FIFA 13 Update – February 2013


EA has released the fourth FIFA 13 update, the fifth for PC.

Learn with us what has been fixed with the update version February 2013 on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and on the other game modes.


FIFA 13 Update


FIFA 13 is a great game. Everyone knows it. But, nothing is perfect. And FIFA 13 isn’t perfect too. In fact, FIFA 13 has many errors.

In this new update, the main highlight is the return of the Guest Play option on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team game mode. Finally…

FIFA 13 Update 4

According to EA, these are the fixes for FUT 13:

  • Guest Play as an option in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team;
  • Disconnects while viewing FUT Auction House search results.


For the others FIFA 13 games modes, the FIFA 13 Update fixes the following problems:

  • An issue to reduce disconnects to the EA Servers and in EA SPORTS Football Club while in menus or gameplay;
  • An issue in Creation Centre where some licensed kits were displayed incorrectly;
  • Snow will again be a random weather option in Pro Clubs;
  • An error when trying to access Pro Clubs.


This update is automatic and the download can be made from February 6th for PC and from 13th February for XBox360 and PS3.


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  1. I do not think the update happened for me as I do not have a Guest Play option and I never saw the update get downloaded. How can I manually download the update?

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