FIFA 13 Update


EA has released the first FIFA 13 update.
Learn with us what has been fixed on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and on the other game modes.


FIFA 13 Update


FIFA 13 is a great game. Everyone knows it. But, nothing is perfect. And FIFA 13 isn’t perfect too. In fact, FIFA 13 has many errors.
Thankfully EA did not take long to recognize this and launched an update that promises to fix most problems.

FIFA 13 Update

According to EA, these are the fixes for FUT 13:

  • Users will no longer be able to lower difficulty settings in a FUT Seasons match;
  • Freeze in FUT Online Tournament HUB on PS3;
  • Napoli of Serie A will now have fully authentic kits and crests in FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team;
  • Items in the FIFA Ultimate Team watch list and trade pile getting stuck and not being available to use.


For the others FIFA 13 games modes, the FIFA 13 Update fixes the following problems:

  • Connection stability in Online Seasons when finding an opponent in the Arena, and at kick-off.
  • Career Mode freeze while starting a new career with free agents.
  • Career Mode hangs when using Game Face.
  • Stability in Career Mode when players retire or are being bought back from loan.
  • Legacy defending and passing assistance options removed in Pro Clubs.
  • Freeze in Pro Clubs Results screen.
  • Matchmaking settings in Pro Clubs (with “ANY” and “Match Keeper”) will provide the desired results.
  • Changes made in National Squad not properly reflected in Manager Mode screen.
  • (PC Only) Freeze while retrieving Hospitality Settings.


This update comes two weeks late. It is better late than never.


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  1. Tnx for removal of guest player on fut. Now i’ll play fut nevermore! I hope all players do the same!!!!

  2. update what? they done nothing it still dont work. and if any thing ea took the **** sorting this out its taking them far to long. 1 month nearly what a joke! and they dont give the **** when we lose loads of coins or players they say will will contact you within 14 days but still dont get the problem sorted. well im starting to thing ( ***** ea ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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