FIFA 14 Controls – The PS3 and XBox 360 Controls to Play FIFA 14

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FIFA 14 Controls – The PS3 and XBox 360 Controls to Play FIFA 14


  • Move Player L LS
    First Touch / Knock-On RT + R R2 + RS
    Sprint RT (hold) R2 (hold)
    Stop and Face Goal L (release) + LB LS (release) + L1
    Protect / Slow drible / Jockey LT (hold) L2 (hold)
    Face Up Dribbling LT + RT L2 + R2
    Skill Moves R RS
    Stop Ball L (release) + RT LS + R2
  • Short Pass / Header A X
    Lob Pass / Cross / Header X
    Through Ball Y
    Shot / Volley / Header B O
    Trigger Player Run LB L1
    Chip Shot LB + B L1 + O
    Finesse Shot RB + B R1+O
    Fake Shot B, A O, X
    Fake Passe X, A ■, X
  • Hard Stop Protect (when dribbling) LT L2
    Lobbed through ball LB + Y L1 + ▲
    Bouncing lob pass RB + X R1 + ■
    Low Cross X (double tap) ■ (double tap)
    Ground Cross X (triple tap) ■ (triple tap)
    Early Cross LB + X L1 + ■
    Dummy a Pass RB (hold) R1 (hold)
    Cancel LT + RT L2 + R2
    Finesse Pass RB + A R1 + X
    Flair Shot LT (hold) + B L2 (hold) + O
  • Offside Trap ↑, ↑ ↑, ↑
    Team Press ↑, ↓ ↑, ↓
    Swap Wings ↑, ← ↑, ←
    CB Joins Attack ↑, → ↑, →
  • Change Player LB L1
    Switch Player (manual) R RS
    Tackle / Push or Pull (when chasing) B O
    Pull and Hold (when chasing) B (hold) O (hold)
    Sliding Tackle X
    Clearance B O
    Jockey LT (hold) L2 (hold)
    Contain A (hold) X (hold)
    Teammate Contain RB (hold) R1 (hold)
    Running Jockey LT + RT L2 + R2
  • Drop Kick B / X O / ■
    Throw / Pass A X
    Charge / Drop Ball Y
    Stay on Goal Line Y (double tap) ▲ (double tap)
    Pick Up Ball RB R1
    Switch to GK BACK SELECT
  • Ground Pass A X
    High Pass / Cross X
    Curled Shot B O
    Driven Shot LB + B L1  + O
    Wall Jump (when defending) Y
    Wall Charge A X
    Move Wall LT / TR L2 / R2
    Wall Creep RB R1
  • Call 2nd Kick Taker LT L2
    2nd Kick Taker Curled Shot LT + B L2 + O
    2nd Kick Taker Layoff Pass LT + A L2 + X
    2nd Kick Taker Layoff Chip LT + X L2 + ■
    2nd Kick Taker Run Over Ball LT + B, A L2 + O, X
    Call 3rd Kick Taker RB R1
    3rd Kick Taker Curled Shot RB + B R1 + O
    3rd Kick Taker Run Over Ball RB + B, A R1 + O, X
  • Corners (Lob Pass) X
    Corners (Low Cross) X (double tap) ■ (double tap)
    Corners (Ground Cross) X (triple tap) ■ (triple tap)
    Corners (Cross) A X
    Short Throw In A X
    Short Throw In (manual) Y
    Long Throw In X
    Move Throw In Receiver LB L1
  • Shoot B O
    Finesse Shot RB + B R1 + O
    Chip Shot LB + B L1 + O
    Goalkeeper Dive R RS
    Goalkeeper Move Side to Side L (move side to side) LS  (move side to side)


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    If you don’t know what LS, RS, LT or any other button means, just check the following picture that shows the buttons of XBox 360 and PS3 controllers:


    FIFA 14 Controls - The PS3 and XBox 360 Controls to Play FIFA 14

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    1. Hey my control is on two buttons for fifa so I can only use two buttons the left joy stick and the right arrow button nothing else how do I change back to classical or even change it any at all.

    2. How do i run and i stop the ball? And also what do you do when attacking you face to a player ps3 fifa 14

    3. hi Rodrigo Lopes (Admin), can you tell me how to make player run foward in fifa 14, I want to call players run to attack

    4. You don’t need an adapter to use 4 controllers on Xbox 360 haha this guy is a moron

    5. I have quantum controller in that how can I use change control. I tried in the customize menu but that change only 4 button ,……… And Sir it is possible to sprint with the ball? If yes than how? Please give me reply quick

    6. Hi
      I am having problems making may players run as faster if nt faster dat my opponets

    7. hi

      recently i bought xbox 360 controller to play fifa on my pc. but the trigger (lt & rt) button doesn’t working. i tried on other games like CoD, nfs, darksouls, all of them work with no prob, only in fifa.

      i know this is not the place to ask about this stuff, but tried every method i found on internet & forums none of em work. and i’m soo desperate

    8. Hello

      I am a Fifa player since my child hood. Always played on PC. But i want to play on PS3, can Ps3 be hooked up with a keyboad(wireless) to play fifa?

    9. Dear All.

      I have PS3 FIFA14 R2 Sprint button problem!! Do you have any idea how can i solve it :(((

    10. Hi rodrigo. Does holding L1 while sprinting result in players skill dribbling at pace? Sort of like messi does. I always seem to think it does but where ever I look, manuals, forums etc no one seems to mention it.

    11. Played a game and every time the goalkeeper had the ball he waved his players up field so he could kick to them and the commentator said hes ask his players to attack are somet like that. What button makes this happen? Thanx

    12. Hi! Do u use the standard xbox configuration for the buttons or did u change anything? I played only on pc and now i’ve bought a gamepad. I want to get used to it and i just want to see how you play 🙂

    13. How do I block a through pass please?
      How do I cut the ball from players? PS3 on pes please.
      Thank you very much

    14. Hi Rodrigo,

      On Fifa 14, ps3 I wonder how i can win duels better(is there a button) when i play with my attacker against a defender. I almost always lose the duels when im attacking by being pulled and grabbed.(eventho i play with Negredo or Lukaku). But when I am defending(with Agger) against other players and i grab and pull i still lose.

      So my question is: is there a button or something or something else i can do, so i can win my ground duels with my attackers(when sprinting or something)?

      1. Hi.
        Usually, one of the most important things is positioning. Try to win position before your opponent. Press circle to use the body. You can use L2 to protect the ball too.

    15. I play Pro mode…..Is there a way to request a ball in the air from CPU characters? PS3. When I press square for requested cross from cpu on offense it is a slide tackle….why would u ever want to slide tackle on offense?

    16. Hi, i play fifa 14 pc, using a gamepad.

      the problem is, whenever i change the controls from the ”Classic” and configure my own set up, it does not seem to change. it will show at the ”Basic control” menu that it has changed, but once i start a game it reverts to the ”Classic”

      how do i change the control configuration?

    17. Yeah sorted it Rodrigo, not sure if this was the problem but somehow, the game speed was set to “Medium” so I set it back to “fast” and when I readjusted the control settings back to my normal settings (I had changed some of the settings as I was trying to figure out why the sprint speed didn’t work) everything was fine.

      Thanks for your help!

    18. Hi,

      Recently for whatever reason, I am unable to sprint with and without the ball. I have checked my controller settings and everything is in order but during the game it is a different story, I simply cannot run and it’s affecting my game. Plus everytime I go to shoot or place a shot it automatically does a finesse shot when I don’t want it to. It’s as though everything I do it does the opposite. It’s never happened before , only the other night and I’ve been unable to fix the problem.

      Also whenever I take corners and direct/indirect free kicks nothing happens for ages even though I’m pressing every button on the controller.

      Just wondered if you would help. My console is PS3 and I always play in career mode.


    19. hello
      rodrigo lopes
      i need a help from you….
      how can we trap through ball grass and air both in fifa 14 in ps3 especially the arrial through ball and the speed of the player ….

    20. How do you make the players run into the net when performing corner kick? Also, how do you change the player that will perform the throw in?thanks

    21. How do you get a player taking a throw in in FIFA14 to leave it for another player on the ps4?

    22. Hi we have xbox360 and the controllers are set up slightly differently ie the shoot and cross header lob pass ie buttons x and b are different on each controller can we change them so they are the same?

    23. Hi, i need some help, i am new to fifa 14 and i am searching for the effect that i used alot in fifa 12.Whn you run on the wing and flick the right thumb up to “throw th ball ” in fron of toy so you can run faster.How do i do this in fifa 14.sorry for my bad english.Pls can you email me at [email protected] you verry much.

    24. Hi Rodrigo,
      I am a PC version user of FIFA 14 and have been playing it (and other earlier versions) only using keyboard. I recently switched to a logitech controller that resembles much of the PS3 kind. Forgive me if it’s dumb to ask this or if it’s out of your scope, but as a sincere fan, which way would be ideal (or you recommend) to hold the controller in order to increase the gameplay efficiency; using two fingers (index finger and middle finger) for RB and RT (similarly for LB and LT) or just the index finger alone? I am kind of an expert in the keyboard only controls but that is of course without being able to use much of the “right analog stick” features (the skills). While practicing using the new controller, I found it tempting to use two fingers (instead of one) specifically on trigger and bumper buttons on each side. Please share your opinion on this. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi.
        Thank you for your contact.
        We can give you our opinion but it is just an opinion.
        We prefer only one finger. But if you feel better with the two thinger, do it.

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