mode after watching season stats, it’s really annoying …

      1. I don’t want to play online, because my internet connection is not so good.
        now I have changed my team, and everything work’s better … I think there is a problem in the England season stats offline career mode, because only there it happens

        excuse my english, is not my mother language 😀

    1. Hi. Good news and bad news. The good news is that you can access to portuguese version of FIFA U Team website here. The bad news is that we are a Ultimate Team specialized website and we don’t know much about career mode. Sorry. We only advice people when we have sure.

  17. I’m in Division 1 of the Offline season in FUT,so i’ve played alot of matches before. (XBox)
    But now it freezes everytime i press the button to enter Offline season.
    I googled it,and i can see that people are having this problem for more than 6 weeks now,is this ever gonna be solved ?
    EA just ignore/delete questions about this.

  18. Ashish Mathew

    How do you update and where do we get the patch from. I heard its released but how to get it??

  19. Do you have any idea how long it’ll be until the guest play for Ultimate Team will be back on? I payed money for FIFA 13 with guest play as an essential part for me and my brother.

  20. My career is still freezing too, even after the update, 20 minutes after the update. I also had an issue the other day in career mode when one of my forwards (pato) completely disappeared off the screen and all there was was his marker floating around. I had none of the problems with FIFA 12

  21. My fifa 13 still freezes in career mode. im getting fed up of it now. Think ill change to PES, they dont seem to have any glitches like Fifa does.

        1. Agreed mate, EA are just money grabbers and a** lickers. The nonsense of not being able to change shorts individually to shirts before kick off is just a pure joke. It’s in the rule book EA FFS!
          Too many glitches and sh***y rules.
          You’re losing customers EA… Sort it out!

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