FIFA 14 Tips: 5 Star Skill Moves

FIFA 14 Tips: Five Star Skill Moves


You can find here some FIFA 14 tips about Five Star Skill Moves.


FIFA 14 Tips: Five Star Skill Moves


The following tricks all require a player with five star skills moves.

Chest Flick
hold LT/L2, tap RB/R1. Push LS / D-Pad forward, click in RS x3.

Waka Waka turning left
Rotate RS right, forward through left, flick LS/D-Pad left. Reverse for turning right.

Triple Elastico
Rotate RS down, right, down, then left.

Rabona Lob
(after a heel chop) hold LT/L2, push LS / D-Pad forward, press X / triangle.

Rainbow Flick into Rabona Fake
Flick RS down, up, up, hold LT/L2 and fake pass, hold LS / D-Pad down.


FIFA 14 Five Star Skill Moves Video


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares a video about Five Star Skill Moves in FIFA 14.



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